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Whispers Cries and the Hooded Figure

Posted on August 17, 2010

I never really understood why my sixth sense is slightly opened. I tried my hardest to ignore them but I could really sense their presence in our home. I’m going to share two stories that happened in our home.

1. I was seating in our sala (living room) and watching TV. My brother was across the room using our PC. Suddenly, near the window of the sala I heard a faint sob. I didn’t mind it at first thinking it was just my mom snoring (my mom is a loud snorer). The sobs where getting louder and intense more of a cry for help and anger I could not understand. I turned off the TV believing that it was coming from the TV but I still could hear those cries. I walked towards my brother and asked him if he heard anything usual and he said he did not hear anything. I went to my mom and dad’s room believing it was my mom but she was fast asleep snoring and her snores where different from what I’ve heard. I returned back to the sala and continued to watch TV until the cries where really loud. I looked at my brother hoping that he was hearing what I’m hearing. He wasn’t budging it means he does not hear them. when I turned… to my horror I saw a hooded man there. I grabbed my brother and asked him if he could see the hooded figure but he didn’t.

2. I was watching TV and wanted to get a drink in the kitchen my brother and his family was in the kitchen eating their dinner and they were talking. So I went to our kitchen and while I was walking and near the kitchen I heard a guy whispering in my ear. I thought it was the TV or a simple buzzing sound that people often hear. I walked around the kitchen and taking my time getting a glass and water. The weird thing is the whispering did not stop. I continued walking back and forth the kitchen. I even asked my brother if he heard anything or was saying something. He said he did not hear anything nor was he talking only his kids were talking. It was obvious the whisper was a guy and the voice was deep and hoarse. I felt the voice was saying something like a threatening or in a mocking way. My brother finally asked me what was wrong with me, I told him I felt someone was whispering to me. He thought I was kidding but when he saw I was serious he just tried to make fun of it to hide the fact that he was scared and did not want his kids to see he was.

Until this day I could not understand what that “guy” whoever that was, what he was saying. BUT I CAN SAY THAT IT WAS A HAUNTING.

Sent in by Dark boy, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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22 Responses to “Whispers Cries and the Hooded Figure”
  1. AnNa says:

    well what you could do is ask “him” what he wants from you.ask him questions.are tell “him”you dont belong here,so you have to leave.are you the only one in the family that can hear the voices?or see the shadow?just be careful.thanks for the story.

    • Dark boy says:

      i tried but to no avail !!!!!!!!

      • AnNa says:

        that sucks,there has to be a reason why hes there.thanks for commenting me back.

      • Dionna White says:

        oh i know what it is and it’s weakness!!!!! technically it is considered a demon and it comes in diff forms!!!! one of the forms is a tall shadow of a man wearining a top hat, which is the one that haunts me

        does it look anything like this


        • prettygirl says:

          maybe u should just say ur bothering me leave me alone this is my house

        • Dark boy says:

          it looks a bit like the first one but its hooded

        • AnNa says:

          i think the guy with the hat would scare me more then the lady,but thats just me.

          • Dionna White says:

            he tried 2 kill me a few times, and 2 get rid of him is to not fear him, (pray if ur religious) and think positive, which is almost impossible 4 me bc i always think of the negative

      • sage says:

        What you saw was known as a shadow reaper. They tend to watch you alot and cause problems with you, your family and friends (turn one another against each other). Pay him no heed and safe guard your relationships of both family, friends ect. They generally go after witches and the like, at times even devoted christian followers or paragons of extreme good. It will try to thwart any good you might do my turning ppl against you to distract you. Be safe and blessed be. PS do not let it touch you.

  2. trolldoll says:

    you have a gift. it maybe unsettling at times, but it is there all the same. try as best you can to keep it together. unfortunately your family doesn’t hear the same things. good luck to you.

    • Dionna White says:

      i know what it’s like im also considered a medium where i can hear, talk, and see the ghost i make friends w/ some of ‘em while some if them try 2 injure me…. a lot. my family all think im crazy when im always askin if some one was calling me or if i say there r ghost in the house (and a demon that still haunts me) right now my dad is trying 2 send me 2 a therapist!!!!!

  3. e-payne says:

    dude, its rough, but we just gotta look at it like a gift and not a curse, we can help ppl, i can see, hear and comunicate with spirits(among other things)most of my life and im 21 now, it can get scary but u gotta stay strong….and stay away from ouiji boards, very very dangerous,

    • Dionna White says:

      same here it is pretty interesting except when evil spirits follow you home and push u off the porch into an empty pool, basically falling 5 feet onto hart ground

      • e-payne says:

        or off the back of a truck onto a toolbox, had a few run ins with some evil spirits too, iv had more than wat i told bout in the story i put on here, so u can see em too, y, wat makes us able to see em when other ppl cant

        • Dionna White says:

          well basically if other ppl wanted 2 see them they would be able 2 they would just hae 2 2 meditation to unlock that part of the brain. we don’t use about 70% of our brain if u unlock some of the brain you will develope some physic abilities, other ppl are born w/ some of that percentage already opened like us.

        • Dionna White says:

          oh also i cant count the number of tmes i’ve been attacked…

          • e-payne says:

            so is bein able to see and interact with spirits a psychic thing, wat bout the feelins i sumtimes get, like i was helpin a friend and then i had an overwhelin feelin that sumthin bad had just happened and turns out that shortly befor i had that feelin a cist on my cousins ovary busted, it happens alot but idk wat it is and sumtimes ther are pictures too, like i called my gf and couldnt get her when i hung up i saw her with her ex bf who she was still close friends with doin…stuff, a few minutes l8r my friend had went to her house lookin for me and looked in the window and wat he described was just like the pic in my head, if u have any info on it plz tell me cuz it is really wierd…plus ppl think im crazy cuz of it

            • Anonymous says:

              i kno the feeling my dad is still trying 2 send me 2 a therapist… well yeah that is called being a physic ur able 2 sense things b4 they happen, and are in contact w/ the dead. 4 me if there is a ghost in a house i can sometimes see how they died, and etc. also i have visions of the future but i have 2 be in some type of dream state, even day dreamind. like when i was younger i had a dream theat my aunt Terry died in a hospital, a few days later she was in the hospital and dies weeks later. then i had a dream my uncle died the nxt day they found him dead in his room. i have even woke up pratically screaming sometimes bc of these visions, also im being haunted by a demonic spirit that haunts ppl through their dreams.

            • Dionna White says:

              yes you have physic abilities. I also have sorta same experiences as you like i can see the future but i need to be in some type of dreaming state. such as i saw a vision of my aunt dying about 5 wks b4 she died, then i saw my uncle die a day b4 he did etc. i’ve even forseen my own death but i really s=didn’t care plus only saw it once, my dreams usually have 2 re-occur at least twice i’ve only seen this dream once.

              here check this out

  4. Tracey says:

    I Had Seen a Hooded figure all my life since 1990

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