2012 End of the World?

You know how people are always saying “the world’s going to end in 2012″? Well, I don’t think so people.

I know the scientists say the Maya or what ever they’re called stopped the calendar at 2012, but, aren’t the Maya the ones who just dropped off the face of the earth one day?

So tell me what you think about 2012. end of the world or not?

Sent in by J.J.

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  1. Personally I dont expect January of 2013 to be too different from December of 12. It is an interesting subject however and I would be interested to hear what others think. Comments will be open at least until December 20th of 2012 but maybe longer ;O)

  2. i suppose australia will find out before we will…but i doubt it will be the end of the world..

  3. You can never know. It’s a big thing to quess about. Nostradamus predicted the world will end in 2012, and some religions have claimed that, too. You never know…

  4. Hi JJ

    Ascensionism leaves me cold. It’s another favourite rant of mine, which I won’t do right now.

    Put it this way .. on the 29th December 2012 I am going on a picnic with all my other friends who think the world is not going to end that day. If you live in Australia, anywhere near Melbourne, you are welcome to come too.

    BTW, the ascensionists seem to have a new date already. I read recently that the Mayan calendar translators might have got the date wrong and its now 2025.

    Yippee?? LOL

    Hmm.. perhaps I better add that some of my nicer friends truly believe in a ascension and are very worried about the 29th. If they are right, I’ll apologise in heaven.

    Love & Light

  5. I honestly think its just a loud of ………!
    People said that the world would come to an end in……..
    *(a veiw moth ago) the 16 Mei 2011
    *(and no)2012

    Do you realy believe that. Well I don’t and I’m not gonna worry about it.
    Seing is believing.

  6. i think its not the end of the world…we just have a renewal..trueghosttales will be written on cavewalls and so will our comments..

  7. I don’t think so…but, I believe some change may occur. I don’t think it will have anything to do with the world coming to an end. Perhaps it will be a new era of enlightenment. One can only hope, right? ;)

  8. Don’t worry. Even if the world is really going to an end, it will be re-created again. ^_^ Do you know? That the world which we lived now has been destroyed and then re-created again for 6 times? So now, we lived in the 7th era. Hehehehe~

  9. The world is not going to end in 2012 because god never told anyone when the world was going to end not even Jeus plus people thought the world was going to end for genrations.

  10. The world is not going to end at 2012 because all it means is it is the end of the old calender.They said the world would end for generations.:)

  11. No. I don’t think it will end. I kind of think that after so long of keeping the calendar the Mayans may have just thought, “If these idiots haven’t figured out how to keep a calendar by now, they never will…”

    Truly, it was an ending of a cycle for one of their deities and the beginning of another. I’d rationalize that this is truly the reason for the calendar ending as it did.

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