Two Short Ghost Stories – Conroe High & Convent Ouija

Posted on September 26, 2008

Conroe High School Ghost

This really happened to me when I was a sophomore in high school. One morning my dad dropped me off around 5:25 am, at this time there was hardly anybody inside the building except for a few custodians and a couple of teachers.

I walked inside the building to use the boys restroom (The restroom is located across from the school’s auditorium). As I walked into the restroom I noticed� there was a metal trash bin about four foot tall that the custodian used to prop the door open to let the fresh air in.

After using the urinal I walked over to the sink to wash my hands� (the sink is located near the entrance of the restroom).� As I was bending down to wash my hand, I heard a loud rattled sound right behind me.� It sounded like someone was kicking the metal trash bin that was holding the door open right behind me.� At first I thought maybe someone I know trying to startle me.

As I turned around and looked behind me there was no one there. I noticed that the door had pushed the heavy metal trash bin almost 3 ft forward from the wall, suddenly I saw a violet mist like object came floating from behind the door and disappeared into the hallway.� I didn’t have to time get scared because it happened so fast, it just left me wondering what had just happened.

I learned that there was a girl who was raped and was strangled to death in the back of the auditorium in 1981. That auditorium is located across from the boy restroom that I was using that morning.

Sent in by Vince, Copyright 2008

Ouija Board In An Old Convent

Me and my friends go to an old school that used to be convent. We all agreed it was a scary place to be as everything creaked and lights swung with nobody near them. There were lots of small rooms where there had been bedrooms for the nuns and they were all dark. not taking it very seriously, me and my friends set up a Ouija board in the darkest and highest room there was in the school. We were all laughing as we set it up in the dark and began to ask questions.

We asked if there way anyone there and it didn’t move and we were all laughing at how stupid it was ever to believe this rubbish, when the cup suddenly jerked from underneath our fingers. It moved towards D slowly and then to E-A-T-H. We suddenly realized this was not right and asked who was moving on purpose. Everyone swore it was not them and we realized it may be real.

The door was shut and it was dark and we all began to get really scared. We leaped up and grabbed our bags to run for the door. It was then we heard it lock. There was no key and we were banging and screaming on it for someone to help us. Nobody came. It was then the light flickered on and off and begun to swing round and round.

We turned to look out the window for someone to see us, when a face appeared, reflected in the glass. It was then one of my friends fainted. We looked down at the still set up Ouija board as it began to move. L-E-A-V-E it said as we ran to the door, it unlocked and we ran as fast as we could down to the bottom of the school.

We have never been up there since.

Written by Georgina Atherton, Copyright 2008

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20 Responses to “Two Short Ghost Stories – Conroe High & Convent Ouija”
  1. nathan says:

    this is freaky.i hope it never happens to me because i would have to change my pants!?>_< aaarrrrrgggghhhhh!!!

  2. spencer says:

    You should go back to see if it is gone.

  3. EMMA ♥ says:


  4. leo leo says:

    ouija boards are bad…….i wouldnt like to be in that situation.

  5. samantha robinson says:

    dude totally freaky!! and awesome. im a junkie for paranormal stuff and when i read i love it. im nothin but fascinated by this demension that connects to our world. its amazing. im pretty goth to so i guess youd expect me to be a believer huh?
    well you should go back i think. piss it off until you find out what its stil there for. you ever watch Ghost Hunters International? there aesome!!

  6. por says:

    what happened to your friend that fainted?

  7. Jackie says:

    You shouldn’t go back. I think whatever took over and spelt ‘leave’ was trying to help you, as before that, something was wanting you locked in. If you still doubt that the ouija worked, keep doubting as it’s not worth the risk of finding out for sure. I know those boards work and was lucky to come out from it OK, some aren’t so lucky.

  8. Stephy says:

    Oh wow, rape is really bad, I would have freaked out a bit when I heard about it, I have some issues with that subject “/

    And to the Ouija Board story, they are not ment to be played with, really they can hurt someone. My mom wont let me near one because we are a family of Phycics and my Aunt never liked them and she was THE BEST phycic in our whole family, she even saw her own Death….

  9. Savana says:

    yeah i go to Conroe High and i heard about that girl. its creepy to think that they never exactly caught the correct guy!

    and the ouiji board sounds kinda weird but cool. i love paranormal things i know im weird but ya

  10. Tan says:

    scary story

  11. Bethany says:

    I go to conroe high and I heard bout that story its really scary I don’t really like going to the restroom by my self its really scary you just feel like if she’s watching you

  12. Anonymous says:

    I went to conroe high from 1980 to1984. i’m sure if a girl was raped and strangled there i would have heard of it. I have herd rumor of a girl who was hung by a janitor or mabe comitted suicide in a stairwell near the theater in the 1960′s.

  13. Frankie says:

    I also attended Conroe High from 1995-1999. There was indeed a girl murdered there. Her name was Cheryl Ferguson. A book was written about it. Here is a link to that story:
    I completely believe you, because I had a similar experience in the girl’s bathroom at the top of the stairs next to the auditorium. I was in the last stall closest to the window when I felt like I was being watched. I felt violated and scared. I actually avoided that bathroom for years after that.

  14. Bree says:

    That’s freaking creepy… i go to caney creek… i’m glad i don’t go to conroe high lol

  15. Blanca says:

    wow…. i went to CHS too and never heard of creepy stories like this. I try not to think of paranormal situations or spirits but this is scary. CHS students be careful.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I actually attend Conroe High, and that girl that died, she still haunts that place, last spring we were in that auditorium the guy above had mentioned. WELL, apparently, after she was raped i heard that her body was left above the cat walk thing above stage. and One night last spring, we were watching the drill team put on a preformance when I saw a green light flash from back stage, and I saw the shadow of a teenage girl walk slowly behind the curtain. My heart almost jumped into my throat. and worst of all, my boyfriend, sitting beside me, saw her too. so I deffinatly believe this guys story.

  17. Anonymous says:

    all this stuff has hapend to us too we didnt know wether to belive it or not and then we herd three knocks and a moan it was triying to tell us something evreywere we went there was words that wasent there befor and it all lead death it was snowing only a couple of day a go me and my friend started throwing snowballs and one hit a lamppost and faces started comeing up all of a sudden there was 4 knoks and 3 moans we started to run a little and then remeberd that when we ran at school at the p.e departman it folowed us so we stoped when we went back to school the following day we started to feel burns on our neks arms legs and even behind our ears and then after it burnd it would go in to spots then like a bruse and then just disopeard and then a few weeks after in our house there was shadows like people. amanda and amber

  18. anna says:

    why so different.what time does school start?thats sad about the girl.i hate hearing stuff like you know what happened to the person that did that to the girl?and if he did die do you think it was him in the bathroom that day?thanks for the story.i hope you get this im curious to know.

  19. anna says:

    GEORGINA-if you did know about the board and how bad it was why on earth would you play with it?i know on some people it doesnt work but why take that offence it served you and your friends right.has anything happened to you or your friends since then.for your sake i hope not.thanks for the story.

  20. meagan says:

    omg i go to this school. when i heard about this story i was like omg im never goin near there again :o

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