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Two New Ghosts In My House

Posted on December 14, 2008

Hi everyone! This is my most recent paranormal experience concerning two new spirits haunting my house.

In the house I live in there is always a frequent transition of spirits. It’s almost as though they regard my house to be a hotel where they can come in and stay for a while. Business has peaked quite a bit with the coming of two new spirits in my house!

One of the spirits is that of a middle-aged male man dressed in formal late 19th century attire, with an amalgamation of curly/long hair that reaches the ends of his neck and slant eyes with a short, small nose. He’s rather handsome in appearance. He appears to be a gentle soul and doesn’t emanate outwards any source of malevolent energy. I’ve often see him sitting on the couch with his hands clasped together with an expression of dread and anxiety etched upon his face. On other occasions, albeit seldom, I’ve seen him pacing the length of the corridor and once I woke up to him staring intently at me as I was sleeping.

On one occasion I remember my mum descending down the flight of stairs quickly, consequently resulting in her tripping over. Her fall was saved by this spiritual entity whom quickly grasped her waist, easing her down onto the stairs. I was very thankful for this kind gesture and I feel as though he responded to my thankfulness by nodding at me, directly after he ensured my mum was safe. I’ve made a futile attempt at researching about the man, to see if he was possibly a past owner or a tenant of this house, and have produced unsuccessful results. The man isn’t a malevolent entity but from what I can pick up through his presence, is that he definitely was a citizen of the town in which I lived in, because he keeps making allusions to various historical aspects of our town upon communicating with him.

The second spirit currently residing in our house is that of an incredibly gorgeous girl. Words can’t describe her pristine, unfathomable beauty. She has long wavy blonde hair that reaches down to a point in-between her shoulders and mid-waist, straight white teeth, pale green eyes and appears to have a lightly tanned complexion about her and an uncanny radiance. She looks remarkably like Torrie Wilson, the WWE Diva, if anybody’s seen her on that wrestling show. This particular spirit mainly resides in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet seat or gazing vacantly at herself in the mirror. Our bathroom is relatively large so sometimes it may be hard to spot her at first.

The first time I noticed her was when I was giving my younger brother a bath. I noticed her in my peripheral vision and when I turned to look she just stood there biting her lip, smiling and winking. She isn’t a malevolent entity, quite the opposite in fact! She gives out an alluring, optimistic energy. She’s a kind gentle, benign spirit and isn’t shy too. I’ve spoken to her on several occasions and have found out that her first name is Michelle and that she once lived in this house several decades ago and is currently waiting for her boyfriend (which is rather beautiful).

Most of the time, when I take a bath or shower she’s either smiling at you or winking at you or laughing at you. On several occasions as I’ve passed the bathroom I’ve heard her humming quietly to herself and on other occasions I’ve woken to her sitting calmly on the foot of my bed smiling as she often does. My mother is also aware of her presence too and claimed she once handed over soap to her when she required it. This is an obvious indication that this particular entity is able to conjure and draw forth a lot of energy. My best friend also used my bathroom on one occasion, when her hot water system wasn’t working properly and she exclaimed that she felt a female presence in the bathroom. Ironically, they both haven’t seen her which is perhaps the only strange thing about that particular spirit.

I enjoy the company of these 2 spirits greatly. They were once good people and this goes to show that the stereotyped cliché of all spirits being evil isn’t true. Spirits can in fact prove to be good acquaintances.

With much sincerity and respect Jesse Williams (a.k.a Alpha)

Sent in by “Alpha”, Copyright 2008 TrueGhostTales.com

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21 Responses to “Two New Ghosts In My House”
  1. nat says:

    do you see how many votes you have.

  2. Jesse Williams says:

    most of the people on this site are really kind
    Thx everyone :)

  3. Amanda says:

    I love this story!!!!! You totally got my vote on that one! Its brill!

  4. Jeff says:

    This story is boring and hard to understand.
    No one wants to read it.
    No one wants to votes.

  5. Jackie says:


    most people voted because of the respect they have for Alpha/Jesse Williams, because the story/stories sent in by this lovely person are believable and interesting.

    I personally have a connection to these type of experiences and because of this i understand, but until you have similar occurances, maybe you could remain a little more open minded.

  6. Jesse williams says:

    Hey thx Jackie
    That was very sweet of you :)
    Take care

  7. Amanda says:

    I really dont like Jeffs comment on this story! If its so boring, why did u take the time to comment on it?
    Jess I really enjoyed this story and hope that Jeff hasnt put you off posting more stories in future! :-)

  8. Jesse Williams says:

    Amanda, you are really sweet :)

    Thanks for your comments and support and i’m glad you enjoyed my story!!!

    As for Jeff, he most certainly hasn’t put me off posting more experiences. In fact the opposite; he has motivated me to post an another experience of mine in a different writing style so people with similar preferences to his will enjoy and learn from my experience.

    In a way, it was my fault for failing to appeal to a broader spectrum of people in terms of writing, so i’ll try and adapt it next time.

    But till then, Merry Christmas and best wishes for the next year and every year to come to you (and everyone else :) ) and thanks for your politeness. I really appreciate it!!!

    Take care

  9. Amanda says:

    No need for you to take the blam Jesse, Jeff obviously is shallow and narrow minded! :-)

    Looking orward to reading your new stuff!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year back Jesse (and everyone else)

  10. Cierra says:

    Great story I’m 13 and have listened to my mother tell me stories of her past haunted homes. The last apartment we lived in was also haunted. She reported a girl that would sit at the end of her mother(my grandmother)s bed and brush her hair. They used a Ouija board and found out that the little girl had died in the basement of an asthma attack, which shows that Spirits can be attached to places. And I personally feel that having a brick house or a stone home, or whatever it may be can hold on to more trauma, and grief, and the eperiences that has happened there. As more of an imprint. But anyways thanks for sharing your experience, and I hope to read more of what you have written. You have inspired me to begin to tell my own stories on this website. Thank you :)

  11. Jackie says:


    some wise words from someone so young.

    Be careful of the O-board though.

  12. Blake says:

    why? have you had any bad experiences with them?

  13. Alpha says:

    Cierra, thanks once again for your kind words and i’m glad you’ve chosen to start writing your own experiences on this site. You seem like an interesting person and i’d love to read them.

    (by the way, personally i agree completely with you that houses, be it brick or stone, can preserve large quantities of emotional residue left by events and previous tenants)

  14. haley says:

    i love this story.it really kool&Jeff needs to leave alpha alone.its not boring its interesting.&if no one wants to read it why does he have so many votes??

  15. russ 88 says:

    great story but… i can’t say i liked it i mean i did but im more in to scary stories not these peaceful one’s but good story

  16. Cookie Monster says:

    Oh, I LOVE this story, you deserve lots of votes !!! I wonder about the feelings you have …

  17. vicky says:

    sometimes true stories seem boring to some people, coz they lack the intense fiction happenings we really crave. But it was nice to read. I wondered if these two ghost see each other, do they communicate?

  18. Jackie says:

    I know i said above, that alot of peeps respect you, but hey!! am wondering how the heck you get so many votes?

    I love your stories and style, but i just neeeeed to know how come you get so many votes???

    • The Caretaker says:

      The voting system has been disabled. I have been planning to do this for some time now. I apologize to everyone for having to do this, but the voting system was being abused which made it unfair to everyone.

  19. Jackie says:

    I note 17 comments…out of those i have given two or three and you have replied to many. SO, how do you get so many votes??? Not sure how this can happen…?

    I know you are very gracious and kind in your replies, but i just don’t get it how every time you post, within days, you get hundreds of votes. It’s just that it needs an answer by now!

  20. camille says:

    Great story!
    Not boring by any means. Charming would be a better description.
    If I were to see apparitions I would hope that they would be as calming, helpful
    and interesting as yours.
    Please do share more of you stories.

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