Am I Possibly a Demigod?

Visiting Entities

This is not a single account. This is over my life time. I have been visited time and time again by a female and male entity. To my beliefs, Wicca, this are the main god and goddess. But what they want, I don’t know.

One memory I have is them chanting at my window, then I heard something run away and hit what sounded like metal trash cans. There were never any metal cans, nor footsteps.

Also, a more recent one, I was in my bed when I heard a male and female say “He’s the biggest of his kind!” and “How does he not fall off that wall?” (I sleep pressed against the wall, and I was trying to sleep).

Then, finally, there’s today’s account. Small lightning within my home in my room and a buzzing noise, along with visions of people floating sitting in meditation pose saying that I’ll be ok, that I have nothing to fear.

Earlier today I was wondering about the 2012 prophecies, and my role in them. Am I possibly a demigod? Or favored by the gods? And if so, why? What is my purpose?

Sent in by Steven Kinsey

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  1. Hello Steven,

    My name is Ama Nazra, you can look me up through a link at the bottom of this page under Friends.

    If you were being visited by the main god and goddess they would have told you what they wanted you to do by now. They don’t visit without a good reason.

    What is a demigod to you? Angels have been seen as demigods, but for them to be on this planet they have to ‘fall’ into lower energy, which twists them and leads to all sorts of problems .. mostly for humanity.

    Running away and hitting a trash can sounds very human, or other denser being to me, very ungod-like. And I’ve never known an etheric gate to make a noise, opening or closing. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t though, and the runner might not be the chanters, but what were you doing when it was happening? Which might add to the explanation.

    How does he (you) not fall off that wall? The logistics of that statement is very odd. At what angle did they think you were leaning to be able to fall ‘off’? And you are the biggest what? Or in what way? Are you very tall, very fat? The oldest child in the family? Quite truthfully, it sounds like someone is playing games with your mind, or has no idea what humans are .. hmm.. leads to thoughts they might be elemental beings (fairy folk, who can be a little odd at times, and might be floating at an odd angle to think you can fall ‘off’ something).

    The floating people said you would be ok? Being me I would have told them to ‘take it outside’ but then I tend to like to keep all spooky stuff out of the house. Did they say or do anything else that might be in the least bit helpful? What did the people actually look like?

    If you were a demigod you would know by now, and if you were favoured, they would have told you by now. It’s a bit late in the 2012 situation to leave people in the dark about their roles.

    If you would like to I have a way of at least clearing your energy of anything that might be playing with you. It won’t remove entities there for your greater good, or will ask you to help them shortly.

    On the right hand side of this page, above ‘Newest Questions’ there’s a link to the Michael Invocation. Read the page a few times to get an understanding of what is being asked, and then say it out loud. After that you could choose to talk to any entity that turns up and find out exactly why they are hanging around. Otherwise, ignore them.

    The other thought is – have you been to a doctor to be checked out for schizophrenia? That too can cause hallucinations.

    Love & Peace

  2. If you were a demigod then trust me the God or goddess would let you know this and soon too. you would not have left child hood with out knowing this. Demons likes to play games of the such and play with weak minded peoples minds and makes them think that they are some thing in which they are not. Seems as if you are being played with by some playful which could lead to harmful out comes sprites. Sprites and imps loves these games very much. There are many demigods and some that have been forgotten by their godly parent for there is no use to them so they get shoved to the way side. But none the less the person knows where they came from and what they are. Hope you get an answer for this soon from an expert.

  3. As far as I know,demigods were mythological(ps:or real?) heroes born with having a father as a god and a mortal woman as a mother.They were capable of supernatural feats and were stronger than normal humans.Some say they were giants.Anyway,their deeds became legend,they had great renown amongst men.Were they the warriors even the Bible speaks about,or were they merely literature creations to symbolize something else about that time society?There are more questions than answers here….

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