Can a Bipolar Person Have a Paranormal Encounter?

Hi my name is Meghan and I have bipolar disorder. I wonder if my dreams are related to the paranormal.

Ever since the murder at my old school in 2000 in which I was extremely close to the victim and I knew the murderer. Anyways ever since this murder I’ve had some very lucid dreams which I always awake either drenched in sweat or crying or with some kind of injury.

But what is really abnormal is that every year on the anniversary of the victims death or her birthday I wind up seeing her being murdered. Once I even tried to stop her murder from happening in my dream and woke up with a cut on my arm. I am also able to speak to her but no one believes that this may be something more.

Could there be something more(paranormal) to this?

Asked by Meghan

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  1. Hello Megan!!
    First off, I do not see why a person with Bipolar disorder wouldn’t be able to have these experiences. Your condition doesn’t involve halucinations, does it?! I think it could be possible that your deceased friend is coming back to you and trying to communicate something to you, possibly about her death, and she probably won’t go into healing until you have recieved and understood her message. Schitzophrenia is a condition where you hear people speaking to you, but they are not really there, not Bipolar. Pay close attention to the dreams and try to figure out what she is trying to tell you. When you have gotten her message and done what she needs you to do, ask the Micheal Angel(who is always with you) to take your dear friend into healing. She needs to be at rest as well. Best of luck!!

  2. Hi Meghan,

    Yes, people with bi-polar disorder can have paranormal experiences. Have you been checked out for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Perhaps the lady who was murdered is haunting you because she knows you can see her? If that is true, then she needs your help – she needs to be in heaven, at peace and in healing, not haunting your dreams and causing you harm. To that end may I suggest you say this invocation, which asks the help of your angels in finding the lady and taking her into heaven. It’s called the Michael Invocation and you can find it, and instructions on how to use it, on my website.

    If you have any questions you can ask them here, or contact me privately through the site.

    Love & Peace,
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends).

  3. thank you very much for your help. Do you think she may be my guardian angel though? and what about all this lucid dreaming i don’t have any hallucinations or anything wrong with me on the contrary my dreams sometimes help me find missing things of mine that i thought i would never see again!! other times i think my dreams are telling me something but i don’t know what? if you would like to know of one of the dreams please tell me

  4. Hi Meghan,

    No, a ghost is not a guardian angel, and your friend, who was alive in this lifetime, has not had time to be trained to be a ‘guide’ for you. She needs time in healing because of the trauma of her death.

    She is definitely not an angel, angels are a whole different group to humans. ‘

    Your guardian angel stands behind your right shoulder, and has been with you since before you were born .. and will walk with you into heaven (whatever heaven you believe in). They stay with you forever.

    I agree with Luna. You can watch your dreams for messages, or you can simply ask ‘your’ guardian to FIND the lady and TAKE her into healing.

    Love & Peace

  5. when you see such lucid dream how you believe you are a bipolar ? that horrible event has had a deeply sense of shock and sad in your soul and your soul now is tending to go toward your schoolmates soul and it is the sign of paranormal.

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