A Bat and Other Strange Things What Do I Do?

My best friend came over the other night as we were walking a bat swooped me a couple of times but only me, and then again tonight I’m not sure if its the same bat or a different bat but it was swooping past, it might be silly but everyday lots of bats fly past and never bother me and I don’t bother them.

It might sound silly to you but it’s strange to me, and other strange things besides that have been happening to me, what do I do?

Asked by Murphy

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  1. Dear Murphy,

    There could be any number of reasons why the bat swooped you. My first thought was – was it actually a bat, could it have been a small bird and were you anywhere near its nest? The magpies around here can be quite fierce if they think we are invading their territory in spring (its spring down here in Oz). Were you wearing the same hat, or clothes, both nights running? Flashing around the same torch or lantern? Just how dark was it? Were you in the same location when it happened? Were you eating the same sort of ‘something’? Was it sugary? Questions to think about, while watching for other swooping bats. :-)

    Unless it happens again, I wouldn’t be worried about it. Weird things do happen from time to time.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  2. Bats are all around. I see them outside a lot. They are nothing to be afraid of any more than seeing crows outside. They are what you make of them. If you believe seeing an animal is a a bad omen, then that’s what you will feel.

    BTW: bats are great mosquito eaters. They are very beneficial. Seeing them around your area should help keep the mosquito down and other insect pests as well.

  3. Were you eating Hot Pockets?

  4. Thanks everyone, and it was just dark and I could see the bat, it was one of the small breeds, and no I had not eaten yet I was just walking inside for tea. Yes the bat swooped me around about the same place the night after, I feel kind of silly for ask but my mother’s side of the family are American Indian and she always talks about the animals and seeing a eagle is good luck and all them sorts of things.

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