Black Eyed Kids?

One day I was riding in the car with my grandma when we were stopped by teenagers with pure black eyes dressed in older style clothing and talked like they were much older than they actually are.

They were commanding us to let them in but we just drove away and for the rest of the trip every time I looked back I swore I saw them again. There were 2. Can someone tell me what these are. I have a hard time sleeping at night because of it.

Asked by Joel

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  1. Hi Joel,

    Do some research on the internet and you’ll find this is a common occurrance. I can first remember when I joined a ghost group on the net about 14 years ago and Brian Bethel joined and told us all his experience with the black eyed kids. That was the first time a lot of us had heard of them .. but not the last.

    Given that Brian was a journalist at the time, I think he reported his experiences very well. A lot of us asked a LOT of questions, because the experience was almost unbelievable, and he seemd entirely genuine. I had contact with Brian, on and off, over many years, and he never changed his story. Since then I have heard of others who had ‘met’ them, but never of any people who took them home or what happened afterwards. Does this mean it happened and people vanished somehow? I don’t know.

    What they are? There are many theories, from aliens to demons, to ghost or other entities. The common theme is that they usually scare the hell out of people and no one wants to let them either in their car, house, or anywhere else.

    I’m glad you guys didn’t let them in your car.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  2. Alcohol and drugs make your pupils enlarge…especially when you drink alot. We call it blacking out…your eyes look like there is no soul behind em and it actually does look scary.. Im guessing it was some drunk thugs..or drugged.. My friend drinks alot sometimes and his eyes appear literally all Black…barely see the white part.

    • Hi Cez,

      The kids Brian and others talk about have no ‘whites’ to be seen at all, even at the edges. It’s not drugs or alcohol.

      Love & Peace

  3. You saw demons possibly pretending to be children. A way to tell if something is demonic is by black eyes. Another demon I have encountered was a black hooded figure with no face.

  4. Hi All,

    I’ve read many stories about these black eyed people and always shuddered when I imagined ever meeting up with one.

    The thing which intrigued me about these beings, was the fact they seemed to be encountered only in U.S.A and only one story came from an Australian businessman. Unlike UFO stories, ghosts etc, which are seen in every country although not experienced by all citizens.

    Then about two years ago, I read about a horror film which was filmed in USA and shown in cinemas up and down the country. I read interchanges of chatter on blogs where some of the American youngsters said eye lenses which emulated the blacked eyed people were available in some of the American haloween shops.

    So what is the story? Do these black eyed beings really exist or is it just frightening eye gadgets being used to scare people? And why are they only seen in USA?

    • Where do you think the idea for the black contact lenses came from in the first place, Pat. From the stories about the black eyed kids. The kids were around before the contacts.

      I am not sure which story you are talking about from an Australian businessman, Brian was an american journalist .. I think. It was a long time ago. I have read of reports of them appearing in Russia, but can’t remember where now.

      Love & Peace

  5. The ones I met that day haven’t come back but I have been seeing many other BEK’s. They all give me an angry look and I feel paralized by fear with every encounter. There was one encounter where on my way from walking from the store I was stopped by one (It was in the middle of the day) and he told me that they were going to find it whether I told them whee it was or not. My mother’s friend then put a hand on my arm and i was snapped back to reality. He asked me if I was alright and I said yes. At first I thought it was a dream but then I remembered where he had held my arm and when I looked at it it was paler than the rest of my skin much paler. What does he want. I am really freaked out right now and I need help.

    • Find what, Joel?

      Perhaps they see you because you see them. Have you tried pretending that you don’t?

      Your mother’s friend was with you? Did s/he see the black eyed person as well?

      Where you were touched by your mother’s friend was paler .. or did the black eyed kid touch you and the skin was paler?

      Just trying to understand what is happening to you.

      Love & Peace

      • Joel,

        Ama’s statement,”Perhaps they see you because you see them.” I’ve believed that is the case with those like us all along, when it somes to seeing spirits, etc.


  6. There are quite a few BEP stories on’s “paranormal” page…pretty scary.

    I will say this, a woman I used to work with told me her father was really abusive to her and her siblings…she then said, matter of fact “He was possessed”…she stopped and said, “I know it’s wierd, but before he abused us his eyes would always get pitch black”

    I’m thinking something is driving the body like a car, demonic most likely. Pretty creepy stuff…lots of stories from Kentucky, Missouri it seems.

    • I’ve heard that sort of story before too, Anonomyssy, but the kids only seem to ‘look’ like kids .. in the sense that they ‘feel’ very unworldly and frightening to people.

      The man you described may well have been possessed/oppressed.

      Love & Peace

  7. Sorry, I’m still very skepticsl about the existence of these black eyed beings – that is not to say I don’t believe people have seen them, they must’ve been seen, it’s a question of whether they are creations of film and cinema. In this case I won’t say I would only believe if I saw one for myself because I have no wish to see one – paranormal or not.

    • I’d be skeptical too, Pat .. but they were ‘seen’ years before they became part of popular fiction.

      Love & Peace

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