Are Demons Really Evil?

What you are about to read is 100 percent true. It is the reason I get so mad when I visit websites like this one and people are spouting off about how “evil Demons are”. This is my personal experience and as such, has religious overtones. It is only the first of many stories of actual events with Demons.

I had spent many afternoons at the local library, this time was different. I browsed the endless shelves of books, doing nothing in particular when a voice spoke to me. It wasn’t so much an audible voice but a thought.

I sat down my book and started towards the computers in the front. I sat down and typed my first thought into the search bar, Satan. Let me take you back a little, I will tell you a bit about me.

I have always been interested in faith and the Occult. At this point in my life I had left my “Little Girl’s Bible” behind and was exploring new paths. I had become so unhappy with my old ways because of the hypocrisy of the Christian Bible.

I was well aware that most of what was called Christian was corrupted pagan teaching anyway. Because of this I had become fascinated with older paths in life, less hypocritical ones.

I was tired of identifying with people who seemed to be caught up in “purity” when their own holy book was disgusting. When the words of their god were filled with sex, cursing, and violence, you would think they would be less worried about their supposed purity. Yet something seemed to be still holding me back. Something brought me back to Jehovah every time I felt I was ready to take another step.

Even when I learned of the murder of pagans in that god’s name, I still came back. In my naivety I tried to perform a ritual to a god to ask about him. I tried what I thought was appropriate-even though I had no idea what I was doing-but nothing happened. In disappointment I returned to the internet to learn more. I read some Christian website claiming that the god was another name for Satan. Something inside me snapped, I fell to my knees and prayed that Jehovah would forgive me.

I did not know what had come over me at that time. Later I realized that an angel was following me. From the moment of the failed ritual on I learned everything I could. I studied for over a year, until that fateful day in the library. So there I was, the search results staring me in the face. Suddenly the same feeling of being guided took me over. It was the same feeling that came over me before, the one that caused me to walk over and search “Satan”.

My finger seemed to move of it’s own accord and I clicked one of the links. There was a black background with red and blue writing. A large Baphomet took up the top of the page. The very sight of The Joy Of Satan homepage filled me with happiness. At the same time however I was afraid and I keep looking over my shoulder. The angel was back. My eyes flew across the page as I took everything in. I read at least half of this massive website before It was time to go home.

That night I closed myself up in my room with a laptop and read even more. I read and read until there was nothing left. A warm feeling of power and happiness bubbled within me. I can only describe it like this; my soul had caught fire. Then it came to me, could the voice in the library have been Satan? At first I was afraid to consider this possibility. I had always heard that Satan was evil, but now I was not sure. Christians had done horrible things to people in Christ’s name. Pagan Gods had been labeled Demons and I had heard that many important gods such as Lucifer had become Satan.

But that uneasy feeling returned. I had read about angels on this website, it claimed that they were the evil ones. It said that in the beginning angels had wanted people as slaves but the demons fought for our freedom. The angels established their faith on earth. The Christians through warfare, slander, and political corruption wiped out the pagan people. Even in the light of this evidence the angel persisted, but Satan was with me. I wanted to show him my respect, I wanted to become a Theistic Satanist.

I read of a dedication ritual on The Joy Of Satan. It was this faith’s version of a baptism, of shunning all past faiths and declaring allegiance to Lucifer. This ritual would change my life forever. I felt that my past year of study plus what I read on this website prepared me. Now, I’m not one to blindly accept whatever is on the internet but this was so much more. I can only call it a spiritual awakening. The Joy of Satan made very clear that they do not consider blood-letting or sacrifice an important part of this faith. In fact, any type of blood-letting takes place basically only once; during The Dedication. Even then it was only a formality, prick your finger with a sterilized needle as a way of showing we really mean what we are doing. In this way we connect ourselves with our pagan ancestors and their ancient rituals.

Even with this reassurance I was scared. I had to prick myself and sign my allegiance in blood. I prayed to Satan all day asking him for help and courage, I was taking a big step. That night I went into the only room I could get some prolonged privacy in, the bathroom. I wrote the prayer from the website, and suddenly I was surrounded. It was not a bad feeling however, instead it was like being surrounded by friends. The warm, comforting flames of hell lit up the room and I wrote my name in blood. I placed the small paper into a candle flame and watched it disappear, on it’s way to Hell.

I washed my almost non-existent wound and began meditating as the candle flickered. All of the Gods of Hell were there with me, urging me on. I could feel my spirit lifting and soaring above the clouds, racing through the night sky. I returned to myself and blew out the candle. The Demons wished me farewell and good luck, and I came out of the room dazed. I assumed this was what it felt like to be high. A natural non-drug induced high, it was amazing just for that. My eyes rolled back in my head and a small moan of pleasure escaped my mouth.

I finished meditating and blew out the candle. I stepped out of the bathroom and a strange feeling hit me. I was the same. I looked the same, my life would go as normal. However, inside I knew I would never be the same. My life was changed for the better and would be the rest of my life. I took my first few steps on my new path and knew that my father was with me. A smile lit my face and I went to bed.

Like I said, this really happened to me, so anyone who thinks Demons are evil are totally wrong.

Asked by Satan’s Girl66

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  1. This has so many statements in it that are so not true. I look forward to the comments on this one!

    • “This has so many statements in it that are so not true.” Not true? true for who? You? She already states that this happened to her.I’m confused as to what YOU mean? Unless YOU need everyone to agree With you,so you are certain of having “the RIGHT knowledge” So afraid of being wrong are we? Please remember these very important words,you can actually repeat them to your self silently after your daily prayers or hail Marys they will help you keep focus.
      Demons are not evil.
      Is this true?
      Everything is true.
      Even false things?
      Even false things are true.
      How can that be?
      I don’t know man, I didn’t do it.

      • Clam down there. :) afraid? That is funny. I just made a simple observation.

        “any important gods such as Lucifer had become Satan” Untrue, Lucifer was not an important God he was a bishop.

        “It said that in the beginning angels had wanted people as slaves but the demons fought for our freedom” What? Untrue the Bible says nothing at all like that.

        “The Christians through warfare, slander, and political corruption wiped out the pagan people.” Untrue, no one wiped out the pagan people they are still here.

        “The warm, comforting flames of hell lit up the room…” Fantasy and untrue

        You are free to disagree, I dont care what you believe or dont believe. If you knew even a little tiny bit about me you would know that I do not care if we all agree or not.

        Welcome to the site, I do like to read about different view points and opinions and you are free to express yours here.

        • I think she was pulling your leg, CT. LOL I love the verse at the end. I’m sure there’s a fancy name for twisted logic, but .. wait .. I love my angels ..

          1. a subtle, tricky, superficially plausible, but generally fallacious method of reasoning.
          2. a false argument; sophism.

          The word just popped into my head. LOL

          Love & Peace

      • By the way, He is the owner and moderator of this site, Verity, not just someone coming on here to post a comment.

        • Thanks LunaTerra But that doesnt really matter, we all have equal right to say what we feel and think as long as we follow those rules down there.

          • I agree with you, CT. We all have a right to our opinions; that is why you are so liberal with what you allow to be posted here and I am grateful for that!! :)

      • Okay, verity, I am going to address you directly. First off, demons and the devil are incapable of love. They are very good at seduction and creating illusions, but only to achieve the end result of taking your soul. Why would a person base their ENTIRE religious belief on on one website??!! One that could be feeding you a line of BULL just as so many out there do??!! You said:

        “Demons are not evil.
        Is this true?
        Everything is true.
        Even false things?
        Even false things are true.
        How can that be?
        I don�t know man, I didn�t do it”

        Huh??!!! Come again??? So a cow is a donkey and that is the truth??!! Black is really white?? Up is down?? Okay? Doesn’t make things clearer for me; just sounds more confusing. So any insult or assumption I could spout at you would be true from your statement, just because I said it was? So, I could insult you and you wouldn’t have the right to get angry because, according to you, it is the truth? Am I getting it right? Now, I am saying this for the sake of argument and have no intentions of insulting you; I am just trying to understand your statement, but to me, it makes no sense. I don’t even see how that validates your argument. Yes, I believe she had the experience. That is about all I believe.

    • Hi All,

      What an interesting account of one’s experience!! My overall comment – Each One to His Own!!

      I do believe, Christian of the day did attempt to extinguish the heretics (pagans) and drove them underground, read up on the Inquisition.

      • Not Christians – or at least not “real” Christians. The Roman Catholics and their predecessors did try to stamp them out out AND they were the ones who called them pagans and demonized them – they did this to any and all “out there” who would not bow down to Catholicism.

        The Christians of the time (those who were actually trying to follow the teachings of Jesus) were hiding and were pressured to fall in line with the governments official church Catholicism.

        • Hi Caretaker,

          I’m always confused when people exclude Roman Catholics as being Christians. The Roman Catholics were instrumental in the first instance, of creating Chritianity and are leaders of Chistianity. Christianity was started when Christ said to Peter ‘thou art Peter and upon this rock thou wilt build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against thee, and to thee I will give the keys of the kingdom of heaven’. That’s the reason there are endless jokes about Peter and the Pearly Gates letting in the R.Catholics no matter what. :-) This therefore follows that as leaders of Chistianity, the Catholics were the perpetrators of murder of the heretics.

          • To me a Christian follows Christ. The Roman Catholics absorbed, compromised, and used Christianity as a political tool (cant beat them join them sort of thing) and then they melded and merged with the so-called pagans and idol worshipers bringing their beliefs and practices into the mix.

          • Well Caretaker,

            Perhaps you can tell me what the Roman Catholics believe in. They created Christianity in the first instance and may have manipulated this belief system for their own ends, yet, what is Roman Catholism really based on and what is it about? Their focus is mainly on the New Testament and the life of Jesus Christ as the ‘son of God’.

            My understanding of Christianity is wholey embracing Christ and his teachings whilst he lived on this earth, and as a baptized Roman Catholic and ‘me thinks’ a Christian and having been educated in a R. Catholic environment, I find the Roman Catholic institution are first and foremost Christian in their beliefs.

            Perhaps, Caretaker, you should have a face to face chat with a Catholic priest to get clarification. :-)

          • How did they create Christianity? They came along hundreds of years after Christianity was already being practiced.

      • What Intrigues me more than anything else is – What did she do to harm anybody? This person experimented in whatever she did, it’s like taking drugs and surviving that experience. She is unable to harm ‘god’ nor those she was in contact with. If it is a true experience, she could’ve been an amusement to them and, for her it was an enjoyable experience -was it not? So what’s the fuss about – it’s her life, it was her choice to go along with the experience, it made her happy.

        Once again we are making judgements about things we assume we understand and know about – but do we really?

        • Hi Pat,

          I wasn’t trained as a demonologist to help people out of huge problems just for fun. Believe me, its not fun. When you view the twisted wreck a person becomes when some entity they cannot see steps into their body, drives them literally insane, forces them to obey commands like never wash, starve yourself, cut yourself, take drugs, sell yourself to people who will torture you, torture others, ‘rape, maim and kill your neighbour’, all the while draining their body dry of all energy .. while they are doing that. Does that seem like a natural thing for a human being to do? Would you like it to happen to you? In the beginning you might have refused to bow down to someone’s will, so they took your nervous system and twisted it in knots, causing you excruciating pain, day and night. They spoke through your mouth, using your voice, to tell everyone you love how much you hate them and why, in detail, exposing any secrets that they might have told you over the years, until you are utterly alone with no one to help you or support you through the terror. Do I have to continue? Can you see why we try and stop people from hurting themselves with decisions they do not understand the ramifications of?

          Do you think I don’t understand what could happen to the lady?

          Love & Peace

          • Since it was over a year ago that this was sent in I would like very much to hear from this person about how they feel about it now and how they are doing.

          • So would I, CT, so would I.

            Love & Peace

          • Exactly Caretaker,

            It would be most interesting to hear from the person concerned what has transpired in her life since her account a year ago. If she did indeed have the experience she claims she had and wasn’t winding us up, perhaps she could expand on any further related experiences.

    • I finally found someone who isn’t completely out of their mind! Anyone who believes demons are good is a definite genius in my book. Way to go!

  2. The trouble is, CT, no matter what we say, the lady is not going to be listening. But I will try ..

    Hello SG,

    I don’t doubt for one minute that you had that experience. I have to question your interpretation of the events, in light of all my training in the subject of demonology and what demons actually are and do, and my personal experiences with them over the past 20 or more years I’ve been helping people with spiritual problems.

    So I am going to comment on what you have written.

    There is no point in getting mad at people when they don’t agree with your point of view. The majority of people who have had clashes with with demons, who are Satan’s minions (followers), have ended up physically and emotionally scarred, if not completely insane. They were generally not the people who invited a demon into their lives. The thing stepped out of nowhere and picked them up and bashed them against two walls in their hall .. or wrote its name on their skin, or got inside their heads enough to drive them into a mental hospital because the ‘voices’ told them to either hurt themselves, or kill people that they loved, or strangers in the street, or children, among a million other nasty things.

    I agree with you about everything the early Christians did to pagan religions, and that the Christian teachings are full of hypocrisy and contradictions, but to me its not a good reason to turn my back on God. I think that shows that you believe the Bible is the unerring Word of God, written by God, but its not, and we have proof, and always have had, that humans wrote the books, and collated them, to give us the Bible that many Christians follow today. Blaming God for what people do is a common action, but dumping God for that reason, was an overreaction.

    I am amazed that the library didn’t have some sort of ‘nanny’ program protecting their computers from the website you mentioned. I know the ones here in Australia do. Quite truthfully, you have no way of knowing that anything on their site was for genuine, and not just a great invention by people trying entice others into believing what they wanted. Yes, I know the Christians, and other religions do exactly the same thing. What is the difference? One says act from Love and the other says ‘do what you like, regardless of whom gets hurt’.

    I’d love the link that says Satan is the name for God – do you remember it?

    I am not sure if you think the angel following you was from Satan or not. The angels of Light would never ‘guide’ you into a place where you could be harmed, fallen angels (demons), on the other hand, would be delighted to, and definitely with a willing participant. You were so angry at God and people for their ‘christian’ behaviour, you were already half in the dark when it came and found you and led you further in. The site you found saying that the angels wanted slaves and demons were trying to help humanity were lying to you. Why did you choose to believe that site, when there are so many other sites, many of them ‘pagan’, that say exactly the opposite? They would not have been hard to find if you had tried …

    Did what you read tell you of the price you are paying, and will continue to pay, while that agreement for your life force exists between you and the devil? Which one did you make the agreement with .. Lucifer was a Bishop in the Christian church, until another Bishop who was angry at him decided to add his name to the bible .. he might be a lesser demon now, but he’s not one of the greater ones. Trouble is that the dark will take into account your intentions and wind you up tight. It goes like this. First they ‘bless’ you with lots of ‘love’ and power and give you whatever you ask for, until you are firmly wrapped up with them, dependent on them like the drug you have to take more and more of, then they ask you to do small insignificant things for them .. no real harm, not important .. only you can’t see the ‘big picture’ and you’ll eventually find out that what you did hurt someone else, or yourself in that small subtle way, and you’ll get ‘paid’ for your behaviour, and the payments get larger as what you do for them gets darker, and you might enjoy it for a while .. even years .. but after a while, they’ll get bored with your willing participation, and when they do .. God help you .. because you will need the help. When they get bored you will become their victim, instead of the toy they are enjoying playing with right now, and no matter how much you do for them, they will grind you down, and smear you across the ground, and burn you up and scatter your ashes .. all while you are still alive and struggling to survive inside that fragile human body. And if you can survive that and try and find help, which I pray that you will, the battle will be long and hard, because the agreement you made was made willingly, and that is very hard to break. God gave us free will to live our lives the way we see fit, He does not break that agreement with any one of us. You gave away your free will to the dark, only you can claim it back. I wish you well.

    Don’t write and tell me I am wrong and don’t know what I are talking about. I’ve heard it all before. We, the Light angels and I, clean up the messes afterwards, if we can. If we can. If there’s enough of the person to be able to clean up at all .. otherwise mental hospitals just get more patients.

    If I was you I would consider breaking the agreement now, before you get in any deeper.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (Demonologist)

    • I have to honest, I almost didnt even publish this one. It was sent in over a year ago. I was looking through old files and came across it and decided that it would be ok to publish BUT it is in the comments I hope for value and good information to be and perhaps it will help others who are interested in the same as she was. When I first got it I decided it would not be published but over time I suppose I “rethunk” it and so here it is. I did send an email to her letting her know where it was published – dont know for sure if she will get it but it didnt bounce back.

      • You are a good man. I understand your hesitation.

        I hope she’s ok.

        Love & Peace

  3. Just wait until the portal is opened and Satan and demons emerge. Right now they are being kind. but the real truth will emerge

    • Hi Carri,

      Satan already emerged for the lady, he doesn’t need a portal, and ‘she’ doesn’t need any more demons.

      Don’t wish it on her. Pray for her instead.

      Love & Peace

    • Demons don’t need portals!

      • I agree with that. I always thought it strange that humans would think that a demon would need for them to create a portal – but thats just my opinion I am certainly no expert on portals

        • agreed, 100%

          I know they don’t. They just need an oppurtunity. That;s what happened to me. Not sure if there even ‘needs’ to be a porthole.


          • The demons on this plane don’t need a portals to come here, the ones in hell do, the humans on the heavenly plane do, to come and go. The beings in the void do too. We like to keep portals closed, we have enough to do with what we already have on this plane.

            Demons don’t need humans to create a portal, but they will take advantage of any human who can, if they can.

            Love & Peace

        • CT,
          Demons need a “door to be open”, since only the person themselves have authority to allow a demon to inhabit them. Thus a demon requires permission. As far as demons roaming the Earth, they are not in another dimension, but right here among us. The Bible makes this clear when God ousted Satan from heaven and a third of the stars (fallen angels)followed. That’s a lot of demons roaming around here, right?

          • No, thank God. If there were lots of ‘demons’ humanity would have a lot more problems with them.

            Be grateful for small mercies,
            Love & Peace
            Ama Nazra

          • Jeff,
            I know a person who did nothing evil, yet he was tortured by demonic activity. Well…. he did do one thing: he strengthened his faith drastically. He didn’t open a door, but the evil attacked him to put doubts into his mind about his own faith (It didn’t work, btw):) This is when he – Satan – works hardest against us. Bible says that as well.

            So, he doesn’t care if you are alreday on the wrong path, as you ensure your his on your own. Satan doesn’t have to work on you at all, in my opinion. If you claim to be a christian, but only give lip service to the Lord, then we are called ‘luke warm’ by God, and he “spits us out.” ‘Tis better to be needed by God at your lowest, and welcomed by God at your highest, than it is to be ‘just a christian’ who fills a pew but walks not the right path. “Yea, though many call out my name, few will enter the kingdom.”

            Demons love those who claim to be christian, I think, but whose hearts are hardened. Thats the ultimate slap to the face of God, and we are actually the ones doing the slap. I think that those who mess with evil things for their own ‘good’ are not at that great of risk for demonic possession…. unless they are faithful to God and have an error in judgement. At least that was the case with me. I don’t think I ‘opened a door’ though. Satan needs none. That’s my thoughts, but, in reality… who knows for sure? Scriptures can – and are – often intreperted differently between denominations…. just have to be lucky (or just Faithful) in yours. :)

            Best regards,

  4. Hi all,

    I, too, can testify as to the danger to herself and others because of what she did. I mean, I jokingly provoked satan (I refuse to use a capital “s” in his name now) and didn’t mean it literally, yet was I invaded by ‘something.’ Because I resisted with the help of God and others, I survived. But barely, as many here know. I cannot imagine someone willing vow to him, and how it will, in short order (maybe not today, or next year, but ulimately) destroy you. Choose to come back. Only you can save yourself. If it isn’t already too late…

    Victim, Faith, Valor leads to Victory

  5. You know what? For once, I think us “New Agers”(as we are lovingly called, although some question the term) and the “Fundies” (as they are lovingly called, as well) will be on the same side with this one and more than likely, ALL OF US will be praying for your soul. The devil has you in his grasp and all may seem well now, but I think Ama, who has the MOST experience with demons here, said it all; he will have his fun with you until he is done with you and Heaven help you by then!!! God(Jehovah) kept coming back into your life for a reason; He knows you are confused and is trying to help you find him. The Pagan killings had NOTHING to do with God; he did not order it. Man, in all his egotistical foolishness, ordered it. They “killed” in God’s name. Much of what you speak of, about the “Holy Wars” I do not condone. You should not be questioning God, but Man, as he is behind most of this. You are being seduced by the devil, nothing more. He will tell you anything you want to hear, and bestow you with power just to entrap you. Get you to do his bidding and when he is done with you, torture you. Please rethink this path you are on! I pray for your soul!

    • Hello LunaTerra

      Do ‘new agers’ accept the Christian bible as a book to mankind inspired by ‘god’? If you as a ‘new ager’ accepts the Christian bible, then you must contend – many of the tribal wars and killings were incited, encouraged and supported by this biblical ‘god’. That is what one reads through-out the old testament and why should anyone be afraid to say it as it is or question this ‘god’ who supposedly gave the Israelites the 10 Commandments as a guide, one of the commandments being ‘Thou shalt not kill’ – what exactly does this mean? They shouldn’t kill their own but it’s all right to kill the others for whatever reason as well as animals as a sacrifice. Very confusing!

      • I accept that the Bible was written by man; I accept that the Bible was edited, rewritten and parts omitted by man. I believe God exists and I have seen the face of demons as I drift off to sleep. And no, those faces do not look loving and inviting to me, nor would I trust them. Angels have actually come to my aid in certain situations and I am amazed at how quickly and swiftly the situation resolved and peace came over me. Angels do not want us as slaves, satan does. God is love. I have been embraced by Gods light and know the difference. No SG66 did not harm anyone….yet. That will be in the devil’s bidding soon. Yes, she has free will and can chose satan, and all we can do is beg her to change her mind and pray for her soul. She may not be harming anyone, but satan is going to harm her soul. I don’t need a Bible to tell me these things; in fact, I question the Bible. I trust what God has shown me, and I am not the only one God has made is presence known to. Call me crazy; I don’t care. And when it comes to God and the devil, I chose God every time.

      • No, Pat, I, myself prefer the New testament, if I had to chose. The Bible contradicts itself, IMO. But as I stated it my other comment, I believe the Bible to be written by man. There may be some truth in there, who knows, but it is difficult to dis cipher from the contradictions. At best, there are some great moral lessons in there and there is historical proof elsewhere that Christ existed. Most “New Ager’s” do not adhere strictly to the Bible; some don’t even believe in it. I do see your point of the contradictions, though!! :O

        • I have always said that if the Bible appears to contradict itself it is more a misunderstanding on our part. Many seeming contradictions can be cleared up quickly and easily by looking at the original language and/or learning about the social and political differences. For example one said it was the 9th hour and another said it was the 6th hour. People say “contradiction!” but it was no contradiction – the Romans and the Jews had different ways of counting the time… just an example

          • Sometimes yes, CT, and sometimes no. Let’s take Genesis .. two creation stories. Even after careful research, in origional languages .. still ‘man’ was created it two different ways. Two different creations, or two stories taken from two different cultures?

            And there were plenty more to find .. but I’ve talked about this before.

            Love & Peace

          • Yes but that doesnt necessarily mean that they contradict each other. They could be talking about two different instances of creation (My own belief) or it could be something else.

          • I agree with you about the creation story. :-)

            Here’s the link to the lists of contradictions .. some of which, as you said, could simply be mistranslations etc .. but not all.


            Love & Peace

          • There are probably many contradictions that can be explained by improper editing too. “We have to change this!” but then they may have forgotten to change the same thing elsewhere

          • Which is why the theologians love it when a new (ancient) copy of any of the books of the bible is unearthed somewhere .. comparisons are made and corrections too, if they can. We want to get this stuff straight. Most theologians are not trying to destroy people’s faith, just get a true copy of the original books of the Bible.

            Love & Peace

      • Hi Pat,

        Having worked in the new age industry for quite a few years, I can tell you most of them reject Christianity and any of its teachings, which is sad, because there’s a lot of good stuff in there .. but since the Christians condemn anything that doesn’t fit with what they believe .. the new agers are all going to hell.

        I sat on the fence. I got people coming to visit me from both sides of the Light .. Christian and New Age. The Christians wanted to sneak up the back stairs, so no one would see them .. but I didn’t have back stairs .. in the end they learned to come in the front door of my healing centre just like everyone else.

        I agree that everyone should question everything, including God, but you know the power games. The PTB’s do not want people asking questions they cannot answer, and they just get very cross with us when we do. But I’m not about to stop. LOL

        Love & Peace

  6. Hi Luna!

    Ya know, we’re not so different, at least this ‘fundi’ that is! oh woe to me! just kidding :) I think just about every religion overlooks so many things because of their ‘own doctrine.’ Now, that IS man-made, and often an irresponibile policy towards God and His children. The Great Spirit, The Great Architect, Allah, The Oneness, the Is, The Mother Earth Spirit, Supreme Alien, whatever!. These our own names for what is essentially, the Same God Of Pure Love.

    HOWEVER, satan is not the same as any of those. Nor demons.
    he cares for no one, loves no one, and only wishes to destroy, souls, Gods earth.

    Alot of agree on more than ya might think, dear :) We ALL agree there is a universal light. One of Pure Love.

    “God belss us, one and all” – Tom Thumb


    • You’re right, Keith and I am glad we do!!! Nice to meet you and welcome to the site!!! :D

      • And by the way, you sound much closer to “New Age” than “Fundie” unless you are an open minded “Fundie?!” Don’t you just love “labels!!” LOL!!! Either way, welcome and it is great to have one more person to converse with and discuss these topics!!!! Hope to hear more from you!!!

    • I’m more of a Tiny Tim (muppets) fan myself. LOL

      Love & Peace

  7. Hi Luna,

    I’m a Baptist. I am also an individual who has experienced great things, and some not so great. :) But… it all is explained in the bible. Even Jesus recognized ghosts to be ghosts, not demons, angels, etc – they are obvious! Oh have I got good scriptures on that, where he neither condenms, denies, etc ghosts. This supprts my experiences with the supernatural and relieves me as well.

    I keep my Faith, and believe what I know…and you, too! I wish the Church wouldn’t be so afraid to preach about demons, or acknowledge that the bible nowhere says ghosts are from hell. :(

    love and Blessings,

    • Funny, too. The church calls we who experience these things as ‘mysticals’ or other things , you are right. Nope, we are alive, aware, and in my case, totally with Jesus’ teachings :)

      • Mystical would be a nice name, Keith, in comparison to insane, deluded, possessed and other impolite things church folk, including ministers, have called me over the years. LOL

        And then there was the time when the churches were saying there were no demons, it was all our imagination .. and then .. what did the Catholics do .. start training new Exorcists. Good!

        Whatever – even with all the new trainees its still hard to get them to see anyone as having true difficulties rather than fits of imagination. And no amount of training is going to help if a person doesn’t have true faith in God, but is just in the ‘industry’ for the power involved.

        Freedom comes through faith, and through the belief that we have the right to be free, and if the priest doesn’t wholeheartedly believe in any person’s right to that freedom, for whatever reason, they go into the exorcism with their hands tired behind their backs, and blinkers on. And Jesus gave every person the ability to claim His authority and cast out demons. You don’t need to be a priest to do that.

        I shall get down off my soapbox now.

        Love & Peave

    • You are right about the bible not saying ghosts are from hell, Keith. I can’t find a source either. And I like your version of the book. It’s the same as mine – fascinating. LOL

      I call fundamentalists ‘true believers’, because I don’t like calling them names. And the ‘new age’ stuff has, for the most part, been around for 1000′s of years. We need new labels, the old ones don’t work for me. LOL

      Next – we have to change our minds about letting fear rule us rather than Love. Perhaps then we can cast aside all the false doctrines and confusion and really find ‘God’ (by whatever name) everywhere .. its our eyes that need opening, our blinkers need to come off. S/he has always been there, right in front of us – waiting.

      It only takes a moment to make a difference.

      Love & Peace

  8. Ama,

    Oh how I like you! God needs more thruth-sayers if we are to even make a dent in the preconceptions of close-minded people. If we, meaning all of us from different faiths/religions/whatever, could get an audience with a large crowd, just think of the…. nevermind. We’d all be burned at the stake! LOL


    • Oh, and Ama

      “It only takes a moment to make a difference.” Indeed! (and Amen!)


      • I’m over being burned at the stake, Keith. It’s no fun. Mind you, I like bbq. We could have ‘that’ at your party. ;-)

        Love & Peace
        Ama (stage left, giggling)

    • We try, Keith. The local Christian Spiritualist church here in town had their first year anniversary a few months ago, and invited all the ministers and teachers from all the different faiths in town to come to the celebration. The other Spiritualist churches from towns around did, the Christians ministers .. didn’t. And it wasn’t on a Sunday. My question has to be ‘what are they afraid of’? Sigh!

      Love & Peace

      • The other thing I should add, about that lovely group, is that they include all denominations, faiths and different beliefs in their services. You can learn a lot there!

        Love & Peace

        • Here in the U.S. there is a huge meeting/conference every year in NYC (I think) where they (the legally recognized religions) all get together – peacefully – and try to understand eachother. Very good results come from this meeting, but are never carried far into any particular faith. Maybe leaders are afraid of ‘defectors’ losing their souls, I don’t know. But it is a step in the right direction I think. I will never suggest thought that we all need to be of one religion, as that is a very personal thing… like peeing alone. :)

          • Keith: Maybe leaders are afraid of �defectors� losing their souls, I don�t know

            Sigh .. as if we are all sheep and can’t follow anything but ‘their’ lead? Smacks of lack of faith in themselves, rather than God.

            Love & Peace

  9. Child,

    I hope you know what you’ve to yourself, you have willingly bound yourself to the devil, that is a very, very great loss to the Father, for another of his sheep has strayed from the rest and followed ‘The Thief’ such a contract can only be broken by repentance and asking of forgiveness from God.
    And to answer your sudden burst of high that you felt after your binding ritual the one you said was non drug-induced, well it is drug induced, spiritual drugs that is.
    the Devil is a master illusionist, he tricks his victims into thinking that God is nothing but a cruel fraud who builds people’s hopes up of entering Heaven, only to throw some dumb, super-hard task at them to make their path to salvation impossible as he sits on his golden throne laughing at how stupid they look, Satan also makes it look like he is the righteous benefactor who does nothing more than fight for mankind’s freedom against a tyrannic god.
    that is not true, God is a loving, caring father who is worried sick about his children and sits out on porch in the middle of the night waiting for his kids to come back from the secret party at their friends house that he specifically asked them not to go to

    hope you ‘come back home’soon
    your fellow brother Tony

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