A Ghost that was Blue in Color?

Has anyone ever reported seeing a ghost that was blue in skin color?

My daughter who is 15 years old has had experiences with spirits, entities, ghosts and dark shadows since a young age, as well as I myself have. During a brief time while staying at her aunts house she was having encounters with a tall man who she says was blue in skin color. She also said he tried to offer her tea and seemed sad when she said no. But also would say curse words often when she was alone with him in the room she stayed in.

Has anyone ever reported seeing a ghost that was blue in skin color? She called him the “blue man” and this was before we had ever heard of the “Blue Men Group”.

I also would hear a man and woman arguing softly and the woman would often cry. I would always think it was my sister and her husband arguing, but they would be asleep when I would check on them.

There was always a foul odor in between the doorway from the kitchen into the living room. This is where my daughter says he was standing there when he had offered her the tea and that when I left the living room to go into the kitchen, not knowing what she was experiencing, she said I walked right through him.

The TV in the living room would turn off by itself at different times after 9:00 p.m. This television was a very old TV and there was no sleep timer on it.

Asked by Danah

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  1. Hi Danah,

    No, I have never heard of a blue skinned ghost, but I have heard of ghosts with a blue light around them .. and do not have an explanation for that either. I wonder why the man was blue? I am told you appear to go blue if you die of carbon dioxide poisoning, and then very red, but the only really blue skinned ‘person’ I have seen was a lady’s spirit guide from Pleiades? I went hunting the Blue Men Group .. is it a band? I wonder if the blue described his emotional state, given that your daughter said he was sad?

    Sounds to me as though there might be two sets of ghosts .. ones that interact only with each other (the couple) and the blue man who was trying to share something with your daughter, more than likely because she could see him. He didn’t sound harmful, even with the curse words. He, or they, might have been repeating old patterns, such as going to bed at a certain time .. so the tv went off.

    The foul smell might have a natural explanation, has your sister had the site checked for leaking pipes, or dead animals? There might be a favourite spot under the house for an animal ‘storage’ area, or a possum? They can stink. We had mice died between floors in our old house .. and the smell was appalling for at least a month?

    Would your sister consider having the local minister come in and bless the house? That would generally put a stop to any hauntings, free the spirits to go into heaven, and might get rid of the smell.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  2. There is NO ONE from Pleiades or ANY other planet contacting us seeming to be spirits.
    I wouldn’t say YOU should worry about the “blue man” but in the future your daughter might. He won’t do anything directly but other things may start to happen around her. Sometimes they make things turn bad in your life and you have emotional problems. There’s not much you can do except stop being afraid of them. All this exorcism and voodoo hocus pocus is a bunch of non-sense.

    It’s been my experience that stuff stopped happening when it no longer got a fearful rise out of me. Once a talked back to them and told them to “stop it.” They did. I miss the weird stuff too now! I wish they would come back and move stuff around again!

  3. Hi Jeff,

    Who is the blue man? You don’t mention what it is, just give a dire warning to both Danah and her daughter? You seem to know what it is .. so please tell us all.

    I wish what you said was true for everyone, but in my experience, its not. I know of plenty of people who have tried the ‘stop it’ suggestion, over and over again, and are still harassed. I am delighted it worked for you!

    Love & Peace

  4. i have seen one when i am 3 yrs old (only ones) and it disappeared and never saw it ever since

  5. a blue ghost.
    could it just be the enejy around it or a new typ of ghost,
    what is the most common and rair ghost.
    please reply

  6. Ohmy god ihave keep your family and daughter as far away from there as you can daughter expecailly im 16 i was 14 at the time me and my family moved into a trailer that was hugeand nicebut it had a man that was blue and dangerous he harmed me for talking to his wife who he killed sarah and her 2 children sarah had brown curly hair and she was fair and skinny and tall nd he kids seemed about 5 or 4 maybe one was 3 or 4 but they wanted my help theyd sing and come in my dreams even come to me when i was awake and id draw them like imean really good drawings you could tell they were all real her kids had blonde hair and were fair as well but every time he’d hate for them to come around me exspecailly when i played my guitar they’d sing then he’d come you can feel the heavy darkness serounding then theyd start screaming and crying and id get creeped out he locked me in doors attacked me possesed me tryed to kill me of an asthma attack i usually do not speak of this at all but when i saw this i couldnt just prettend its not there keep your child and yourself away from that house a spirit with blue around him”or her is bad he stalked me even when imoved to my grandparents house achristian home hewanted me he wanted me dead and still does i can feel it iam not lieing about this i haveasked so many ppl for help of blue ghost no help yet dont havewait for it to be too lattee he will harm your daughteryour family you ihavenotseen awoman like it ithink its just domestic strong ghost that are agressive because he was possesing me nd my phone wouldntcall out only got through to my grandma and she came and couldnt get in the doors until she prayed and when she got to my roomdoor my dog was groulin outside of it she used achair to bust in and my mom got there and they were praying .

    the blue man has blue ll around him but is dark its hard to makeout his face sometimes if hes angry enough hell flame up or curse you out lock doors give you horrible dreams of ur family being harmed vilonetly or actually doing it if he feels u need to leave hell posses you kill you any thing to make you do so he doesnt want yoou to help the ones hes harmed he hates people sensitiveto spirits i have been since i was 2 …. please read this anyone who has this problem get away or get proper help to clense were you are

    • HI Destinii,

      I hope you got the help you need and he doesn’t come visiting anymore.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (demonologist) (listed here under Friends)

  7. My younger sister who is 11 has recently reported seeing a blue man smiling at her in our batheoom and then a blue girl at school. She hears voices asking where am I and who are you.. they don’t seem to be harmful? But I’m worried because of the above post about the eevil blue spirit.. what are the different types of. Spirits? My boyfriend also saw a blue man when he was around her age..

    • Hi Anonymous,

      There are three types of beings in the spiritual planes that could be ‘seen’ as human, spirits – people who have died and gone to heaven and return to visit friends and family, briefly; ghosts – people who have died and not gone to heaven yet .. but they will eventually; and demons – who may or may not have blue skin, but there’s no history of them having blue skin that I have ever read, and I am a demonologist.

      The blue beings – as I said, they could be spirit guides, which do not harm people, or they could be aliens .. I’ve seen one or two in spirit from the planet Pleiades, but not any living aliens.

      Before you worry, keep an eye on your sister’s behaviour. As long as she is happy, peaceful and not afraid .. and the entities she sees are smiling, don’t worry. She might be a medium, which is a person who can talk to spirits and ghosts, she might be clairvoyant (seeing things others do not see) and clairaudient (hearing things others do not) .. like me. Neither of those gifts is dangerous, just strange at times. If the voices she hears are not friendly or frighten her, then tell your parents and get her checked for schizophrenia.

      Another thought – ask her to keep a diary of what she experiences. The record will help later if its needed.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

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