Blood on Personal Letters?

About 17 years ago, my older brother, now deceased, was living in the Biloxi, MS area. During that time, my younger brother and I received 5 letters from him that were smeared with blood. We would speak on the phone, and he always seemed to be in good spirits.

I finally confronted him about the letters, which he either denied, or stated he was having problems with his teeth, which was not the case.

The letters stopped, but I have always felt there was something, perhaps a spell involved. He had dabbled with Wicca Ouija boards, etc.

Anyone know of a curse or related to this matter?

Asked by lilsis58

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  1. Hi Lilsis58,

    Just for clarity, the letters themselves, or the envelopes, had blood on them? And how much blood? If it was the envelopes it could have come from anyone .. though five is unusual. If it was the letters – who do you think was cursed? Or do you think your brother was passing on negative energy to you and your family, and why would he want to do that?

    Always questions before answers,
    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

    • On 4 of the letters, the bloodstains looked like fingerprints, as well as some small smears on the stationary itself. The 5th letter also had blood stains on the flap of the envelope, as if the flap had been smeared with blood. I definitely believe it was some kind of negative energy directed towards my younger brother & myself. My older brother did have jealous tendancies towards both of us. I burned my
      letters, while praying. This occurance haunts me even now, for I never got any explanation for these letters.


      • Hi lilsis58

        If you don’t mind me asking, what was the ‘tone’ of those letters? Were they the usual thing you’d expect to received from an older brother? Or were there sinister or negative ‘undertones’ in the contents of those letters?

        What kind of feeling did you get when reading those letters, thats what I’m trying to convey.


        • Hi AJ,
          The letters were of normal content. He was new to the area, and he spoke mainly about the area, daily activities, etc. He did mention befriending a man there, & that the man did have either an interest or had practiced voodoo. It’s been so long ago, I can’t accurately remember. That’s what confused me-the letter’s content seemed normal, but the blood on all of the letters was alarming, & contradicted the content. My mother saw my younger brother’s letters & was really angry with my older brother. She was alarmed about the blood, & felt that something was directed towards his younger siblings, as did I.

          • Hi Lilsis58


            When you say “large amounts of blood” how much area would a typical mark take – a few mm, a couple of cm or very large area’s of blood on the sheet of paper? Were the marked areas thick with blood, or thin whispy areas? Did the markings make patterns, pictures, letters or words? Where they always similar in size or shape? Or were they completely random in looks?

            Sorry if Ama and I are coming across a bit ‘obtrusive’ – its not that a curse is out of the question because they are real and do cause pain and heartache but, like Ama, I believe that a curse can only have an effect on someone if they know about that curse. If your relationship with your brother was pretty good on the whole, that does ‘confuse’ our understanding of it somewhat.!!?

            Of course, we don’t know the family history so there may be some reason as to why you guys believe your brother did mean you ill will. Is there anything in the past which you feel your brother did not forgive you for?


      • Jealous or not, obviously nasty thing would have been happening to you if your brother was trying to curse you, and you don’t mention anything at all – so I would have to wonder about AJ’s comment about paper cuts. And also, the blood could have come from something else the man was handling .. so I have to wonder if you aren’t haunting yourself with this.

        You see, a curse only works if someone tells you about it, (so him saying no would unbind it straight away) .. or if you ‘curse yourself” through your own fears. Let it go. Let it become unimportant now. It’s up to you to free yourself, because your brother is not alive to ask about it anymore, and the curse would have died with him, if he had done it.

        Love & Peace
        Ama Nazra

  2. Hi lilsis58

    How much blood? Could a paper cut be the culprit? You can get quite a lot of blood from a paper cut!


  3. How did your brother die. sorry to ask. there may a connection through his death and the blood letters. some type of spiritual connection. it is hard to explain. like ravens flying are a sign of evil. Seeing a wolf is a sign of evil. I have seen things like that. I have seen doves flying the sigh of the holy spirit. here is a strange example. My brother Sean died at 3pm January 14, 1984. but he was my step father’s son. I noticed that Christ died at 3pm. Also a lot of hauntings happen at 3am to mock Jesus death. but that 3pm death thing has haunted me a lot. I also saw a dark entity walking near the location where he died. So there are some examples. I would think that there was some occult thing going on.

    • Hi Anon

      Sorry to say this but, time is actually irrelevant because 3pm here in London, England would be 2am the next day in Melbourne, Australia or 5pm in Jerusalem, Israel or 8am in LA, USA.

      So, when EXACTLY is 3pm in the world? Or, the witching hour for that matter?


      • Thats pretty much what I always say. Why would something in the “spiritual realm” be concerned about something so arbitrary as time and calendars and such?

        • I know CT, so thought I’d get in first – LOL!

          Seriously though, time only exists on our planet in our own time. It doesn’t exist in any other place. Even the satelites which circle the globe for our sat nav’s have to be adjusted every day because they too, lose time due to time being distorted. Quite a bit per 24 hours actually.

          Even more interesting … a person in space will age much slower than on earth, due to time being bent. Fascinating stuff, time!


          • I didn’t know about the satellite thing AJ. Thank you. :-)

            Love & Peace

          • Its approx 8 minutes per 24 hours …. and is adjusted by (presumably) NASA as it flies over them somewhere in a dessert in the USA, once a day.

            Cool, huh?

          • Very cool. Technology can be wonderful! :-)

            Love & Peace
            Ama (speaking to the world through satellite internet)

        • They are not, CT. It’s all about living human awareness of the unseen .. strongest when we are not firmly anchored in our bodies, as ‘most’ people are when they are awake.

          Love & Peace
          Ama (who needs brekkie before she writes another book LOL)

    • Hi Anon,

      If ravens are a sign of evil, then I should move out of this orchard. We have a gang of them. No, people can interpret seeing ravens as evil, but the birds generally aren’t themselves. The same with wolves. They can be a very loving family, when not threatened by humans .. who have to be their worst enemies.

      Things often only appear to be frightening, because we imagine they are, or someone tells us they are, and we don’t think it through for ourselves.

      3.00am … most people are not noctural (stay up all night and sleep during the day). Instead, at 3.00am they are in the deepest sleep and far away (in more ways than one) and can often slip into death then, if they are terminally ill. That is why nurses go around the hospital ward and wake people up (a proved fact), to try and keep them in their bodies for another day.

      And ghosts are around twenty four hours a day, but we sense them when we are closest to being our spiritual self, not just well anchored in our physical bodies .. 3.00am would actually be a great time to pray, if you had literally just woken up.

      Love & Peace

      • Reading the last part of your post, I wonder what it would mean for an insomniac like me who can’t seem to fall asleep until 3am or later?

        • Hello JI,

          Why would what mean? Why are you an insomniac? Have you always been that way, or did you grow into it? My kids are both semi noctural .. they can both stay up all night without suffering the next day. I can’t, and have never been able to. I am a day person, up with the light, and looking for my pillow the minute the night arrives. LOL

          It would work the same for you, whatever your sleep pattern. When we are just woken up, we are still mostly closely connected to heaven while still in our bodies, so praying then might help you feel, see or sense a message, and you would probably still have a clearer sense of the paranormal/spiritual beings around you then as well .. some people simply are noctural.

          Did I answer the question?

          Love & Peace

          • ANot sure what my question is either. I guess you’re referring to whatever time it is when I wake up half asleep and then fall back asleep right? it seems that happens every night or day I fall asleep. I will wake up, then drift off into dreaming or something.

            Since my teen years I’ve noticed the sleep problem and it has gotten progressively worse. (though my parents and grandma could argue I’ve been that way since maybe birth) I often believe I run on a different cycle than most people. Left up to my own devices I’ll usually end up feeling tired and going to sleep about one or two hours later each night. I guess eventually my cycle will overlap normal hours for some time if I continued, but I don’t get that chance. I have to get up for work at least part time. Tat seems to reset my schedule to going to bed around 4-5 am. The days I work I get about 3-5 hours of sleep, then sleep in the day after my last work day for the week. It does seem to be screwing with my dreams. I don’t get as many dreams that I clearly remember or if I do remember anything of sleep it is fragmented. But somehow I survive those work days. I don’t know how.

            On the flip side if I do get to bed at a “normal” time (8-11 pm), then I end up bright and awake around 2:00-3:00 am. It seems I am programmed to be awake around 2-4 am regardless. If it is quiet, and I am not focused on anything I can feel a bit uneasy those hours.

          • At those hours we can ‘make’ ourselves feel uneasy with our own thoughts, if there’s nothing spooky around to encourage the feeling.

            My partner sleeps about 2 hours on a normal night .. that’s it. I need at least 5, 7 would be better but it seldom seems to happen. LOL

            And yes, work can reprogram your head, if you allow it .. but a pattern is a pattern, so if you sleep in on the morning after work, you are telling yourself one pattern is over and you can go back into the non-sleep one. Try getting up at the usual time (for work) and going out and doing something else, like a walk, take a camera if you have one .. mind you, if you go to work at 2.00am I am not sure I’d recommend it .. but my daughter does keep odd hours at times .. she’s an animator, among other things.

            So, very very early in the morning when the world is very quiet and very still .. unless you live in a madhouse like the city .. and the majority of people in your area are asleep, can be the BEST time to get some creative work done, like writing, or reading or studying (which is both), or cooking, if you are quiet, or playing computer games, if that is your fancy .. and you can enjoy the privacy of those moment, before the bustle of the day. Lovely!

            Life is what we make it. We can focus on the negative aspects, or choose to focus on the positive, it is always up to us.

            Love & Peace
            Ama (considering a nanna nap) LOL 3.20pm in Australia

          • You’re right about the late night hours being time for creative energy. I spend the time writing if I am not distracted. It amazes me sometimes what I can get down sometimes. It does seem 1–4 am are when I can think the most creatively and not burdened down by the daily routine. During the day, if I am not busy, I go out and take pictures with my camera.

            I guess I answered my own question. Still stinks that I end up feeling drained by the end of the work day and nearly falling asleep a few times. (only to get strangely hyper once I get home) and start that cycle over.

            Replying around midnight in the Midwest, USA.

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