Trying to Find Who I Was in My Other Life

Posted on May 22, 2010

Well first of all I am amazed with what I just read. Since I was little I been having battles with different types of spirits and demons: last year I have met with Lucifer and part of me wanted to go with him and part of me was just hearing God’s voice telling me to keep strong and not follow him. Since then I have no peace and I decided to study and look for helpful information about who I am and what do I stand for in this life.

And just reading about the creation of 2 women in the beginning of this world – I really feel I am Lilith (I believe in reincarnation) and I am sure in my past life I was her and in some point part of her is still inside of me because I am a really free spirit who does not follow rules. I hate to be submissive (that’s why in my past 2 relationship’s I couldn’t be happy) my partners wanted me to be submissive and that is just one thing I can’t go with; also I do have two children and I do love them but at the same time it seems I don’t really care for them because my action’s speak more than my word’s of love for them.

I always do whatever I want and I’m not the type of person who follow rules; I set always my own rules.M y mother always is trying to keep me in the side of God and I always keep ending on the side of Lucifer. All this is really strange and I’m just trying to find answer’s that for years I haven’t been able to find. This whole article that I just read about Lilith is been really helpful. Thank you and I will keep looking for more because this is just the beginning of millions of question’s I have to find out.

Sent in by Lilia, Copyright 2010

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Who Was Lilith?

Myths and legends of Lilith date back farther than the original texts of the Bible. Learn about Lilith in the Christian Bible, Lilith in Hebrew Mysticism…..

Who was she? Was there another woman that God created before Eve that rebelled? Was she an ancient Sumerian demon? Was she a counterpart to Lucifer? Was she the originator of demons and vampires? These questions and many others have been theorized and studied for centuries. One thing all accounts seem to agree upon… Lilith was a force to be reckoned with……. Read the rest at: Who Was Lilith?

Was Lilith the First Vampire?

This myth begins at the very creation of man and of Lilith (the first woman created for Adam).

So God created man and woman in his own image and blessed them. Many have made her a model for feminism, because when Adam would not relent in his domination of her, she grew so angry that she uttered the Holy name of God and vanished.

God then had to make Eve for Adam, making her of his rib bone, so that she would be attached to him and not leave as Lilith had done.

Here, Lilith went out to the Red Sea, where she made a bargain with the Angels and she was allowed to stay out on her own, as a witch, and MOTHER OF ALL DEMONS……. Read the rest at: The First Vampire

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14 Responses to “Trying to Find Who I Was in My Other Life”
  1. trolldoll says:

    you must have had a tough childhood if you believe you are lilith.

  2. big barney says:

    i think that you are just mentally unstable….probably nothing paranormal, just insanity….sorry but you probably need some help

    • papi sal says:

      I agree with you, I didnt want to seem mean but no person could think they are a demon in any way , well none that would confess they are demons. I personally think that you WISH you were Lilith. A person should not want to be a demon your insane & you need help

    • DarStarr says:

      I hate to say this, but I believe that you are a selfish person who puts herself before her children. You say you love them, yet put yourself first, that is called being Immature and Selfish and NOT being Lilith! You might want to consider counseling.
      I am in no way trying to be harsh, but you seem very self absorbed and put yourself above everyone else – nothing paranormal about that.

  3. GypsyMoon says:

    I think you should really study and read about Lilith because she has become many different things through out history including the First Witch.
    Lucifer is a Latin word that means Light Bearer or Venus the planet.
    So maybe you are intrested is astronomy??
    Always doing whatever you want or feel like and not having any connection with your children is a very serious problem. I suggest you contact a Hospital or Police asap and get those kids in a safe place with someone who is not in such a selfish mindset. You might even be suffering from post pardom depression. This concerns me a great deal and I wish you eventually do the right thing and get help! If not for you for your children,
    Do not romance this to not turn this into a teens bad fantasy . Step up and get help I wish you the best and your children. I cant imagine going to a website and confessing to the world that you do not care for your children. Please get help seriously this is not demonic you are not Lilith but I can say you have serious problems and need help and so does your children. At least give them to a parent or there father. Or social worker..

  4. papi sal says:

    Read my story on may 28th & read my other story in dedication to my sister since she is dead on may 29th and notice that on my sister’s side she was some heaven resident & maybe you can understand a little more. My sister on the Ouija board told me to help her get her story out so I described it with as much detail in my experiences with her, and I gave her information out because she said if any one ever replied she was the only one who had the password to her email and notifications.

  5. LittleKitKat says:

    Sorry if you think this is rude by I find this very unbelievable and seen many other stories of people claiming to be Lilith.

  6. Sita says:

    Not to be mean but i agree with everyone else. You need help. I think many women can relate to you in the way that they’re not submissive but i think that’s normal. Without strong women like that, we wouldn’t have the freedom we have now. But not caring for your children is horrible. I know you said you loved them but i think you should seek counseling if you love yourself more. Lilith, being a demon, could not reincarnate into a human. She could possibly possess someone but def not reincarnate. When i first ran across Lilith, i could somewhat relate but i never for a second believed i was her. It sounds like you need help & if you posted this, it must be because in a way you’re asking for it. Please take everyone’s advice & seek it. If not for you, for you children.

  7. Theresa Greer says:

    Hi. I do believe in reincarnation, but I believe that you come back as yourself. You don’t come back as sombody else or something else. I believe that the only people that get reincarnated is the people who didn’t fulfil whatever purpose they were destined to do. I believe that there’s a purpose behind everything. You don’t get reincarnated for no reason. Liillith is a demon and you is a human. You are two different species. It’s like a cat coming back as a butterfly, or a cat coming back as a human. It’s not possible to come back as someone else or somethhing else. A demon can possess you, if you invite it in but you cannot become it. You said you met Lucifer, whatever spirit that was most likely brainwashed you and possessed you. Seek professional help. Seek a priest. Demons are animalistic in behavior, they are dead on the inside because they have no souls. No human should want to be a demon. You need to pray for deliverance from whatever demon that is that got you thinking that you’re Lillith. I’m a free spirit, I don’t like following rules, I’m not very submissive, and I always speak my mind, but I know that I am not a demon. Having those qualities don’t make you a demon. You is not a demon. If you want to know who you are, what you stand for, and your purpose in life then go to God in Heaven, your Heavenly Father. Do not go to Lucifer for anything. Lucifer is not your friend and it hates all humans.

  8. Theresa Greer says:

    Lucifer hates all humans, no matter whether you think you is a human or not.

  9. ChronicMidori says:

    I love the little summary of Lilith, the hidden meaning seems so vivid to me. its funny you all read it like a history book, sounds more like children limericks aimed towards teaching a ‘lesson’ to those who read it. If you take the fundamental principles of the story and consider those, is it really the story you thought it was? If the story wasn’t in the bible and perhaps was portrayed with character other than our ‘holy ancestors’ would you think it was as righteous? Truly considering the story for what it is, leaving all preconceived notions behind, does a sense of control strike anyone else?

    For me, it call to mind a line in a song by Soliloquist of Sound called ‘Ur Turn’ on the album ‘As if We Existed’. You gotta hear the whole song too, it’s awesome…

    “you tried to read between the lines of already-fatal flaws,
    written as law, and spit as right �
    but what�s wrong, is that you�ve all believed it for so long,
    my word�s no longer prophecy, just an independent woman�s song.”

    Just inspiring others to have an open mind and to think outside the box…

  10. A.J Ryder says:

    Hi Lilia

    When you say you met with Archangel Lucifer, was this in a dream? Or did you actually meet Satan? Did this meeting take place in Hell, or somewhere else?

    There is a belief that Archangel Lucifer still resides in Heaven with God, but it is only Lucifer’s alter-ego (or, all his bad traites) that where consigned to Hell. It is written that Archangel Lucifer was the first and most beautiful of all the Archangels, but he had an ego and thought he was equal to God, because he was of God. For punishment, God turned Satan (the ulter-ego) into an ugly ‘dragon’ and cast it out, along with all the angels who rebelled against Him.

    As for reincarnation, each carnation is for us to learn a lesson. Once learned, the soul moves on to the next incarnation to learn a new lesson. These various incarnations are generally unconnected to each other. The idea behind incarnation is to allow our souls to grow and prosper (spiritually) until we are whole. Once whole, we need not continue the cycle of reincarnation.

    Lets just suppose you were Lilith … that would have been an awful lot of incarnations ago. Why would that incarnation affect you now? Your soul would have moved on. Learned from passed experiences. Grown.

    You have control over your own life. Don’t waste it on selfish acts. Rejoice in your children, your life and your welbeing. Learn to love and to give freely. You don’t need to stick to rules to achieve this. You don’t need to have God in your life if you don’t want to confirm to a religion or belief system. You can still be your own person. You just need to recognise the goods things that dwell within you and embrace that side of your nature, instead of the dark, loveless and distructive side of you nature.

  11. manss says:

    hi , Lilia

    the most of falling in dangerous situations that one wish to be famous and important.
    majority of such persons are not pleased of an ordinary life.they want to be best and highest so this mentality dragged them toward wrong as devil followers. they suppose the devil is an important existence that can do any work and is free to change person,s fates they think he is powerful and instead of dominant and mighty god tend to that cursed. do you think is the Lucifer ( satan, devil , shaitan , Eblis ) a capable entity ? and he is friendly ? wants give you a stature and power ? don,t you know he is the hardest and worst enemy for you and other humans seriously ? the Lilith is not true and god has never created such as this imagine. what you have been read or heard about this legendary woman is false. the Adam has never a wife called Lilith. these stories
    has been made by some storytellers . don,t be so simple and don,t believe to such trashy legends. get up from such dream because it estrange you from wisdom and dragged you toward illness. I am tired now and can not write English fast so i will continue it at other time…..

  12. Truthseeker says:

    I also am Lilith. I typed in “Lilith reincarnation” into Google to see if there was someone else who also felt they had been Lilith in the past. But you might also be Lilith too. A long time ago, Lilith cut her soul into many parts. She was a very depressed woman, and she also had great knowledge of the Spirit Realm and the supernatural, so she knew how to cut her soul. Lilith cut her soul basically for the same reason that people cut their arms – because they are depressed. She kept cutting and cutting until there was not much more to cut. Parts of her soul may have gone to many different people. Ever since I was very young – even in preschool, I felt like I was missing other parts of me. I wanted to get back to the rest of me. I have desperately wanted to meet other women who were also part of Lilith.

    Here is a little bit about what has been revealed to me about Lilith. Everyone has a twin flame, or a person who is the perfect “other half” of their soul. We were all created with a twin flame that gets separated from us into another body. God has a twin flame – there is God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. In Hebrew, Holy Spirit is Ruach HaKodesh, which is a female word in Hebrew. God’s firstborn son is today called Jesus. When God created their (I use the pronoun “their” because God is both male and female) firstborn son, they also had a firstborn daughter. The first born son, Jesus, and the first born daughter, were twin flames. The daughter lived in great light. It was as if she swam in light. Life was wonderful back then for her. Lilith had a very large soul and she had great knowledge of the supernatural, but with her supernatural ability, she did something completely unthinkable: she cut herself off from her twin flame: Jesus. This was the first time that a soul had been cut and it was devastating. This led Lilith to great pain. By this point, God had created the angels. Lilith convinced the angel Lucifer to rebel against God. Lucifer then convinced other angels to rebel against God as well. To deal with the angel�s rebellion, God cast these fallen angels down to the earth. The earth became a horrible place to live. God was so upset by the angel�s rebellion against God that God came against the angels with a mighty flood that destroyed the earth. Now the earth was dark and water covered the earth, and the Spirit of God hovered over the water. God then decided to recreate the earth. Genesis chapter 1 is a story of re-creation rather than creation. God created the first man Adam. Lilith was sexually attacked to Adam, but as we know, it didn�t work out, and Adam�s real twin flame was Eve. But this greatly devastated Lilith. She went away from the Garden of Eden to another place on the earth. One day, Lucifer came to Lilith in the form of a snake. Lilith had convinced Lucifer rebel against God, and this led Lucifer to evil. Little did Lilith know that the person she thought was her friend � Lucifer � would come against her. Lucifer came to Lilith in the form of a snake and raped her. The rape was very painful. Lilith was stabbed and burnt and raped and it was horrible. Lilith was very depressed. Lilith could have decided to have nothing to do with Lucifer again, but surprisingly, she did not leave him, but instead became his wife. However, Lilith definitely was not faithful to her husband. Lilith had sex with many demons and people � both men and women. She also spent much time killing many people, especially babies and children, and hurting people. She was a great master of dark magic and taught many people on the earth about dark magic. But she was greatly depressed. God greatly desired for their firstborn son to be reunited to his twin flame, but how would Lilith ever be able to work out the bad karma that she had accumulated? By this point, she had done so many bad things over a series of lifetimes that it did not seem that she could come back to the perfect state she had once had. God the Mother often tried to comfort her daughter, but Lilith was greatly depressed. Over the course of Lilith�s many lifetimes, God created many opportunities for Lilith to get rid of her bad karma, but still, Lilith was overburdened with bad karma. So God the Father and God the Mother and their son Jesus met and came up with a plan. Jesus, in his complete unselfishness and love for his bride, would take her bad karma upon himself. He incarnated into this world in the person of Jesus. Lilith was also on the earth at that time with Jesus. She felt trapped in a world of her bad deeds, and she still had sex with demons even though she was with her twin flame again. But Jesus had a plan. He allowed himself to be handed over to the Romans to die even though Jesus had the supernatural power to resist being executed. At his death, Jesus transferred Lilith�s bad karma upon himself. Lilith could not believe the sacrifice her twin flame would make for her. She was completely overwhelmed and so happy. Lilith was at the tomb when Jesus resurrected. Much of her bad karma had now been lifted and Lilith was overwhelmed in joy and love for her twin flame. There in that tomb, before others would find the resurrected Jesus, Jesus and his twin flame had the most wonderful sex a married couple could have.
    Lilith was a completely different woman at this point, but she still had some bad karma to get rid of. She would continue to go through more reincarnations and lives to get rid of her karma, but the entire time she kept a connection to her twin flame. She truly is the bride of Christ. Many people hear the term �bride of Christ� and believe the term is symbolic, but actually the bride of Christ is the collection of all the soul parts that got cut up that once were Lilith. Lilith is no more today, but her soul lives on as a different person, a better person. One day, Jesus will return. Many Christians call Jesus� return �the wedding of the Lamb.� Little do they know that there will actually be a real wedding! Christ is returning for his bride, and when she is finally returned to her husband, that will truly be a glorious event.
    My friend, if you truly were also once a part of Lilith, I encourage you to turn from Lucifer and anything else that would cause bad karma. I also encourage you to seek out Jesus, or as I call Him by His Hebrew name � Yeshua. I am not talking about Christianity. Christianity has so many flaws and problems with it. I don�t practice Christianity or go to church for this reason. I practice the religion my twin flame practiced � Judaism, with an emphasis in Kabbalah, which is Jewish mysticism. I also practice different elements from various Eastern Religions. Mostly, more so than religion, I want to reconnect with my Mother and Father and with my twin flame. Like I said, if you once were part of Lilith, I encourage you to turn from bad karma. The sooner we can turn from these wicked things, the sooner we can we be reunited to our twin flame.

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