Very Close Encounter with a Shade

Posted on January 2, 2012

These shadow creatures, whatever they are have been the main source of fear for my friend and me. We call them Shades. The first time I can clearly remember seeing one was in my basement once, many years ago, when I was watching TV on my couch and I turned to look to the dark back of the room (because I felt like I was being watched) and there was a strange shape at the far end of the room, totally black, nothing else but a shadowy outline and it was in a bizarre, possibly hunched over or crouched position. Just sitting there. I whirled back to the TV in fear and looked back again but it was gone.

Now, I’m going to stray a little from the subject BUT it’s still relevant, I believe. When I was 6 years old, at elementary school, in mid fall, my friends and I wanted to make a leaf tornado. Obviously the odds of it being a very spectacular one were a million to one, but we were kids and of course, what would be cooler in recess than a massive vortex of spinning leaves?

The freaky thing is that’s exactly what happened. And I think I did it.

We put them all in a massive pile in a small, square, 3-walled nook which had an entrance to the school’s boiler room. The sky was perfectly accessible right above us, and we could feel a very light breeze around us. We were waiting for the pile of leaves in front of us to spring to life in a literal whirlwind of excitement. I remember saying something along the lines of: “I’ll do it.” the three other friends with me snickered a bit at me and that’s when it started getting supernatural. I couldn’t control what I was doing. I don’t remember what I did except say something with intense concentration on the task of making these leaves fly around us. It was as if I was watching myself summon some kind of power. After I was done doing whatever I did, I remember very clearly, right after, a massive gust of wind, much more powerful than the breeze that day, come in and blow the leaves around perfectly just as we wanted. I felt mystified, tired, and confused afterward. I tried to tell my parents what I believed I did, but they didn’t believe me.

I’m not saying that I have control over the wind, but I’ve tried to do minor things like intensify or reduce a breeze or change wind direction, with some results sometimes and no results other times. And maybe it’s just all coincidence. But I’ve experienced the same kind of “elemental power” in a close friend of mine which, if it was coincidence, was a goddamn convincing one.

But back to my other friend’s crazy Shade story. Or at least I thought it was crazy. He has 2 encounters, both very close, but only one something like I’ve never heard of before. He went down to his basement, as he puts it, “just because”, and he looked over at his dad’s workbench in the area of their cramped basement where a lot of tools, and weapons are kept, and there it was. A black, human-shape figure, looking down at his father’s gun case in a curious, a very curious way. He made small noise and it looked over at him. Piercing red eyes and nothing else on its face. No hat, no nothing. It they stared at each other for only a second and then it narrowed its eyes and glared at him in an angry way, then retreated under the staircase, which he had just come down from, where it was darkest, and disappeared.

His other experience was when he let his small, dark gray dog outside at night to to go to the bathroom, and when he went back inside he saw his dog. Right away he knew something was wrong. There, on his couch, was a pitch-black, red-eyed copy of his dog, looking at him. Now, this friend of mine is mildly schizophrenic, but his sister was there, who is not, and she tried to pet the dog before she saw the eyes. It looked at her, and she backed away. My friend and his sister went to retrieve their dog from outside and when they came back the imposter was gone.

That friend has had some interesting experiences with fire, and claims he can make a flame move at will. I’ve seen this firsthand and can vouch for him. We’ll call him S. My other friend, the one mentioned earlier, seems to be able to manipulate water. He’ll be called B. Now, I know how farfetched this sounds. But hear me out. When I was at an over-nighter with S and B, I asked B if he could really prove what he had claimed he could do; harness the power of water. It was story that night and sprinkling off and on. I asked him, during a period of no rain, if he could make it rain. He said it would take about a minute, and sure enough, after just about a minute a light sprinkle could be felt. When he looked up and was obviously done concentrating, and I mean a second after he did so, it stopped.

We’ve all had encounters with them, and even once together.

It was at S’s house. Another over-nighter. We all went outside, after dark, with toy light sabers to just mess around. You know that feeling when you’re being watched? We all felt it. So we looked around the neighboring yards. The dog was also with us, and barking in a frightened way at the house behind S’s. We all heard a muffled roar that was unlike anything we had ever heard. It was definitely not normal and It definitely did not want us outside.So we went back in, and have kept it to ourselves ever since.

We believe that we might have these capabilities over the elements and that these Shades have a significant interest in us because of it. S and I are 18 now, and B is 19. We just started college and haven’t seen any Shades for a couple years now. We hope its the end of them.

Sent in by J, Copyright 2012

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18 Responses to “Very Close Encounter with a Shade”
  1. kendy says:

    J, This was a very interesting and scary story. I have never heard anything like it before. I would be very wary of these “abilities” u and your friends have discovered. I worry that these entities have not come because of your abilities. I believe these entities may have caused your abilities. Demonic entities are VERY powerful and sometimes manifest themselves thru people. You and your friends may very well be falling into thier deception. As long as they have u believing u have power it will enable them to have a hold on you. These things seem to have attached themselves to you and your friends. This is VERY dangerous! The only thing powerful enough to get rid of these things is the power of Jesus. I encourage you to call out to God and ask Him for help. He is faithful. He will listen. Jesus is God’s one and only Son and he shed His blood for us to save us from spiritual death. If you choose to believe in Jesus ad your savior and ask for His help (and this must be done often and in faith.) He will help u. The Lord will help u if u do this b/c once u accept His one and only Son Jesus Christ, you will become His beloved child. And believe me being God’s beloved child is a wonderful wonderful thing. :)

    • Lol says:

      Thats Wont work if you dont believe in god

    • mike says:

      ok so i have 2 comments first for J, then i’ll get to you kendy.

      now J this just my belief on what you and your friends went through. i say it like that because i have dealt with similiar things from what you called shades to elements. me myself i have observed that its more telekinesis which is possiable. to also conjour up enegry in your hands it is about your concetration and your enegry. now everyone being diffrent that could be why your sense is more towards wind, fire, or water. you said you were young, do you and your friends still practice?

      now kendy i mean no disrespect just this is my perspective and the way i see things. i have seen a couple of your comments around here and i can see that you a true believer. now im going to start off strong with my point in beliefs. i do not expect you to think the same way but yes i believe in god, but jesus is just one of his other angels to me. i’ll explain why because for one reason he did not create me or set me on my path. i believe what i have been told, i have been down many times and dead mentaly and dead in the flesh. but yet i still walk basically i have been thrown through many diffrent hell’s in my life do you believe or even understand why i dont believe in jesus as you do?

  2. kendy says:

    Well its never too late to become a believer. And if one already believes in the spiritual real and evil.entities, spirts and the like, it would make sense to believe in God. :) Of course this is a personal choice and everyone has their own free will. I respect peoples personal choices. I only wish to let this wonderful gift be made known. :)

  3. kendy says:


  4. kendy says:

    mike, i think i see what u r saying. And dont worry nothing u hve said offends me. In fact, i think u r very respecful. This is just my belief, but I believe Jesus and God are One. I believe this is why the word says he would be called Immanuel (God with us). :) Mike, feel free to share your thoughts with me. :)

    • kendy says:

      @ mike, i have also suffered thru many hells (trials) in this life, but i have always felt that God has been there with me. I believe in the trinity; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, all one God.

      • mike says:

        i like how your put your answer so there is two more question i would like to ask you if you dont mind. my first question then, when we speak of evil it is portrayed to sound like no good can come of it. do you believe that is true or false? and why?

        for my second question, do you believe god and/or who ever you believe in punish us with mental and physical pain to teach us a leason for later on? for example a gang member hypatheticaly beats and innocent person into a coma and/or death. do you think god would show you there pain in dreams and in wake but only to teach that person a leason, because that was not his or her purpose here.

        feel free to ask me any questions on what i said or if you have a question of your own.

        • kendy says:

          Hi Mike. I have thought about your question and this is how I feel: I believe there is much wrong done in this world. People hurt each other every day and many times without even realizing it. These wrongs could be anything from causing someone bodily harm to speaking an unkind word. Although these things are damaging and may leave scars, I believe that God many times will take these hurts nd use them for good. Many times the things that cause us great suffering can make us stronger or they can break us. I believe it would all depend on the individual………….And about the second question: I hope i understood it correctly, but if not let me kno. I definetly believe that God might send one dreams or visions of anothers pain. Especially if the person who receives these dreams or visions is the one who caused this person harm. This could be used for much good i would imagine, especially if this brought feelings of remorse in this person’s heart. Of course God works in many mysterious ways and with His incredible wisdom and His personal knowledge of each and every individual I believe He would determine the proper chastisement/punishment for each individual. I believe God disciplines much like a father would and in love so that we could learn from our mistakes

        • kendy says:

          Mike, What are your thoughts on these questions? I would love to hear your view on these as well. :)

          • Marty says:

            May I jump in for a second: I believe if you never cry then you will never know the true felling of laughter. If you never hurt you don’t know how great it is not to hurt. We have the negatives in life to show us how great the positives are from our Lord.

            I’m enjoying the banter between you and will get out of the way now, please continue.

          • mike says:

            i believe with my first question that with in evry evil act there is a just goodness. that is even for the act of a person and/or demon, without them even knowing it. i would like to add that i also believe it is reversed to good act’s have bad outcomes. in any sitiuation. say if you get a job someone who that was there only chance to get work now is forced to the street. thats good for you bad for them. just as our god who created life even made mistakes, but only the faithful will forgive. ill will add i am faithful and in no way mean to disrespect god’s name. he knows what i mean and why i say it.

            for my second question i feel that he will punish his children. not everyone and when i say that oonly his selected few. the one’s he has purpose’s for. if they need the guidence in such a way that only pain will change them, i strongly feel he will its just like a parents tough love.

            I have a theory you might be interested in hearing. it has to do with the light and darkness off what we belive heaven and hell could be. of course its theory so im not saying its true but just let me know what you think.

            light the respresentation of the sun as he said let there be light and there was light. now note when human was created lucifer as the snake walked the land. now it goes to say later that when lucifer was cast from the heavens to the earth light was brought upon and knowledge as a sin against was to follow. now its portrayed heaven is a bright place and hell is dark. its say if we are sent to hell that we burn for all. well i toook notice why do soul’s only seem to show them selfs more towards night in dark. perhaps thats what are soul really likes we just dont know it. ghost and/or souls can see in dark so how can a person who came back from death claim heaven is bright. fire burns which is also light that makes heat as when he was casted the sun was brought and we cant get close to it.

            if you have any question or thoughts id like to hear them to.

            • kendy says:

              Mike, Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed hearing your thoughts. This is just my belief, but I view God a little differently. I believe in God as an all powerful and all knowing being without flaw or blemish. This is why: I have put my complete and total trust in God. To me this kind of trust that I have for God as my heavenly father is much different than the kind of trust that I would put in even my most faithful loved ones and friends. I personally would never choose to call any being “God” or put my unwaivering trust in Him if He had any flaw at all. To me He would be just another human being. However, I do not believe thos is the case with God. I believe He is perfect in every way and therefore can take me with all my brokeness and imperfections and fill all the emptyness inside me to overflowing! If He were for example, like the ancient gods of greek mythology who are very powerful yet full of flaws and self ambiton, I could never call Him “God” or give Him my worship. To me, only One who is perfect in every way and loves unfailingly could ever be worthy of such.a great title as “God”. Any other being to me would merely be just another spirit or could even be considered fey and entirely unworthy of mine or anyones trust or reverence.powerful, yet

              • kendy says:

                Mike, tjis is just my personal belief and feel free to disagree. i mean this with the utmost respect. i believe this way b/c in my view Jesus’ sacrifice has shown such great love. For an almighty God to humble Himself and lay down His life for us so that we could live. i am overwhelmed by this and it is with great reverence and admiration that i fall on my knees before Him saying: Holy, holy, holy is the Lord.

                • kendy says:

                  Also, your theory on darkness and light is very interesting
                  i have never thought about it that way.

                  • mike says:

                    yes i might disagree on that in some ways, but i respect your answer because you speak that from the heart. now with me and my bond with god he is in my mind my friend. for he was the only one there when i needed it and as it was going on i still bad mouth him to his face as i took long walks to the path of death. he punish’s me everyday in many ways to teach me and grow intoo what i think he wants me to do. but why i say this to you is because there is a good sign. he shows me it is alright to sin. it says in the book that man shall not love or worship the land for what man has done to it. well i walk alot and i pay attention to everything, well for the last month now i have been seeing sign and symbols in the sky also faces of people demons and alot of other stuff but it is telling a story. it is truly a remarkable sight but it is a sin and he shows me it. my question is could you understand my point of view and why i think this way?

                    im not asking for you to completly understand that would be an impossiabilty. theres just to much any way about the light and darkness i hope you do understand they still would represent the same thing they always have. and if you would like to discuss it any more we would have to find a way to talk through another way because we are getting highly off topic of this person’s story.

                    • kendy says:

                      Yeah, I think I can understand where u are coming from it makes sense to me. :) I must say this is one of the best conversations I have had with someone whose beliefs are different than mine. Lol, yeah we did get a bit off topic here ha. It’s been a pleasure speaking with you Mike. I would love to hear more, but since it is against the rules to share contact info like email addresses and such I dont kno how we could do that. My name, Kendy is short for Kendall. It was nice to meet you Mike. I wish you the best. :)

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