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Unknown Entity-Benign or Evil?

Posted on December 3, 2011

For almost as long as I can remember, I’ve always had weird things happening around me. When I was a young child, I would see things in my mind and they would happen days,weeks, or months later. This still happens to me today. When I see this, I can hear my thoughts and catch of glimpse of what’s happening around me. Usually when I hear my own thoughts, it’ll be a few lines or even a sentence before I revert back to regular life.

Growing up, I had several things happen to me. When I was a small toddler, it was a summer day, my sister and my mom weren’t home. My dad was outside mowing the lawn. There was a large dresser in my room, it was really heavy. I can’t recall what I wanted to get out of it, but I tried to open one of the drawers. The dresser toppled over me, and I was stuck under it. I actually don’t remember screaming, but I remember telling God to help me in my mind. A few seconds later, my dad came in and got me out from under the dresser. I wasn’t hurt, somehow.

When I was in sixth grade, I fell into a deep depression. I used to cut myself and planned to kill myself. I never did. I had everything planned out, even the way I was going to do it, the day. For some reason, I just didn’t do it. Later that year, I was at a friends house and we were painting our nails. She went to go get a drink, so I went with her. As I was walking out of the room, I heard one of the bottles get knocked over. I was about ten feet away from where the table was, and one of the nail polish bottles were knocked over. I thought it was weird, but I just shrugged it off.

Two years later, about a year ago, I came home from school very sick. It felt like someone was stabbing me in the stomach, and I spent the whole week in my bed. It was one night that I woke up, feeling better but it must’ve been very late at night. I always sleep with my TV on, I can’t sleep without it. For some reason, it was almost completely dark in my room. About as dark as the outside would be when the moon wasn’t out. And my closet door was wide open. There were people around me, all in black clothing, with the hoods up. I think they all were carrying a book, chanting something. I tried to scream and move, but I couldn’t do anything. It seemed like an hour before the whole ordeal was over.

My house feels very different than other people’s. I have many friends, and their houses feel much lighter. I wonder if this thing lives in my house or if it is attracted to me. Although I love to swim, and can swim extremely well, I have had so many dreams of drowning. I sometimes become very depressed for no reason at all.

This was a few days ago, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I was talking on the phone with my boyfriend, and I was leaving my room. I heard something fall off my dresser, which was probably a good eight feet away from me, so I turned around. My dresser isn’t the neatest, but there was no reason for anything to randomly fall off. My family have always been huge animal lovers. My sister had two birds, and a few weeks ago, something happened to one of the birds. The bird had no physical marks on it, but it appeared to have a broken leg. The next morning, it was dead. I don’t think a bird could’ve died from a broken leg. My dog didn’t have breathing problems until we moved to this house. He has a collapsed trachea and will eventually die. I worry that it may target my animals, or worse, even my own family.

Sent in by Shelby, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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11 Responses to “Unknown Entity-Benign or Evil?”
  1. Nicholas Eckhart says:

    Wow! That sounds very similar with my own experiances. I have had weird visions of the future or even the past in some cases. I bet that you feel uncomfortable telling people about this, I have this problem. Everytiome I tell people about my own experiances I get laughed at and people think I am crazy. As for your case, the spirit I belive is a negative energy. In my case the spirit in my house is not negative and is actually my Grandfather, I have tons of proof my house is actually haunted. I see Human shaped Shadows, mist figures, and orbs regulary. Previously I have came in contact with demonic spirits and even was possessed. I would suggest trying to find more help from people from the church. I believe that you may possibly be getting visions as a side affect of being in contact with spirits daily. I shrugged everything off at first, but now I can easily sense any Spiritual presence nearby and can decipher a small amount of information about them. You are in High School right? I am 15 and a few other students have had paranormal encounters. Actually about one in three people in the U.S. believe in ghosts. From what I have noticed spirits often go towards people that are more mature. Demonic spirits however will go for anyone with the goal to fill their life with horror. Demonic spirits will purposely put a lot of stress on you. Since they thrive on emotional energy like crying, Screaming, and an intense level of fear. They can do harm or possibly kill you or a family member. None of those cases that I know of have been solved. But I have heard of houses that had seven or eight different homeowners and everyone of them died under misterious circumstances. I want you to be safe. Try to find someone that knows what to do about this. The killings of animals is a way for it to show you what it is capable of doing and also to give you fear. I was also in a depression where a demonic spirit constantly tormented me and I attempted suicide, luckily I am still alive today. Get help as soon as possible before it is too late.

  2. carri says:

    The hooded beings that you saw was tapping into the paranormal. It is a real that most people cannot see. It sounds evil. pray a little. maybe a portal was opened somehow. now these spirits are coming into your home. The hooded beings sightings sounds pretty terrifying. When we are sick or weak that is when these demonic spirits sometimes come at us. Only a few people in our world are able to actually see these things. I am also able to that is why I have so much information. When you are depressed that makes the evil spirits stronger. They will appear sometimes when people cut themselves. One on my family members tried to cut themselves they were depressed and I saw a demon in the mirror when I discovered my family member doing this. I took this person to the hospital. but I actually saw the being channeling through the mirror. But try to not be depressed. put on a cross for protection.

  3. ivyrose says:

    to protect your pets from harm i would recommend making a protection amulet for them all you have to do especially for you dog is take like an old necklace charm put it on a piece of white ribbon bless it ask your favorite religious deity for protection on behalf of your animal and put it n there collar or for your bird hang it on or around the cage where they cant get to it.what ever god or deity you choose doesn’t matter its the belief that does.this has worked for me before with my cats and my husbands dog and the power isn’t discriminant it works for negative energy and actual physical threats. another thing you can add is asking for good health for them

  4. SnowWolf says:

    Have you talked to a doctor about the depression? Are you receiving treatment? If not, seek help! Make a proactive effort to better your state and become stronger. Getting yourself into a better emotional state is the most important thing you can do right now. Meditate, do sports, art, anything positive to help release negative energy you may be holding onto.
    Getting yourself strong will put you in a better position to deal with whatever may be attached to your home. Clearing your negative energy will deprive the invader of its power source and weaken it. That’s a great first step to getting rid of this thing altogether. Make no mistake- you can and will overcome this! Don’t lose heart, and never give up. You are stronger, and you will beat this thing.
    As for your animals, unfortunately what’s done can’t be undone. Shower your dog and the remaining bird with love and affection. The unconditional love of animals is a powerful healer. They will help you over the loss of your sisters bird. You may try putting a circle of salt around the bird’s cage and your dog’s bed. Salt is pure, evil cannot cross it, so it makes an excellent protective barrier. I’ve had great results with salt barriers.
    Stay positive. Remember that the stronger you are, the weaker it is.

  5. Adreama Nightingale says:

    i believe tat someone or aomething is trying to get your attention. Trying talking to the if you’e every watch TAPS on wednesday night they use flash lights try it mayb they’ll talk to you

  6. Shelby says:

    I haven’t told a lot of people about it for that reason. To people who don’t experience it, it sounds crazy. I can’t choose when it happens, it just does. I am very thankful for the life I have today and am glad that I didn’t end my life then. When these things happen, they don’t actually scare me. I’ve heard a lot of unexplainable things, but never actually seen anything. The house that I live in now, I knew the people who lived here before. They never mentioned anything like that happening, and the house felt very comforting. When we moved in, the feeling definitely changed. I am worried that the thing was following. I forgot to write this down, but before we moved in, my dad painted my room. My mom drove me over to the house and let me go look at my room, which is on the second floor of the house. She, of course, stayed in the car. I went into the house, starting to go up the stairs. I stopped, feeling very uncomfortable and unnerved. I went the other way, going into the main room. I heard a tapping, kind of like fingernails on wood, so I was thinking, why is my mom tapping on the door? I opened up the door, and no one was there. After my heavy depression, I would scratches all over my legs that I couldn’t remember getting. They were all in different directions. I’m very worried that this thing is following me. It scares me to know that it could harm me. I really think it only has it out for me, none of my family that lives with me has ever experienced anything like this.

  7. Nicholas Eckhart says:

    I did not see anything abnormal when I went through similar experiences. But after the Negative energy left I can sense spiritual presences easily and can on ocasion see them. The negative energy has went away and now the only Human spiritual presense in my home is of my Granfather (who would never cause harm). I have saw some of our cats that have died years ago. My dog will chase cats and I have also saw her chase something that was invisable to me in a playful manner (like she does with our cats). The spirit that attacked me left scratch mark on me and I believe somehow would give me bloody noses. I would wake up with blood all over my face and my bed, it would look kind of horrific when I looked in the mirror. My nose has not bled like that since the negative energy left. The spirit actually would follow me around and could attack me anytime or anywhere. It possesed me om several ocasions and I had no control over myself, I can not really remember much during these times, but friends would stay away from me because they said I threatened them in the deapest and scareist voice they have ever heard. At that time, I had no idea what was going on and my friends staying away just added to the depression. I at one time attempted suicide, luckily it was unsucessful. It may actually folow you from home, so watch out. It can change your life in more ways than you think. I did not get help and have never told anyone in person of my experiences with the Negative spirit. Try to get help as soon as possible. There is a chance the spirit will not leave you alone, just try to make it no fun for the spirit to pick on you. Before I had my own experiences I did not believe in ghosts.

  8. Nicholas Eckhart says:

    I was the only one in the house with weird experiences and that was attacked. The spirit did not do as much harm when I put up items like dreamcatchers or items such as models of crosses or angels. Try to put up everything you think the negative energy will not like. Somethings like mirrors may become shattered or thrown. After sometime the spirit should leave and go find another person to attack. I do not know how to make the spirit to disappear completely and not bother anyone else. I believe the spirit left because I did these things. Try this, it might work.

  9. rebeca says:

    if i was you i’ll move that just me good luck with ur ghosts

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi, just a couple of things that might help, first, some of what you’ve described could be natural, such as the death of your sisters bird – my budgie yrs ago got his leg caught between the bars of his cage, took him to the vet who prescribed antibiotics and said it should come right but keep him quiet and calm, next day the bird was dead, vet said struggling around on one leg had been too much for his little heart. If you attribute too much to evil it will get stronger (cos you beleive it is) so only allow yourself to accept it’s paranormal if there truly is no other explanation. Second much of the damage will probably be reversible, might be worth finding an animal healer to look at your dog.
    Sounds like you are being messed around by a spirit though, and your ability to stand up to it will depend on your physical mental and emotional state, so look afyter yourself, keep cheerful – this is essential – avoid illegal drugs and also prescription painkillers esp if they’re opiate based. Get fresh air and excersize daily, watch funny films that make you laugh, whatever. These spirits can be dangerous so you might want to enlist the help of an experienced person to teach you how to protect yourself and your home, for example learn to ask for help and protection from a higher power or powerful protective spirit that already knows you, eg your guardian angel/spirit guide, to generate a protective circle and to cleanse yourself and your home spiritualy. The prob may go of it’s own accord when you do these things but if not you will need to get it excorsised, however by then you will be in a better position to handle that. Take care and keep positive!

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