Very Close Encounters With Solid Black “Things”

Posted on June 16, 2009

Early Summer of ’76 near Cincinnati, OH. I was about 19 years old at the time. I was working the closing shift at a fast food place a couple of miles from home. I finished my shift at about 2:00 AM. As usual I started walking home to get in a little exercise before the evening was completely gone. It must have been about 2:15 or 2:20 AM when I reached home.

My mother was a very light sleeper, so I had to be extra quiet when arriving at home.� All the lights were out and everyone in the house was already asleep.� I should note here that there was a large �picture� window adjacent to the front door in the living room, and another equally large �picture� window in the dining room that perfectly lined up with the first window.� Moonlight was usually sufficient to guide me through that part of the house.� Please note that the dining room window was plainly visible because of the moonlight.

I passed through the living room without making a sound.� As I started to enter the dining room to make a left into the hallway to enter my bedroom someone stepped directly in front of me blocking my path.� This person was about an inch taller than me, so I automatically assumed it was my older brother.� He was the only one in the house taller than me at the time.

I apologized to him because I nearly collided with him.� He didn�t move, talk or make any gestures.� I stepped back and tried to focus on his face, but couldn�t make out any features at all.� Since I couldn�t see his face looking directly at it, I tried looking at him sideways (something I learned from a Biology teacher years earlier) in order to make out any details at all.

When I looked right, I still couldn�t see anything.� When I looked left, this �person� darted out through another open dining room door to exit the house via the backyard.� I immediately followed thinking I had surprised a burglar.� This �person� didn�t make a sound when it moved, and it moved faster than anyone I�d ever seen.� All the hair on my neck and arms was standing straight up, and adrenaline was coursing through my body.� It took quite a while to calm down.

Things at home were very bad at the time (my parents were breaking up) and I didn�t dare mention this to anyone.� There was already enough turmoil in the house.� I left home July 4, 1976, and married just several weeks later.� The first year passed quickly.� I would frequently stop at home to check on my younger brothers, to make sure they were OK.� I guess it was about early summer of 77� when I stopped in one day.� My aunt had stopped to visit my mother, and I didn�t want to disturb them.� So I just wandered about the house, noticing something was very different but couldn�t put my finger on it.

I asked my mom if she painted the house, because everything looked brighter.� That is when my aunt spoke up and said that the house had just been blessed by her minister.� That made quite an impression on me.� I doubt I will ever forget it.

Several more years or so would pass before I found out that my other brothers had some experience not unlike my own.� One of my brothers in particular, I will call �Jason� had a very bad encounter about a year earlier (he was about 17 at the time).� He was alone in his room (my old room) when three of these solid black figures simply appeared coming up through the floor.� The house was built on a solid concrete slab, no basement!� It scared him so bad he had to sleep with the light on, and he did this well into his late twenties.

I can�t recall each of my other brothers� exact stories, but the common element was these solid black figures.� This is something we simply don�t talk about anymore.� That is all I can tell you right now.� If it wasn�t a little bit scary, you should check your pulse, you might be dead.� Ha!� No, really.� I�m not making any of this up�, I still get a few goose bumps when I think about it. God Bless.

Written by Greg Brown, Copyright 2009

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30 Responses to “Very Close Encounters With Solid Black “Things””
  1. AShley, isabella And Madi says:

    Ashley: I Just Read You’re Story And Totally Under Stand I Keep Seeing Men in Black Walking Around My House And Wight Vans Every Where All Though I Have Grown Rather Fond Of Them One Them I Can’t Stand The One Rattles My Bed At Night She Hates Me And For Some Reason Never Leaves Me Alone

    Bell: After i read you story i totally feel your pain, because i have 3 ghosts in my house a man, a girl, and a black shadow of a man, one time me my friend and my sister where at my house alone and in my mom and dads room we keep seeing this black shadow and we didnt know what it was and it still shows up sometimes at night!!

    madi: I No My House Is Hunted It’s Scary Mostly At Night Cause Every Monday My Dad Gos Some Where And My Mom Is Always Asleep So It Get’s Kinda Creepy Around Here?

    • yasmine says:

      ok i to have seen gohsts around my house. the scariest part is when you see something but you odnt know what it is. no one believes me that i see gohst i am nine and i see them all the time my sisters and parent think its just my mind but i think its a little more than that dont you please reply thank you.:)

      • Gregory Brown says:


        I’m glad that you enjoyed the story. I think they are attracted to people experiencing strong emotions, usually negative. Just think, if we have strong positive emotions, like love, kindness, happines, most importantly thankfulness. When we start with being thankful, then goodness follows.

        Maybe our thankfulness would attract angels. What do you think?


        • Mastema Amaranthis says:

          Hello, I have also seen dark shapes in my house. Its always the same one. Its about 3 feet tall jet black and doesn’t even look like a human. I’ve seen it run right past me. I’ve seen it through my windows. I see it everywhere i go during the night. I’ve heard its scream. I will never forget it, just talking about it now gives me the worst feeling in the world. I don’t think I should tell people of this creature. I feel it creeping up on me constantly. but only during the night. I for one don’t think its anything demonic or satanic because I myself am a satanist. people might think one of two most popular thoughts. 1) oh what a wannabe he just thinks he’s cool saying he’s a satanist. or 2) Oh, well then. He brought this upon himself for worshiping evil.
          Well both are incorrect. I’m similar to a LaVey satanist. few differences but mostly the same.
          Anyway back to the main subject. I fear this spirit/creature/monster. every time i speak of it this terrible feeling rises up inside of me. I hate it. I want it to leave. i know ways.
          I have reasons i haven’t gotten rid of it. but I can help you get rid of it.

          Note from admin please read the rules by the comment box, do not post your email and ask others to contact you.

  2. AJ says:

    I can’t wait to hear the rest- very cool!

  3. AShley, isabella And Madi says:

    Are You The Person Who Said This

  4. Anonymous says:

    these solid black figures sound oddly like what my friend senses, hes walking home through this path all dark at night and he says he knows somethings behind him following him, and multiplying… of course im not sure because i never sensed them when i walk through that path at night… oh yea there also small and fast, maybe 2-3 feet tall

  5. Sarah says:

    I hear stories about people saying that these shadows are dangerous, but then I hear stories saying that they are harmless, just creepy. Can somebody tell me if they are dangerous or just creepy/confused shadows.

    • Caretaker says:

      If you really want to know a LOT about shadow creatures visit our forum at and read these and others:

      Collected “Facts” about shadow people..
      Shadow Creatures
      What Are Shadow Entities?

      These threads and many others in this section of the forum are literally loaded down with info about shadow creatures.

  6. Isabella Gunn says:

    I Think They Are Harmless Just A Little Creepy I Don’t Think They’re Trying To Do Any Thing They Just Want To Look Just Curious To See What Sort Of Human You Are

    Bella ^_^

  7. Christina says:

    That was really creepy. I don’t blame your brother for having the lights on well into his twenties…..just picturing these figures coming up through the floor is unbelievably SCARY. A nightmare in every way, shape and form. Thank all that is good that the house was blessed….,,,,,…growing up, I could feel the oppressiveness in our home…..brothers in gangs, drugs, violence are just invitations to the dark side, whatever one may call that, its always there just waiting to pounce on those who are in to dark and or evil things.

    Take care and thank you for a very interesting story.

  8. anthony says:

    maybe there those devil things in ghost lol no actually it might be bad spirits that are on the dark side or somthing like that………..

  9. Gregory Brown says:


    I’d like to clarify one point about these “shadow figures.” At that time these figures were in the house someone did get hurt.

    In the middle of the afternoon, my father was sleeping in the room adjacent to the dining room. My youngest brother (we’ll just call him “Joseph”) just happened to arrive at home and found the house was locked up (we NEVER locked the doors because we were always coming and going around the clock.) Joseph started pounding on the front door but no one answered. He was sure something was wrong…, after all, my Dad’s car was parked in the driveway. Why wouldn’t he answer?

    Joseph ran around to the back of the house to enter through the double glass doors. He found my Dad on the (concrete) floor in the dining room, and he was bleeding pretty good from his forehead.

    A few days later, my Dad offered an explanation. He said he had been “dreaming” about one of these shadow figures. In the dream this shadow figure was taunting him. So my Dad said that he challenged it. He said he was struggling with it, but couldn’t get a good hold on it because it didn’t have legs. When Joseph started pounding on the door (my Dad could hear the pounding) this figure just picked him (my Dad) up and slammed him head first into the floor. Game Over!

    Jospeh waited until my Dad could stand up, and took him to the Emergency Room, where my Dad had to get more than a few stitches to stop the bleeding.

    Can they hurt you? Ask my Dad, he’s a believer. I think all the blood made the point quite clearly.


  10. Isabella Gunn says:

    Oh Yeah Well That Dose Seem A Bit Scary I No I Would Run Other Then Challenge It
    Bella ^_^

  11. katy says:

    I fell asleep one night as I always did, I was 15 at the time.. All I remember was waking up to a cold hand gripping my ankle pulling me down towards under the darkness of the bed. I pulled back thinking my foot was caught on one of the blankets or something, when I looked down at my feet, there was (no joke!) a ghostly hand holding my ankle pulling me down under the bed.. I quickly reached over and flicked on my bedside touch light and it instantly dissapeared. I looked under the bed and all there was, was wadded up blankets jammed in the corner from my quilt, my sock that had come off and the carpet.

    I sometimes lay at bed at night even now and every so often I get a really bad, creepy feeling come over me that I can’t explain, like a darkness that surrounds me out of nowhere.. I have seen hands moving around the surface of the carpet on some nights. and have dreamt of my soul being dragged down into hell.

    I am a happy person normally and not crazy or on medication, I don’t drink or do drugs. This phenomenon is VERY real, and I cannot seem to explain it?!

    So, I do understand what you must be going through, I cannot help you, I sleep with my feet tucked in at night now but that is all I can offer.

    best of luck


    • Gregory Brown says:


      I’ve read other people’s stories, and they describe the same sort of thing happening to them. When I was about 5 years old I would swear there was a pair of hands at the foot of my bed, so I would sleep on my stomach and lift the blanket up and tuck my feet to hold the blanket down with my toes. I believed if they couldn’t touch me, I’d be safe.

      Once I did this for about a year it became a habit. I slept that way until I was about 25. Tucking the blanket under my toes would strech my toes so when I stand up, I could point at the ceiling with my toes while standing on my feet.

      Now I sleep with my feet hanging a little be over the end of the mattress. I’m a lot taller than I used to be! Old habits don’t die easily.


  12. AShley, isabella And Madi says:

    That Is So Scary I have A Ghost In My House She Has A Dog And She Is Allays Messing With Me At Night Last Night She Keep Messing With My Hair!!

    ? Bella ^_^

    • Gregory Brown says:

      AShley, isabella And Madi, I recently read about a “ghost” that looked like a Dutch boy hiding in one girls bedroom. She would see it every once in a while, but one night was different. The little ran from her room to tell her mother what was going on, and her mother sent her back to bed,. However, when the little girl went back into her bedroom, the “ghost” had grabbed her by the hair and the girl was screaming for help. Her mother had to get a pair of scissors to cut her hair because the ghost would not let go.

      I think that was pretty scary. Beside that, her hair was all chopped up. How do you explain something like that to everyone at school?


  13. CaiTlyn hope says:

    This is a true story when I was about 7 I was sleeping in my room and I woke up out of now were and I jumped out of my bed I looked around only 2 see my door had opened which is strange because I would always close my door cuz of my cats I was about to get up and lock my door when I saw a large shadow figure step about a foot into my room I was in shock I sat on the edge of my bed and stared the figure was completly black and it started to do some kinds of hand motion for me to fallow it and I don’t know why I did but I got up and started walking the figure walked out of my room into the dark living room I was I looked out of my room and it was gone I checked both my mom and broothers room and they were sound a sleep this happened frequiently when I was about 9 I was so frightened I would sleep in my moms room my bed would start to vibrate out of know were and then stop one night I turned 2 the red shade in my moms room 2 see a bloody hand reaching out I yelped and ran out of the room and another night I was sleeping and I had a dream about some random peinguin slapping me and then I woke up to feel a figure holding me down shakingthe bed I tried waking my mom next 2 me but I couldn’t move or talk after a while it stopped and I had told my mom and she told me it was a bad dream same thing she said about the shadow people this had stopped for a while and im 14 right now but when I was 12 it slowly started back up I was sitting in the living room with my mom watching the ghost hunter show my mom went to the bathroom and my bro just leftt 2 get something outside I sat there and the room was full of sunliht and outof no were a huge black figure went strait across the room I told my mom and she said it was my imagination typical so I started to see them again im 14 so I was sleeping in my own room which is full of black and posters and a bunch of dark weird stuff and I keep felling something and I went 2 my grandpas house yesterday and I went 2 turn the lights off and I saw these 3 yellow lights boucing across the dark room and I started to feel wozzy and light headid and im starting to find random cuts on my arms and legs and I always wear pants and I never do anything 2 hurt myself I was at a sleepover an when I got back from the mall with them my legs were fine and when I got changed into gynm shorts I found large cuts about 10 pf them strait across my legs and I know im not imagining this crap im afraid since im getting older these things are gana start 2 hurt me

    • Gregory Brown says:


      It has been a while since you wrote, have you been OK? Please let us know at


  14. Draco says:

    Sounds like you got shadow people. Good thing the house was blessed before someone got hurt.

  15. Jennifer says:

    well I grew up surronded by these things my house was at an india buria ground.I always saw the shadows when I was a kid I was terrifed to get off my bed,they would surrond me i rember being in a stroller one time and this one was strollin a baby one it looked like grimice that big puple thing off mcdonalds.even durin the day stuff would follow you in the woods,and you could just feel the sad energy all my family growing up had experinces and everything outthere just about burned down there also was thses little glowing red lights i rember watching them go around the room,my dad died in that house he built it I stayed no power in tha dark wanting a ghost,nothin but the woods will still just ewh.I stayed there after I got married my son was about 6 months old he was takin a nap I was in the other room talking on the phone he started talkin to someone we were alone,i peeked around the korner he was looking at the celing talking pointing and laughing with someone freaked meout.I have expeinced the shadow people demons and other stuff a lot of diffrent places.animals and little kids especially babies can see these things better than we can.There are always things co existing i guess.But the bible and sometimes getting tired of being scared and thinking ur going crazy and kinda flipin on it can help.

  16. Grey Wolf says:

    Not sure what these shadow ‘people’ actually are..there are differant ideas or opinions. But I have seen them once in awhile myself. I just think of them as some ‘type’ of spirit or energy.Also I think our house is ‘haunted’ that we live in..and have thought so for a long time becauseof all the strange things that happen. A lot of the things that go on seem to be a lot like the things I read about on this website…but they were happening ‘before’ I read any stories on here. I think some people can see,hear.feel or sence the paranormal…while some remain ‘unbeliveres’…unless they experiance it for themselves.Also I went to a person I their house because they wanted to know if I felt anything..they said they did a little and wanted my opinion. It was really strong and very uneasy..and did not like me being there..anyway I told her some things about what I felt and saw..but also took a few pictures on my camera phone..and got a couple of black mist pictures and one really good picture of a dark shadow person.Some people belive me;and some do not.But that’s o.k….because I know. that the paranormal is real.

  17. Greg Brown says:

    I’ve been visiting quite a few sites reading other people’s stories. I am astonished at what I perceive to be a very large number of sightings of these solid black figures/shadow people. They seem to be everywhere (I mean the whole world). And they are even showing up in broad daylight. I had my ideas about what they are and what they are capable of doing. I’m not so sure anymore. I would be very interested in what other Christians (and others) think about these beings. What is going on here?

  18. Janicestean Tillman says:

    I have seen the shadow person in day light at the foot of bed, and one time at night, walking from the wall in my dinning room to the kitchen, I got up and yelled for my husband, everyone was sleep except me. I never told my children about neither incident, so when older son came to me and said that he wanted to talk to me about someone, and he hoped that I did think he crazy, I listened, he said that he was up late and saw the same shawdow man, my was walking to the kitchen and he kind of met it in the middle of the floor, he looked and shadow man just stood there no face or anything, and step to the side like a invisible door, my son he just stood there scared to death, and run up stairs and went to sleep in my room, on the floor….I have seen ghost all my life, but the shadow people have just started coming to me, I live in a apartment now and was sitting at the dinning room table, and happed to look up a shadow that looked like a child just peeked around the door and ducked back, I droped my was day time then, I heard a mans voice for the past 6 years calling my name at night, very clearly…I do not know the voice, so that is scarey….

    • Gregory Brown says:


      Do you live here in the USA? Have you learned anymore about these solid black beings? I think you should try Tell us how you are now.


      How are you doing? Are you alright? Try to let us know


  19. 613 says:

    wow. thts bad but once i had a spirit followin me and everyday at 6:13 id get possesed so thts where i got my user name from. But to have tht happen must be freaky 4 u! I would no but i luvd ur story!

  20. joshua says:

    when i was younger i had an encounter with a 3 foot tall black figure that used to stand in the corners of my room….so yeah i do believe your story…. if you want to check out my full story…..i wrote it under the name ” the demonic little man” //

  21. sharayah says:

    im happy for your family that they got the house bless i hope all is still well for your family.may God be with you all :)

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