Are Auras Real?

Is aura real? I have friend who told me he can see aura he said my is light blue he said that means I’m string willed and honest. He also said that he can see demons poltergeist ghost. I told him I saw things when I was a little.

I was in my parents bed one night I saw a light coming from my parents closet. I watched the light move and split into two lights and they went past both my parents behind the bed and went through the wall behind us which led outside of the house. After sometime from that my grandma came to visit us my dad was gone to work though and my brother was at school so we were the only three there at the time. My grandma and my mom were talking in the living room and I was running around the house because I’m ADHD so I was hyper when I was a small child anyway while she was visiting I ran into my parents bedroom and started jumping on the bed. I turned around to my surprise I saw something that I still havent forgotten I probably never will forget that face mask it was something that had a white mask with black stripes on the mask and its body shape resembled that of a person but this thing was not human. I could tell it had a black body no finger nails or body hair except on its head it had long hair black hair on its head that came down to its back it had no eyes it only had eye holes in the mask it looked at me and kept walking slowly towards me. I froze for a few seconds and then ran back to my mom it was obvious she didnt believe me and I never saw that thing again.

My friend said the thing I saw was a poltergeist and the lights I saw were spirit orbs he said they must have fled the house because of the poltergeist. He also said the reason it was after me was because I had a strong aura and that if it would have made contact with me I would have been tormented all my life and that I would be bound to hell that I would have not had the option of going to heaven because of that poltergeist and since didnt make physical contact with me I avoided that outcome.

Also when I was 4 my grandma died and a few nights after she died my mom told me she heard me talking to her I dont remember that after the stuff Ive seen I believe it.

If possible can you give me your opinion on this subject. Was all this just my imagination?

Asked by Jacob

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  1. Hi Jacob,

    Who is your friend, how old is he, and where did he get his information from?

    I live in Australia. For 10 years I lived in the desert, over what, we found out later, was an aboriginal graveyard. I had a very angry aboriginal man – old, short, naked apart from the usual genital covering and the paint on his face, long straggling black hair .. in my loungeroom for a long while – before I realised he was there, and he was furious with me, since I was the only person who could see him in my family. I was 25 at the time. It took a lot of talking and apologising, to get him to pass into heaven. To someone else he might have looked like a demon, but he was simply a male ghost.

    The being in the facemask might simply be a male ghost, or it could be an elemental being (we know them as fairies, among other names – poltergeist being one of them, but its an incorrect label), but I doubt it was demonic, because, although you were probably frightened, it never continued to harass you .. or I am assuming so, given you don’t write about being continually haunted. Believe me, demons don’t play games.

    The lights in your parent’s cubboard .. what shape were they? A perfect circle might be a spirit light (orb), but they could equally just be a couple of ghosts who were passing through, and that is how you saw them that day. Elementals have also been known to be seen as lights, which would fit with the other experience you described. I doubt they fled the house because of the poltergeist (by the way, a poltergeist is a noisy being that likes to throw things .. did anything like that happen during that time period?), you didn’t say how fast they were moving? They might have been running away from you. You say yourself, you were a bundle of unbalanced ‘energy’ then (ADHD) and that might have felt very disruptive to them, given they are pure energy beings.

    Auras, yes they are real – a strong aura is produced by a healthy person, healthy on mind, body and spirit levels. Light blue is a normal colour for the aura (first inch or so from the body), so is cream, pale yellow, pale pink and/or soft green. I believe that actually relates to your genetic heritage, in other words, the country, or region, that you and your ancestors come from. The aura itself extends eight feet from the top of your head, under your feet, and from your fingertips, when you extend your arms .. its huge! It is produced by your chakras, the spiritual energy centres of the human body .. and all this information is easily available on the internet .. do a quick search under ‘auras’ or ‘chakras’ .. and while you are there look up the chakra called the ‘earth star’, which many people ignore. It’s very important to our grounding and energy. The aura is made up of multitudes of colours, and for some people – patterns, that expresses who you are as a person, what you believe, what you fear, how you feel (healthy or otherwise), all emotional pain and trauma, in this lifetime, and all your past life experiences, and lessons, are written there too. It’s a fascinating way of viewing a person, when we take our blinkers off.

    As to being tormented by the devil and bound to hell because of it .. what church does your friend go to? You don’t get punished in heaven because a demon punishes you on earth. It’s punishment enough to have to put up with that on any level. Unless you are fool enough to agree to co-operate with the demon a person finds heaven a great relief from the unseen.

    And grandma coming to visit after she died .. so did mine. She first arrived, we think, when I was just over 2, and finally went away completely when I was 29. She loved me very much! It’s nice when family visits to reassure us that they are still ‘alive’ in Heaven.

    Tell your friend to do his research more deeply, instead of spreading scary stories.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (Demonologist) (listed here under Friends).

    • Ho Ama! I had a quick question for ypu and thanks for responding to me the other day too! I was wondering if there OS anyway we can fond out what color our own auras are? Or do we need a psyche to read my aura?

      • Hi Janna,

        You are welcome.

        There’s a cute question thing on facebook .. my aura is blue, according to them. LOL

        Actually, most auras are multicoloured. The physical aura, which is between 1 or 2 inches from the body, depending on the person’s vitality, is a variety of different very light pastel shades, from soft pink, yellow, blue, green or cream. We think that depends on what your genetic makeup is .. the asians being one colour range, and the caucasions another .. from what I have read and seen when I look at people. The colours of the aura move and swirl about gently in patterns, they never stand still – so the test saying I am blue is expressing only one of my many colours. In the meantime, I found another test site, among a ton of nonsense ones .. and my aura is blue again. LOL

        Not all people who are psychics can see auras, or read them .. its one of the many gifts. A good intuitive healer generally can. It’s always interesting.

        Love & Peace

  2. Have you researched about your friends knowledge an experience about paranormal yet ? you must don’t make worried yourself because of some your friends opinion and claiming before you be sure that his word and advise is right. but I don’t think be any blue light around you by name auras and don’t haven’t hear about such phenomenon anything and don’t admit your friends supposing. tell him if he is actually a friend must not talk Unduly about you and make you scrupulous. about auras and orb although I had heard a bit about but my knowledge doesn’t confirm those.

  3. I’ve had similar insidents not sure what it was but I would really like to know mine all started after me and my wife watched paranormal activity which really freaked me out few weeks later I was in my kitchen and had my back facing my bedroom and my one year old daughters bedroom as well as the bathroom i can’t remember what i was doing but in my right ear something growled at me then a week or so later we put my daughter back in her room I moved her camera moniter so we could hear and see her and right after that me and my wife were on our way to bed and I made the comment hopefully we don’t hear anything not even a minute later we both heard some kind of forign chater right in the mic I freaked out ran in my daughters room grabbed her and she stayed in our room weeks later I thought all was fine I don’t know what time it was but I woke up in the middle of the night and I remember my tv doing the white noise thing which was odd cuz it was set for a blue screen then coming in my room was this creature it walked straight in it was atleast 3,3 1/2 feet tall it had black hair but was spicked up it was all white had if I remember right a black cloth covering it’s genitals it also had black vertical zig zag lines on it’s face they were I’d say 1 inch thick right on the outside of the eyes going down twards the chin but anyhow it slowly turned it’s head in my direction I was gunna wake up my wife but before I could it ran at me and last thing I remember was it was in my face lick 2,3 inches away it had really sharp pointy teeth and then I fainted I think but that’s all I remember. And when I lived in that house I was depressesed cuz my father died and apparently I was mean cold hearted didn’t care for anything then my mother told me in that very same house just the apartment below I had a friend that accidntly hung herself on a door knob cuz she was trying to do a magic trick she saw at school but nobody understands how that happens she could have stood up and from her weight the door wouldn’t have closed but this was the very same friend I used to play with all the time when I was younger I just hope it’s not demonic cuz It seems it was in my daughters room mainly and did I mention there was a really small crawl space to the attic in her room and I knew instantly that it wasn’t right but like I said I’m just looking for answers cuz I want my daughter to have a normal peaceful life as well as the rest of my family plz if you have any info to settle my nerves plz let me know oh by the way I have moved out a year ago haven’t had nothing happen to me since cuz me and my wife split up six months prior to that but my daughter point in random places and says scary she’s 2 going on 3 in april and she dosnt like the night lights on she turns them off and takes off the bulbs and hides them

    • Hi Stacey,

      Watching paranormal movies is counter-productive, because it tends to put ideas into the heads of people who do will not benefit from the information, most particularly if they are capable of being aware of ghosts around them, without having an awareness of what its all about.

      I had a short, black, bearded, man wearing a dilly bag and not much else standing in my lounge room for a few months, until I worked out how he was pinned in my brand new house on the edge of the Australian desert. He was also painted in various patterns .. and he was very human, or very ghostly anyway, and also very annoyed. It took a while to clear him, given that I was new to it all back then, and there were times when he gave me a fright, but in the end, he was just a man, a lost soul, wishing I would get the ‘h*ll’ off his property’. LOL

      Not everything small dark and creepy is dangerous. Sometimes its just the way we perceive them. The character you described sounds like a human ghost to me .. black cloth and all, and while he was probably not in his correct location, he might not have realised that. Ghosts are now able to wander the world. I’ve cleared one truly nasty Japanese lady from Armidale NSW (Australia), and she still thought she was in feudal Japan. And BTW, some pygmies file their teeth into points .. that’s an ‘ouch’ to me.

      I would have been miserable too, after my father died .. and perhaps you didn’t react well in those circumstances – the self-centredness of depression can make a person cruel .. which is really not surprising, but that doesn’t mean you are being haunted by something that was influencing your behaviour. When did the depression stop? Did it fade away gradually, or did it just vanish one day?

      I’m sorry your childhood friend died in such a horrible way. If she is a ghost in the house she might be expressing sorrow, and affecting the atmosphere that way .. but I do hope not. Is there a demonic entity in the house .. doesn’t sound like it to me .. and I have enough experiences to know the difference.

      Your daughter may be one of the many super-sensitive kids being born these days. I can understand the night-light thing, given that the dull light actually makes it harder to see in the dark, if your nightsight is very good. Leave them turned off, to save having to hunt for them.

      You can look me up here on the right of this page, listed under Friends,
      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (demonologist)

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