Are There Young Souls?

Hello… I have been reading just about everything since finding this site, I find all comments very interesting and enjoy reading them all.

My question is this, “Are there young souls?” I mean the ones that have not been around for a long time, I feel like a young soul and not an old one.. sorry if I sound silly, but I kinda remember only two instances of maybe past lives, one was about bear/bears and the other falling from a very high place, not like a dream about falling but the actual happening of falling from a very high place.

I get lots of comments about my eyes, I’m soon to be 45 years old but people comment about the innocence they see in them… just wondering if I’m a young soul and how are new lives conceived besides the one way we all know of.

I hope I worded this so it doesn’t sound crazy. Thanks much.

Asked by Fawnna

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  1. Yes Fawnna,

    There are young souls, but not many of them anymore. I find the more innocent ones are new to human existence, in the sense of being elemental beings (eg fairies), rather than any other form of human.

    How are new lives conceived? Well, with humans the collective, or soul group, decides learning from the concept of ‘innocence’ would add to the knowledge on particular life patterns, so they create a ‘new’ soul from parts of other souls within the group, which is the normal process for all human souls (except that the being then keeps its awareness of its ‘age’), and then they do the usual in providing it with a body to inhabit. Innocence, in that case, does not always mean a ‘new’ soul, or a young one, it can simply be a choice in the state of mind of the being, or the sense of ‘being’ of the soul who chooses to incarnate at that time.

    I hope that is not too confusing,
    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

    • Thank you for trying to explain it to me lol.. I’m a little slow, so I am still mulling this over in my head, and thanks to everyone elso for your comments also. If I may ask another question… here goes.. ghosts are trapped souls? … If a ghost isn’t ready to move on, and you know how you hear about some ghosts haunting places for centuries.. wouldn’t this stop the aging of that soul, because it hasn’t moved on to have peace and maybe have a second chance at life? … or are some peoples aura (not sure if that is the right term) so strong while they are living that the energy they leave behind is what some of us may experience, like spirit of anger, jealousy, depression and even the spirit of mischief..? .. Oh, and speaking about doing away with all the negative things in life and just focusing on the good.. that is what I think we all should strive for… this life is like a vapor, very short.. and also empathy to me is very important.. try to understand how another person feels, because there is always a reason for everything said or done… thank you again for your time..

      • Hello Fawnna,

        You are welcome. For a lady who says she is very slow, you are very knowledgeable. I’ll let you in on a secret, it takes me time to learn new stuff too. I also have to ‘think everything through’.

        Yes, a trapped soul does not age or change or grow. They are caught up in the memory/emotions of what trapped them between the planes in the first place. It is only after we pass into healing that we let go of the person we were in that lifetime and become our true selves again. Then everything we learned, and everything we experienced in that lifetime, is reviewed, explained and adds to the collective wisdom of our soul group .. and we get to have a break if we want to, before beginning the process all over again.

        And some ghosts are ‘residual energy’ only. In a sense their aura (created by the energy of their chakras/body) leaves its marks (emotional signature) on a site for a very long time. There’s a good example of this in Anne Boleyn in the Tower of London. There are two distinct ghosts. One is a residual, a memory of her pain and fear implanted into the building, which is fading these days, finally, over 400 years after she died, and the other is the lady herself. I’ve been to the Tower, to check, when I lived in London for a while.

        Ghosts will do practically anything to get our attention, because it gives them energy, and some do get up to mischief, but they are not residual hauntings – a memory cannot interact with a human, but a lost soul can.

        Love & Peace

  2. I have often wondered about this very same thing. I hear a lot of people saying they are “old souls” and I always sort of assumed that we were all old souls.

    Great response Ama

  3. Ama,

    I love what you said! Imagine what a wonderful world it would be if we all chose to be open minded and kind to others in our next life.
    If we could remember the good things we learn and let go of the negitive or fear of what is different than us, we would all be better people.

    • How about in this lifetime, Karen. It’s not impossible. It just takes a little effort, and a little faith .. mostly in ourselves.

      Love & Peace

      • You are so right! But I meant if you can’t let go of hard feelings in this life, because of things that happened to you or how you were raised, going into the next life with a fresh, innocent way of looking at things would be so positive for all.
        Wow, that would fix so many issues in this world.

        • As my dear old grandmother used to say .. “there is no such thing as ‘can’t'”. There is only “I choose not to”. We can all change our minds and how we react to what happens (or happened) to us, like we change our lives when the need is great. Yes, it takes a little effort, but when you want something very, very much .. how much of yourself will you give to get it? It’s all a matter of attitude.

          Two famous sayings: With our thoughts we change the world. Buddha

          And: Be the changes you want to see in the world. Ghandi

          Both were high achievers, in very different ways. They “walked their talk”.

          Love & Peace

    • The Karen, we wouldn’t learn very much. I believe we need to experience both the negative and the positive so we can learn to deal with all eventualities. Can you imagine an earth world of only positives – somehow, there doesn’t seem to be a point to our existence without highs and lows. What do you think?

  4. yes, why not. as our body grows, our soul also grows. for example when we were children we might strip our classmate’s book or giggle a fat woman in the street but why now we deprecate such actions and prevent ourselves to do so? isn’t it because our soul has grown? but remember that soul growth is moral and not material. so in accordance with our body growth and increase in age, our soul also grows. this explanation proves that young soul exists. when a person dies in young ages, his/her soul is young. may it doesn’t relate to this topic but i prefer to propose it: it isn’t so important that a soul is young or adult but it is important that the soul must be clean, innocent, upright. it is essential to add that young and children souls will be refereed with discount and consideration because of their inexperience and lack of moral growth.

    • Hi Tara,

      Not our souls, which are our true selves, but our personalities – our ego/minds, mature. Each of us here today is only a small part of our ‘true self’, a part that chooses to learn and grow, to feed the ‘higher self’ (aka soul family or collective consciousness) with information about being human, about experiencing materiality in all its forms. But mostly we are here to learn about Love.

      When you die you’ll find you go back to being your true self after you have been through a healing process that allows you to release your attachment to who you think you are at the moment. A child is only a personality/soul in child’s sized body. There are some truly profoundly wise children around these days. They ‘know’ they are in children’s bodies and it frustrates them to be treated like children, some choose, instead, to walk-in to adult bodies when the resident spirit chooses to go Home for good reasons. This is not a form of possession.

      When we go Home, into heaven, judgment is delivered by ourselves, for ourselves, and we choose our own redemption. This is my experience, as I chose to be born with memories of my time ‘between lives’, not just those of my past lives.

      Fear of judgment keeps people from going to heaven, which is very sad, because that is the only place we ever truly find peace.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra

  5. dear Ama
    Thank you for worthy explanations

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