Am I Crazy?

The dream I had scared me. So in the dream I was wearing a white hospital dress thing(the one you where when getting a check up). I was standing in a pure white room. On one wall there was a mirror. I looked into the mirror and i had long hair (mine is short, but when i was younger it was long.)

I walked toward the mirror and touched it. The spot that i touched was bloody with a hand print. I looked at my self and i was bloody and was holding a knife. Suddenly two little boys appeared behind me. They both had a mask on. The masks looked like a cats face. I turned around to face the boys but there was nothing there. I turned back to the mirror and they where behind me again but they weren’t wearing the masks. Their faces were scarred and had creepy messed up smiles on them. They where also bloody like me. I screamed and woke up.

I was sweaty. My sheets where twisted up and in the corner. So I’m asking you all. Am I crazy?

Asked by Trystin

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  1. Hi Trystin

    No, of course you are not crazy. You just had a nightmare. What have you been watching on tv, or reading lately. And how old are you when you are awake?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends).

  2. Trystin,
    One night, I had a dream where scientists in lab coats and swat team officers had broken into my home (felt like home, but wasn’t MY home). I tried to escape, but they all wrestled me to the ground and injected me with some type of drug, that from the best of my descriptions, felt like taking morphine and absinthe from the same IV and then flying at mach 4, while breathing carbon dioxide. It was like a persistent head rush that makes you feel like you want to pass out, but you don’t, so you pray you will soon, but you still don’t, so you try to accept the feeling, but you can’t… you try to escape the scientists. Which I did. They caught up to me once and injected me again….this time (thank God!) I realized I was dreaming….which allowed me to act unconscious until they left the room, then sluggishly stand up and move outside before anyone realized I was awake and aware (in the dream). It was still very difficult to move, but only when I thought about the drug too much.

    When I ran outside the swat team and K-9 unit came around the back of the house to meet me (never been to this house before, but reminded me of John Ritter’s character’s house from the movie “Real Men” (that was a sad reference…wow!).

    I ran/crawled across the street, where I was met by a dozen of the most vicious canines I’ve ever seen (the k-9 unit…but somehow I knew they operated without masters). All black (looked like labs, tho) with dark red eyes. They were almost to me, when the swat team started laughing….I assume they realized as I did that the fierce dog-like creatures were going to put me out of my misery.
    Then all of a sudden a bright yellow dog appeared. He spoke to me telepathically, but in actual words (hard to explain….I heard segmented language, but understood the message). He essentially said “everything is going to be ok now”. Then he looked at the black demonic looking dogs and they ran away in terror…..just as the drugged feeling went away in an instant……then I died very peacefully without a care in the world.

    A few months ago, the scientist caught up with me in the city I go to every night in dreams (recurrent themed dream). I must have felt this was a huge offensive move on their part, because I started yelling and brought down a thunderstorm. I told them I was still upset they filled my veins with drugs and killed me. They responded with: “You are? Then you didn’t learn anything”. Then they vanished.

    No…, I’d say you are not crazy. I’m pretty close to crazy myself, yet you are still but a spec in my rearview mirror, Trystin. :)

    I, as always, recommend looking into lucid dreaming. You can find a lot of answers this way….but more importantly, you can get over fear in dreams all together. Now whenever I have a scary dream, I turn it into something else long enough to get details about what the scary bits are supposed to represent.
    I have some of the above worked out, but not all….it’s a process….and an effective one if you are diligent. So I recommend.
    Please see // for more info on lucid dreaming.

    Unfortunately, I think you are going to have to tell yourself what the dream means….usually how it goes, anyway.

    Best of luck..keep us updated,


  3. Hi Trystin

    Mirrors and masks both mean obscurity, abstract, what is hidden or distortion of the truth (ie a mirror shows a ‘flipped’ reflection of a room, not the actual room itself.)

    Blood rarely means anything. The colour white usually denotes anxiety or concern over something.

    I’m with Ama on this one, I think your nightmare is just a way of your brain trying to sort something out – maybe something you saw on the tv, or maybe something someone has said, or something you read?

    I also agree with Siddle, only you can really ‘translate’ the dream. What was going on around you at the time of the dream? Is there anything that is causing you concern?

    In any event, don’t worry about it too much – I have ‘nightmares’ all the time …… such is the state of my mind – LOL! They are a great form of ‘self-councelling’ – once you’re able to determine what they actually mean.


  4. I don’t think you’re crazy at all. More often than not a dream is just that…a dream. As the people above me explained, your mind processes information you’ve gained during the day even during sleep and sometimes that manifests itself into some really odd and impossible to understand dreams.

    On the other hand, if you’re really concerned that this dream has more meaning, I would suggest keeping a dream journal for a little while. Keep a notebook and pencil beside your bed and write down everything you remember when you wake up. It’s important to do this immediately upon waking as you may lose bits and pieces throughout the day. After you’ve done this for a few weeks, go over what you’ve written and look for any recurring themes. Then you can begin to analyze them and decide if your mind is trying to clue you in on something you’re not grasping during waking hours.

  5. your not crazy i know because i grow up being crazy a dream is a dream

  6. the thing is i rarely have nightmares and i hadnt been watching anything violent on TV. i had a dream almost EXACTLY like it 2 weeks later. ive told my grandparents and they just said im beening slightly creeped out by this. thank for the help

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