Am I Weird by Talking to a Cat?

I have seen here in one of these themes that someone has “talking cat” and lately there has been several experiences where, when my cat mewed I’ve heard like he told something specific (I know insane, but what isn’t on this page).

Like for example I could swear when I’m making food for him he “says” Hey! instead of miaow, or when he’s coming to me to welcome me he “says” Hi, or once even, Ahoj, (which is Slovak, Hi).

What am I supposed to think about this? I already tried to talk to him several times (had to look interesting) and I just don’t get why is or sometimes even what is he “talking”?

Asked by Ancika

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  1. When I was young we had a cat that loved mushrooms and when my mom was fixing spaghetti she said plain as day mushroom no doubt in my head that is what she said every one the house heard this so it is not my mind playing tricks on me she really said it.

    As for you hearing this it could be possible that you can hear the cats words instead of the normal sounds they make you can work with this and be able to understand things allot better. No it is not crazy for you to talk to your cat I do it all of the time although some may think you crazy and start to wonder about you but you are not crazy dear trust me there are a lot more things out there that is crazier

  2. Why the question? People talk to their pets and think nothing of it. Sound pretty normal to me. I have 2 dogs that i talk to, if they replied I would be upset, my cars and I have conversations, evn appliances in the house, electric razor and coffee maker, guess one knows what is important by how much dialogue is directed toward them. Just worry if the cat talks back or you feel you can read its thoughts.

    • Hello Dennis I have a question for you. You say that you and your cars has conversations, does this mean that they reply back to you.?:)

      Why would it be so bad if the animal answered back? Animals are very smart and they pick up on all of our words even the bad ones.

  3. Hi Ancika,

    I had a cat called Meg. She is buried under the apricot tree now. She came to me when she was 13 years old, over the fence from a house a few doors down. They had said they were going to put her down, and she wasn’t ready to go yet. She died at 20, not that long ago.

    My daughter found the owners of the cat, and found out they had only ever called her cat, and yet I swear, when she first said hi to me, she said her name was Meg, and it stayed that way. And then there was the door .. she would come to me and say ‘out now’ .. oooouuuttt noooooowwww, I learned to head for the door to let her out. She would sit and ‘talk’ to me, have whole conversations, most of which I have no idea what she was saying, but I obviously answered in some sensible form, in human speech, because she would keep talking. Sometimes I felt like I knew what she was saying, and would do what she asked, and some ‘words’ sounded very much like human speech? Like the door request.

    I think our minds are able to grasp so much more than we actually realise, and I know cats are telepathic, having seen my lot have conversations, and then either brush against each other, or argue .. I am not a great ‘receiver’ but that doesnt’ mean you aren’t. You might be ‘hearing’ the words in your ears, but also hearing the speech in your mind. Your brain compensates and you end up ‘knowing’ what your cat needs. That’s lovely.

    Love & Peace

    • What a lovely story Ama

      Cats deffo have their ‘jellicle’ names. We adopted this stray (mainly as company for our other cat) aged 8 months. She was semi-wild. Never really liked humans much … tolerated rather than loved, i’d say.

      Anyway – we called her Chloe. Chloe stayed with us for a few years. She had a litter of kittens, of which we kept the youngest Mungi. But, Mungi wound Chloe up something chronic so, one day she up sticks and left.

      A few weeks later I get a knock at the door. It was a lady from up the road, enquiring if I had a tortoishell cat. I replied yes, but not seen her for ages. Apparantly Chloe had moved in with her. When the woman asked what I’d called her, she looked extremely surprised. “You’ll never guess” she said “as soon as I saw her, I knew she was a Chloe!!”

      Chloe never came back to live with me – despite trying – so the woman kindly took her in. Chloe lived to be 17 years old and Chloe’s new ‘servant’ kept in contact with me throughout that time.

      Aren’t cats funny ….


      PS my current cats; Charlie and Molly, came to live with me last year. But I’m convinced Charlie should be called King Tut and Molly; Queen Nefertiti – LOL!

      • Yes, Meg definitely thought she was God .. so when we got Charlie (Charlamange) and he thought he was God too, there was some confusion, and a great deal of arguments. Now that there is only him and Tigerlily (half tiger, loves to stalk, half lily .. faded variety, particularly during storms when she hid under the Big coffee table in a blind panic – doesn’t do that since we moved to Victoria, so I wonder about mountain storms?) things have calmed down and we only have the occasional skirmish. :-) And then there’s Gus, he’s a dog .. but that’s another story,.

        Love & Peace

  4. It happens when someone has a special bond with their animal. Whenever my dog looks me in the eyes I can tell what she is thinking. Its mostly “More food’ lolz

  5. It’s perfectly normal. I talk to my dog, Zeppelin, constantly…and he replies in his own way, sometimes just by tilting his head, other times he barks or whines a bit. I think when we bond with our pets we develop our own personal little ways of communicating our needs. Zeppelin comforts me when I feel upset, and I offer him the same in return. Add to that the fact that pets are very good listeners ;) Its a win-win.

    • Diana,
      …..And you win 50 internet points for having a dog named Zepplin! That is fantastic! It’s great either way, but curious, was he named after German Aeronautics, or a tribute to the band?

      We have two cats: Khonzu (Egyptian god of moon trajectory)—we mostly just call him Zu, and Beep (because she doesn’t “meow”, she “beeps”. Odd and hilarious to guests, I’m sure). They both know when my wife and I are sick or sad. They understand questions about basic needs (food, water, play, etc..). Now if I could successfully convey “stop trying to drink the water out of my glass I just walked away from” to both of them I could say we have a working verbal understanding…..but they won’t listen to that one, which proves they also have egos.

      Used to have two black labs, Charles and Diana, because they thought they were royalty. They begat CJ (Charles Jr.—original, I know…I was 10 at the time). He could skate board. Actually he could imitate any action he saw, up to and including turning on the outside tap to fill his own water bowl. Then Dad and I would have to refill the well the next day… he was an awesome dog, but also kind of expensive.
      …but I digress. Why do people say animals don’t have souls, again? :)

      Hello, my name is Siddle, and I talk to my pets!
      (I’m also perfectly fine with being crazy. It helps keep the “normal” people at bay.)

      • My mother had a cat called ‘meee-orrr’ .. no meowing from that one. :-)

        Says me, putting a lid over the glass of water beside my bed.

        Love & Peace
        Ama LOL :-)

        • Bwahahaha……that’s great!
          Yeah, I get why the Egyptians were so fond of them. If they don’t act exactly like humans or canines, they will at least teach you a more enriched concept of irony, will they not?

          And good thought on the lid, but unfortunately very easy to thwart.
          A mere lid is no match for a Khonzu….so I’ve taken a fancy to water bottles. He mostly just knocks those over, then bats at the apparent invisible evil that escapes. I don’t know….maybe he’s just weird. We are too….so it works swimmingly well. :)

          Much love and peace!

  6. i talked to my cats.
    i talked to my dogs
    i talked to the birds
    i talked to my friend, tree
    i talked to my mouse in my room
    i talked to my lizards, eee annunakki?
    i talked to the ants
    i talked to the plants
    i talked to the flowers

    i talked to humans after talking to those humans, i found out i was weird hahaha.
    theres nothing wrong about talking to your cat,

    ive a cat who slept in my room who died years ago, i can still feel her presence in my room.


  7. My dog from my childhood was called Peggy, I called her this because she always used to pull pegs off the washing line and chew them, and she even spat the springs out! They had to be wooden pegs though, or she wouldn’t be happy!

    She always protected me. I used to sit in her dog basket which was in the kitchen (she hated it, so I tried to train her to go there). I was trying it one day and she came over to me, let me stroke her, looked me in the eyes and I heard her say (in my head as she barked) “You think I’m sleeping in here. No way.” I told my Dad and convinced him to put her basket bed in my room. I asked Dad if I could have the old quilt in the airing cupboard, he said yes, got my Mum to wash and dry it for me and covered the top and bottom in wooden pegs. I brought her up into my room and the first place she went is straight into her basket bed. She loved it. She barked happily, wagging her tail and although I didn’t hear her talk, I knew she had said “Thank you.”

    From then on, she never left my side. Only when I was at school. But, here’s the thing: when school let out, Peggy always waited across the road by the pedestrian crossing for me. My friends and I always felt safe on our walk home. And at bedtime, she’d always bark quietly, just once, when I said “Goodnight Peggy.”

    Miss her so much. But very happy memories. You’re not crazy. You’re not mental. You’re completely normal, and your cat loves you enough to talk with you.

    Steph xx

  8. i dont think ANY of you are nuts..when my son was a small child we had a cat named Oreo. when the phone rang i SWEAR that cat said”hello”! and when we called his name….he said”what”! and then there was the night that my son became very very ill….oreo was going nuts….meowing(actually meowing) but very very LOUDLY..and pacing in front of my sons door….he needed to be hospitalized he was so ill…and his fever was very high! that cat would try to open the front door! and of all things..he would sit in the windows in the back of our apartment and chit chat with the birds that were out there…making the same noises they were chattering away with!!!!!!!

    • Hi Anonymous,

      That sounds like one great cat. I miss my two favourite, Lucy and Meg. Intelligent cats are a blessing.

      I have two sirens in my house right now, Charlie who thinks he’s God, and Tigerlily who has only just ‘found’ her voice, after many years of whispering. LOL

      Love & Peace

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