Can a Ghost be a Guide or Guardian Angel?

Throughout my life I saw a figure like everywhere I went and whenever something bad was gonna happen to me it told me to go somewhere else.

A person I hated said he was gonna “mess me up.”And it told me to get away from where I was and the next day my friend called me and said he was looking for me.

Could this be my guardian angel?

Asked by Christian

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  1. Not to my knowledge.

  2. Hi Christian,

    It’s lovely to know someone is looking after you. Have you thought of asking him who he is, the next time he’s around?

    Your guardian angel stands behind your right shoulder, and usually doesn’t ‘step out’ from that position, so it might be one of your guides, but you offer no description of the person, so I do not know which one.

    Love & Peace

    • He told me his name was charles.I Wonder why he is my guide?Do you know why?

      • Oh Yeah he is in a brown suit with a blue tie,his hair is brown and his eyes are green.He has broad shoulders ,a large frame , his voice is somewhat deep but you know who this might be?

      • Hi Christian,

        It is my understanding that we choose the spirits, angels, and other beings, around us that act as guides for us during each lifetime .. so .. you chose him.

        No, I don’t know who he is from that description, but from his actions, he cares about you .. so be grateful that he is there when you need some help, and remember to say thank you. That’s very important. If he’s a guide he’ll keep his distance, help when needed, and allow you to make your own decisions. We are not supposed to spend a lot of time focused on our guides. We are supposed to benefit from their assistance, say thank you, and get on with our lives. Anyone in the spiritual planes who wants to have a long conversation, when we are awake, is usually a ghost. They need to be in healing.

        Love & Peace

  3. christian i am glad someone is looking out for you

  4. For me a ghost or spirit could maybe not be a guide but could certainly be a life helper or life watcher in which case you are pretty lucky if you get to speak to them.It could also be someone in your family that passed before you were born,why not try askin them who they are?

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