White Figure And The Black Mist

Posted on February 2, 2009

Ever since I was little I’ve always felt or seen things going on. It didn’t matter if it was in my house or someone else’s. Sleep paralysis was big because I used to get them twice a week. The older I got the less frequent they got. Sometimes I would see figures or sometimes I would just know they were there but never showed themselves.

Four days ago I had one and it was very terrifying. I got up to use the washroom at exactly 4:30 am. I looked toward the living room and saw a misty white figure standing there. I usually see things like that out of the corner of my eye so it didn’t really bother me.

I laid down to go back to sleep. I could feel my eyes getting real heavy, heavy enough I had to struggle a bit just to open them to look around. I already knew what was going to happen. All of a sudden I felt these arms wrap around my waist. For just a second I thought it was my boyfriend trying to cuddle but then I felt tugging. Like someone was trying to pull me off the bed!

I opened my eyes and saw this huge black mist right in my face! It wasn’t solid. My body could not move but I swore my arms went up to push it away from me. I believe it was my own spirit fighting this thing. I started to moan and I thought for sure nothing was gonna come out but it did! Loud enough that my boyfriend heard it and woke up.

As soon as I felt him move the mist just disappeared like it wasn’t even there! My arms were under the covers like they were when I first fell asleep. I had felt like I really had put up a fight with this thing.

After this happened my boyfriend put his arms around me, I guess to protect me. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I just kept looking around the room. All of a sudden I saw this ball of light above my mirror and it swooped down and up into the ceiling. Was that the white figure I had seen earlier before I was attacked? Was it there to protect me or to help the black mist? All these questions but no answers. And that is what I have been living with all these years. No answers.

This is all true what I have written down. I am still kinda traumatized about it. Its really hard for me to enjoy a good nights sleep without thinking if its gonna come back. Please leave comments or suggestions they are all welcomed. Thank you. God bless.

Written by Cassandra Sanchez, Copyright 2009

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18 Responses to “White Figure And The Black Mist”
  1. Alpha says:

    wow…that’s creepy
    I think the white mist was your guardian angel. Your tie to the spiritual world is quite strong, because the white mist you saw was a spiritual being but your brain interpreted it as a white mist because the energy level required to see the figure (in it’s once physical form) is presumably beyond the capabilities of physical achievement. People don’t have the potential to see spectres because the energy fluctuations that are required are beyond physical capability. There are cases where figures are seen but this is through a harmonised draining of energy from the spirit and energy summoning from the individual.

    For you to see the white figure is a great achievement itself.

    Personally, i think it was your guardian angel. It gave you the strength to fight the demon as it attempted to possess you.

    Take care

  2. Ryan says:

    Why some of us are able to preceive the spiritual is a mistery when there are others who clearly can not, but everyone is a individual and there expierance is individual. Take no one explanation as a whole answer. Look to many for the answers. There there, “answers” but it will take time, patience, self reflection and study to find a little truth.

  3. Moya says:

    wow that was really creepy, an next time you get attacked ( hopefully yu wont) just say this ( Jehovah is with me and I am not afraid of you and I demand for you to leave) Jehovah will put you away forever when he comes.)

  4. amanda j says:

    just because the one that was pulling you was black does not mean it is bad actually it is very possible taht it was the good one an the white was the bad i would not worry so much i see things an feel them to they wont hurt you if you dont let them when you get scared like that just say this if you say it in your mind thats ok to ” leave ” or get out leave me alone an it will trust me dont be so scared the more frightened you are the worse it will be

  5. Tracey Anne says:

    I’m grateful to have read your story…..I was visited by a black mist also as I attempted to take an afternoon nap. I kept thinking, “why can’t I fall asleep?” and was about to get back up when a black mist “crawled” from a left corner of my celing (near my head) and formed a black misty blanket over me, pusing me down and scaring the crap out of me. All I could move were my eyes. Then it reversed itself and went back up into the corner and disappear. As soon as it was gone I could move, and screamed out for my husband who was out in the back yard. According to my teenaged son and my husband, this is called “sleep paralysis,” but I know it was very real and menacing. Why am I the only one to see and feel things?

  6. pauline says:

    i think i just saw a whitish figure in my front yard. it’s 3:06 now but it happened about a few minutes ago. i just finished watching titanic and went downstairs to go to the bathroom and the kitchen to get a glass of water. as i was about to turn on the kitchen light switch which is directly infront of the front of my house, i looked through the dining room window and right beside one of my front yard trees i saw this sort of undistinguishable light colored figure. it was from a distance, but it looked kind of like a person. so i was freaked out but as i walked closer and then stood still looking at it, it appeared to walk behind the tree. so i walked a little sideways to still keep it in my line of vision but i didn’t see it. i waited there for a few minutes just being quiet not moving and trying to see if it or that person would appear again but they didn’t. and it didn’t seem like they had any where to go to for me not to see. now i’m back up here in my room and i don’t want to turn the light out. and i don’t want to fall asleep but i’ve been sick and so took some tylenol p.m. and am so tired. i hope it was just my delerious mind playing tricks on me, i really hope so. because why would a person or anything else be lurking outside my house and then disappear when i saw it? i’m trying not to be scared but it is creepy.

  7. katy says:

    Last night, i saw a white spiral of mist swirl out of the bathroom as i was coming up the stairs and disappear into the wall. i hadnt run a bath or anything so it cant have been steam, has this happened to anyone else? i didnt feel scared or anything and have never felt any presence in my house before, it has quite a calm atmosphere but have felt quite evil presences in other houses. my house is quite new but it is built opposite very ancient castle ruins. could it have been a ghost or do i need to get my eyes tested!?

  8. B says:

    I�m a male whom has had similar experiences with the black mist / cloud entity before. To explain my experiences it begins as a kid at age 6-7. We lived in an apartment building that was known to be haunted by sprits/demons/ghosts/vampires/supernatural/unknown…….

    NOTE from CareTaker – “B” wrote much more and this comment has been published as its own story at //www.trueghosttales.com/paranormal/black-mist-cloud-entity/

  9. clever chicago rubio woods il. says:

    rubio woods 4 friends hear screams in the woods sounds like 30 people being burned alive,keep walking to the left a black cloud from the tops of the trees to the ground about 25 yards away 2 friends run pete and i take 5 steps towards it were in it i remeber coughing a lot it looked like dust particals wit life like movements, couldn’t see my friend standing shoulder to shoulder , then ran,2001 now 2009 i have chrone’s diease and ulcerated colitis, and it hurts to digest food, and alot of other bad thing so to say it can’t hurt u i begg to differ.

  10. Macca Australia says:

    i had a dream ( i think) i was in the kitchen/hallway looking at the window.

    i saw this light in the sky. it slowly came down, then i bright like shining in this tiny window .

    i could not move, i tried to yell to my mum but the power would not let me. i dont remember anything after that. i woke up in my bed

    its funny – if you read the book of mormon – similar scenario to joesph smith , the founder of mormon church – latter day saints . he says people appeared – it was all dark and misty – then a light appeared and he saw 2 “angels” – he says he could not move – nor could he speak as the power was so strong – and that he thought he would die –

    weird hey

  11. Bruce says:

    It’s nice to know there are other people who have had encounters with a black mist like entity. In 2007 I had a girlfriend who was wiccan and would burn sage in her house and had a goddess she would pray too.
    Me being a devout Christian felt a little put off by this, nonetheless I would often sleep at her place and some nights she would wake up in a sweat.
    Some nights I would lie in her bed with a feeling of a presence coming from the sides of the bed like something was in the room with us.
    Then one night while she was asleep I saw a black mist rise from the foot of the bed and hover over us. I couldn’t move but I wasn’t scared either. I woke her up and told her what I had seen and she believed me.
    My belief is that it was a demon of some sort that since I was a Christian was
    unable to attack me or realized the presence of Christ in my heart.
    She never woke up in a sweat again.

  12. Angie says:

    I remember one morning I was trying to induce lucid dreaming. It began as sleep paralysis. I could see my room, except everything was grey looking. I saw the outline of my furniture and whatnot. I remember hearing myself ask questions. I was attempting to talk to God. I’ve been pretty depressed lately, and wanted to see if my dreams could help. So, I asked “are you there, God?” and “can you please help me?”, and shortly after asking, a white misty figure floats in from the left side of my room, it was about floating about 4 feet up from the floor, and I was just so intimidated, I got out of it. I regretted it soon after. Perhaps it was the answer to my question…

  13. Anonymous says:

    I was comming out of the shower and i saw something standing in my computer room.I swore to god it was there!I said to myself “Im odveously seeing things”.I was looking away from the thing standing there when i was talking to myself.And you know when you see something and you look back and its gone,well i was looking away for like 20 seconds and then i looked back and it was still there!I was soo freaked out I ran up stairs soo fast i didnt even shut any lights off.Has this ever happend to you? :S Or is it just me?

  14. Pam says:

    Back in 1993 I bought a condo and was living there with my daughter who was 7. One day in broad daylight I looked out my livingroom window and saw a white misty figure right outside the window. It moved to the left and disappeared. At that time I did not believe in ghosts so I was trying to figure out what it really was. My patio and small yard was rather enclosed facing the solid wall of another building so I don’t think it was a reflection of someone. I decided to just forget about it until about a week later one of my daughter’s friend and her bother were over visiting. We were all in the livingroom. I was facing away from the window watching tv. Niko who was 5 yrs old at the time was looking out the window and suddenly said “I just saw a ghost!” I never told my daughter or any of her friends what I had seen. When I finally told this to someone I worked with a couple years ago, my coworker said it was probably a guardian angel. Anyone else have any ideas?

  15. Alex says:

    I’ve never seen a black mist before, but I have seen a white figure that looked like a person, more than once too. I was only 5 and when I tried to tell my mom or any adult, nobody believed me. I would be sitting in my room just messing with my toys or just lying in bed, and out of the corner of my eye I would see a person moving, a person that was all white and shining like a star, in broad daylight, if that makes any sence, but any way, I would see it walking into my bathroom, into my mom’s room, and up and down the stairs, I didn’t know what to do and no one believed me when I told them or they said that I was lonely so my mind imagined up a friend for me, but I never talked to it or interacted with it, it just came and went as it pleased, ignoring it helped for a couple of years, I went up until I was 12 untill I saw figures again. I still see them, most people call them my “spirit guides” but they are like shadows to me, I’ be getting out of the shower or reading a book, or washing dishes and out of the corner of my eye I will see a shadow like thing moving, but when I turn to see what it is, it vanishes, I see it more than 10 times a day, I don’t know if I should be scared, is it really my guide or is it something else? And what about the white star person? Why did it come so frequently, and why was I the ony one that could see it? Has anyone else expirienced something like this before?

  16. JOHN says:

    Hmm, i dont know how to really comment or give answers to that. i can only share with you that ive seen some pretty disturbing things myself. Black mists forming into masses in the ceiling corner of my room and it getting very cold. Ive seen on my porch smokey looking arms with talon like fingers swirling around me and finally into me causing a cramping pain. i moved and it tryed to follow. Shortly after that experience i witnessed a white bright orb in my home move up the wall and dissapear above my front door. I blame alot of this as mostly my sceptasism of quija boards and playing alone. Things have become more active since the board so i got a camera and started taking pics when i felt or thought i saw something and wow. Orbs, faces and mists started showing. I will say that if you go looking you will find something but be extremely cautious. Im christian and ive consulted on a Wikin who took me on free as the images ive captured included heads of more dog like nature beyond the normal skull faces in orbs. Be advised by my experience that the more you flash your camera the more curiosity you envoke on the energies around you. the more they gather they draw the attention of other energies. Make sure you havent opened a door somewhere before you investigate this too much. I found that just trying to make contact was enough. Im a strong grown male and will admitt now that im forty that i can now see energies from time to time and its not a gift as people claim, but more of an awareness on how small we are and little we know. Be careful and cautious. How do you fight something out of the physical world? With spiritual power, strengthen it before you go further and stay sceptical because that our gift for learning. good luck and godbless you

  17. Shane says:

    Me and my Partner have both seen what we call white mist, only we saw it at different times, strangley enough it was around halloween, i put it down to tiredness and so did she, it was only till about a month after we was having a chat and both realised we had seen the same thing, both times I saw a small amount of mist out of the corner of my eye at floor level, kind of you notice it and look back and it had gone, my partner seen it once and was too scared to look back.

    Been googling this and all that is coming up is this stupid car commercial.

    would love to know what it was, have not seen it since..

  18. olivia says:

    I saw a white smoky shadow like a white net silk fabric / veil floating in my room for a few seconds!
    This happened to me few times when my husband went outstation. I bring my 2 kids sleep in our master bedroom. I notice it only appear when my husband not around & only in our room. When I saw it the first time, kind of look like white smoke. I ignored it because thought that it could have been a retinal trick because I weren’t quite awake yet. Then last night, I was sleeping & suddenly I feel my feet itchy, thought what insect could be biting my feet at night? I opened my eyes, I was fully awake & saw the floating light, swaying back & forth. This time it was very clear & looks like a white net silk fabric or veil. It about my size few feet away. I watch until it disappear, then I went back to sleep. I don’t know what it was but I do know that it was there & I saw it!

    There’s 1 guy, Mark S – BA in psychology explained… It sounds like ectoplasm. A ghost, in other words. It’s also possible that you were having a semi-lucid dream or that you were in a quasi-sleep walking state. A lucid dream is one in which you realize that you’re dreaming and “wake up” (become conscious, similar to your waking state) in the dream, but there are states in between normal dreaming and lucid dreaming. In a “sleep walking” state, you may not actually get up and walk, you may sit up with eyes open, but still be dreaming. It’s unusual for adults to begin sleep walking spontaneously, however, and if you never had sleep walking episodes as a child then that explanation is unlikely.
    Well, honestly I never had sleep walking as a child… I need more explanation for this. Has anyone experienced similar phenomena? Can anyone please explain?

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