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Weird Things to Happen on Our Little Arkansas Country Hill

Posted on March 24, 2011

I was about 12 years old and in 6th grade when my grandpa died. He was truly a sweet person even though we had our fights we still loved each other. My grandpa was very sick for a couple of months and we knew it was almost his time. But a couple of days right before he died he had asked my grandma if she could see this little girl sitting on the couch smiling at him. Of course she said no and he asked is Kelly in the house? I was at my cousins at the time. (We believe he was talking about his little sister who had been around my age when she died. She feel down a well on my great grandparents property).

So after he passed some strange things started to take place. My mothers house was a little ways up the hill from my grandmas so close we could get there and back to my moms in 5 minutes on foot. My mom was cleaning around the house trying to keep herself busy so she wouldn’t start to cry. My sister with her two kids lived there with her so they had toys everywhere especially this one car of my nieces. The car was pink and yellow with flowers covering it and right underneath the cute little steering wheel was some buttons. The buttons included father, mother, sister, brother, grandma, and grandfather.

So my mom was in the living room right beside my niece and nephews room when she heard, “This is grampa stay safe and buckled up.” It was repeated over and over again my mom went inside the room to check it out to see the care in the middle of the room wish nothing even close to it so nothing could have fallen and pressed the button. My mom was so scared she ran to my grandmas house she was visibly shaken. And who wouldn’t be?

After awhile of staying at grandmas for awhile i decided to go back up there with her so she would feel more safe. Everything was fine when she opened the door we sat for awhile watching some sort of corny soap opera and we both heard a baby doll start crying in my nieces room. My mom got up and so did I we went to check it out and the baby doll was on top of the dresser crying! We have no idea how this could’ve happened! So we freaked but we stayed there we just closed the door and pretended nothing happened.

A few years after I was sleeping on the couch because my room made me feel so uneasy… it really creeped me out! I just turned off the TV and I was about to close my eyes when I heard a females voice coming from a mirror RIGHT in front of me! I was freaking a little but decided to be a big girl and deal with it. As I lie there a few more minutes after I calmed myself down I heard another voice cry – help me. I really didn’t know what to think. It wasn’t a faint voice it sounded like someone inside the mirror was talking! I know that sounds stupid but I’m not joking!

I ran to my moms room and told her (me and her have always believed in the paranormal.) So we decided we should try to get some sleep and it was too late to go to grandmas because it was 3 in the morning. So we were trying to drift when from my bedroom I hear the mumble of my radio. It was the only thing on in the whole house! So I woke mom up she said she could hear it as well, i went to my room hearing it all the way past my bathroom but when I got to my room door it stopped! I couldn’t believe it!

My grandma found out and she believed us. So one week she wanted to come up there and spend the night with my mom because my dad was gone on the road and i was at my cousins, and my sisters and my nieces and nephew moved out. She decided she would sleep in my older sisters old room. She had been asleep for a couple hours and had woke up to go use the bathroom when she was sitting about to get up she saw this man get up off her bed and walk out. She said he was wearing a camo outfit including the hat. And a year prior to that one of my brothers best friends hanged himself in the barn just down the road. He always wore camo.

There’s a lot more of these strange things that happen but, that’s for another time. But the last one is by far the best it wasn’t scary and when I heard about it. I cried I was so happy!

My daddy passed away a year ago from cancer and by the time the doctors found out it was too late for chemo to help. It had spread from his lungs to his brain and bones. Its really sad and when our family found out we all fell apart. Daddy was our rock and he kept us together. So after he passed we all felt hopeless. But as time went by we were still trying to mend our hearts until, my dad and moms anniversary. My uncle came over to visit with my mom and grandma and his phone rang he pulled it out of its carrier looked down at the caller id and saw my fathers name across the screen! He handed the phone to my momma and said I think this is for you. My mom answered and there was nothing and then… a dial tone. My brother tried to call the number back but all he got was the call your trying to place is unavailable. My mom called me and I was so happy for her!

Sent in by Kelly, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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4 Responses to “Weird Things to Happen on Our Little Arkansas Country Hill”
  1. A.J Ryder says:

    I often get faint mumbling radio’s & people talking from other rooms in the house where I live now, but when I go to the room, its quiet with no one there. I guess its just to remind us that death is not final.

    Regards your grandad seeing the little girl; it is not uncommon for the living who are about to ‘depart’ to be able to see those who have already departed. Regardless of whether or not he knew the girl, she was most likely to have been one of his guardian angels (or guides), there to reasure him that the ‘end’ is only the beginning. Our bodies may die but our souls live on.

    I believe that those we have loved and lost remain close to us after their death, watching over us to make sure we are all ok. Hearing your grandad’s voice or receiving a phone call may be just their way of letting you know they are still around – particularly if your the kind of guys who accept the paranormal as a part of everyday life. They didn’t want to scare you – just let you know all is well with them. And it certainly cheered you up didn’t it?

    • Kelly.T says:

      Thank you! I appreciate your comment! :) I understand what youre saying and respect it. It’s just scary at first because it comes out of nowhere and then afterwards you get to thinking and you wonder what would’ve happened if I had stayed….

    • Kelly.T says:

      My sister just recently had a experience! She works in a truckstop in scranton (a very far away town thats pretty much in the middle of nowhere!) when my dad was alive he was a truck driver a really good one! but as I said in the story he died of a very aggressive cancer. My dad would always drive his rig to the truck station where my sister would work and since nobody was ever there and my sister works tons he would always know when she was working and he would come up to the counter and whidtle to get her attention. One night as she was closing up the truck stop was desolate with only one other person there but he was all the way in the cafe cleaning dishes. She was restocking the candy isle she ran out of what she was stocking so she went to go and get another box and when she went behind the counter she heard my dads distinct whistle!!!! My sister freaked although the only explanation could be our father but I was absolutely thrilled to hear about it!!!! :) )

  2. trolldoll says:

    good advice a j!

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