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Was it a Visit From My Dad?

Posted on November 25, 2010

This will be my first post here though I’ve been reading stories here for a while. I’m kind of on the fence about ghosts and such… part of me wants to believe in the paranormal because of things I’ve experienced but part of me doesn’t. Anyway… I’m rambling pointlessly.

I’ll start with a little back ground. I never knew my biological father. He left before I was even one because he thought I would be better off without him. He was very wrong about that, don’t get me wrong, my life was great after my grandparents adopted me. But the first three years of my life was filled with neglect and abuse both physically and sexually. My biological father passed away at the age of 33 while I was in sixth grade.

No fast forward. I’m all grown up and finally move out of my grandparents house. My grandparents, who were mom and dad for as long as I can remember, were not happy about this. Only because I have met my now husband online. And to them anyone online was only there for one thing. It was rough moving out to be with my husband after being raised Pentecostal.

It was probably about a month after we got our first apartment. We went to bed one night as usual. At some point during the night I had a dream. In my dream there was a knock at our door. I answered and it was my biological father. He was dressed as he was in all the photos I have of him. I, of course, invited him in. We sat and talked for what seemed like hours. I never understood a word of what was said between us but I got the feeling he was kind of blessing the relationship I was in. Like he was telling me as long as I’m happy don’t worry about what others think.

Once he stood to leave and we said our goodbyes he walked into what should have been our bedroom and disappeared. When I woke up the next morning the photo of him I had hanging on the wall on my side of the bed was crooked. I had to smile a little as I straightened it up. A couple months later, after getting to know some family on his side and finding out where he was buried my husband and I put a small wooden cross up. We took a couple photos of the headstone as well. We got the roll developed there was a rainbow going through the cross we had put up. The sun, however, was on the opposite side.

I’ve had a few other things happen not involving my biological dad but those are for another post if anyone cares to read more. I apologize if this is hard to follow at all and will gladly clarify if needed. I have problems getting my thoughts straight at times.

Sent in by Christine Osborn, Copyright 2010

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19 Responses to “Was it a Visit From My Dad?”
  1. Carri says:

    I believe the photograph of your father caused the haunting. It happened to me also when I hung up a picture of my brother who died at 17. I started to hear paranormal activity. your dad was giving you his blessing for the wedding.

    • Christine says:

      It’s very possible. We haven’t hung that picture yet in our new place and there haven’t been any dreams or anything. Though here recently I lost my grandfather (and the man I called father since 3) and my sons done a few things that make me think he’s around. I’ll have to post the story soon. :c)

  2. Christine says:

    Wow I just read back over my story and boy is it a mess. I really shouldn’t write anything at 2 in the morning. I found TONS of typos and such….just wow.

  3. trolldoll says:

    you did fine!! i’ve had dreams of my parents and i got to hug and talk to them!!

    • Christine says:

      Well thank you. :c) And I’ve had dreams about my mom (really grandma), and recently I’ve had on about my dad (grandpa)…we lost him on october 21st this year. But I haven’t woken up to any pictures of them being crooked like my biological dad. Like I said at some point I’ll post a couple other stories of odd little things I’ve had happen…even a very recent event since my paw passed away with my son.

  4. Rosie says:

    Don’t worry about the mistakes. You did just fine. I had a dream about grandma too. Regarless what, the dream made me so happy since I missed her a lot. It might be your dad who came back to check out and make sure you are ok. I believe after all, as a father,he loves you and he wants to be close to you.

    • Christine says:

      Well thank you. My dreams about my mom left me happy and sad. In my dream she was aloud to come back…but before the dream ended she passed away again. I guess it worked out like that because she was told she only had a couple years at best at one point. She was a pentecostil woman and God spoke to her through her preacher and told her that he would prolong her days (or so she told all of us) if she told everyone she could his coming was soon. She lived another 10 years after that before she passed away. I don’t know if that’s why I dreamed what I did…but it’s a possibilty of how my mind played it out. :c)

  5. AnNa bites back says:

    thats young for your dad to have died.im sorry that he left but it sounds like you did fine.thats cool he came in your dream and was happy for you,but why would he come in your dream but he wouldnt come to you alive?i dont mean to be rude not at all but im just wondering why they would do that.i would like to hear more and if it sounded like that little bit i was rude please dont take it like that.thanks for the story.

    • Christine says:

      Hi! Sorry I’m just getting back to you. The site was being funky for me for a few days. From what I was told my dad wanted to see me and be in my life but my grandparents on my mom’s side, the ones who adopted me, wouldn’t allow it. I don’t honestly know why other then maybe they thought he would kidnap me. And you didn’t come across as rude at all…it was just a question. :c)

      • AnNa bites back says:

        i am sorry they wouldnt let your dad see you.that was rude.im glad you did get to see him not the way you would of wanted to but hes watching you and he will always love you no matter what.

        • Christine says:

          Completely agreed on him watching over me, my husband, and son. We slid off the road today going to the production I’m in and we came away with a small scratch and losing one turn signal. Could have been a lot worse with the snow. I do hate that my grandparents wouldn’t let me see him…but I appriciate and love them for what they did for me. I think they should have been more worried about my biological mother and her 2nd husband.

  6. Ayesha says:

    Your story is nice in a way, your life didn’t sound the happiest, but it’s nice to know that relatives have a place somewhere beyond this world and care about us.

    My father died when I was seventeen and I’ve dreamed of him a lot since then…but there was one dream that stood out. In it he came to me, told me he missed me and said he was giving me ‘treat’. We then got in a Viking long boat and sailed to Iceland to see a concert by a band I really like (Sigur Ros) it was as if it was actually happening…we talked…just mundane things as we would have in life. The funniest thing was that if felt not like he’d gone forever but just ‘moved out’ of the realm I was living in.

    • Christine says:

      The first 3 to 5 years weren’t the best BUT after my grandparents adopted me I was well cared for and happy even if I was sheltered. :c) And I’m finding out more stuff since my grandfather (paw as I called him since he was dad to me lol) passed away back in octocber. I’ve been given documents I didn’t even know about with the adoption and emergency custody and such. I’ll deffinatly post more stories of things that have happened to me here soon! The play I’m in opens this weekend then I have one less thing on my plate until I audition for the next one hehe.

  7. Carlos says:

    Interesting.Cool that your in a play.I have been in some myself and love to act.Congrats to you and sorry to hear about your paws(grandfather).

    • Christine says:

      Thank you! I love theatre. If I knew I could make a living on the stage I would. I’m a little sad it’s over, I always miss the people and the backstage fun, but they’ll be auditions for another before I know it. :c)

  8. JohnnyIrish says:

    So sorry to hear about the abuse you went through when you where younger and I think your biological father just wants to put things right before he moves on.
    I remember when my father died he was placed in the living room and I was on night shift and went into the kitchen to get a cup of tea and I and the rest of my family heared such a bang that everyone thought I fell down the stairs and when we went into the living room
    a picture lay on the floor and window sill was hanging off.
    I find when my mother is very down, she tends to have dreams and wakes up the next day happy. So yes, they come to us in our dreams.

  9. Christine says:

    It’s ok Johnny. I’m a better person because of my grandparents adopting me. I wouldn’t change anything other then maybe getting the chance to know my biological dad. And I was very glad to have the dream. I was happy to have the feeling someone that cared for me gave their blessing to the relationship I’m in even if at the time my grandparents and everyone else it seemed frowned on it. :c)

    • jdbaby says:

      I also met my husband online. There were many people in my family that were not very happy about it. I had previously had some very bad luck with online dating. My husband and I have been together now for 5 years (married 4). My family absolutely adores him! I believe that your dad (biological) was letting you know that he accepted your relationship and maybe he even sees how things play out in the future for you. I wish you luck and thanks for sharing this story.

  10. Christine says:

    Very good point! He may see how things play out. I know when I’ve asked my son (even though he’s only 2) if he knows who granpa Nelson was he says yes. According to my grandma when we first met he wasn’t who I was supossed to be with and I’d never be happy. She said she had the spiritual gift of preminition and that is what God told her. I don’t if that was true or not. But we’ve been together 10 years married 8. We have our money problems but otherwise couldn’t be happier. Alway nice to meet someone else that met there spouse online. I only know one other person that met their spouse online and that was my middle school principal. Thank you so much for the comment! I hope you and your husband continue to be very happy as well as well! :c)

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