Troll Sighting in Tennessee?

Posted on January 14, 2011

I decided to share this ridiculous-sounding story after submitting several personal experiences on this blog and receiving positive feedback. I feel confident now that I won’t be laughed at… thanks to the readers on here.

This happened to me in October 2008, right before Halloween. My daughter and I were driving to my mother’s house about 5 miles away from my subdivision for our usual Sunday dinner. We live in Campbell County, East Tennessee, so my parents live pretty far out in an isolated rural area. The road out there is 2-lane blacktop, very winding and curvy. I was late for dinner, so I was speeding a bit, but I knew the road very well, having lived there for so long.

I came zooming around a curve in the road and immediately had to swerve my car to avoid hitting… it? … sitting on the side of the road. I slowed down and got a good look at the back side of it. It was sitting with its back to the road, its legs stretched out in someone’s driveway, its butt actually on the road. A bad place to be lounging in a blind curve like that.

I looked at it, my daughter in the front passenger seat looked at it. It was on her side of the car so she could see it better and it obviously terrified her.

Now for what I saw… at first I assumed it was a Halloween decoration some moron had put in the road. It looked like a stuffed dummy, or scarecrow type thing, it was wearing all black, a black hat and a shabby looking black coat. I even saw long black hair, oddly shiny, I remember that clearly, really straight down the center of its back.

Its posture was odd, it was kind of slumped over and the back of its coat looked lumpy, like stuffed with leaves, which is one of the reasons I assumed it was a dummy.

I was still slowly passing it after having come to an almost complete stop to look at it, beginning to be indignant that someone thought it was a joke to put it in the road possibly causing an accident. But as I passed it, still staring at it…it turned and looked at me over its shoulder!! All I remember seeing for a split second before I hit the gas and got the heck away was glittering black eyes and a black, wrinkled, sunken-in face, reminding me of a rotten apple, for some reason.

My daughter turned to me, horrified, matching my own expression, I’m sure, and I drove away as fast as I could drive.

I told my mother and she laughed at me, even with my daughter backing up my story she didn’t believe me. I insisted on calling it a troll, for some reason that’s what my mind jumped to. I still think about every time I go by there, unfortunately. I would like to forget I ever saw it, but at least I’ve never seen it again!

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19 Responses to “Troll Sighting in Tennessee?”
  1. Pete says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing your story, I wouldn’t usually believe stories about Trolls /
    gnomes and the like but after reading your story of the encounter with the little creature
    I have to admit I do believe you and it sounded pretty scary, I wouldn’t like to meet one
    on a dark night. thanks again for sharing.

  2. Tina says:

    For the first 40 years of my life, I had only two encounters with the paranormal and both were what I’d call benign. (Seeing Orbs on one occasion, and the ghost of a little boy on another.) But after meeting my new husband, and then moving in with him I have witnessed so many things, (that truly made me think that I was going crazy) that I do not doubt anything anymore. I’ve simply seen too much to do so. I’ve no doubt that you saw what you saw. I have read about others seeing trolls or gnomes, and believe that there are too many sightings, in too many different states and countries, for there not to be truth in it. I have never witnessed anything like that, but these past 3 years have taught me not to doubt anything. Strange things do exist!

    • Anonymous says:

      I hear you, I personally have heard lots and lots of stories about gnomes and trolls but it seems that those creatures are more commen in south Mexico, because I talked to people on that region and I was amazed by the casual reactions that people talked about them like if it was natural and also witches.

  3. trolldoll says:

    i sure wish you had had a camera!!

  4. sharayah says:

    wow yeah i would of did the same thing too.looked at it then drive like a mad woman to get away from it. im glad you have not seen it any more. i don’t know if i believe in trolls but i say this i do believe you saw it what ever it is and if you want to call it a troll more power to i like to call every thing unclean things.that’s just something i get from the bible. take care.

  5. aimz says:

    omg that sounds so scary i would of run for my life…
    did it give you any weird looks or was it just a plain look?
    either way im glad u got outta there thanx for the story and i hope this dosent haunt your daughters and yourself’s memory…

  6. FaerchFan says:

    That somehow reminds me of my dad’s experience not far from his house. He didn’t see a troll or anything but he was coming hom from work he drove past these woods. they always gave him the creeps but that night he went to the stop sign at the edge and saw bright glowing red eyes and got freaked out. and my dad doesn’t scare easily. creepy story btw.

    • Kelly.T says:

      omg! my brother told me a story just like your dads! he was walking to the gas station one nyt and he saw glowing red eyes. he thought he was imagining it vut then he picked up a pebble and threw it at him when he did this it through the rock back at him!!!!!

  7. Charmaine says:

    Wow that’s really scary! Glad it didn’t do anything to you and your daughter! Hope you never see it again! I do believe that you saw what you saw as I’ve see what I now believe to be a gnome. my story is also posted ” was it the boogeman?” Thank you for sharing your story! Keep well :)

  8. Anonymous says:

    I sounded quite scary! I like it hope it does’nt wanted to harm you so you did’nt saw any more

  9. Christina says:

    Wow! That is truly creepy. You know it’s the type of story that jumps at you because sightings like this happen more often than not. I believe this happens to kids more often, but being that they ARE kids, no one believes them. I betcha your mom believed you but didn’t want to admit it; sometimes taking that route is easier.

    Take care,

  10. Suzi says:

    I would be kinda scared to I mean you see a lot of weird stuff now a days and when you see that typeof thing it scares the heck out of you.

  11. FattyAddie says:

    I would have seriously peed my pants. I already have an irrational fear of garden gnomes, and my boyfriend teases me about it all the time, saying that he is going to get one to put in front of our house. Anytime I see one, I almost have a panic attack. I don’t know where this fear comes from, I don’t remember having any experiences that would cause me to be so afraid of them. I can’t imagine what I would do if I saw a troll/gnome thing. Ack!!!

  12. yumi says:

    From your discription im kinda really suprised you didn’t refer to it as a witch, dressed in black, with a hat and wrinkly face. lol
    There still could have been an explantion for it though, afterall theres some weird people out there. Maybe they threw out their granny, lol. Maybe you should have gone to check if they were hurt?….then again i guess you were scared.
    Still, i love stories about scary beings, love ghost tales but other worldy creatures take my interest more. I would have been scared too btw. ;)
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I saw a similar creature in Knoxville years ago! I am positive mine was female, appeared to me hundreds of years old, looked like a dried apple, was about six and a half feet tall, smelled like molded magazines and had a big walking stick. She was staring at me through my bedroom window! after about 30 seconds she just walked away.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Just before halloween?
    Wearing Black clothes?
    Sat half way inside someone’s drive?
    I think I’d of been in shock as you were in a rush and were not expecting it, but looking at the facts, I’d probably have guessed it was someone dressed up.
    Don’t get me wrong I think there’s alot of strange and mysterious things out there and maybe up there but yet to see anything, wot I’d give to see a UFO, but I’d need any sighting to be so unexplainable to believe it.
    I hope it was real though cos I’m intrigued by it.

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