Are Psychic Art and Automatic Writing Other Forms of Communication From Our Guides?


I have been told that my paintings are ‘psychic art’ – in other words, pictures or symbols appear within the main picture as if by magic, due to brush strokes or paint colours running into one another. These were not painted deliberately – in fact, I try my darndest not to paint anything within a picture yet, somehow and quite mysteriously, once the paint has dried – there they are; easily recognizable pictures of symbols within the main picture.

Are these messages from God? Or, just coincidence?


Often, whilst on the phone or chatting with a friend, my left hand ‘takes on a life of its own’ and I doodle. When I finally take notice of what I have done, I find I have written something completely obscure and unconnected to anything I was chatting about. Other times, it may be a picture or symbol that I’ve drawn – again, no connection to what I was actually doing, or saying.

Are these messages from God? Or, just coincidence?

Many years ago, I worked with the police to try and help unravel some bizarre and often traumatic cases. The ‘contact’ would come round, I doodled a picture whilst chatting to the ‘contact’, then handed him a drawing of landmarks, houses, or whatever was needed to solve the case. I also wrote some bizarre notes; numbers, names and really odd phrases. Trouble is, I seemed to get too good at it and, one day CID came knocking and threatened to put me under caution because I ‘knew too much’. Seems they didn’t understand the remit of my job! I stopped working for the police after that – didn’t need that hassle.

Was this God’s gift, or was I simply able to somehow get into the minds of those who were responsible?

Asked by A J Ryder

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  1. Certainly possible as an explanation for things painted. That’s the case with my art work, at times.

  2. Hi AJ,

    I think every gift is a gift from God.

    I do wonder though if your left and right brain hemispheres are working independently of each other? I know I’ve read of a case like yours, in Russia, but cannot remember the details .. apart from the person, when distracted, having their other hand write as you have described.

    Either that or you are possessed, but I doubt it.

    The paintings .. I have a friend in New Zealand who does that too. So many wonderful faces and symbols appear inside her paintings, through no work of her own. She ascribes it to Spirit, not anything she is doing. Spiritual beings are more than capable of manipulating energy. She sells her paintings through a gallery, and some people are drawn to them, and some repelled .. by the same painting. Fascinating. What the messages say to the heart of each person, I don’t know, but it certainly adds to their ‘journey’.

    The police .. that doesn’t surprise me. If they can’t explain your gift, they will dismiss it! Not bright!

    Love & Peace

    • Hi Ama

      I am naturally very left-handed – sorry forgot to mention that bit – lol! So, as I’m left handed, and its my left hand doing ‘its thing’ it isn’t all that surprising i itself (that fact that its the same hand, I mean).

      Interesting what you say about your NZ friend – commissioned work tends to get loads of ‘oddities’ which the purchaser’s recognise immediately (family pets, etc). It add’s to the appeal for them, I guess. And yes, other work either draws in or repel,s people. (But I had always put that down to personal taste in art before!)!!?

      Hmmm … will have to see if I can find something out about that case in Russia …


      • Hi AJ,

        My friend in New Zealand is also left handed .. hmm.. interesting.

        I think the ‘appeal’ thing is definitely the energy from the painting. I have one of her paintings behind me here in the study, and I just love it. But when you look at here, you don’t see all the water elementals .. its a picture of the sea …. they appeared in the photo she first sent of it to me.

        Have you tried taking photos of your paintings?

        Love & Peace
        Ama (right handed LOL)

        • Hi Ama

          I’ve taken photo’s of a couple, yes! Some have been filmed for video’s too. Why do you ask?


          A wierd, lefty-type person – hahaha!

          • I wondered if the images of the odd things came out mroe clearly in the photos. With my NZ friend they are clearest there .. leap off the page and right into people’s eyes! Amazing. :-)

            Love & Peace

          • Grumble .. ok, I have obviously given up spelling and editing today (sigh). LOL

            Love & Peace

  3. I’ve found myself doing the same thing, A.J. Not the painting but, the writing words and phrases while distracted without realizing it. Most of the time, the things I write make little sense…so I always just assumed it was my brain purging the useless stuff it didn’t feel like retaining ;) Yet there have been times when I’ve had a little nagging feeling that it wasn’t that simple and those words meant something to someone somewhere.

    • Hi Diana

      Yeah! Know what you mean about it seeming to be ‘rubbish’.

      The stangest automatic writing experience I had was about 15 years ago. I was printing up a rough draft of my book and was stacking the pages face down on the desk. The phone went (can’t remember who it was) but anyway, during that conversation I subconsicously picked up a pen and started doodling …

      I had drawn a six-pointed daisywheel inside a circle with a load of scrawly writing under it which I couldn’t make out at the time.

      15 years forward … my friend wanted to read the book, so I retrieved the draft manuscripts out of the loft and gave them to him.

      A few days later I get a phone call. He said: “Why on earth have you written that horrible counting rhyme on the back of one of the pages .. you know, just below the daisy-wheel.”

      Purplexed, I asked him to show me when he returned the manuscsript. What I had written, below the protection symbol was:

      Eeny, meeny, miny, moe
      Catch a n—— by the toe
      So my heart hopes …

      Funny thing was, the message was for me. I now know exactly what it meant because of other things I’d been given to me over the years. But, 15 years ago I couldn’t even read it let alone have known what it meant. The only reason I didn’t throw it away, was because it was written on the back of a draft print-out page of my book.



      • Our lives are full of fascinating events, AJ. They might seem so ordinary at the time, but yours shows Spirit’s forethought! :-)

        Me .. I tried automatic writing many years ago, in London, when I was writing the fallen angel book. After about 30 minutes of my hand drawing circles and me not paying attention to it, it wrote “this is a clumsy method”. LOL I had to agree, my handwriting is terrible and I like control of myself too much. I then sat down at the computer and out poured a whole lot of lovely writing while I gazed out the window in a foggy fashion. Later, when I was back in Oz, the same friend asked me to ‘channel’ for him, and he wrote questions on the computer screen at his end and my fingers answered them, again while I was peacefully gazing out the window to my right. I felt totally calm, and had no desire to look at the monitor. I enjoyed reading the things afterwards.

        I stopped doing that once I got in the more difficult side of my work. I didn’t want to give anything even remotely unfriendly an opportunity to ‘write’ through me. That was a choice for my comfort.

        Love & Peace

  4. it’s muscles in your hand subconsciously moving, as they all do. Table turning and quija boards are the same.
    As for automatic writing, if you scribble enough some of it is bound to resemble words, and you will then fit them into your life accordingly.100 monkeys with type writers will eventualy write shakespear. Its the same concept.
    However this doesnt mean these explainable things cant be suseptable to the influence of a spirit.

    • Hi BJ,

      And then a person writes in an archaic form of ‘script’ (style of writing) identifying themselves as a figure from history, say a doctor, and tells the writer all about their lives -details that were able to be checked – or even more interesting, someone who has never heard of the musican Mozart (I think it was him?) .. suddenly feels compelled to sit down and write music and produces a piece that is almost an exact replica of one of his works. And all through muscles twitches? No, mate.

      Mine might have been muscle twitches, and my own mind agreed with the ‘clumsy method’ message … so I probably wrote it to myself, but some people have got in contact with other beings through automatic writing and written reams, and then there are also ‘paintings’ .. I’ve read about people painting pictures that are almost a replica of great artists .. and they have never painted before.

      Absolutely fascinating.

      Love & Peace

    • HI BJ

      Yep! That is one possibility, especially for a single, random word or obscure doodle.


  5. Hi All.

    Ama thats just the law of numbers, If i say i lived 400 years ago and i was doctor named Jack that lived in London.
    I’d bet my life there was a doctor in London called Jack 400 years ago. Any specific details like what they ate for breakfast etc can’t really be proved can it? And the vast majority of people who do it will find nothing of interest and wont mention it. So the only things that get through to wider society are the flukes that seem incredible, but really is just the fact that if enough people guess at something they will get the right answer eventually.

    Plus, the mind is an incredible thing, truly blessed we are for being able to debate, communicate, inspire and create the things we do. The very fact i exist at all is miraculous, but on top of that i have the intelligence (hopefully lol!) to sit here and talk to other remarkable people. Music and paintings of such stunning brilliance can be cooked up in the mind like a dream, and we don’t even notice it. How many random dreams have we all had that seemed too amazing for us to consciously have thought of? As a musician myself some my best (granted they where few) pieces of inspiration have come to me while day dreaming or not really thinking of anything. Which, as i understand is what you are supposed to do in Automatic writing.

    Think of the millions of people every day who sit down and try to paint a painting or write an amazing piece of music. By the law of averages some of it will appear or sound similar to that of another artist. And Mozart sounds good to a lot of people, one of the best musicians of all time, so of course if someone is trying to write good music, they may have the same idea as Mozart or whatever musician it was. No idea is a new idea anymore.

    Having said that, I am very much open to it being influenced by an external supernatural force, however it so open to misinterpretation and so easily tainted by human movements as simple as the blood pumping through our hands that none of it can be trusted. The same goes for a Quija board, which as i’m sure you’ve guessed by now i don’t like lol. Yes, it could be a ghost or a demon or an Angel or anything, but it’s more likely to be our own hand movements, or even our subconscious deliberately saying things to us, that how can we tell the supernatural from our own ramblings and scribbles?

    Cheers all.

  6. Hello Anonymous, who are you? The webpage did not put in your name

    I agree about the law of numbers. Actually, one lady wrote to me on the allexperts site yesterday, including a copy of a ghost story about an English priest (spirit) who identified himself to the Australian lady in the story (not the writer) with his full name, the date of birth and death (in England), and whatever she needed to know he really existed. She did a search at Somerset House in London and actually identified the man .. now that is interesting, and things like that can come through automatic writing.

    Artistic skill? Being one with none, I admire people who can create beautiful things, and we can debate whether someone ‘channelling’ a new music from Mozart is real or not, but it does happen, and it has fooled the experts .. so if its a person’s mind, excellent, and if it is Mozart, or someone else, that’s lovely.

    How do I tell what is my mind talking and someone else’s .. the tone of voice, the ‘feel’ to the words, the word use itself, the sense of joy and love that comes with the message, or the other emotions in the case of lost souls and other entities .. while it could be my mind separating itself into pieces – I got checked out for schizophrenia by a psychiatrist back in 1997 when I first started hearing the angels more clearly. He said odder things had been known to happen, and as long as no one in my head tells me to do harmful things I shouldn’t worry. LOL I liked him. :-)

    When I was quietly zoned out during the ‘typing’ channelling, I had a sense of presence. It was my choice to allow it happen, but not my words on the computer screen. Interesting, but not something I did for a long time. I have reservations about whom I allow into my energy enough to use my fingers to create words, typing or pen, and agree its too easily open to misinterpretation, so I leave it alone, and discount all channelled writings, though I will read some of them, until I start to get cranky. LOL

    Love & Peace

  7. Different doors to the same place. As for guides, I have a few questions. Do they carry some sort of ID card that says “I am your guide”, or some sort of certification for ‘guiding”? How can you know what they are telling you is true, because they told you so? Ironically I guess “guide” is the very best descrption of what is following you around. That sounds like a contradiction, does it not? You may ponder, ” I have something called a guide that actually just follows me around”? Where have they actually guided you to ? I have a very strong inkling that the final destination is what they are interested in. These things love to hang around for years and years, lifetimes even. Do you know why? Because they love to see God’s creations twist and torment and ultimately choke on their own sinful pride when they find out that all these years that they had been deceived, their whole life based on a lie, on one bad decision made a long time ago. It may not even be remembered. Articulate, intelligent, educated, creative, artistic, open minded, inquisitive people deceived by their own insatiable need to be “different”, “special”, or at the very least “gifted”, everyone would like to think themselves gifted, I know that I do? Why do I say these things? As a warning? Because it is my God given mission? Because He told me to love everyone as I love myself? All of the above, plus person after person whose, “guides” have suddenly turned on them, it is like a broken record, the same story in every single case. These guides don’t seem to be as enthusiastic about guiding any longer. They have become hostile and sometimes downright abusive. What used to be visions, future events (great and small), knowledge that no one else knows yet, little bits of wisdom to keep you ahead of the game has now turned into sleep depravation, voices constantly talking, bad luck, depression, and very common and most disturbing guidance of all is the advice to just end it all as the best solution. The testimony seems to always end in this one ‘fix all’ bit of guidance. One thing for sure about truly prideful people, they would rather die than to go through that type of embarrasment and these guides know it. Fortunately some do realize that this guidance cannot be right and they seek the Creator of Spirit, and everything else. They are suprised that they were so immersed in self, they were blinded by their own pride. All it took was a guide to show them how special they were, how gifted they were and many take it hook line and sinker. They now have a Title that says I am gifted, yet the gift seems to somehow be tied to the guide. When the guide is not around they do not seem to feel or be as gifted as when the guide is there to “guide” them. This is part of the deception, for the guide to make its victom totally dependant on the guide for the gift? Why would my perfectly friendly guide want to do that? Because of where it is ultimately guiding you to. Now, I am not saying that this is any of you personally, but if the story sound eerily familiar then it may just be time to travel solo and even seek the guidance of the One who truly loves you, the One who died for you so that you would not have to suffer the pain that evil ultimately wants you to bare with them. As long as there is breath it is not too late.

    • Hi JK

      This is how we are advised to test the spirit to make sure it is actually of God’s Light:

      1 John 4:1-3

      A spirit of God’s Light has no reason to lie or deceive and if you think it does, then you’d have to question the whoe concept of the word of God ……… your own religious beliefs!


    • I’m just curious JK but, have you some sort of experience in the area of automatic writing? Perhaps you took a class or read a book? Your outpouring of knowledge begs the question, do you believe everything you are told all of the time, or just the things you are TOLD to believe when you are within the walls of your church?

      I apologize if this offends you, its just that your statements have my naturally inquisitive side kicked into high gear. I’ve never been one to believe everything I was told. I tend to analyze things, and look for facts that can be proven before I let my mind settle one way or the other. It’s a character flaw of mine. I mean, if everything I had ever read was automatically true perhaps I would be sitting beside Elvis right now while he feeds our son Goat Boy plasmic alien goo obtained from Middle Earth.

      Blind faith is a scary thing. It gives you a false sense of knowing everything there is to know about everything. I don’t think that’s wise. Eh, I suppose its not my job to be concerned about your way of thinking. I can’t force you to sit down and really dig down deep and try to find WHY it is you believe the things you believe. If you’re okay with walking around blind, well, that’s your prerogative. I like to keep my eyes open to watch for holes. But, that’s me :)

      • Dear Diana,

        I do not see a desire to question as a flaw .. otherwise humanity would have nothing, and do nothing, and create nothing .. which is not what we were made for.

        And you do have such varied reading matter. LOL :-) (Going back to Heather Graham and vampires .. or Kerry Greenwood and her bakery .. or the big red book here full of biblical stories (NOAB), or Night’s Agents .. which is about mythology. And then there’s Caroline Myss ‘Entering the Castle’ (metaphysics and christianity combined). Hmm. I am reading them all at the moment. LOL)

        Love & Peace

        • I didn’t realize how incredibly snarky I was being until I re-read my comment. I apologize for the rude manner in which my comments came through.

          I feel terrible now. :(

          • So I feel like I should kind of clarify why I made the snarky statement in the first place.

            Here’s the thing…I find it incredibly frustrating when anything that is remotely paranormal and hard to understand is automatically labeled “evil” and “demonic”. It just seems like a cop out to me. It’s like saying you know what, I don’t feel like taking the time to understand this phenomenon so I’m just going to say its evil and wrong and go about my merry way. I would rather research something on my own, and decide one way or another whether its something I’m comfortable exploring or not. I don’t let others decide such things for me…and I think that’s where the irritation sets in. When you label something as such, you put others off on the topic entirely because of the scare tactics you employed when brushing off the subject that you so obviously didn’t take the time to learn about in the first place.

            So I apologize for the manner in which I made my statement, however, not the feeling that was the driving force behind it.

          • Hi Daina

            Don’t feel terrible about your OP, it made me smile when I first read it … but then, I am English – and we do irony and sarcasm very well – hahahahaha!


      • Hi Diana,

        You elicited a smile from me too. :-) Don’t let him out of the answers .. I want to know. I also don’t enjoy people labelling everything evil without having a good idea what evil really is. But it was a great opening for my answers .. so I always thank JK for those. :-) One way or another, we are all teaching people things.

        We love you (hugs!)
        Love & Peace

  8. Good morning JK, lovely to see you. :-)

    Thank you for that wonderful descrption of what a dark entity will do to people, given half the chance. Luckily there are ways to avoid this happening inadvertently. Yes, God covered even that. Wise being our God!

    When a new guide arrives for me, which is very infrequent these days, the first thing I do is check out their credentials. There’s a formula. I ask them to name themselves fully and if they ‘come in the name of Jesus Christ’, and what they are supposed to guide me about. They have to answer in a set pattern. If they are true Spirit guides (guides form God) they know this, and they answer correctly, otherwise they get sent into healing. AJ might make a comment, but she asks ‘do they come in God’s pure Light’ .. works the same, depends on our belief systems.

    They don’t follow us around. They are not puppies. They are our teachers and helpers and exist in Spirit, where God is – the ‘here and now’.

    Just a comment – I think the phrase is (paraphrasing) ‘Love everyone the way Jesus loves us’, unconditionally. Good that you can include yourself in that Love, I am sure Jesus would want you to. Self love is not supposed to be a selfish thing, it allows us to learn from our faults, to recognise our weaknesses, and know that God loves us too. Without it we can be a hollow shell. God wants us to find love, you know the kind .. 1 Corinthians 13: “Love is patient, love is kind, love is not envious or boastful or arrogant, or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not i rritable or resentful; it does not rejoice in wrongdoings, but rejoices in the truth ..” Lovely.

    I am not sure which Spirit Guides you are talking about, but I have never heard of any of them turning on those they love. Demons, on the other hand, do and will. And yes, some people do choose to have them as guides (thinking about some people I have met over the years in my healing centres) which is beyond stupidity in my opinion, and yes, they need to be rescued from them, but they also have guides from God, standing quietly waiting for the people to turn back to the Light and Ask God for Help.

    And no, our gifts (psychic) are NOT tied to our guides. And they don’t go away when we change guides, which people do from time to time. They are part of who we are as God’s children .. God by whatever name each of us chooses to call it. S/he gave us those gifts before we were born, or we chose them, depending on what a person believes of how they create their life before they come into the world. They are there to be used for the good of others.

    Thank you for your message.
    Wishing you a lovely day,
    Love & Peace

    • Hi Ama

      Yep! You’re right – My first question is to ask them if they represent God’s Light, which they have to answer fully. It’s exactly the same as what you do when you ask them to clarify if they come in the name of Jesus Christ.

      I am not a Christian, so that is why I ask if they represent God’s Light instead of Jesus’.

      For the record, not all my guides come from the Christian Brotherhood either – I have two guides who are Israelite’s and another who is an Ishmaelite. They all represent God, even if they don’t (technically) represent Jesus / Christian Fellowship.


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