Am I Some Sort of Portal or Energy Provider?

No matter where I go, if I am in a house for more then a month. A ghost some how manages to get enough strength to start showing itself.

My point is, it would only make noises before. It didn’t have enough strength before. But I never feel drained or anything.

When I leave, things calm down.

Am I some sort of portal, or energy provider?

I’ve never lived in a place that I haven’t been physically attacked in. Not always just me, but most of the time.

Asked by BambiWithLove

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  1. Hi Bambi,

    To start with go and read my webpages: just in case you don’t know about energy shields to help protect you.

    The answer is yes to being an energy provider. Every living person on the planet produces energy all day long, just like the motor in the refrigerator or the car .. we pump it out. The energy comes in all different sorts of flavours .. like happy, sad, angry, enthused, creative, destructive, you get my drift …

    The positive stuff goes to other beings, when we allow it, the negative emotions .. feed beings like ghosts – and it attracts them to us, because they are always hungry.

    To stop this happening we have to learn to control our energy, and if we cannot control our moods, and our fears, then we need to learn energy shields, such as the personal one on those pages, and then you can keep your negativity to yourself. The positive stuff just feeds us again, and the negative stuff .. well, we learn faster to be kinder to ourselves when we are consciously living in pain (emotional or physical).

    Why do you think it is the same ghost? It might simply be another, stronger, one .. or it could be attached to you in some way .. in that case stronger measures might be needed, to set you both free.

    You can look me up via the link I just gave you, or via Victorian Paranormal Connection under Friends here on the right.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  2. Hi BambiWithLove

    Is it the same ghost/spirit, or is it different ones each time? Or don’t you know?

    It sounds to me like you are psychically ‘open’ and are unable to ‘close’ which means you act a bit like a candle, and so all spirits are attracted to you, like moths to the flame.

    There are many ways to control the psychic channel, so you can open and close it at will. These do, however, take practise and if you’re naturally ‘open’ all the time can be quite difficult to master.

    An easier one taught to me many years ago was to imagine a spot of pure white light in the centre of my heart, then imagine expanding that light so that it completely consumed my whole body. Once I had been ‘filled’ with the white light, I imagine expanding it out, approx three feet behond my body. Once I had done this, I used to place a gold cross on the top of it, above the crown of my head (optional). This technique is called a ‘bubble’. Different coloured bubbles represent different things. I used the colour white for protection and positive energy. Bubbles don’t last for long – it depends on how strong you built it – but it does stop you acting like a ‘candle’ for a short period of time. Mine usually last approximately 12 hours. It’s not the answer, nor a long term solution, but its good for … umm .. emergencies!

    The best long term way I found to control opening up and closing down phychically, was to learn how to control my chakras (Hindu). There are 7 main chakras (energy points) on the body; head, third-eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and base/root. You can buy chakra stones to help control your energy too – some people even carry them around with them all the time to maintain their energy balance. Learning to control your chakras takes more practise than simply constructing a bubble (I found, anyway) but it is all the same basic principle. If you can control what you are putting out, then you can control what is being drawn in. I personally found learning to control the chukras whilst in meditiation the easiest way to start with.

    There are many different ways to control the ‘light’ that you emit. Its all about what works for you. Lots of books have been written about this subject so it might be worth your while going to your local book store, New Age shop, Amazon etc to see what is available ….. and/or go onto Ama’s site.

  3. i dnt kno how to stop these these nitemares from happening i simply just stop having them. but i notice that my life was full of stress and anxetity and also depression. and after i get better they stopped, but everyone is different but that was a solution for me.

  4. Bambi, Im sorry but when the magic energy shield these two are talking about seem to have absolutely no effect unless you just imagining it. and it makes you feel better so it goes away.
    If you actually being attacked by an outside source there are a few simple things you can do.

    1) the less you are alone the less likely you will ever be attacked the attacks actually stated by groups of people as oppossed to one person alone is significantly lower. An evil outside force will first try to isolate you and make you feel alone even causing conflict with loved ones as a form of isolation

    2) It will then start affecting your sleep cycle making you more susceptable to its influences until you finally give up of give in to it. That is the general cycle for an outside influence trying to possess someone. If it is simply tormenting you could be something else, I would need more information to try and help.

    Unless the magic light bubble helps who knows its so easy surprised everyone doesnt just have bubbles walking around lol

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