Are Daemons Different than Demons?

I have noticed a few comments here where people are saying that daemons are not the same thing as demons.

Is this true? What do you think? Is a daemon different than a demon or is it just a spelling variation? If a daemon isnt the same thing as a demon then what are the differences?

In the near future it would be cool if someone who had this question could find out everything they needed to know about it right here. Your answers and comments are much appreciated!

Asked by CareTaker

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  1. Hi Caretaker,

    Ignoring the advertising on this page, this is a very interesting article.

    - though three things I would argue with .. possession does happen, not often, but it does .. and the tower card interpretation is incorrect. The meaning of the Tower is that all false constructs (beliefs, behaviours – the walls of the tower) will fall away in a person when it appears (and its true, having ‘lived’ the experience). What is left is a sound foundation to grow from .. not that the foundation is ripped away, as is written on that page.

    Hmm… and Jesus was never a demon. LOL simple explanation more of the same.

    Looking forward to AJ’s answer ….

    Love & Peace

  2. Daemons is different than Demons. Demons are evil, but Daemons all vary in their personalities. They all respond differently to different people. Some have a sense of humour, some do not. If they believe you can take a joke, they may say something and it may be the start of a beautiful friendship if you laugh ^0^.

    In general, Daemons will not listen to a purely emotional appeal. There has to be some logical weight behind your proposal and reasoning, and they may refuse to help if they do not believe the cause is good enough. For example, if you summon a Daemon to ask for money, they will, they will most likely tell you to get a job. A better approach would be to ask for a way to make more money, and their help in getting you to that position. They will rarely if ever do everything for you, and expect to be met halfway.

    With all that said, they are extremely fair, honourable and reasonable creatures. If your cause is worthy, and you are worthy, they will most likely help you.

  3. Just for you, Ama – hahaha!

    For the purpose of defining God, the word God refers specifically to monotheism, which includes religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam etc.
    Not one God refers to any polytheism belief, which includes but not exclusive to, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek etc

    DEMON (Fallen Angel)
    1. Is a creation from Heaven, not earth. Considered younger than the daemon due to the fact that monotheism religions are younger than polytheism religions.
    2. Created and governed by God
    3. Ruled under Gods Covenant.
    4. Fallen angels made up 1/3 of the total number of angels in Heaven. (Revelation 12: 7-9)
    5. Confined to Hell (unless let out through a porthole Ouija board, for example.)
    6. Must obey the Covenant whenever it is exercised, or presented to them.
    7. Monotheism Exorcism Rites form part of the Covenant. However, if the Rite is not performed wholly and correctly, demonic entities can worm out of obeying it on a technicality. This is why only those who are trained should attempt an Exorcism because, if it were to go horribly wrong!!!!
    8. Devil Worshipers claim to be able to evoke a demon for evil intent. As demons are a fundamental part of their belief structure, it is within the realms of possibility.
    9. The demon character represents all that is evil, negative, torturous, destructive etc. There are no nice demons.
    10. Demons are considered to be messengers or envoys of Satan. They serve no other purpose.
    11. In an attempt to demonise opposing religions deities (nothing more than scaremongering if you ask me), early monotheistic religions used the Greek word daimn, in order to rename the fallen angels. This was an easy transition, given the nature of the true daemon, as it is neither good nor evil.

    1. Is a creation of earth, not heaven. Daemons are as old as the very first religious beliefs much older than the demon.
    2. Not created or governed by God
    3. Not ruled under Gods Covenant
    4. Not apart of the Heavenly realm (not created in Heaven)
    5. Not confined to, nor dwells in Hell.
    6. No obligation to obey, nor bound by Gods Covenant.
    7. Unaffected by monotheism Exorcism Rites, due to no obligation to obey Gods Covenant.
    8. Older religions and beliefs often either invoked or evoked a daemon to help the caster with a task either for good, bad or indifferent reasons.
    9. Daemons have human-like characters, possessing an endless array of emotions such as frailty, joy, love, anger, hate etc., just as we do. There is no defining character to describe a daemon. They are what they are individuals in their own right.
    10. Daemons are considered to be demi-gods, messengers or envoys between humans and the upper-level deities (it depends on the religion as to who those upper-level deities are.) But daemons are not of Gods light, in as much as they do not represent God.
    11. Daemons were only linked to demons, and therefore considered part of Satans army, after early monotheistic religions renamed the fallen angels, to refer to them a demons.

    Im sure Ive missed quite a few other differences, but hey

  4. gosh and i thought it was just a typo…daemon and demons….wonder if dan brown would ever write a novel about that hmmmm

  5. Thank you AJ .. and Adinferno,

    I appreciate the clarity of your information.

    Wishing you both a lovely day,
    Love & Peace
    p.s. just one thought though .. who created the Earth and all the other planets?

  6. It must be The Deity! Obviously~! Hehehehe~!

  7. Hi Ama – Excellent question!

    This is how I understand it .

    There are many Gods; The deity known as God (also called Yahweh or Allah) being just one of a number. For example, the Bible demonstrates this with regard to the creation of man (Genesis 1:26). “Let us make man in our image”. Why the plural if there is just one deity?

    God is also a jealous God as demonstrated in the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:5). But why would He be jealous of people worshipping something which either does not to exist, or is of a lower form? A deity jealous of something so superficial? It simply doesnt make any sense. To me, a deity would only be jealous of something if it were a threat.

    I think it was most likely that God was either

    a) given responsibility and authority over us by the other deitys, or
    b) He took it upon himself to take on the responsibility and authority over us.

    This would better explain why, when some started looking to the other deities for inspiration and worship, God became jealous because He did not want us worshipping His peers, instead of Him.

    There is nothing in the Scriptures to suggest that God was anything but the soul creator of his own dimension though. So, as far as I can make out, He was responsible for His own dominion (Heaven), but was given (or took) charge over us, after we had been created by a number of deitys working together on the project.

  8. Hi AJ :-) and everyone, its a wet grey morning in Oz,

    Stray thoughts from a non-fevered brain. Please read in a husky voice. LOL

    You can’t trust ‘scripture’, we don’t have all of it yet. It’s lovely that the archeologists keep ‘finding’ more and more of it .. even if its been hidden away for decades. :-)

    Jahweh is definitely a jealous God, his Actions proved that in the Old Testament. El, on the other hand, isn’t. Fascinating stuff. If there are many gods .. I don’t actually agree with using that word to describe them, but no problems .. why can’t Allah be another of them, though the wisdom in the Quran was given to Mohammed by Jibrail (Gabriel – Archangel) and is pretty much the same as the Bible. Hmm.. so an angel channelled the Book to Mohammed .. but we know the Bible is a collection of the thoughts of many men (and women). I wonder if it started out as a Gabriel message which got overrun by Jehovah and ended up scrambled? The mind boggles. To me Jehovah runs the Christians and then Allah .. a different being .. runs the Moslems .. and if they are having a war between them .. guess what manifests itself on earth (remember ‘as above, so below’).

    Humanity in God’s image .. my understanding is that the angels created humanity, not God. But God had to be both male and female to create us the way we are – though these days, with metrosexual people popping up everywhere, I do wonder if we aren’t reverting to something else? The angels are neither male nor female, being androgenous (or a mixing of both). They did not take on gender until they fell – to be opposite of what they had been – calm and logical because emotional and irrational (don’t slap me please ladies .. that means ‘female’ reactions, not male ones).

    God and Goddess makes more sense to me, given that we are taught to strive for the balance in our lives. Multitudes of them I have never seen. Multitudes of fallen angels pretending to be gods, I have. But then, humans gave them that title. We tend to stand in awe of anyone ‘greater’ than ourselves – though I debate the word ‘greater’. They can do more energy stuff than the average human, but they are nasty pieces of work. It is no wonder humanity is twisting itself in knots, when some of our ‘teachers’ turn out to hate rather than love?

    There is nothing in scripture to say that the Creator didn’t create the whole of the universes, multi-dimensionally either. And since we are beginning to understand parallel universes, and the fact that some of them cross our own .. and are very similar to our own .. we have to know we don’t know anywhere near enough about these subjects to be able to do anything but speculate.

    What works for one person might not work for another, depending on their belief system. I’ve seen that happen many of times as well, including my own reactions. To me it proves that we are still all on a giant learning curve. No one person can know the whole answer to any question – including ‘will the sun come up tomorrow’ (technically no, the sun doesn’t move, the planet rotates LOL). Hmm.. I have a weird sense of humour this morning .. but that thought came from our friend the minister who predicted the rapture for the 21st May and has now changed it to October. He said he was puzzled (I believe) but I am not sure what I was puzzled about .. ?

    BTW, AJ, to me Jehovah is a fallen angel, but that’s another story.

    Love & Peace,

  9. Hi Ama

    Muslims believe that the Quran was verbally revealed through the angel Jibr?l (Gabriel) from God to Muhammad.
    In addition to Prophet Muhammed, Muslim’s also recognise the same Prophets as Jews and Christians, and believe Jesus to amongst those great prophets – although they do not beleive Jesus to be greater than the other prophets.
    Therefore, God is Allah. Same God.

    Jehovah (written) is another name for Yahweh – it had something to do with confusion between the vocalisation of Yahweh and the written word, leading to Latin phonetic text being used, I believe. YHWH and JHVH.

    Why do you think Jehovah is a deity other than God?

    Moving on from that; Do all the Christian denominations; Catholic and Anglican each have a different God each?

    And what of Jews? Do they have a different God, dependant upon what kind of Jewish Sect(?) they are?

    I believe the meaning of the Holy Scriptures are all down to interpretation; Gods word has not changed, it’s only the various religion’s interpretation of it that changes.

  10. Hello again,

    Good discussion. We must be boring them to death. LOL

    To me there is only one Creator .. and then a whole pack of fallen angels pretending to be ‘gods’. I use that term loosely.

    I also believe in a non-judgmental, non-tantrum God, who created us to learn and grow, thereby teaching it about itself .. this is all in my book … it also created the angels – 1/3 of which fell .. but you know that bit.

    Jehovah proves it is not a god by its behaviour, its fickle attitudes, its desire to rule, and harm .. does that sound like a loving God to you? It is not my experience of God, and I have had a couple in this life, and many more in other lives, and between lives. And those ‘memories’ are still very strong, and I’ve had them since I was born.

    Who people choose to worship is up to them, it has nothing to do with sects. If they choose to live in fear, or confusion .. because it can only be confusing to live with a ‘god’ who is supposed to love them unconditionally while they have to bow down in fear of what ‘it’ MIGHT do .. then you have to wonder who their ‘god’ actually is. Put Jehovah into the category of “god’ and you have all of that. So any group who specifically calls their god Jehovah .. is not worshipping the Creator God. Remember, Jesus called out to EL on the cross. He was quite specific .. the Hebrew is quite specific. Why would he call to EL if he wanted to talk to YHWH? (from vague memory, the Jews are not allowed to say the name of God, which is why its written in consenants).

    BTW, my favourite bits of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha are the Wisdom Literature .. and Wisdom herself .. so fickle…. When I look for love, I go to the New Testament. There it was only the humans hurting each other.

    It would be nice to be able to say that the Scriptures have never been changed, and therefore they are the ‘Word’ of God, but we know for a fact that they have, so the foundations might be by two Gods, but what we read these days is actually the work of .. mostly men. And you are right .. everything is open to interpretation, and misinterpretation .. and it constantly is. I love discussing people’s interpretations of the Bible .. the JW’s and the Mormons and I .. over the years .. have had some very interesting conversations….

    Breakfast time on sunday,
    Have a great day,
    Love & Peace

  11. Ok, so I made a mistake here.. the New Testament is written in Greek, not Hebrew … and the name of God is written in Greek, “Eli Eli lama sabachthani?”

    Love & Peace

  12. HI Ama

    I wasn’t on about the written word when refering to the Word of God. The written word is peoples interpretation on the Word of God. Just like our discussion – haha!

    Why else would God need to send his angelic messengers down every-so often to try and get us to understand?

  13. Hi AJ

    It’s because we are daft and like to have things are own way .. joys of free will and all.

    The angels’ work is to remind us of Love, in all its different forms and fashions. Without that we would truly be lost.

    Love & Peace

  14. I see a whole lot of writing on this one but for all practical purposes it is just a preference in spelling. The English and Australians especially will use this spelling. It is like Old English. Most people that spell it this way just do it because they think it is cool.

  15. Hi JK

    Its more than simple spelling errors ….

    Daemons (or daimons) originate from Greek mythology and are supernatural beings between mortals and gods, such as inferior divinities, and do not carry the negative connotation that the word ‘demon’ does. The belief in Daemons is pre-Christian.

    Early Christian’s wanted to jupe people into thinking all religious beliefs (execpt theirs) were born of the devil and that those who worshiped deities other than God would – naturally – automatically become devil worshipers. It was quite handy then, for them to use a name similar to other mythological divinities and turn those divinities into something evil, even though they are by no means evil.

    A demon, therefore, is a name given by Christians to discribe an “unclean spirit” which may cause demonic possession. Another name for a demon is a fallen angel. But fallen angels are not daemons. However, it was good propoganda to use a name that was similar a completely different kind of spirit, so Christians could ‘prove’ that God was theirs and no one elses.

    Christians are far too black and white when it comes to their approach to the supernatural realms – if only they could see some of the grey, then maybe they would learn something of God.

  16. Hi AJ,

    Talking about demons …

    Over here some of the churches call demons ‘spirits’ .. just to add to the confusion. I once went to the Victorious Ministry Training Camp and did one of their weekend workshops. It was 2 1/2 days .. I made one and half before I came home. Once they had done their Ministry session on me, where Reiki was a sin, and crystals were a sin .. only you are allowed to have them as pretty stones, but not use them, and a foot massage (reflexology) was also a sin, among many other harmless things .. I couldn’t take it anymore and had to come home. It was a 4 hour drive in both directions.

    They prayed over me to release me from my demons that were obviously inhabiting me, and when nothing happened they wanted to break ‘confidence’ and go and tell their bosses all about me, since I was obviously in deep trouble. I was honest, intentionally, about who I am and what I remember and what I can do, and it scared the hell .. into them? LOL Poor people. I was genuinely interested in what they were teaching, having done a pocket sized course a few years before. When I realised how confused they were .. I decided I needed sleep more than the huge headaches the ‘prayer cover’ was giving me, and went home.

    We live and learn ..
    Love & Peace

  17. LOL!

    I did an Alpha course once. More for my mum and dads sake than mine, as I recall. (it was just after all the trouble I’d had in my house). I found it too naive for my beliefs. However, I did learn a few things in the process – once I’d cut through the cr*p being taught- haha! And to be honest, if you came away from Victorious Ministry Training Camp having learnt just one thing, then it was worth it. Besides, I think its worth getting an insight into different peoples religious beliefs …….. we may not agree with them ….. but it helps us to get a better understanding of the way they view God – for future reference.

    The Deaconess who conducted the Alpha course I was on was actually also involved with the troubles at my house. One day, whilst we were praying at the Alpha course, I saw this lovely angel standing before her, administering healing. I hold her about it. Of course, she kinda mocked me with a “How lovely!” explanation but I know, inside, she wanted to believe it. She is a very spiritual person is Rev Angela Butler. She’s the first person I’d ever met who spoke in tongues.

    Strange lives we lead, eh?


  18. Gorgeous lives, Alex,

    And I would have it any other ways.

    Just wish I could find a very helpful church person around here. I am tired of being frowned down on. They can help, when their faith is strong.

    Ah well, back to the fun and games,
    Love & Peace
    p.s. I was just looking at the Alpha course through some links Lucinda sent me the other day. No, I wasn’t tempted, but I do love to learn .. LOL

    • Hi Ama,
      I am a ‘church person’, as you know – Baptist, at that! haha (getting ready for morning service now – and excited!). I am Very Christian! I condemn nobody, as we are forbidden to say who is hellbound or heaven-bound. Actually, I wish more ministers were like you! Spiritual warefare is a ‘must have’ for the christian. Besides, after my own experiences, of which you are already aware, I find this site such a wonderful place for my own ‘Peace.’ I’m not exactly the quiet type when speaking with my pastors, as you know. Most disagree with me, except my own father/minister and my current baptist minister… which is strange, but they see truth in my eyes, heart soul and experiences,as they are told of directly in the bible. What you, Ama, speak is wholly – or I find it is – biblical. I say “YUK!” to those in a leadership position in churches who refuse to talk about these very, very important matters. I think Christ maybe very disapointed with them, as they skip over some of His most important teachings, which are So needed in todays modern and increasingly dangerous world filled with darkness.\

      God has blessed you, Ama. You don’t need a preacher to tell you that! I’ve grown to have a spiritual love for you in short order. Christ’s commandment, you know. :) :)


      • oh, I find the commandment “Thou shall bow before no other God but Me” to be Very telling. This of course was OT. But, it speaks not just of idolatry, but I believe also the possibilities of actual gods (small ‘g’ for me, thank you. haha)

        Love and respect,

        • That’s what I always thought, Keith. Why would the supreme God be worried about other gods, if 1) there was only ‘one’ God, and 2) whichever god it was wasn’t a threat of some kind?

          Love & Peace

          • Yes, and why be jealous of something that doesnt exist? (Especially when jealousy is supposed to be a sin)

          • And its right there in writing, CT!! I guess people just don’t think this stuff through?

            You know the old saying “there are none so blind as those who ‘refuse’ to see”.

            The bible is always fascinating, and so are the hugely varying beliefs of the people who hold to the innate ‘truth’ of it being ‘God’s unerring Word’.

            Love & Peace

      • Hi Keith,

        Thank you. :-)

        It’s lovely to know there are church folk out there that don’t ‘condemn’ first, having met so many that do. Mostly, for me, it was the ministers when I went looking for help (my questions, or arranging to have houses cleared of negative energy before I learned how to do it myself). Actually, it was an Anglican Minister that forced my ‘hand’ and made me learn how to .. he came to the caravan, gave a huge lecture to the three of us waiting for him, refused to bless the structure unless we threw out one, very ordinary, book. I know the book was not ‘christian’ but it was also totally harmless. I asked the guy if he’d read it and he said ‘NO’, but I had. I even owned a copy at the time. (I have to purge my bookcases from time to time. I have over 4000 books on the shelves right now and it needs doing again). Then he said he would clear the structure after the man started coming to church regularly. Given that the ghost was strangling him, and he had bruise marks to prove it .. I threw him out, politely, and then I cleared the place. That was in Roxby Downs, a mining town, and the caravan was in the area the contractors lived in, and the ghost had come with the van. The man was just hiring it.

        He might have won a ‘convert’ if he’d cleared the van and then ‘asked’ the guy to come to church .. but no. The minister he had replaced was the one who had been such a good help to me over the few years he was situated in our town. Now he was a God person, and people didn’t like him for it?

        Love & Peace

        • Hi Ama,
          I’m ordained, (Protestant, non-denominational) and I’ve never mentioned it before for 3 reasons:

          1 Anyone can be ordained very quickly. Especially in the Southern states.

          2. I didn’t want anyone to think I knew the bible comprehensibly. I do know it, but not near as well as CT, or you, for instance. Importantly, though I do know where to find what I’m searching for quickly.

          3. I did not want to alienate anyone here, as I ONLY became ordained to “marry and bury” a few friends. Not only that, but after my experience, and with my faith the way it is, I felt that I NEEDED it.

          I am so, so disapointed by the uppity, stuffy preachers of today. Like they are a member of an elite social club.

          I’m ordained to “marry and bury.” 3 friends have requested, and I of course obliged.

          • It did strengthen my relationship with God, as I felt I needed to use what happened to me for His good, and I made that vow by becoming ordained. I’ve been too ‘ignorant’ in these matters – or unsure – to begin my work. This site has changed my world from one that is “the unkown” to one that is mine. Thanks to A.J, CT and you, Ama

          • of course, no one here would ever hold – judge – that his as a bad thing for sure! This is why I keep coming back, keep coming back and keep…. lol

            The clergy Should visit sites like this!

          • Do you do outside weddings? LOL I am going to be married within the next two months, if we can get past all the paperwork and find a celebrant who can fit us in before ‘apple picking season’ .. otherwise it won’t be until May? I haven’t bothered looking at the churches in the areas. The last one forgot me. I had been attending for a few weeks and wanted to be blessed by the, soon to be, visiting Bishop .. good energy, good for the work, and the lady minister took my details and said she’d get back to me straight away .. and that was the end of that. I went to the church again and she didn’t even remember my face or name? No problem. :-)

            I’m also ordained. Universal Light Church, back in 1992. I did it for the same reasons, to confirm to me MY connection to God, but that church has no legal standing in Oz .. though there are a few of us around now. I did ask the Church if that had a list of members we could find ourselves in, but they didn’t. A few years later I went to Theology college … we go where we are sent, Keith, and do what we must, and what we can, for others, even if sometimes we are invisible. LOL Life is very interesting. :-)

            Love & Peace

          • Keith said: This site has changed my world from one that is the unkown to one that is mine.

            That’s lovely! Thank you for the compliment.

            And the clergy do occasionally visit this site, and run away back ‘into the Light’, must do since we are obviously all in the dark here. :-) I love them. I love discussing the bible and people’s different interpretations of it.

            Love & Peace

          • Ama,
            If you can find that money to fly me…Oh, say..16 hours to Aussie-land, SURE! lol

            Neat that you are too! Good reason, my friend :) If you lived up here, it would be a true honor! And, congratulations! Love is a wonderful thing. Union before God is even lovlier.


          • Hi Keith
            “It did strengthen my relationship with God, as I felt I needed to use what happened to me for His good, and I made that vow by becoming ordained. Ive been too ignorant in these matters or unsure to begin my work. This site has changed my world from one that is the unkown to one that is mine. Thanks to A.J, CT and you, Ama”

            That is such a sweet statement and I’m sure I speak for all that, anything folks on here can say which help others to gain a better understanding, then that surely is a blessing for all.

            God bless


  19. Hello Caretaker

    I suppose there is two entities by similar quality but with different size and power, as we have in our common people belief one of them called ” Jen” which he is same demon. one of them called ” Div” which is bigger and more power than ” Jen” may the mean of daemon be same ” Div”. Anyhow some information about demons is such :

    Demon is one of the invisible entities. Our world is touchable for them but their world is not touchable for human . almost , every demon in every zone speaks by that area language . demons are everywhere but it is told someplace is more suitable for them than other places and such places sounds to be their main homeland, like : wildernesses, forests, depth of grand , cemeteries , dilapidated villages or houses , depth of seas , public toilettes and baths and similar (usually nighttime ) . sometime may they love some houses or become accustomed to its hosts so almost its selling or rebuilding become difficult . most of animals see demons . they are very fine and thin so are not seen . normally they are in expansion state therefore are not seen but can become shrunken (massy) then become visible and at that time even it is possible photographing ( of course if they admit ) but usually they doesnt do such. Demons because of they arent earthy and has been created from fine substance (like gas ) in other words they havent any calculative mass ( apparently) they are able to go over from one place to another far place in a moment for example strongest demons can travel from China to America in tow second ( it is related to their power whatever one demon be more powerful can travel quicker . I personally think strongest demons has been imprisoned by prophet Solomon in few thousands years ago and dont exist now but it is not means which less strong demons dont exist ).demons are intelligent and have much power for telepathic. They have soul and ego and havent any prophet of themselves so they have to follow the humans prophets as some of them have done till now. Demons like human are some bad and some good , some cruel and some believer , and also some of them follow religion ,worship god and avoid of bad actions .

  20. Although I have not had this experience for many years, I went through a period of my life when I was actually contacted by a Being which referred to itself as Daemon. It proved its powers to me in many, many ways in this the physical world, but always held allegience to the Order of YHWH.

    I had not previously or have I since ‘heardd voices’ or anything else of that nature. It changed my life!

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