White Shadow Creature and Other Exeriences

Posted on April 25, 2010

This isn’t really much of a story, but rather a few tales in one. For I have more than one event to focus on in this “story”. I am now 18, but the house I was living in growing up was built in the early ’40′s. I was only five years old when I had my first encounter with a ‘ghost’ which is what I refer to him as.

I would awaken in the middle of the night to a tall white figure standing in my doorway. It would never move, never walk away or reach out. It would just simply stand there and watch me. There were no intricate details to this figure. No eyes, or nose, or a face at all. It was just a pure white figure that came off to me as a man. I can’t say that I am certain of this, but I am almost positive that I have some form of arthritis-at least that’s the only explanation that I can think of to justify the painful leg and joint pains that I would quite frequently wake up to nearly every night. Often I would be too afraid of the figure to venture into the hallway to my parent’s bedroom, which was right next door to mine. So instead I would cry loud enough for my mom to hear me, and when she did she’d turn on the hallway light and the figure disappeared before she even got to the hallway. At five year’s old I’m sure it was certainly terrifying for my mom to hear me tell her what I saw in my doorway. She’s told me many times that she would lie there next to me until I drifted back to sleep, rubbing my legs to soothe them,and even once I did she would stay there to wait for what I saw. Although she never saw it, she tells me she believed every word I said.

At that time in my childhood I had trouble sleeping and I was diagnosed with “night terrors”, at least that’s what the doctor described them to be when my mom took me to get checked out. I remember having nightmares that I can’t even explain today that would just leave me with weird unexplainable feelings. I was also known to be a very bad sleep walker. Numerous times I would get up and walk out to the living room and sit on the couch and stare at the TV. When my dad would ask me what I was doing or try to initiate a conversation I was unresponsive to say the least. This happened on a few occasions, one in which I was stomping and crying and screaming in the kitchen. Of course I don’t remember experiencing any of this..I only remember waking up in bed and seeing my mom sitting on the bed next to me. When I asked what she was doing there she sat there in disbelief with a stunned expression and said ” you don’t remember anything that just happened?” I told her no and she went on to tell me what I was doing and that every time she tried to grab me to calm me down I would push her away.

There are a few things that I remember throughout those years that I still remember like they were yesterday. One was when my best friend at eight years old (for both of us) woke me up one night when we had fallen asleep in my brothers room on the floor. I remember being very tired that night and I was annoyed with the fact that she had woken me but soon let that go when she began to tell me why she was even awake to begin with. She explained that she felt someone or something poking her lower stomach and after that she felt the blankets being pulled off of her, and as she snatched them quickly back, that they started drifting off of her again, and that she felt a quick wave of something across her face that startled her to no end. Hearing this I immediately believed her and we slept the rest of the night with the TV on.

The next strange occurrence was when me and the same friend were asleep on the couch in my living room just talking when all of a sudden a blue orb of light appeared out of nowhere in my dining room. After seeing it I quickly went under the blankets to escape what I saw. My friend did the same and I asked her if she had just witnessed what I had and she said yes. We were under those blankets for a good hour before I was brave enough to reach my hand out and turn the lamp on that was above our heads. I was ten years old when that happened.

I went a year without any kind of experience and then when I was twelve I actually heard something. I woke up one night in the need to use the bathroom. As I was coming out of the bathroom, a very bright room, into my darkened hallway, I stood in the doorway of the bathroom to let my eyes adjust to the darkness so I could see exactly where I was going. At that point I heard a very distinct woman’s voice calling my name. I could hear it quite clearly and whoever or whatever it was sounded angry with me. I knew I was hearing it and the only plausible person it could have been was my mom. I was so certain it was her that I turned on the hallway light and peered into my parents room. My dad was awake and squinted at me through the bright light shining on his eyes and told me that my mom was asleep and that I needed to go back to bed. So I did, more terrified than ever, because as I lay there I could still hear the voice drifting off until it sounded like a three syllable word that I couldn’t understand.

My last experience with anything, was when I was twelve, and my mom was in the shower and my brother was suppose to be asleep in his room. My dad walked across the hall and told me to turn my TV off and go to sleep. I then heard his razor clicking against the sink in the bathroom so I knew he was shaving.

I turned the TV off and stared at it for a while just thinking about whatever it was that I was watching when I caught sight of someone’s shadow being cast onto the screen. My TV was always tilted towards my bed to where if my bedroom door was open the kitchen light would shine onto the screen… but I could see the clear outline of someone’s shadow on my TV screen. I could see the entire right side of the body, the head, the ear, the neck, the shoulder and the arm which lifted up in the air which proved to me that someone was standing there trying to get my attention. I assumed it was my brother and was actually brave enough to get out of bed and walk into the hallway to try and catch him, only nobody was there. I tried looking in my moms room too to see if maybe he ran away to trick me, I even checked behind her door and in her closet. I decided it’d be easier to just open his door and check to see if he was in bed and when I did he was curled up against the wall with his mouth open as if he had been asleep for quite some time. I ran back to my room in horror and coward in bed until my dad walked across the hallway and noticed the expression on my face I presume which wasn’t a pleasant one. I told him what I saw and he told me to go to sleep and not to worry about it.

I never saw anything after that..I guess I’ve escaped the age range that that sort of thing happens in.
If anyone knows how to explain these events please feel free to. I’m open to any response.

Sent in by Alyssa, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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7 Responses to “White Shadow Creature and Other Exeriences”
  1. anna says:

    im sorry i’ve never had something like that happen to me but what you can do is next time hopefully it doesnt but if it does take pictures lots of them and frove to your dad your not insane.thanks for the story.

  2. trolldoll says:

    at least it doesn’t happen anymore. it could have been a close encounter, alien. or yes some sort of angel. as for the voice, i would say a previous resident. thanks for the great post!!

  3. croon says:

    when i was 12 years old i would constantly awake to a black figure in my room that would just watch me and my sister……..if you want to read my story you can read it at “the demonic little man” on this web site……..thanks for your info…..hope my story can help you

  4. bigbarney says:

    your story is almost the same as mine….well as far as someone who would sit at my room and watch me all night….except he was a black figure….only about 3 feet tall….and he would just watch me all night and stand at the foot of my bed and in the corners of my room….you can go ahead and read the full story about it….i have it named under this website as ” the demonic little man” hope you enjoy my story and it can sercve some purpose of help to your problem.

  5. Phone Face says:

    Aw this happens to me all the time

    why are you asking for an explanation? Isn’t it obvious what was going on?

  6. shushannah says:

    hiya when i was 6 years old i lived in a flat with my mum n everynight…..i wud have a tall white figure of a man and he wud spin round soo fast his beard would come out,he glowed white very tall man he was wore a top hat and suit..i dont understand y he wud stand at my bedroom door but i was soo scared used to put my head under the bed sheets n hope 4 him 2 go….then weeks later my let me sleep with her she would ignore me when i told her coz it scared her……when i was 2 look out of my mums bedroom door white figures with no faces would pop there heads out of the stairs…….this went on for years they followed me when we moved….when i reached 18 i was drying my hair in my 1 yr old daughters room as i was looking in the mirror i black figure stood behind me i dropped the hairdryer n ran outa the room….what r they….?????

  7. Tony says:

    I saw something like that at work the other day. I was in the dining room and looked from the corner of my eye and could swear that a tall white figure with long hair was looking at me. I turned for a second look but it was gone.

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