Are We Being Haunted?

I’m not sure if this is the best place to ask, but I’m beginning to get a little nervous and the people on this site seems to be very knowledgeable on the subject and serious about these matters.

Recently I and my boyfriend have moved into an apartment in the city, it’s quite an old building and has been here for a a number of decades. Very shortly after we moved in both ourselves an various friends have noticed strange happenings in the apartment. Strange noises, very loud footsteps that seem to come right towards us, often running, and an unusual and often ominous or frightening presence that seems to stop and ‘stare’. There have been vague changing shapes of bodies and faces in the carpet and walls, though we haven’t seen anything more visual then that. We have also have the front door pounded upon angrily without anyone seeming to be there and the intercom buzzer rang multiple times, though the screen shows no one outside.

The most terrifying experience so far has happened between my boyfriend and myself. We were messing around and being silly when my boyfriend started to chase me around the apartment as a game. After a moment the chasing seemed suddenly absolutely terrifying to me, there was very dark and sure feeling that he meant to harm me. I fell on the bed and begged him to stop, but he appeared to ignore me and jumped on top of me, grabbing my wrists. He seemed entirely malevolent toward me and his face looked cruel. I was struggling violently and, petrified by then, very near crying. He suddenly snapped out of it and looked shocked. He asked me if I had felt anything weird, and if I thought he really meant to hurt me. We were fine for a few moments, then suddenly the look on his face and attack resumed, exactly the same. Then it ended once again. It happened three times in total in the space of about thirty minutes.

My boyfriend remembers the experience but in a ‘strange way’, as he puts it. It felt odd and nerve wracking for him too, like something else very bad was happening.

Should we be worried, or have we watched too many movies? These things happen relatively often in our apartment, but none worse then the incident I just described.

I mentioned it to an old friend, and he reminded me of a time when I was sixteen (I am now twenty) and we went to a very old graveyard for a midnight guided tour for another friend’s birthday. On the tour, the guide told of a very large hooded white figure who has been seen many times following the youngest present girl of a group. It supposedly only happens every few years, but I was the youngest female that night, and two of the group who were strangers I hadn’t met before claimed they saw the apparition follow me for a short while through the grave yard gates. I don’t think it’s relevant, but no other supernatural things have ever happened to me, so I suppose I should mention it.

Please help, are we being silly?

Asked by Wolves

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  1. Hi Wolves,

    I would say you are being haunted, and suggest you don’t remain that way. You boyfriend seems suseptible to brief periods of possession, and that is a real problem. Please arrange to have your house blessed by a minister of your local church, if you think that is suitable, or perhaps a medium, with skills in psychic protection, can come and bless the house and cleanse it .. or we have this Invocation which you can use. It changes the energy structure of the house, and the people who use it for themselves. I would suggest you and your boyfriend both say it .. following the instructions on the page, and then change the third line to read ‘of my home’ .. or ‘of this building that I live in’ and clear the building with it.

    The link is here // if you have questions you can ask me here, or from an email link from the site.

    Love & Peace

  2. Maybe your boyfriend is just using that as an excuse for being cruel. or maybe he was briefly possessed. wear crosses, it may help some.

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