Are Angels Walking with us Here on Earth in Mortal Form?

Do you believe that God’s angels can also become mortal and live, work and play just the same as the rest of us?

Do you believe that God has sent down his army of angels to watch over and protect us at the present time?

If so, why do you suppose that is? Has He always had mortal angels walking this earth with us, or does He have a specific plan which requires members of His heavenly realm to be mortal at this specific moment in time?

And finally, what of Archangels? Are there a number here on earth too, in moral form?

Asked by A. J. Ryder

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  1. Hi AJ,

    First question :-)

    There are no angels in human bodies. To be human an angel must first ‘fall’ from higher energy to lower energy. That means they become demons, which is the true opposite of their angelic natures. After that they can be redeemed, but they can never be angels again and must repay humanity for the damage they did to them over the millenia since their creation. What fitter ‘punishment’ (karma) than to have them live among those they tormented? These hybrid beings are called Children of Light, or Children of the Christ Energy, since that is what the Light is on this planet during humanity’s stay here.

    So all ‘angels’ in human bodies are actually ex-demons, and have the egos to prove it. They are on the karma cycle, just like humanity. They are capable of great good, and equally of doing great harm, particularly when they are first incarnated. But they live and learn, and hopefully grow out of negative behaviours.

    It always puzzles me when a person comes up to me and says ‘I’m an angel’ and then goes on to make some nasty crack about someone else. Angels LOVE, they do not create harm on any level, but demons .. oh no, that’s a whole different set of rules…. LOL

    Second question :-)

    The army of angels .. my favourite bunch .. the Michael. Does every person have their own guardian angel .. you bet they do. Often they have more than one, depending on what their calling is in life. And the guardians will interact gently with each person .. but they are not our teachers, they are our protectors. The teachers are the Uriel, and healers are the Raphael and those that inspire us are Gabriel.

    Third question

    How long ago did the fallen begin redemption? Good question. Why do we need to have COL’s at all? Because a COL has the ability to tap into angel energy, and the capacity to make decisions to interfere in human lives, which the demons do .. in a way its the best, and worst, of both worlds. That there are more of them now than ever before makes me worry. What we are trying to do is keep the war in heaven from manifesting on the planet, in ways that human beings can see and touch. Humans are the creators .. look at the mess we are making of everything? Do you really want to watch a demon and an angel battling before your eyes .. and then get trampled in the rush of living people trying to run away from very real swords? Remember ‘as above, so below’. The more they skirmish in heaven, the worse it is on the planet. And we are not helping with our selfish attitudes and thoughtless decisions to create harm when we could be doing good for everyone around us. Our negative energy feeds the darkness, just as our loving hearts help the angels .. but which of those is easiest for humanity to create???? Just look at the local news, if you are not sure what I am talking about.

    What is God’s plan .. that’s easy .. LOVE ONE ANOTHER. I think that is more than enough .. we certainly don’t seem to be achieving it right now. How many people realise the power of LOVE to change lives, and the outcome of our choices? And yes, we have to work at achieving it … we can just slide into negativity .. no effort involved.

    Fourth question

    IMO, and from what I have been taught over the years, there is no such thing as an Archangel. The leader of each of the houses of angels is the Christ energy, manifest in whatever role each of the houses was created to perform. In other words, the Michael angels ‘see’ the Christ energy (not Jesus) as a Michael, the Raphael see it as a healer, the Uriel as supreme teacher ..etc etc. But that was too complicated for the simple human minds back when people first sought to understand these principles, and so they created a ‘leader’. Each group is a collective consciousness, what one knows every one of them know, so where is the need for a separate leader, except God?

    Love & Peace .. two things sorely needed in our world right now,
    Ama Nazra

  2. Heck NO! Where did you get that idea?
    Only the fallen Angels took the form of humans and copulated with mortal women which produced the Nephilim, which contributed to God’s decision to flood the earth (a lot of good that did). I don’t think God would allow something like that to happen again after he promised Noah that he won’t flood the earth with water again.
    God forbids Angels to mingle with Humans. Although he sends his angels to protect the people that fear him as mentioned in the book of Psalms.

    “The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.” – Psalms 34:7 KJV

    “There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.” – Psalms 91:10~11 KJV

    Angels won’t intervene like how you see people trying to stop you if you’re about to fall on a ditch. Have you forgotten that God moves in mysterious ways? DUH! He won’t do the obvious that’s for sure. And the notion that everybody has guardian Angels is wrong! No angel of good will ever guard sinners, murderers, thieves and the lot. God only sends his Angles to those who fear him.

    Demons and fallen angels however, do mingle with humans and they make human lives miserable. Since these angels know very well the human psyche they can easily make unwitting humans think that angles appear on a daily basis. Remember, demons are masters of deceit since their leader is the lord of deceit himself. They can take the form of bright entities that look like angels telling people stuff only to mislead them from what God intended people to do.
    People can be easily misled if you show them flashy stuff, and demons are experts on these things.

  3. angels are immaterial and abstract . God created them before the human be created .we don’t know accurately how they are but surely they aren’t physical and earthen .we can call them ghostly , very fine and lucid, hence they never seen by human because they are not material .of course sometime they are able show themselves to some selective humans but it is not obvious how they do this. they never eat , drink , rest , sleep and etc because they haven’t physical body to be needy to these things. also they totally are what they are and are not perfectible to improve or modify. they think and understand but within the amount of their knowledge that God has given to them . Therefore they are not similar human to study , research , think and get better in science and experience we can say in a sentence they are fixed creature and never added to their knowledge except a new knowledge which God added to their early knowledge . Each angel has created in a level of knowledge some less , some more and some very much and also every angel has a task equal with his state and knowledge. four angels are the greatest angels in all universe they have the most important jobs between all other angels these four angel are the best and nearest angel about god .one is messenger angel , one is death angel , one is lofty scrivener angel and one is trumpeter angel for resurrection.
    yes some angel are on the earth but not for living or hobby they are god’s agents that do what god ordered to them. its good to know , each human has three angel , one prevent of his death as long as has specified by god , one note his good acts and other note his sins.

    • Hi Manss,
      I’m inclined to agree with you, angels by my understanding, are immaterial spiritual beings. However, even though they are invisible to us most of the time, they can make themselves visible to us for whatever reason.

      I was very fortunate and privileged to have one make her presence visible to me three years ago. To this day, i cannot say for sure why she allowed me to see her, as I’m no earthly pious individual, neither do I attend church services. Her apparition on this particular night was quite unexpected, surprising and awesome – I will never ever forget, her bright white glowing image and clear translucent eyes will remain with me forevermore. I was fully awake and was aware of all sounds and objects around me. There is no question about the authenticity of this apparition, she was at the foot of my bed – infront of my desktop PC – looking at me with a neutral expression on her face and didn’t utter a word to me and I didn’t think to ask her who she was or why she allowed me to see her. Amazingly enough, her brightness didn’t hurt my eyes, nor did I have any fear of her. All I could say to myself was – Gosh! light beings do indeed exist, I had my doubts but now I know they are there. Was she an angel? I don’t really know but I suspect that she was.

  4. Yep! I thought that OP would start a great discussion … lol!

  5. Your turn AJ,

    Love & Peace

  6. i believe there are arcangels the arcangels are heaves most powerful wepons and feared by demons the arcangels are heaves generals and fiearce when it comes to fighting theres michel gabriel rapael uriel and others lusifer was ones an arcangels hes name was lusbel but wen he fell he became lusifer wen you are born there are 7 angels guarding you but as you get older the angels start to live in the end there will only be one your guardian

  7. Hi Buddy,

    I know God said ‘he’ wouldn’t flood the earth again, but I am sincerely wondering about that promise, given we have had so much rain lately. LOL NSW (Australia) is now in flood again, and then there are tidal waves in various places over the past year or so.

    If God forbids angels to mingle with us, then why does he send them among us to protect and help us? Isn’t that a complete contradiction in thought and action?

    And no, the fact that you have a guardian angel, and so does every other person, nasty or otherwise, is because God loves us all and wants us to be able to connect to him .. anywhere anytime. They are not beings outside themselves, they have no egos, like humans and demons do. They are the action part of God, which means ‘of the Holy Spirit’. Just because you cannot see your angel, and you don’t believe they exist for evil people .. doesn’t make it true .. thank goodness for the rest of us .. because I CAN see my angels, when the need is great, and yours and everyone else’s. And angels in the streets .. who play so many other roles in trying to subdue the nastiness of this planet.

    Actually .. you are right .. God sends his angels to those who fear him .. luckily he sent them to everyone else as well .. but .. don’t you think a murderer would fear God .. I certainly would. A lot of murderers fear hell. So by your way of thinking, that murder will have an angel or ten around him, trying to convince him to change his behaviour. They don’t shout .. theirs is the ‘small quiet voice’ that we so often choose to ignore.

    I agree that demons can look truly beautiful, but anyone would be able to tell the difference between them and those in the Light – just listen with your heart, for they do not, and cannot, love, and they lie just as you described. They feel wrong .. and any moment’s doubt is more than enough for you to send them away.

    Trust God and trust your angels .. particularly your guardian angel. Deny him/her their capacity to help you, as a Gift from God, and you may find yourself coming to me for help .. as so many people have over the past 14 years. I’m a demonologist, among other things.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  8. Your turn AJ,

    Love & Peace


    Got another question for you all …


    Described as Son of Man and Son of God. Do you think God created him specifically for one task? IE am angel which only came to this earth on time?

    Or was Jesus, like the rest of us, on the Karma merry-go-round? IE his soul has been here many times, both before and since his incarnation as Jesus and is learning how to return to God, just like the rest of us?

  9. AJ,
    These are some great questions you ask!! I only know what I believe, but my impression is that Jesus was only on this earth once. His life was very significant to our existance, a reminder if you will, that a loving God exists waiting for us to return Home to him. As far as fallen angels who walk among us; I have never met one, but I really wouldn’t know how to recognize one anyway! I am deffinately awaiting Ama’s answer!! ;) LOL!!

  10. i knew an angel …he was from mexico

  11. Well, there are a lot of complications to this argument about God not wanting Angels to mingle with humans. Proof that Angels don’t mingle with humans is that they never reveal themselves physically, they never respond verbally, nor let their whereabouts known. We know they are there, but whether they are sitting in our shoulders or standing beside us, we don’t know. To mingle (the word itself) is to interact and to interact is to make contact, be felt seen etc. the Angels of the Lord don’t do that, although there is an interesting account in the bible where Jacob wrestled with an angel and won. The angel that Jacob wrestled was contested by the Jewish Talmud to be none other than Samael, the fallen angle. If you have noticed, most of the angels that were reported to have appeared in the new testament were only messengers. They were never reported to have stayed longer to mingle with the apostles. What I know of Angels is only based on what I’ve learned from the Bible, a book that was written by men who were acknowledged by God.

    Demons and fallen angels are masters of deceit, Satan have successfully deceived Eve in spite of her innocence and pure heart. The Devil even tried to deceive Jesus, but that didn’t work because Jesus knew all the Devil’s tricks. Unfortunately not many people reflect on these things anymore. One example of how much people can easily be misled these days is the recent May 21st (2011) rapture that was allegedly prophesized by the same pastor who failed to predict the rapture on October 21st some years before. Even though his first attempt in predicting the end of the world failed, there were people who still believed him. Haven’t they read what was written in the book of Matthew!? Haven’t they thought of putting a little bit more doubt into it before believing in that guy again? I don’t know… As for their reasons why, I leave it up to them.

    As for Evil doers. They do know God, but they don’t fear Him, because if they do fear God, they won’t be doing evil things in the first place. To fear God is to follow his commandments and recommendations. For example, if a child fears his parent’s authority he will follow his parents’ advice. If a child doesn’t fear his parents he’d just do anything he pleases without paying attention to whatever his parents tell him. And being a parent, if one of their children does something wrong, they would punish that child. Same with what God does to people who do something wrong. It’ll go off topic if I discuss this further, but it’s also an interesting topic none the less. Knowing and fearing are two different things. Evil doers fear hell, that’s why they don’t want to die, but they don’t fear God because they are doing evil and we all know that God doesn’t want people to do evil.

  12. Hey Buddy, you said “Proof that Angels don’t mingle with humans is that they never reveal themselves physically, they never respond verbally, nor let their whereabouts known.”

    In each cases its not true, and there are plenty of stories written up on the internet to show they do reveal themselves physically, and they do respond verbally, and let me know where they are. I work with angels. I ask them questions, and they answer where appropriate. They are not into long conversations though, only words of wisdom to help the living, and the occasional joke when I am washing up. And location .. check over your right shoulder for your guardian angel. He’s ALWAYS there. Of the three other angels who work with humans, and we all have them – the Gabriel (inspiration) stand behind our left shoulder .. they can have a lot to say .. they are the angels of communication, both here on earth and in the heavens, the Uriel – our spiritual teachers, stand in front on the right, and the Raphael (healing angels) stand in front on the left. You might say those of those two ‘go before us in wisdom and healing’, and the other two ‘watch our backs’. They are all very loving, very generous of their time, and very helpful – when we choose to let them be.

    The May 21st guy has now changed the date to October 21, and ‘is confused why it didn’t happen’ .. but I want to know if anyone has sued to get their donations back?

    We can go off-topic, or just start a new topic – Caretaker can decide. In the meantime, please tell me when God has punished an evil doer .. that you can actually document. Because when you think of some of the truly nasty characters in MY lifetime, and I”ll be 49 in a couple of days, I haven’t seen ONE of them smited by God. Hell no, they get followers instead.

    Personally, I believe that fearing God only creates more fear inside a person. Fear is a destroyer of peace, its not about honouring a wiser person, but cringing and waiting to be hurt when you do something wrong. I honour God, and stand in awe of its majesty, but I do NOT fear God. How can you fear someone that loves you so profoundly? No, fear is a Christian teaching to control the masses. Remember, Jesus never actually created a church, and he always spoke of a loving God. The people who wrote the bible spoke of fear of God, but he didn’t.

    Love & Peace

  13. Hi Ama, I also live in Australia. And Im thinking of naming a boy the archangel name Chamuel (if the baby Im pregnant wtih now-my 4th child is a boy). Since Michael which is an archangels name is a popular boys name. But my partner prefers Challen for a boy, because he says Challen sounds masculine and Chamuel sounds girly.
    We have 2 girls, a 1st born girl, our 3rd born-girl and 1 first born boy already-Our 2nd child Locke.

  14. Hi PreciousLoves

    I have to agree with your partner. I would not name your next child after Chamuel. According to my research, and I’ve done plenty, ‘he’s’ not who we think he is – he’s listed under demons as well.

    Challen could be a good name. He might have a challen(ging) life, but challenges make us stronger.

    I’m in Melbourne .. well almost. LOL

    Love & Peace

  15. I know several instances in the Bible, Old and New Testament, that clearly indicate angels do sometimes reveal themselves, God willing.

    My favorite of such an account is about the Ressurection of Jesus Christ. The angel appeared to the Roman guard assigned to watch the tomb that Jesus was laid to rest (dead). The guards were overwhelmed by this appearance. The angel rolled a very heavy stone disc that sealed the tomb. There was a groove in the ground/stone maybe? that sloped from a slightly higher elevation downward to a lower elevation, making it very unlikely that anyone could roll the stone back up to the top of the slope.

    This angel waited a while, to be met by Mary Magdelin (excuse my spelling please) asking her why she was searching for Jesus in the tomb, now easily seen with the stone rolled away from the entrance.

    Angels were there in the Old Testament when Sarah and Abraham were given a message that God was finally going to deliver the promise of a child to continue Abraham’s lineage. I believe his name was Issac.

    One last detail. The Bible clearly states that Satan can make himself to appear as an angel of light. Frankly, that bothers me a bit. Satan is also known as “Deceiver” and “Father of Lies.”
    Don’t abandon peace of mind. The Holy Spirit has been with us ever since Jesus ascended. We are not alone.

  16. Sorry, I failed to mention one kind of circumstance mentioned in the Bible. Scripture says we should be diligent and kind to strangers, because sometimes we entertain angels unaware. That is “our” unawareness.


  17. Thank you, Jeff!
    I appreciate and respect your response!! :) I, too, believe angels can speak to us when it is neccessary and God willing. And, thank you for providing references to scripture in your comment! Many speak of scripture, but don’t in fact provide exact references. It’s nice to know that you read the Bible and don’t just walk around with it in your hands claiming to know what’s in it! Great answer!!

  18. i belive angels can appear in human form and be amongst us and might even chat with us maybe on a bus in a shop a train etc i belive this has happened to me on two occasions but thats a long story

    • I would love to know the story

    • @Anonymous

      I agree! Angels appear in human form and even chat with us; it happened to me also.

      Just last month I met a total of 3 angels one night while on a 4k mile cross-country trek. I was leaving Lady Lake FL en route to my next stop of Beaumont TX. I stopped for a coffee and to use the Internet at a McDonalds in Lake City FL, where I met 2 angels and then another one about 5 minutes later when I discovered I was lost and stopped at a gas station to ask for directions.

      It was a totally overwhelming experience for me as I am not the religious type! I immediately called my sister and, through giant sobs, tried to relay what had just happened to me. I was doing well for a little while and then suddenly, and strangely, I could not remember the words that were said to me.

      When I’ve tried to relay my story at any other time after that, I can no longer remember even one single word told to me by the “main” angel who spoke with me the most. I can still vividly remember the incidents and the brief general chit-chat surrounding the incidents, the images and descriptions, sights and sounds, and the extraordinary view and feeling while “locking eyeballs” with the main angel (literally, my eyes could not leave his practically translucent eyes during his message). I could remember everything except the actual wording of whatever message he was revealing to me.

      Upon leaving there, while driving up the highway, I started uncontrollable crying at the thought of such powerful events. Whenever I’d try to relay my story, I would start crying all over again, but never can relay the message given to me, so I’ve stopped telling anyone about it — just sounds too … crazy, ha!

      I have never had anything like this happen to me in my entire 61 year lifetime!

      Though I am a single woman and was on a cross-country road trip all by myself, I am very safety conscious. I would not normally talk to strangers for just that reason — safety. Yet I willingly spoke with 3 different strangers and the results were so compelling and convincing, it has restored my faith and given me strength to carry on following a devastating incident that caused me to be on the road in the first place!

      Yes, there ARE angels here on earth walking amongst us.

  19. Not everybody chooses to ignore their angels, think of it, when you are doing something wrong, do you ever hear your name being whispered or sometimes whispers that are to quiet to understand, and sometimes if you listen you can actually hear what the voices are saying! I believe that these whispers are my guardian angel talking to me!

  20. Hi Anon,

    I’m all for long stories, if you feel like sharing.

    Love & Peace

  21. Hi All,

    I took the day off, yesterday, to go and play with my daughter for my birthday. :-) We hit the city .. the usual things – the museum, the State library (yum), the chocolate shops, the book shop ..

    AJ .. you said – “Described as Son of Man and Son of God. Do you think God created him specifically for one task? IE am angel which only came to this earth on time?”

    Answer: Jesus was not an angel. Jesus was a man. The Christ energy was also not an angel. It is the creative energy of God, ie Holy Spirit, whom the new agers call Spirit. The coming together created a loving force for good that could change the world on all levels .. because humanity were created to do just that – create. LOL The Christ energy was the key, a blessing returned to humanity when they thought they were lost. I won’t add any more here. I wrote this story up a long time ago and its on the net for anyone who wants to read it. You can find it here: (this is my book, and I’ve used the link before, Caretaker)

    And there’s more: “Or was Jesus, like the rest of us, on the Karma merry-go-round? IE his soul has been here many times, both before and since his incarnation as Jesus and is learning how to return to God, just like the rest of us?”

    Being human Jesus had to be on the karma wheel. Is he an ascended master, was he Saint Germaine, or Maitreya before that? There are lots of theories. I don’t know. I simply believe the energy ‘match’ was perfect and the Jesus peson may well have been specifically sent .. but it might have been a woman, if the society had been different then. It was what happened that mattered.

    Love & Peace

  22. I prefer to believe in what is written in the Bible than any other references. I have a detailed study about Angels, with complete references in the Bible, but if I post them all here it will be very long. The I’ve learned are:

    In the Old Testament God sends out his angels more often to communicate with man. Their main role here are messengers.

    The Fallen angels were the ones who took the form of mortals and copulated with human women, there are no mention of Angels of God taking form of man.

    Most references of Angel interaction recounts are in the Old Testament. One thing to note is that, the Old Testament has been superseded by the New Testament and if you read your Bible more than often, you will notice that reports of Angel interactions with humans have greatly diminished during the time of the Apostles.

    The passage “be diligent and kind to strangers, because sometimes we entertain angels unaware” is from the Book of Hebrews 13:2 in the New Testament. This passage supports the passages in Psalms 91:10~11. This doesn’t mean that you entertain Angels personally, but if you entertain the people who have angels, you entertain angels ‘unaware’. It mentions unaware, because you didn’t know the strangers had angels with them. This would raise a question “does that mean that the person who entertained the angels unknowingly doesn’t have an angel for himself?” Think about it. How could you entertain angels unaware, if you already have one to begin with. That would be illogical.

    Even in the New Testament, Angels served as messengers. The one that appeared in the Tomb of Jesus only told Mary Magdalene that Jesus is no longer among the dead, thus Mary reported to the remaining Apostles that Jesus had already risen. The Angel was never reported to have accompanied Mary on her way. Same with the Angel that appeared to Joseph to tell him about Jesus. Same goes for the angel that appeared to Zachariah and Elizabeth to tell them about the birth of John the Baptist.

    By the time of Saint Paul, he rarely mentions Angels on his epistles. Although John mentions of an Angel messenger in the Book of Revelations, that was the last recount of an Angel of God being sent to the last remaining Apostle.

    What I learned so far is that the Angels that are described in the Bible are very different from what people know of them today. I don’t want to sound snobby, but I’d rather believe in what was written down by the hands of the men who were acknowledged as servants of God who lived during the time when God closely communicated with men than in now.

    Not to be gender biased, but have anybody of you ever questioned the verses Job 1:6, Job 2:1, Job 38:7, and Psalms 89:6? Ever wonder why they all mentioned “Sons of God”? A hint is in Matthew 22:29~30. If what those verses say were true, it would be very disappointing even for me to think that there are no female angels or Angels are sexless.

  23. Hi Buddy,

    The trouble with the Bible is that we know for a fact that it has been rewritten over time. It’s been nearly 2000 years since it was first started to be created .. and a lot of men had a hand in making ‘changes’ that reflected their viewpoints on the world. I have not heard of any women redactors .. but there might have been. Over time the metaphysical side of Jesus, mostly now seen in John, was written out – probably in favour of keeping control of the ‘masses’. If you didn’t have to go through the church, and Jesus .. only accessible through the priests .. you might have found God for yourself, and kept your money in your pocket.

    The ‘sons of God’ you mention in the Job quotes are just a bad translation. My bible reads ‘heavenly beings’, and 89:6 reads “For who in the skies can be compared to the Lord?”. No gender there. And Matt 22:29-30 only mentions that we are not married in heaven .. no gender there either. It is ‘The New Oxford Annotated Bible’ which I bought at Theology College in 2006. There might be a better translation. I should ring them and ask. :-)

    It’s lovely to have one bible to read from, but to get clear translations, its better to have a number to compare. I also have The Interlinear Bible, written in Hebrew and Greek, with the English translations. Going back to the source, or as close as we can get to it, is fascinating.

    Sex .. the act .. is for procreation. Since the angels don’t procreate (which is ‘have babies), they don’t need to be split into two halves so they can. They are an energy form that is pure Love, in ‘balance’. While we struggle for balance, we are only one half of a whole. They only ‘appear’ to look human, because that is how we want them to be. They can also appear as children, or animals, when the need arises.

    Love & Peace

  24. is it possible for your guardian angel to leave you
    and also is it possible to see or talk to it ?

  25. Hi Jacob,

    No, your guardian angel will never leave you, nor can it be sent away. Other beings might say they are guardians, but there is only one, specifically trained, being that truly is, from the group called Michael. You can pretend its not there, ignore it, and never have anything to do with it .. but its a Gift from the Creator being (whatever you want to call it) and its there to give you spiritual protection .. from stuff you don’t need to know about.

    Yes its possible to see angels, if it is necessary for your spiritual growth. I see them occasionally. I talk to them all the time. They listen when you speak. They do not invade your mind, or read it without your permission. They ‘know’ your heart, which is a whole different thing, and can usually tell what you are thinking from what you are feeling. They love us profoundly, and always will. They are like a mirror that reflects our BEST selves back at us, so that we can work to be more like them.

    Love & Peace

  26. Hi Ama

    One quick question (just got back from time with Dad, so I’m here fleetingly, I’m afarid)

    Why do you think that your guardian only comes from the house of Michael? Why don’t you believe your guardian can come from the house of Raphael? Gabriel? Ariel? etc etc etc?

    Hi everyone else

    A great discussion ……. keep it up.


  27. Hi AJ,

    I do hope your father is well, and the rest of your family.

    If you have read anything about angels you will know they were created ‘specific to task’ – which means they only do what they were created for. It might be a concept that is hard for some people to understand, given that we as humans can do most things we turn our minds to. The Michael are the guardians, protectors, warders, and watchers etc, the police force of God, the Raphael are the healers, the Gabriel are the artisans, those who inspire greatest in humanity on many different levels, Uriel are our spiritual teachers. They are the main four Archangels working with humanity on the planet at this time. Ariel? The only Ariel I ever knew of was the little mermaid. It is not an archangel. When last checked among the history books it was an adaption of the Uriel name. The 5th angel I have had personal contact with, again not an archangel, is Jophiel, briefly described as the peace angel. They have their work cut out for them. There were only 12 archangels, one third fell from heaven .. which leaves 8, who can come among us. Apart from the big four, I have seen other names in both the lists of heaven and the lists of demons, frequently in both.

    Love & Peace

  28. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah talks about two male angels coming down to help Lot and his family escape the cities because they were going to be destroyed. If angels do not show themselves to man in human form or cannot interact with man, why are there so many examples like this one that talk about angels being physically present and talking?
    Gabriel, the Bible specifically names him, physically came to Mary to announce Jesus’ birth. He later came in a dream to Joseph to deliver the message.
    An angel in the garden of Gethsemane appeared and comforted Jesus then later when Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to the tomb of Jesus, they talked to (and saw) “a young man dressed in a white robe sitting on the right side”. It startled them to see a live man in there. “Don’t be alarmed,” he said. “You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid him. 7 But go, tell his disciples and Peter, ‘He is going ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see him, just as he told you.’ ” NIV
    I don’t consider myself an expert but if you believe that the Bible is true, it seems that angels can take on human form and interact with humans, they can even interact with us in dreams.

  29. Hi Ama

    ARIEL … a spelling thing!

    Ariel is often associated with the better known Judeo-Christian Archangel Uriel. The name “Auriel” is commonly used to denote the combined. Ariel, in Hebrew, literally means ‘Alter’ or ‘Lion of God’.

    Just as a point of interest, I represent the House of Raphael, not the House of Michael, which is why your initial post stating:

    “Other beings might say they are guardians, but there is only one, specifically trained, being that truly is, from the group called Michael”

    was somewhat perplexing to me.

    The work I do (spiritually) literally is only to act as protector and healer to the souls that pass into the spirit world. Usually this is nothing more than getting a sense of something ‘rushing’ through me as I walk through somewhere. Occasionally earthbound spirit like to talk about what’s held them here, before I assist them to move on. On one occasion, a spirit of a soldier who died in Iraq tried his level best to get me to ‘judge him’ as God would judge him before he would agree to move on. I said I did not have the authority, but assured him there was nothing to fear from God and would happily help him pass over. Finally I succeeded to pursued him. I honestly don’t think he had as much to feel guilty about, as he had thought!

    I love it at the point of sending a soul over – the room always fills up with the most glorious warmth light and love and I always find myself wanting go with them. Obviously, I’m not allowed … just yet! LOL!

    Like you had stated previously on a different thread (that you already know who you truly are and what you represent), I also found out years ago who I truly am and what I represent. I’m not prepared to divulge the former on here, but I represent the House of Raphael. Benjamin, for example, is the twelfth gate to the East along with the gates of Joseph and Dan. Lord Raphael, being ruler of the East is therefore the overseer (for want of a better word).

    Lord Raphael is also keeper of the Book Of Truth, which ‘contains’ the Word Of God. The word used of ‘Book’, of course, is metaphorical because the Angel called Faithful and True IS the Word of God. In fact, the only place where God’s name is written is on Faithful and True, even though no one knows the name except Faithful and True himself.

    The angel called Faithful and True patrols the fringes between Heaven, Hell and Earth. He lets no one, that is not written in the Book Of Life, enter into the Heavenly realms. He is, in effect, the wrath of God as much as he is the Word of God. F&T is the higher energy of the mortal, Jesus.

    I hope that has answered your question, asked on another thread, about F&T?

  30. Lol – dont forget that satan was the most beautiful angel of them all, as written in the bible. No mention ever of a female angel though

  31. Hi Jestergypsy

    Angels are of no sex. It is humans (men, I presume!?) who interpreted angels as being male in the first place – doh!

    Yes, Lucifer was, and still is, the most beautiful of all the archangels. However Satan, Lucifers alter-ego, was stripped of all beauty and endearment, then cast out. But that’s a whole different thread involving some great philosophy …….. might start one up later ????

  32. Hey, AJ.

    Pretty much all my life I was a staunch atheist. Now, I believe in a being who loves us with such an unconditional, unwavering, undying love.

    However. I am of the belief that Jesus was human. Around the time of Emperor Constantine was when Christianity was started. Without going too deep, my own personal belief is that Jesus was made into a deity, the bibles were written and thus started the whole shebang. And whilst talking about Christianity or any other religion, I try to remain respectful of others beliefs and mindful of my manners. I try not to impose my beliefs upon others, but have many times been the recipient of said imposing. So, whilst trying to be polite, as that is my nature, I really don’t give a completely open full on view of my beliefs about religion. With close friends and family, yes. Even then, it can get heated.

    I’m only just learning about angels, and I have these Harmony Angel cards that are beautiful, which I found in a charity shop not so long ago. They immediately stood out on the shelf and I knew I had to buy them. I don’t fully understand these cards properly, but in every reading I’ve done, I’ve had Michael come up. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Not sure what that means.

    Regardless of my belief about religion, I do believe in “God” and I do believe that he has sent us beings to help, guide and teach us.

    But here’s a question that’ll knock your hat off! Why is God called God? Who named God, God?

    Steph xx

  33. Hi GirlRacer,

    One small comment – Christianity finally became the ‘royal’ religion when Constantine supposedly converted in the 300′s .. there’s some debate about why he did that in both historical and theological groups .. but for whatever reasons, Christianity became important/accepted then, but it was first created within 10 years of Jesus dying .. and recreated, and adapated, and changed .. over the millenia.

    The Harmony cards sound good. I also get the Michael card every time I do a reading anywhere there’s a Michael card available. I work with the guardian angels, and enjoy being reminded of their constant presence in my life. Smile and say hi, and pick another card to read with it. I often get my best messages that way.

    Why is God called God – here’s an answer from wikianswers -

    The english-language word “God” probably derives from an old root word meaning “The one we call upon.”

    If that’s so (as is believed by the majority of liguists) In a sense, when we say “god” it’s a sort of placeholder word – a description of that being, as opposed to the being’s personal name, and the placeholder means, basically “the one we pray to” or “The one that is prayed to,” or “The one that we ask for stuff.”

    Peoples, throughout history, have often been defined in terms of “who it is that they pray to.” Hebrews, in a sense, are often defined by being “the people that pray to the God of the Hebrews.”

    Christian are sometimes defined as “people who worship Christ.” (I personally tend to prefer the ones who try to follow the example of Christ, as they see it, with less focus on the praying.)

    But basically, the word “God” means “The one that is prayed to.”

    People are probably more likely to capitalize the G when it’s _their_ god, and to not do so when they’re talking about gods they don’t believe in, worship, or pray to.

    Zeus is a god, because Zeus is prayed to by some people (yes, even today). YHVH, Jehovah, “I Am that I am” and Jesus can be called god, or gods, in the sense of “People pray to them.”

    In short, “God” isn’t a name – it’s a title. It’s a description.

    Love & Peace

  34. Hi Girlracer and Ama

    I always get the High Priestess card come up, whenever my Tarot cards are read. I’ve been given various, and sometimes quite wacky explanations for this. To me, this card in the enquirer position just represents my strong character … and possibly a bit of stubboness – LOL!

    Archangel Michael represents spiritual protection. The field commander of the Army of God, if you like. I suspect a similar meaning is depicted in the Angel Cards? I guess you’ll need to look at the meanings of the cards around Michael to ascertain the significance of that card.

    Why is God called God? Good question.

    When the deity first showed Himself, he said that His followers were not permitted to call Him by His name. So, ‘pet’ name’s have been devised over the centuries. For example El, in Hebrew, means ‘Of God’, hense why most of the angels, certainly those who ‘do a job’, end with El ……… Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Zarachiel, Simiel etc. Indeed, even the word Angel ends in el (of God). So El would be a discriptive and not actually His name.

    Yahweh (YHWH) is an etymologization and translates “I Am That I Am”, followed by “I Am,” often abreviated to I AM in the Hebrew texts. Again, not a name, but a discriptive.

    Jevohah is an anglicized representation of the Hebrew word Yahweh, a vocalization of the Tetragrammaton (from YHWH to JHVH).

    The name God, isn’t strictly a name either, but rather yet another descriptive. No one know’s God’s name. He has never let His name be known. Not to the prophets that have been here on earth so far, anyway.

    Personally, I think the word God represent’s three seperate spirits, who work together to form one God source. That might explain why God has never divulged His name, because He is actually They. However, when They become He, He/They make for a formidable force to reckon with.

  35. The High Priestess,

    Powerful lessons, powerful teacher. Lovely energy. :-)

    And God said ‘we created man in our likeness’ .. there has to be more than one of them. LOL I don’t actually believe in the Trinity though.

    Love & Peace

  36. LOL! I’ve also quoted “we create man …” to you before, on here – hahaha! What goes around, comes around …

    The Holy Trinity – are yes, we didn’t really go too heavily into that when I went to our Anglican junior school – not like the Catholics seem to teach, anyway. All I can remember was the vicar spouting off about The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost – 3 in One. It never made sense then, and it only half makes sense now. I will explain what I mean …

    Trinity (triangle or three sides/points) appears hundreds, if not thousands of times, both in the Bible and other Holy Scriptures. For exorcisms, at least three people should be present and then, before starting the exorcism rite, it should be opened up with “Lord! You say when three (or more) are present, You would listen.” In fact, if praying in a group with others, I open up with the same line before starting to pray, if it happens to be me who’s opening up the prayer session.

    Trinity’s create extremely powerful energy, provided all three are working together. However, if one of the three break’s away from the trinity then the triangle break’s and at the least becomes ineffective, but at worst can cause the opposite effect to that which was originally intended.

    So, in the trinity involving God, Jesus and Holy Ghost, they all work together as one and therefore become more powerful as a collective, than independently. The same happens in the case of the three lithe spirits who work together to create the one God Source.

    Unfortunately Christian teaching does not really seem to be able to teach the importance and effect of Trinities within in our everyday lives, rather they prefer to depict the Trinity as something of Holy Devine Rite which is out of reach to the rest of us. It’s like they’ve got a secret which they don’t want the rest of us to know, just in case we see their charade for what it is.


  37. Hi AJ,

    Different beliefs are fascinating. :-)

    To me the Holy Trinity makes more sense as God, at the top, and male (humanity) and female (spirit), on the base.

    Actually Matthew 18:20 reads ‘where ‘two or three’ are gathered in my name, I am there among them’. In my experience its sometimes just be me, the lady or man I am helping (who might have no ‘relationship’ with God) , and God, and change still happens.

    The Christian belief is that the Trinity is the same being divided into three parts .. there’s no more energy there than when they are ONE being, and no less when they are divided. I agree with that.

    And I have met groups of Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, always foursomes (the four foundations of the world), which are incredibly powerful.

    I believe we are given what ‘we’ believe will work.

    To me all that matters is that change happens for the better for the people we are trying to, in my case, protect .. and in the case of the Raphaels .. heal.

    Love & Peace

  38. Amen to that, Ama

    Thats what I like most about you and I, we love bouncing off ideas, ideals and our interpretation of how God works. Even our understanding of what we perseve to be gardian angels if completely different! We come at the subject from completely different angles – I feel you are more ‘of the earth’ whilst I am more ‘of the air’ -yet the conclusions are always the same. And yes, I agree, its the result that matters, not how we work it out.

    I suspect those from the houses of Gabriel and Auriel (or Uriel) all view the spirit world differently again, too. And who is to say who is right and who is wrong? Truth is, we only have our own Faith to follow and it seems that whenever Gods Word is written down by men, it gets a little muddled! The truth is in there somewhere, but man’s interpretation of what it actually means twist’s the truth (mainly to suit man, I suspect). At the end of the day without True Faith (that which we, as individuals, truly believe) we are all crippled, spiritually.

    Trinity’s, in my experience, do give extra protection particularly when dealing with something of a demonic nature. Better to have 3 present, so that someone can watch your back, in hardcore cases such as those. I remember (pre-exorcism) one particularly slippery evil little critter picking me up by the throat. The Bible got ripped from my hands. In those cases, better to have someone else ready to take over during the Exorcism Rite …….. just in case! We can not become too complacent about these things, after all.

    However, I agree with you that in the cases where its merely helping an earthbound spirit to cross over, when an exorcism is not required, then the trinity of angels, God and the minister is perfectly fine. Each case has to be ‘judged’ on its own merits.

    Just a quickie question, has a Seraphim ever presented itself to you, either audibly or visually?


  39. Hi AJ,

    Seraphim – yes to both. Now that was breathtaking energy. :-) I loved the ‘multi’ voice.

    Spirit taught me ‘never have anything in your hands that can be taken away’ .. or knocked away.

    I am definitely ‘of earth’, and work in airy ways (less tangible than holding a book in your hands), and you are ‘of air’ and appear to work in earthly ways. Great balance! :-)

    And I know a man who works with Uriel the way we work with ours, and yes, they are very different. :-) I also know any number of Gabriels, and they just shine! And the Michael workers are all very similar to me.

    I think the ‘truth’ is we are all created differently, specific to our calling, and therefore all that we believe is true .. because its true for each of us specifically. God is big enough to handle it all. LOL

    Love & Peace

  40. Hi Ama

    “never have anything in your hands that can be taken away”

    Great advice! I’m dyslexic (you’ve probably guessed – LOL!) so to read something froma book is, I agree, not the same as saying it from the heart. I know the Exorcism Rites pretty much off by heart so the Bible is somewhat of a ‘prop’ in the proceedings. That sounds terrible doesn’t it, using the word ‘prop’?? But you know what I mean!

    That said, bad spirit has been known to ‘take away’ my memory too though … usually the Lords Prayer! If I go somewhere and feel something, I automatically say the Lords Prayer. Most of the time, this simply provides that ‘something’ with a gateway to walk through to go to God and most spirit seem to take me up on it if I’m honest, although some don’t – but thats ok. However, if I lose my train of thought half way through saying the Lords Prayer, that’s my ‘signal’ that we’re about to embark on a rocky ride ……. so I stick it in a bubble, anchor it and deal with it accordingly. That is when I will read from the Bible to make sure I get it exactly right. At least it can’t snatch my beloved Bible once it’s ‘in jail’.

    Yep, the Seraphim energy is glorious, isn’t it? And such a tall, formidable angel it was too. Mind you, I felt such a fool the first time I was ‘introduced’. It took me 20 minutes to remember who it was … duh! I was saying “I know you – I recognise the eyes of fire because I’ve seen you before …. but I can’t remember where”. (What an idiot!!) The angel just smiled and allowed me time to remember.

    With me it was most definitely the eyes that made an impression – such wisdom. I could quite happilyy have stared into those eyes forever whilst ‘it’ talked. Beautiful colours of oranges and yellows that swirled gracefully around like melted glass. Fantastic!

    My first lesson (or test ? – never know which, may its both?) was by someone from the House of Gabriel. He definitely shone!!


  41. A.J. and Ama, both of your philosophies on the matter are incredibly intriguing and heartwarming. I’ve never been much of a religous person but I do believe in spirit and I do believe that we are never ever truly alone whether it be angel or otherwise. I’d love to learn more of your views!

    • I’m not religious either Scarzam, but I can talk ‘God’ with the best of them. I call myself ‘biblical’ because my focus is the Christian Bible, mostly asking lots of questions and arguing with people about interpretations. LOL My webpages are at, and my bible blog is My philosophy is spread all over CareTaker’s site here. He’s allowed us a wonderful forum to play in.

      Summing up .. best to ask me questions about things …

      Love & Peace

  42. I just want to tell you I have seen 3 large entities around my neighborhood wearing black trench coats…they were very large entities. I assumed they where angels…they have all been wearing trench coats. I am rather frightened by them regardless. There seems to be a lot of spiritual energy happening around us and this started around October of 2011. Maybe there is something to the bibles prophecy…I’ve had dreams about it and now these entities are showing up all over the place.

    • Hello Linda,

      How many entities have you actually seen? And where? And how often? Do angels come in trench coats? They can if they want to. I knew of a lady who’s angels pretended to be the Blues Brothers. She needed to learn to laugh again and they certainly taught her. What were those entities actually doing when you saw them? The dark can look like Light beings, they don’t even have to try hard to do so .. they are all energy beings. They want to feed us fear and doubt, and they succeed when we let them.

      I studied Theology at University, out of curiosity, and because my angels told me to do it. They had been telling me, on and off, since I was 17, but since it was, and is, upsetting to my mother that I might turn into a fundamentalist (no offence people but she’s had problems with them too), I didn’t get around to doing it until I was 43 or 44? I am 49 now.

      One of the things our lecturer, who was an Anglican minister, taught us is that Revelation, where most Christians drawn their knowledge of ‘end times’ from, is a commentary (comment) written by a very angry man, directed towards those people (led by Emperor Nero (who’s number in gematria is 666)) who were persecuting the Christian in 64-68AD. If it had been about the devil (616) the Jewish Kabalaists would have written 616. Revelation itself was based on previous writings by prophets in the Old Testament, and its a great work of art, but it is believed the writer had a good solid knowledge of the OT, so everyting in his ‘visions’ is .. probably less ‘reality’ and more good reading skillls.

      Believing in end times – that God hates humanity enough to punish all of us who do not believe in Jesus Christ as the only Saviour, and is going to put more than 7 billion people into living hell just because we don’t – puts a lie to everything I have experienced in my spiritual journey since I was 17 and first walked with Jesus (in a vision), and everything Jesus taught us about His Father being a loving and forgiving God in the Bible. In my experience I KNEW, soul deep, that anyone who loves us as much as Jesus says God does, would never ever do us any harm. But .. the church needs a reason for us to be frightened of God, and to follow them (the church) faithfully, their adapting beliefs, ignoring our own experiences with God by blaming the unusual on the devil.

      You see, the angels teach that God loves us profoundly too. But if you listen to them instead of the Christian person who constantly lives in fear of hell, you stop fearing God and Love changes your life profoundly instead.

      Don’t believe everything you read. I know the world is going through a huge ‘stretch’ at the moment, and yes, it might be the second coming, but why would God destroy the planet he created, or us – also his creation, in these truly nasty ways (floods, famines, earthquakes, volcanoes) .. when ‘he’ could do it with the flick of a finger? Do you think God likes to torment humanity? Jesus’ God, that is, we’ll skip the OT. Personally, I will not be waiting for ‘hell on earth’ to arrive at the end of December this year. Instead I am booking people in for a picnic the day after we are supposed to either be profoundly saved, profoundly destroyed, or .. the age of peace is ushered in. The mayan calender is coming to an end .. 29 Decemember? Or is it the 21st? Why did it stop then? My thought on that was ‘isn’t 5000 years of recorded dates enough?’.

      Fear leads to panic and panic leads to destruction. Why can’t we all just work from love and faith?

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra

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