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What the Shadows Show Me

Posted on March 13, 2010

As everything Is and Was, the shadows of Was show me what has still to become Is. he name I am called is Leah, and this is the second time I am sharing my past experiences with you all. In the first “story” I shared with you I told you all of the Shadow People. As a short summary, I see things, hear things, and even know things, all under circumstances to which I cannot explain. This time, I shall tell you of the things I Know.

Ever since I was little I would have moments of extreme deja vu, either right before things happen or right as they happen. as any child does I dismissed this and continued on my life, being, I’m afraid to admit, more interested in the things I saw and heard than my “visions”.

How do I know they were visions, you ask? Its hard to explain. At times, to my utter surprise, I can look at someone and Know things about them, things I shouldn’t be able to know. Nothing amazingly specific, just small things, for example once I was sitting in a lobby and even though the woman’s belly was flat, I knew she was pregnant. What do you know, the next day when I was there again she suddenly stood up in shock and ran over to me and my friend, and, because we knew her, she gasped, “I’m pregnant!” As it is, she had just found this out as she had opened a letter from her doctor. Without thinking I told her she should paint the nursery blue, right as she said: “I think we’ll pain it blue.” And then she stared at me for a moment before saying, “How did you know I was talking about the nursery?” And I had no way to explain that I just knew.

Besides just Knowing, though, I shall remind  you of my deja vu, and how it works for me. I dream almost every night, and I always remember my dreams, on the nights that I don’t, its the next day that my deja;vu kicks in. I’ll be doing something, and I will know that I had done it before, only I hadn’t. I would glance around even as I move and notice everything that was happening, how a door lined up with a piece of paper and how the carpet edge was flipped over or how a string was hanging over the edge of my dresser, even the angle at which I stood would be the same… as what? Around a year after my dreams began, (I was six when they began) things changed so that when I dreamed  of the “future” I would remember, and as a 7 year old I obviously tried to tempt fate, and try not to let my dreams from happening. No matter what I did though, they would happen. I would be going through my day thinking things like, its not going to happen, I’m not even going to go in that side of the house, well then I’d find myself in that side of the house, and my dream would come true, and I’d stand there like a fool.

I learned from it though, no longer do I tempt fate and try to change these things from happening, even if I don’t like it, even if it will hurt me or someone I care about, I cannot change it. It is not my place to change what has been foretold, and I can only try and understand why it is I was chosen to know before hand. I suppose the Shadow People -who I now see more and more- know what I do not, and it has only been lately that I have decided to try and speak to them. I suppose saying things like, “I see dead people” or even, “I hear voices” sounds a little cliché, but when I say now, “I have seen the dead and listened to them speak,” I suppose I shall just have to ask you to forgive me for being so cliché. Since recalling each and every time would take to long, I suppose I shall tell you of one experience in particular, in this case, the first time we spoke together.

I was standing in my kitchen, staring out the window into the backyard, where in “Out of the Corner of My Eye” I mention that there is a field and then a small forest and a river. As I stared out my window, I was just enjoying the afternoon and wondering when spring would return when I saw a shape running through the field. It was a black blur, far to fast to be a person or even an animal, although it was low to the ground and, to my surprise, reminded me of a person running on their hands and knees, despite its speed. I watched it run back and forth across the field, in all directions, for quite a while before I got up the nerve to walk outside.

As I crossed my yard and reached the gate it stopped running and stood still. It was still a black shape, and it looked like it was still moving as its edges were blurring and becoming clear before blurring again, as if it were a wavery cloth hanging in the breeze, except that I could see through it and it was shaped like a child, crouching on the ground with his or hers head down. As it was a wavery image that was unclear I could not tell its gender until I heard the voice. A young girls voice, almost floating through the air on the wind yet so clear and agonizingly child-like and lost. It said, “I have lost my way Mother.” And her words became confused and garbled to the point that I couldn’t understand them, so I opened my gate and slowly walked to her until I knelt a few feet away from her.

“I’ll help you find the path.” I murmured, almost to quiet for myself to hear. When I did though her head came up and I could see a clear black shape much like long hair billowing in the wind, and her arms outstretched and she suddenly leaped forward at me. Even though all I felt was a smooth sensation like silk upon bare skin and a breeze neither cold nor warm, I clearly  saw her transform from a black shadow to a child around 9 years of age with long, shiny black hair and deep intense brown eyes that were red from crying but now looked joyful. She wore a simple brown dress that looked old and seemed to be made of wool, and she was barefoot and there was a smudge of dirt on her cheek and leaves in her hair, but as she flew towards me her arms were outstretched and I very clearly heard a giggle, a sound that reminded me of water rushing over rocks and the sound of the wind in the tree tops, and before I knew it she had her arms around me in a hug and she lay her head on my shoulder and she whispered, “Your more lost than I am!” Which I admit shocked me, but it was all over in the space of a few seconds as she passed right through me. As I said before, all I was felt was a silky sensation of silk upon my skin and a small breeze, neither cold nor warm.

I never saw her again, no matter how much I wish I could, but ever since then when I dream of things that have yet to happen but I know will, I hear her laugh, and as time has moved on and I have “spoken” to the shadow people more and more, laughs, whispers, even footsteps have added themselves to my dreams, all in a rush of a whirlwind that has become soothing and familiar. And even more strange, seeing things that have yet to happen no longer restrains itself to my dreams. I will be doing someone without importance when I will hear a giggle, a whisper, and footsteps and even more things that would take to long to tell you about, all at once in a flash, and then I would glance around and know something was about to happen, and I would smile and murmur thank you, and begin to ponder why this something would happen and what it was about it that made it special. Even walking through a doorway or folding laundry has more importance then we know.

Sent in by Leah Bessie, Copyright 2010

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6 Responses to “What the Shadows Show Me”
  1. gorgeous-killerr:P says:

    how amazing
    2 see things that not even happened yet…XD
    well at least u know this ghost
    girl isnt evil and u have nothing to
    worry about cuz shes just a lonley child
    spirit that lost her mom i guess
    as for seeing things it does
    sound kinda hard 2 believe but hey,
    who am i to say ur lying?
    if u say u see things and u saw a
    ghost girl then i believe u
    well at least ur not scared! i would be though
    if my family was in danger and stuff but if u ever see the girl again please write about it
    i wanna read bout it!!! take caree xxx karenn[=

  2. anna says:

    Interesting.very interesting.

  3. Jk says:

    What it was, Is? Who was it that is was supposed to was as is was the who that is was.

  4. anna says:

    that remided me of the movie deja va.

  5. red enigma says:

    i know how it feels leah. i once been there..seeing things in my dreams and after i knew it..it was happening all over again. the only difference is that i didnt improve my self to know what and why it was happening to me. i ignore rather force my self to know more about it. its not that im afraid., its just that i knew it wouldnt help me in the near future if i would entertain that ability. i want to live a normal life. im not saying its abnormal..its a gift i know, but if i would let my self indulge with those gifts that i knew i have, i know i couldnt handle it. all i can say is that be BRAVE for i know…youll be experiencing more than what you are experiencing now ^_^ if you need someone to talk to…im willing to listen and share mine too….

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