Alternate Dimensions?

Do you believe in dimensions other than the one we reside in? Is it possible that somewhere there is a whole separate level of existence, or parallel universe(s)?

Asked by Diana

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  1. Hi Diana,

    I do. We need explanations for beings like shadow people and people stepping back in time such as the story of two ladies ending up in the garden of Marie Antionette in France. Was this a time slip, or did they step briefly into another dimension? you have to scroll down past the advertising .. there are some interesting thoughts there.

    the science version

    an alternative, alternative article? (not mine)

    I love google. LOL

    Love & Peace

  2. This is why I love your answers @Ama! You always give such interesting things to read that support what you’re saying :)

    Awesome sauce! lol

  3. Thank ‘you’ Diana. You ask very interesting questions. LOL

    Love & Peace

  4. I believe it. Some dimensions still connected with this world, some may completely separated from this world. Breaking The Fourth Wall” is a term that usually used for the condition when the “wall” between dimensions is “break”, enables anyone who involved to interact with an alternate dimensions. That’s a very interesting experience.
    And the time system of that dimension can be different from our world. For example, that dimension may shows the future or the past of this dimension. Most of them (if not all) have differnet geographies and structures of this dimension. It’s only the Deity who know it all…. ”

    ~Humans only know a few things, but they thought they know anything in this world.

  5. The reason I asked this question was because of a dream I’ve had for a few nights now. I’m walking down a very long road, towards a light that sort of swirls, for lack of a better word…it’s made of colors that are completely without description, I literally have no words for them. Whatever they are, I feel compelled to walk towards them. After walking for what seems like hours (in dream time of course) I finally reach where they are. I stick my finger through the light, and when I pull it out, my finger is now made up of those swirls of colored light. For some reason this makes me extremely happy and I practically throw myself through it…and when I come out the other side, everything is made of the light…it still has the shape of objects we see everyday, it’s just that now it’s made of light. I notice someone beside me, and I ask him where I am. He says “in the light dimension”, which confuses me…and he laughs at me and tells me “be glad you didn’t follow the shadows, you can never leave there”.

    Each night that I’ve had this dream, it’s progressively went a bit further. The last bit from the most recent dream was the man walking me down a path that was shrouded in sort of mud-like shadows. When we reach the end, he throws a rock through them..and it catches on fire. He then tells me that’s what would have happened to me if I’d chosen to go that way. I ask him why such a place exists. At that moment, I can feel an immense sadness coming from him. He tells me that “everything must have balance. As there is light, so must there be darkness. As there is good, so must there be evil. Only one place is the universe contains all these elements. Everywhere else, they are separate. There are no gray areas in the place of light, nor are there any such areas in the place of shadows.”

    The weird part of this dream is, I’ve never really given much thought to the existence of other dimensions, but now, I can’t seem to stop thinking about it and it has me rather perplexed..and thirsting for a bit of knowledge. I’ve tried talking about it with some friends but, they look at me as if I’ve grown a tail, roll their eyes and tell me it’s just a dream. Problem is, it feels like it has much more significance. It kind of makes me curious of the possibility that when we sleep, is it at all possible that our souls are experiencing something our waking minds aren’t capable of processing? I know it sounds a bit nutty but, I just feel like there’s more to this whole thing. I’ve started keeping a dream journal again, so that I can remember each night and add each new piece when I wake up. I don’t know…but, for whatever reason, it feels very important that I remember what he’s saying.

    Sorry for rambling, I just needed to get that out of my head, and tell it to people who wouldn’t think I was a nutter ;)

  6. No ramblings, angel. Welcome to our lunatic assylum. LOL

    The ‘world’ as we know it is so very small and limited, and when we step outside these bodies, usually when we are sleeping, it opens out into a multidemensional panorama that stretches far beyond our human imaginings.

    Sounds to me as if you are ready to open up to a brand new ‘world’.

    So, walk softly (as the Michael angels say), stay out of the shadows, and keep us informed of your adventures. I know mine are always fascinating.

    Love & Peace

  7. Don’t worry, you are not a nuts~ You are a human.^_^
    Everyone has their own lives. and so, everyone has their own different and unique experiences too~ That’s not strange at all. (I have seen so many things that are “strange”. Now I don’t know what’s the thing that “strange” anymore. Everything, even the strangetst experience ever, must have some explanation in it. ^0^ The question is, can we explain and accept that? Am I right? ^_^ )

    Don’t thinking too hard~

  8. Diana, you are, by no means, NUTS!!! Was your dreams very vivid? I have had a dream like that, but the only words spoken were get yourself towards land! lol!!! My theory on you dream, is that it was not a dream at all; you have been astral projecting in your sleep, back to our HOME and speaking with your Spirit guide. My dream was similar, but it involved all four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. In my dream I was standing on an island with a robed woman(my spirit guide) and an erupting volcano in the background. Suddenly, I was swept up by a great wind over the water and I could hear my Spirit guide say to me, “Aim towards land!! aim Towards land!!” lol! I realize that it was a personal message for me not to get wrapped up in my emotions and keep my feet on the ground! :) You may be returning to Home to reconct with your Spirit guide because you are at a pinacle point in your life journey and there are messages your guide needs to give to you. So far, I think you are on the right path, putting all these events in a journal. Your Spirit guide is talking to you now, and you need to listen!!! Much luck and let us all know how it turns out!!!

  9. Oh, and yes, Home is another dimmension!!! :)

  10. @LunaTerra

    These dreams are extremely vivid. So much so that it takes me a bit to get my bearings back when I wake up. It literally feels as though I’m living these instances. Especially when it comes to the light part. I find myself thinking about it constantly because for some reason it is so incredibly comforting and beautiful. I catch myself silently willing myself back to that place as I drift off to sleep. The home part of your comment also struck a cord with me. It DOES feel like home. I have been struggling to put that feeling into words and HOME is exactly what it feels like.

    Another thing that I can’t wrap my head around is how long these dreams feel. Within these dreams it’s as if the “normal” rules of time don’t apply. It’s sort of hard to explain exactly what I mean, because our concept of time is so rigid. It’s like time isn’t an issue, that the rules and constraints of day to day life no longer exist.

    I sincerely thank each one of you for your comments and wonderful insight. It’s hard not having someone that will listen to something that feels so incredibly significant to me. Essentially I’ve stopped trying to talk to friends and family about it, because of the reaction I received when I did attempt it. The people around me tend to think in a strictly “scientific way”. As if anything that can’t be explained away by scientific rules couldn’t possibly exist. I find that frustrating to say the least. However, the simple act of knowing there are those out there that understand and will listen and offer guidance is a huge weight off my shoulders. In my opinion, this site, and the people that frequent it are a godsend.

  11. Hi Diana,

    We love you too. :-)

    There is no ‘time’ in the world of Spirit, there is only ‘here’ and ‘now’. So dreams, and visions, can be as long as they are, and only take a moment in ‘world’ time.

    And you don’t have to explain Home to those of us who touch it regularly. We all ‘know’ it in our soul. :-)

    But honey, stay here with us for now .. I know the ‘call’ to Home, its like a beautiful ache, but I chose to be ‘here’ now, for very good reasons .. and so did you. We learn the reasons as we grow and change.

    Now its brekkie time ..

    Love & Peace

  12. Diana,
    Thank you for your kind words!!! There are many truths out there that cannot be proven by science, yet exist. Individuals who strictly walk the scientific road are closed minded; sad but true. Yes Diana, you are returning Home, it isn’t a dream; it is too vivid to be, and I think that fact that you feel strongly about needing to what this man is telling you le3ads me to believe he is your Spirit guide. I learned that my Spirit guide is a blonde woman; don’t remember her face, though! :) It is very difficult to discuss things with certain individuals and i think that is why many of us come here to this blog. I think there are more open minded people in this forum. Your experiences may now begin to shape your beliefs, so let them. My dream was extremely vivid and felt as if I was living it rather than dreaming it, and I think I was. The colors, where I was in ths dream were so vibrant so vivid I can’t begin to describe them to you. Our Souls have a natural longing fore Home, and that is why you find yourself in deep thought about it. Continue to pay close attention to what you guide is telling you; as I said, this is a pinnacle point in your life journey and your guide is giving you information to aid you in your next steps. As I said before, good luck and keep me posted!!! And also know, there are people here who are not goin to find you crazy, and these people may also have some explanations for what is happening!! :)

  13. Also, the time restraints here, do not exist at Home, so you are right about your assumption. I used to astral project quite a bit as a child, so much that I used to tell people that I could fly!!LOL!! I don’t remember too much of it now, I was but 4 or 5 at the time, but I do remember a feeling that moments could literally last forever!

  14. We Will Never Be Able To Access A Different/Alt. Dimension Cause The Technology Is In Very Early Stages. Have You Ever Heard Of A Black Hole And Particle accelerator? A Black Hole Is An Object That In Space That The Laws Of Physics Do Not Apply To Its Structure. And We Only Have Theories Of What Happens In Side Of A Black Hole. A Black Hole Is A Rip/Hole In The Space Time Continuum. Think Of The World We Know To Be A Floating Flat piece Of Paper With Noting Touching Its Just Floating But Completely Flat Not Even A Single Wrinkle In the Paper. Now a Think Of A Hole Being Ripped In To This piece of Paper, A Perfect Circle. now think about any thing that’s that piece of paper was supporting,Any Thing That Piece Of Paper Was Supporting is now falling throw that hole. now image that when you look a the piece of paper from the side you see that there are not just one floating pieces of paper but many more underneath it .so that hole , the rip(Black Hole) in our space time leads to another Dimension.

    Now In America We Have Tried To Recreate A Micro Black Hole In A Partial Accelerator But Failed Cause Our Laws Of Physics Is Incomplete As Proof To That Is A Black Hole Witch Deifies What We Know, And Should Be Impossible But Is Not. And We Also Failed Cause To Create A Micro Black Hole You Would Need More Energy Then What Was Created During The Big Bang.

    Now In Europe They Are Building A Even Bigger Partial accelerator And They And Building It On The Theory ,That The World We Live in Is Like A Insect Living On Top Of The Water, We Are Happy With Where We Are , But We Are Not Aware Of Another World Thats Beneath Are Feet.

    • I believe that a black hole DOES follow the laws of physics. If they appear not to do so then the so-called “laws” are not laws at all regardless of what a human being says or writes for a text book.

  15. And P.S. Black Holes Are Made Out Of A Substance That We Know Little To Nothing About, Black Holes Are Made Out Of Dark Matter. There needs to be more research into dark matter before we can create a black hole. we can create a micro black hole for a few hundreds of a second but Dark Matter Is needed To Sustain A Black Hole For Any Period Of Time.

  16. Thanks again everyone. I truly do appreciate the friendly ears around here, the insane amount of wisdom as well as the vast amount of life experience each of you have, and thankfully, are willing to share with me.

    I think a lot of my frustration stems from the fact that, I do feel as if I’m experiencing a bit of a spiritual awakening…and I want to share it with people! But at the same time, when I’ve tried to discuss it with the people around me, I feel as if they are diminishing this great experience I’m having by not being open to the possibilities that maybe, just maybe I’m not certifiably insane. I think a lot of people tend to be afraid of what they don’t understand, and rather than attempting to gain knowledge, it’s easier for them to turn a blind eye and dismiss it as nonsense. While I do believe a small amount of skepticism can be a good thing, at some point we have to realize that there are things in this world that defy logic and explanation. I personally think that’s awesome, I want that in my life…I don’t want to give up those magical moments to my own cynicism. I am keenly aware of the fact that I DON’T know everything there is to know about life. I just wish other people would see it that way. I can’t make them though, and I guess I have to resign myself to the fact that some just aren’t open enough for me to discuss these experiences with them. I can only hope that one day, those naysayers will have an experience that will leave them as breathless and hopeful as this one has done for me.

    ((Mental hugs))


  17. Good dream or astral projection, I guess. Hmm, did these dreams just happen one day. Are you a psychic or something. Which religion do you prescribe to? What do you think this place of light was and also what do you think this place of darkness was? When the person in your dream threw a stone at the darkness and it caught on fire, what did he mean by that? Did he mean that the people who went with the shadows into the darkness would catch on fire? Reply back if you can..

  18. Diana,
    It is very difficult when the people who are close to you don’t want to have an open mind to the things you say and dismiss you as crazy; that must be difficult for you. Just know there are people here who are willing to listen; people with no judgement and possibly, people who are having the same experiences!! Best wishes on this journey and may you learn what you need to, for the next steps you will take!!!

  19. Hello. I’m 39. some ten years ago I moved into an unusually empty apartment complex with about ten units. Ironicaly, the name of the apt. complex was “Quantum Properties”. I think this is a hub for a group of these interdimensional travelers.
    It started with physical pain, then I started seeing strange things. I realized soon what was going on. They knew I knew. They realized I wasn’t afraid and almost amused at what was going on. interactive communication commensed with some bizzar things I could write about privatly. there were whole groups of remote viewers watching me at different times. I could see them as clear as day thru the reflection off a curved glass payne or crystal object. I believe in was bending the photons in the light spectrum that enabled me to see. they not only had remote viewers but people spying on me thru the windows that thought I couldn’t see them. I believe they were in an alternate dimension somewhere inbetween . {The complex was built like a big horshoe } Using the reflections off the wndows on the other side of the horshoe, again i could see them as clear as day.. At this point they have another entity incorperated in my body. It can cause me physical pain anxious sleepless nights, affect my attitude and thinking, etc. {thier still with me now, and arnt happy I’m writing this.} We have an ability to communicate. Not by voice, but I focus, and let them channel thier energy to move my fingers , hand , foot , head. We have a code where anything on the left side of the body means yes and vice versa. Depending on the extremety,…..the communication get more persice and in depth. This group of individuals are still with me to this day long after I moved out of thier “Hub”. The one entity is still with me 24/7 and I can and do communicate with it. I’t seems I’m only tourtured when it thinks I’m doing something wrong. I’ve tried fighting them off but thats impossible I’ve come to find out. I have done lots of research on trying to figure out this whole situation. I know there are other dimensions,………
    Can anyone relate? thank you

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