Being Made of a Weird Bluish Light?

I have had many paranormal experiences in the last 2 years. I was an Atheist until these things occurred.

But, one night I was awakened with a presence at the end of the bed and I started screaming filled with terror. Then just as fast as this happened I was not afraid any more. I knew what ever it was did not mean to scare me. I just knew this and it did not say it I just knew.

Usually when you have been scared really bad you gradually lose that feeling, or the adrenaline has to run its course but, it did not happen like that the fear immediately stopped and I knew he did not mean to scare me it was strange. I am going to try and explain what I saw, and I am wanting to know if others have ever saw what I did. It is hard to explain because I have no frame of reference, because I have never seen something like this. And I am sure there has to be others who have seen something similar.

The being at the end of my bed was tall and I even knew he was decent looking without being able to see the details of him I knew it, or he, was male. His hair was slicked back and he was like a solid black shadow but not. He also had like blue shimmery light about him but he still black at the same time. I know he had to be made from some sort of light that I have never seen before and I could have not even imagined something like this. He was all black and dark and the bluish light did not glow at all and he was dark at the same time. I just can not put it into words what he was like.

I am sure that I am not the only one to have experienced something like this. It was just strange and only someone else who has saw something like this can ever understand. That is why I am wanting to know what they think these beings are made from. Or has anyone one ever heard of this kind of being. I know it sounds crazy to say he was made of light but was completely dark but, that is the closest way I can explain what he was made from.

I was not dreaming either because my 18 year old daughter came to my room because she said I was screaming in the strangest voice she had ever heard and I said to her do you see him? I remember screaming but I do not remember anything strange about my voice other than I was terrified, and then the next second my fear was totally gone like I had never been scared at all.

Asked by HauntedAtheist

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  1. Hi Haunted Atheist,

    I was particularly interested in your experience, because a couple of months ago I experienced something similar.

    I was watching TV alone as my husband had retired to bed. I decided to spend the night on my recliner in the lounge, so turned off the TV and fell asleep. Must’ve been early hours of the morning, I awoke suddenly and standing right in front of me was a dark figure of a female with a blueish lit outline. I couldn’t tell if she was facing me or if she had her back to me. Within seconds, she seemed to have been projected from half a metre away to about a metre and a half away. I thought, what in heaven’s name is this? Next she appeared to be about two metres away from me. I had a good look at her from two metres away and still couldn’t tell if she was facing me and, her physic was very much like an android – quite rigid with arms down on her sides. I sat up and couldn’t stop myself from saying – ‘Who are you?’ – No response, I repeated my question and within an instant, this figure was projected two and a half metres to the left of me but closer to the settee and, once again I couldn’t tell if she was facing me or had a back to me. This time this figure had one arm – at right angles pointing towards the window – like a traffic policeman directing traffic. I looked at the window wondering why she seemed to be pointing to the window, I then looked at her again as she stood in that key and within seconds she disappeared. It was as though she was an android beamed into my living room and then beamed out again.

    I was fully awake and switched on the light, then went outside to see if there was a reason for this, but, to this day I’m still at a loss for words.

    • Thank You Pat for responding,I have basically been alone in what I have been going through.My husband ,my daughter and me moved 100 miles away from my hometown and I do not know a single person yet,I have not been able to work because I have recently had a heart attack and they can not seem to get my blood pressure to regulate.And my husband worked 6pm to 6 am until the last month and then my daughter moved out and she was the only one that really really knew this is true that lived here and her boyfriend who has actually been assaulted once by what ever it is because she has had quite a few experiences too since we moved in this house.I was an Atheist and I am sure you can imagine how hard it has been to admit to myself this is even really happening even though my dogs respond to the same things I hear and my daughter and sister have been here and have witnessed all the things that have been happening.I swear it is like what ever it is seems to be going out of its way to make sure I know this is real and I really wonder if my deceased grandmother has something to do with what is going on because the day before she died she was crying to me because she was worried about my soul because I did not believe,at the time I felt so bad for her because she under this delusion that god and an after life existed.LOL But,now I have became an ardent believer too. But then when I get really honest with myself and look back I can clearly see that these have happened to me since I was a teenager.We used to joke when something unexplainable would happen and I would say its the ghost but,I really did not believe that,I just figured there was a reasonable answer that I was not seeing.Because after all I did not believe in any type of an after life so it could not be true.But,I have had some experiences that are so strong that I am afraid to even share them because someone will question my sanity like I did at first.But,2 dogs and 3 other people and a paranormal team all do not share the same mental illness at the same time.LOL So,I am looking forward to sharing more and learning from others who know like me that this is true.I have shared another story and I was comfortable doing it.I tried to share on another site 5 or 6 months ago but it did not feel right there.LOL I hope you understand what I mean.Thanks!!!!

  2. Hi guys,

    the only way we can ‘follow’ the sites is by making a comment and clickling the ‘notify me’ box on the page .. so I am making this comment to watch the site because what I think you both experienced is very interesting, but its not something that I think I know about. I wish we could get a drawing of what you guys saw, or a photograph would be nice (always the dreamer LOL), which would help me in trying to understand what the entities looked like. Pat’s experience does sound very robotic .. was yours anything like the same, with jerky movements, Christine?

    BTW, when a family member comes to visit, as a spirit, they don’t act in the way Pat described. They are people just like us.

    Christine, did your daughter see or sense the entity when she came into the room?

    Love & Peace

    • Ama,
      Wonder if these beings are related to the shadow beings?? Hmmmmm….?? Question to ponder, yet again! I have not experienced anything like that!!! I would be interested to learn more myself, as I know nothing of them, either! Best of Luck, Pat and Christine!!

      • Thank You LunnaTera, I also have had shadow beings here and this was different and seemed intelligent.The 2 incidents of shadow beings here seemed like they were more of a rerun type scenario and the shadow woman was walking in the same area of the house both times.They could be related, but I know they were entirely two different things.I just know it for some reason.LOL My daughter saw the first shadow lady and it scared her so bad she was almost inconsolable for 5 or 6 hours.I had to sit in the bathroom with her while she took a bath that night because she was so afraid.LOL She was 17 years old and she sees things more than me way more than me I usually hear and feel.I laugh at her and the other people in my family who all chose to laugh at me and say I was crazy for 2 or 3 months until they started hearing and seeing or just plain experiencing the creepy stuff what I was.I was angry at them for not believing me at first then when they started to experienceit that was just like my revenge on them because now they are the scared ones, I had quit being afraid by the time they started to see I was not crazy.I say this jokingly about it but I was all alone when this stuff first started to happen the only others who knew it was true were my Dogs LOL LOL So thank you again! Christine

  3. Hi Ama,

    This is the second time I’ve experienced a nocturnal android type being OR, more to the point a robotic type figure which seemed unable to respond or behave in the manner in which spiritual entities do.

    The one before this was in 2003 when I was still in Africa, the rest of my family were in England whilst I was alone in our home.

    For my own security, I always locked every interleading door in the house and locked and bolted all the exit doors, additionally had all the security lights around the house lit at night because it was known locally that I was alone.

    • Hi Ama,
      (contd from previous story)

      One night after checking all doors/windows were locked and making sure all security lights were on, I retired to bed. I locked my bedroom door and climbed into bed but, for some unknown reason I couldn’t fall asleep – ten minutes later still facing my left hand side, I was still wide awake. I changed my position and lay on my back and in doing so, I opened my eyes and got the shock of my life. At the foot of my bed on the right hand side was the figure of a huge solid man standing with his arms folded. I could see no facial features and I quickly glanced at my bedroom door wondering how he managed to gain entry into my bedroom. The door was still closed and obviously locked. I should mention, my bedroom was quite light, every item of furniture was clearly visible as my clock radio light was quite bright and the security lights outside the bedroom also gave added light. The walls and built-in cupboards were white so there was no mistaking what I was looking at.

      I cannot tell you how ill and frightened I felt, you will have to empathise with me as I was in such a vulnerable position with only an aerosol can of deadly surface insecticide spray which I kept on the top of my lefthand bedside drawer for self protection against any possible burglars.

      I had to think very quickly what had to be done and glanced at the aerosol spray can. I also knew I would have to scream as loudly as I could with hopes the neighbours next door and my domestic workers in their quarters would hear me. It was so strange as I screamed HELP, PLEASE HELP, I thought he would pounce on me to shut me up but he didn’t, he stood there unmoved with his arms folded, I thought he was being smug as I had no defence. My eyes darted to my left at the aerosol can and back at him and I screamed again grabbing the can faced him, he didn’t move at all, then I heard a popping sound – like a light bulb popping or the sound of a bottle cork popping and while I was looking at him he disappeared before my very eyes with the popping sound.

      I was shaking with fright but very relieved that I wasn’t in danger anymore. As I lay on my bed wondering what had happened, I thought he looked like a personal guard though very robotic and I wondered if this was some sort of warning. So I hopped out of bed, switched the light on, unlocked the bedroom door, switched on the corridor lights and proceeded to check every room. I checked that the windows were locked and then re-locked every door after me, the last room was the kitchen. I checked the stable door which had been locked BUT I was shocked to find it was unlocked and unbolted. We had an external steel security door after the stable door, and that too was unlocked and unbolted, I was shocked as that door too had been checked and was locked and bolted before I went to bed.

      Three weeks later, I had a break-in via the kitchen doors, the first ever for the twenty years we lived in that house. The thief/thieves somehow removed the steel rivets from the steel door, then removed the wooden slats by chiselling them out of the inner door thus gaining entry into the kitchen. They were confined to the kitchen area as all the interleading doors were
      locked and bolted.

      What are your thoughts on this experience?

      • Hi Pat,

        Did you have your beliefs about gods being ancient astronauts or aliens then? A robotic figure might have come from those beliefs .. the angels will appear as anything we can accept, when the need is great. Or perhaps that vision you had started you down that road?

        Love & Peace

        • Hi Ama

          Certainly not at that time, one’s knowledge is fairly limited, restricted and controlled in the environment in which I grew up. I read much about UFOs and obviously knew about the biblical stories of the sons of god, but my radical thinking became more free and progressive with the mountain of available literature and information I consumed once I moved further West.

          Let’s not be analytical about these android type apparitions, as they were most definitely not imagined, they were there in front of me and one accompanied with sound.

          Only recently, I read an account by someone where an apparition and disappearance was accompanied by the sound of a snapping of the fingers which is not too dissimilar to the popping of a cork. That smacks of some static type of sound.

          • Hi Pat,

            I think we ‘have’ to be analytical of our ‘visions’ because they are so unusual .. and our minds do it anyway, they always question what we have seen, seeking an explanation that fits within our understanding .. just as you have in all the years of reading since you moved ‘West’.

            I agree that corks and snapping sounds could be similar. A snap, to me is not ‘static’. I don’t know what caused it. Perhaps the android transported out of the site and the vaccum left by it doing so was suddenly filled with air .. which can cause a pop sort of noise?

            Love & Peace

        • Hi Ama,

          I use the ‘analytical’ word because mention was made about my knowledge of gods/ancient astronauts and I assumed perhaps your thoughts were that it was possibly my imagination or wishful thinking.

          If that is your perception, then I must correct you – I was fully awake on both instances, once when I hadn’t even fallen asleep, and the other – well- whatever it was intentionally woke me up. If I was unsure of their authenticity, I wouldn’t have mentioned them at all. Perhaps in due time an explanation will be forthcoming.

          • Hi Pat,

            I never thought for a second it was your imagination. I get ‘visions’ from time to time, I know how real they are when they happen. I see stuff no one else can, and then I can’t see things that my partner Tom can.. shadow people .. but I don’t doubt he sees them.

            I don’t know what you saw. When I see or sense something new I ‘analyse’ everything. I am painfully logical at times. Bugs the hell out of some of the ‘its a ghost’ folk I deal with when I explain to them why it isn’t. I would love to know what you saw and why it was there.

            When I write ‘perhaps’ in front of something, it means my mind is sorting through all the types of entities I know, the sounds related to visitations I have had, heard or read about .. and anything else that might relate to the subject.

            What else can you remember from the events? If you still would like to discuss it?

            Love & Peace

      • Pat,I know how afraid I was for about 20 seconds and I knew that mine was not human.I can only imagine the sheer terror you felt thinking he was a real live human.I feel for you on this one being a woman who is living in a new town and being alone at night when we first arrived, because my husband worked nights.I can only imagine how much more afraid if I had saw what I did and was at home alone.That ghost is lucky he was not shot if you had any weapons besides the can.LOLOLOL

  4. Hi Ama,

    In a nut shell, my home was virtually a fort knox especially at night (a friend once commented on my home being fort knox). I retired to bed that night facing left hand side, bedroom door locked, but couldnt fall asleep, I turned onto my back opened my eyes and was shocked to see this large (approx. 7ft+ tall) solid looking man, wearing a fairly light coloured shirt, darkish trousers, wide shoulders, arms folded facing me but even though he was clearly visible, I realised even though he had a head, he didnt seem to have a face oddly, there were no facial features and he was standing on the right hand side at the foot of my bed. There was never any movement from this hologram image even when I screamed. The image disappeared, accompanied by a popping sound when I stretched for the aerosol can, faced him and screamed a second time.

    When I checked after this incident, my bedroom door was still locked and so were all the doors of every room including doors leading from peripheral rooms into the hallway and corridor yet, both kitchen doors which had been locked and bolted from the inside were unlocked and unbolted from the inside.

    Most alarming and puzzling!!

    • Thanks Pat, I fixed that for you

    • Just throwing out an idea, here, but do you think maybe they could possibly be time travelers from our world or possibly from other worlds? Might explain the possible “popping” sound that accompanies their aparating.(ability to appear and disappear at will) It’s just a thought I am throwing out there. One never knows!

      • That is an interesting thing.You know I was wondering about time traveling, because on quite a few EVP’s I have caught it sounds like another whole person or family is living here at the same time.It amazed me when I heard the first one I caught like it.I heard footsteps a door being opened and closed and then a cat meowing.That tripped me out.We did not have a cat at that time my cat had died and I was wondering if that was my cat on the other side maybe?But,what got me was how do you pick up all of that activity and not hear it as you are recording it???But,it made me think about some sort of time travel.

        • I have cats in spirit who visit from time to time, Christine, so its possible.

          And the activity on the spiritual planes happens at a higher frequency than most people can hear with their ears, or a lower one. The recorders, however, seem to almost get it just fine .. once you remove the static from the recordings.

          Love & Peace

    • Hi Pat,

      I’ve heard of the faceless ‘people’ before. Some people have a belief that you can’t look into the face of god without dying, so their angels turn up without a face. Was this the figure that had blue light around it, or was it the same size as that figure? I have to wonder how much danger you were truly in, that your guides and angels were so visibly protective of you, or he could have been a ghost. Very interesting. :-)

      Love & Peace

      • OOHH! Ama you are right.I am wondering now if her robber’s were not trying that night and then they had to abandon the idea because they needed a tool to get in?????Or did the guides help stop them that night.I now believe from my experience of my being at the end of my bed taking away my fear like it did, if they really can make you feel things if they want?Could they make a robber feel paranoid like the cop’s were coming and they get scared and leave.That probably sounds stupid but,after what happened to me in that incident and others that made me feel things I am just wondering.sorry if that is a dumb question but I want to learn more about what I am going through!LOL Thanks Christine.

        • Hello again,

          It’s not ‘could’ they, but more ‘would’ they. Would they act to protect a person if its in that person’s best interests and divine plan, then yes, they would.

          Love & Peace

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