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What Do You Think That Means?

Posted on November 24, 2009

Ok let me start by telling you the most recent. About a few months ago, I was doing some home chores, and I was here alone and I was hurt from my back and I did what I could do in my condition, anyways I stated a load to wash and ( I have the new washer and dryer that sit on drawers  and they weigh a lot ).

Anyways I had just sat down and my husband walk in, and he asked me “why did you move this washer like this? You know you are not suppose to be moving this heavy washer?” and I asked him, what are you talking about? I just finished cleaning. And he said come here and look at this. Well when I went over there, the washer was moved to the middle of the room and it was still plugged in and it was still washing. I know it was not out of balance, because I was only washing towels, and if it would of been out of balance it would of fell off of the pedestal. That washer with water must of weighed about 600 lbs.

Well anyway that happened, so then a month after that I was home alone again, and I saw a big black shadow walk in front of my yard and I went to go and check and it was gone, and a few days after that me and my daughter seen again threw that back door, ( outside).

Then this past weekend I had felt sick and I had went to bed early. Well the next morning I got up to use the rest room ( rest room is at the other end of the house) and I noticed that my desk drawer was opened, and then my book shelf draws and then my entertainment and there is like about 10 drawers, and then I went in to the kitchen and again all the cup boards were all open, oven every drawer in the house was open, even the oven. The drawers to the washer and dryer were open too. I mean there were about 50 drawers that were open. I was freaked out. I woke everybody and asked them who had been digging through my stuff and nobody new what was going on. My daughter was asleep in the living room and she said she did not hear nothing.

Also a month ago, I had got up to use the rest room around 3:30 am and my back door was wide open. but it was only me and my husband that was home and I always make sure my doors are locked because we live in the bad side of town, but yea the door was wide open. If anyone can help me out and tell me what you think. Thanks.

Written by Moya, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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36 Responses to “What Do You Think That Means?”
  1. Karen M. says:

    sounds like poltergiest activity, how long have you lived there?

  2. NimNod The She Goat. says:

    Yup, you have a ghost.

  3. blondie says:

    definatly a haunting, strange is your house old?

  4. Andrasta says:

    Are you 100% positive that the washing machine was not out of balance? I know I’ve put clothes in thinking the balance would be all good only to discover later that it wasn’t.

  5. DarStarr says:

    I have done that too, but my machine makes a horrible pounding noise when that happens.
    I think you have something going on.

  6. trolldoll1681 says:

    i agree with all of the above!! had you noticed anything before this started? have you done any remodeling? how old is the house?? just things to think about. good luck, but it doesn’t sound harmful so i guess you’ll just have more things to do around the house. try a camera or a recorder. thanks for the mystery!!!

  7. LeXyMeXy says:

    Yes, you definitely have a poltergeist living in your house. Is your house older than 50 years old. Has anybody ever died in your home before you moved there. Lots of haunting occur because another resident that lived there before you has a special connection between him/herself and the house. You should video different parts of your house to get an understanding of what is actually causing your drawers in the kitchen and doors to suddenly open all by themselves.

  8. JvG says:

    What an interesting story! You mentioned that you lived in a bad area of town were there perhaps any breakins in the area? Have your neighbours mentioned anything? That might explain a lot, but certainly not the washing machine! That itself is quite the mystery! If this really is a haunting then I really hope the events remain playful and do not escalate! I appreciate you sharing your story, good luck! Your friend, JvG

  9. Hossam hamdy says:

    Hi Moya;
    I agree with the above comments to try a camera, some washing machines may move during speed rotation if it was not supported well, but for all these numbers of open drawers , I think it is a big mystry & sounds to be errie too. Try also to ask about the history of the house. I lived before with my parents in a haunted house , we always lose some stuffs, my mom searches for them in every inch but never find anything for about two days, after that we find the same in the morning on the table or the couch, these stories happened several times & became usuall actions & even funny, when we failed to find any lost stuff we say ; let us wait two days to appear again, Once I lost my watch, then I said to whatever to be there ; O.K you can use it now , but pls. I need it tomorrow. At the morning I swear that I found it on my desk. I mean they were friendly Ghosts.
    sorry for length, I wish you do not have any ghosts in your house, but keep on touch with us, Take care.

  10. Moya says:

    Thanks Guys for the advise. I will keep you posted. :)

  11. LMC says:

    I think you should try getting a camcorder and record what’s happening I hate for it being somebody getting in and looking through your stuff while you sleep you know a burglar. If it is a ghost do some research on your house and around your house. good luck sweety hope everything is ok! as for the washer it doesn’t take an unbalanced load to make it move, your foundation might not be leveled. My washer use to move we found out our foundation wasn’t leveled we fixed it and my washer stays put now lol… still always check everything to make sure you and your family are safe!

    Don’t get me wrong you might have a ghost it’s just checking everything to make sure what’s going on would give you the answers you seek. when you find them, then take it from there!

    lots of love to you and your family have a blessed life!

  12. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Moya,,you are right about the washing machine, it would have toppled down to the floor if unbalanced.. as far as the doors opening and that sort of thing.. i have also experienced that sort of activity.. also things being moved around to other locations!! it doesnt sound as though you are in danger,, but the door being wide open,, that would really scare me, anyone could walk in…..what i found, when i tried to catch any of this on tape or recording, it all stopped… for that amount of time,then started all over again….

    something is going on for sure!!! whatever it is, could be just playing games with you…very active house,, thats for sure…..

  13. Peace2Hope says:

    Poltergiest’s are malicious ghosts who are often very noisy and very disruptive so what you are experiencing isn’t a poltergiest, you need to ignore what is going on around you (regarding the spirit) and just let it do what its doing, if it gets angry continue to ignore it. Whatever you do, dont start being silly and experimenting with the spirit.

  14. ChronicMidori says:

    Peace2hope makes a good point about not upsetting the spirit.. Yet I have to admit, curiosity would get the better of me and I would start trying to video it or record an evp with my answering machine If I were in your place.. lol! Let us know if you do try something.

  15. littlepinkksock says:

    Sorry, and I know this comment probably won’t be posted(see the NOTE)but I’ve been reading ghost tales for awhile now and i find it very interesting and intelligible. what I don’t like is even though this person(s) may have a good story they use incorrect spelling or bad grammar.”My daughter was asleep in the living room and she said she did not hear nothing.” If a person cares enough to share their story they should at least revise it or have someone do it because they don’t write good English. I can except if this is written by a kid but the above story was written by an adult. I’m not trying to be abusive or use insulting language. If i am guilty of anything it would be wanting to read story that wasn’t peppered with double negatives and bad spelling. I find it very hard to read an unintelligent. So for the person that reads this please consider this before posting a badly written piece.

    • Caretaker says:

      The people who submit their stories here are not professional writers. Dare I say that even in your comment above there are some incorrect spelling and bad grammar? But that is OK no one is expected to be perfect :)

  16. Nimnod... The She Goat says:

    made all the more funny yet true because pink sock has english as a second language.
    And if THATS not true then I call hypocrisy…
    Seriously, if you were learning english this would be a terrible place to try and decipher.. lol.
    I hear you though CT , keep it authentic.

  17. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Moya, please keep us updated!! we re here for you….. ktm

  18. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    littlepinksock, we would all love to hear your story. Im sure being here on the paranormal website, that you have many. feel free to post any time. ktm

  19. JvG says:

    I thought the story was communicated very well, I actually felt your shock Moya when you awoke to all of your cupboards and drawers pulled open around the house! Little pink I understand what you’re saying, I like to get really into the story and thats easy to do when it flows nicely. However, theres also something ‘authentic’- as was said earlier, about reading the story exactly as the person chooses to tell it. It seems more real, as it is easy to detach yourself from certain stories when they are written like a S.King novel. This way you are reminded that these experiences involve a real person. This is what the site is about, supporting one another and finding people who believe your story, and not for pure entertainment.
    I look forward to more updates Moya!

    Your friend,

  20. Gina says:


  21. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    I also agree with writing it down the way you feel and would say it in person.. we all have our personality’s.. when i read the posts, i feel as if i know the person, by the way they write.. there was a time where my writing was near perfect. I have been ill for many years now, which affects my writing and spelling…and many people here are from different country’s and different areas of the US,, i just love to hear the accents.. i think its very cool…….it would get very boring to me if all the posts where the same…. just my opinion…. Character,,, thats what we all have.

    Moya, i think of your situation often. i hope things are going ok hun!!! it has to be terrifying… God Bless,, ktm

  22. trolldoll1681 says:

    yep that goes for me too. its like i can envision the story and almost hear her voice. the writing doesn’t bother me until some people start using text message writing, i just don’t understand half of that stuff.

  23. chronicmidori says:

    littlepinksock I so know how you feel… I am an avid reader and quite the critic when it comes to proper English as most of you already know :P and it doesn’t help that my dad was a writer and lectured me on the littlest mistakes! So when I found this site to past the time at my boring job I was biting my lip left and right at all the mistakes I saw! Then I came to a comments thread under a story that was…. uhh… not my own standards.. where the author stated they were learning English and would appreciate any corrections so they could get better. I was baffled, I wanted to say something about unreadability but they were so polite and friendly I felt it would be mean… So I kept my endless corrections to myself with some effort. While I understand where you are coming from you also need to understand where these people are coming from. This is the internet dude, it’s world wide. Who are we to assume that most the people who visit the site even know proper English concepts? For those that do, you can see they usually at least try to write properly…. most the time. Then you get those people who just don’t care, and really why should they? There are no requirements for posting other than to use English language and not be offensive and all that. All though It might make for better communication, I definitely agree, people are free to do whatever. Even you weren’t that on it, neither am I. My series of periods are intended though. I mean to signify a pause or reflection when I use those. Kinda of like when people use caps to signify yelling or strong emphasis, at leasts everywhere else I’ve ever been…….
    It comes down to point of view, just don’t be so erked by it. Better not to weigh your self down and just let it go.

    I agree with Caretaker too, no one has to be perfect, on spelling esp. But I would like it if people reviewed their stories before they post them, comments too. Just because when you read what you wrote back to your self you catch things you wouldn’t if you just wrote it and hit submit. It’s esp good for the author because they learn from their mistakes and get better as they go. I don’t think it should be required it’s just a good idea when it comes to writing in general. Human error is said to about .02% chance (if I remember correctly) no matter what we are doing. If one reviews it they might catch .01% of that… (haha) It’s not that big a deal just mentioning so the thought is out there….

    Moya I thought your post was actually one of the better ones as far as grammar and your story was very interesting. I really am inclined to believe you about your haunting because your story was very convincing. Especially about the drawers!! >< I would be freaked out! What are the chances of EVERY drawer being opened!! Freaky! You should write more I would love to read them. :)

  24. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Some of the bad writing bothers me also, but, some people can barely read or write. My mom and sis used to help with tutoring adults, its amazing how many cant write, and its sad…many of these people are ashamed of it…and, like Caretaker said, none of us are perfect……..

    i catch errors in most peoples posts, especaily mine,,lol……. no biggie

    Oh, and my dad was the same way!!!

  25. trolldoll1681 says:

    some of our parents were born in the depression era. i personally think thats where the “perfectionist” part comes from. they were so poor, they had to prove themselves, to get what they needed. like for instance, keeping a job for as long as they could.

  26. Karen M. says:

    Being Illeterate is one of the saddest things in the world, I don’t think anyone should be picked on here because of their spelling abilities, this is not an english class.Everyone read the story and understood it, so what’s the problem?? I want to tell you a true story, so the next time you won’t be so quick to judge people.

    I had a very very good friend from Palestine, he has since passed on due to heart problems. His father was blind, when I asked him why, he would tell me “oh he was sick when he was young………………….” Well, back in the era, Arab woman didn’t go to school(I know what you’re thinking) Well what really happend was that when the father was young he was outside playing and got dirt and dust in his eyes and went home to his mother.His mother asked the neighbor if she had any eyedrops, her neighbor said yes she just got some from the doctor (she couldn’t read also) She gave them to her and she put them in her son’s eyes……………………………..it was iodine, and he went blind. Can you imagine the guilt that this woman must of felt for the rest of her life, what she did to her son, only cause she couldn’t read? I think anyone who picks on someone for their spelling abilities needs help also, This is a real sad situation; NOW YOU CAN CORRECT MY ENGLISH !!!

  27. NimNod...The She Goat.... says:

    The saddest part of all is no one can read the original story and discuss that ….sniff sniff….

  28. eyepriestess says:

    Good example darling and no you don’t need correcting!!!

  29. Karen M. says:


    Could you explain what you mean by that??

  30. trolldoll1681 says:

    i think it is so sad for people to be put down for there inabilities. i know a guy in his 40s, who had such a horrible childhood. his family, to say the least were violent and deprived. so the guy never was in school to recieve a education. to this day he is on disability and has to work odd jobs where he is not required to read. think about it, you were lucky enough to get a education!!!

  31. NimNod ...The She Goat. says:

    I meeeeeeeeaaaan……..
    That we are talking about writing styles and grammar instead of the original post.
    eye dint thank dats rite.

  32. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    I had no problem with the original story. I thought it was full of character, character is something that is personal, it makes you,,, you!!!! it makes us unique… if people cant read the original post, maybe they need to brush up on thier English…

    There was one error in someones post that has been bugging me,,,,,, littlest …… is that even a word??? i would have used,, smallest,, in its place… ok,, now i am being nit picky… how silly of me..

    I wish Moya would come back, i would like to know how she is doing.

  33. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Your right Nim,, why dont you get us started again!!!!!

  34. Dee says:

    I read the original post! Although I ended up having to read it again because the grammar lesson distracted me, lol… Moya, how long have you been living in this house? Had you noticed anything before the washing machine incident? How old is the house? Maybe you could dig up some info on it, or the property it was built on. I agree with the previous posters about putting a camera up or two, mainly where the “most” things have happened. That’s plenty scary, though. I hope it all works out for you. Good luck :)

    Now, as for littlepinkksock, being on this website I’ve learned it’s for people seeking guidance & support for their personal experiences. Bad grammar & spelling or not. The comment section is for people offering guidance, support, advice, & other things of that nature. The poster is not posting so some person who spells pink with two k’s can critique their spelling & grammatical errors. Some opinions are better kept to yourself, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. I’m a grammar nazi, but even I know there’s a time & a place for that. It’s not here.

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