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Tormented By a Very Violent Ghost

Posted on May 3, 2011

Hi there. Firstly, I know there are hundreds and thousands of ghost stories on the internet, some made up, some real. Mine is most definitely real. Its horrible, I hate it so much, I have thought about suicide. My house is haunted, actually, I am haunted, no one else seems to experience these things except me.

I have already contacted 2 paranormal investigation teams, but my parents wont allow them to come to the house, they don’t even believe that what I am experiencing is real, they have sent me to 3 therapists in the last 5 months to try and see what’s wrong with me. What is wrong, is there is a ghost that wont leave me alone.

Last week I went to the local church, even though I am not religious, I talked to the vicar and got a phone number of someone who does exorcisms. I just want to move house, but cant, I spend as little time here as possible, and what’s worse, hardly anyone even believes that what is happening to me is real. I did not come on this site for help, I came on it to share my experiences in the hope that someone, somewhere will believe me and possibly understand what is happening.

I have lived in this house for almost 4 years now, its not really that old, I think it was built in the 60′s but its been renovated heaps and is now really modern and nice. About 6 months ago, my dad decided it was time to renovate the basement of the house, where I sleep. Its not really a basement, just a room at the bottom of the house, I chose it straight away because it was huge, room for a double bed, couch, table, etc., it was private and had its own run-down bathroom. My dad hired contractors to start re-plastering the walls and painting as well as some people to re-do the bathroom. About 1 week into the job, after they had torn everything out of the bathroom the builder guy told us he had discovered a small space behind the bathroom, like a small shut off room. It was about 2 meters square and as tall as the rest of the room, he said it had most likely had a shower stall in it but he couldn’t tell us why it had been boarded up. My family thought nothing of it, and used the extra space to their advantage and continued with the build.

After the bathroom was finished, there was still a few weeks worth of work to do on my room, but the builders kept complaining that the lights kept going off. There were hardly any windows down there, so you couldn’t work without the lights. My dad hired an electrician who fiddled with some cables and stuff but basically couldn’t find anything wrong. The lights continued to annoy the builders for the rest of the week. I was told not to go down to the basement during the build, my parents wanted to surprise me when it was finished, so I slept in the spare room at the top of the house for the whole 3 week of the renovation.

One day, my dad told me the builders had quit, so he was going to hire some new ones. He was angry about it but wouldn’t tell me why they quit, he said something about them being stupid and superstitious idiots. So the build was completed within another week with a new team, the lights stopped turning on and off and I moved into my brand new, modern room. It was great and I loved it so much, but it wasn’t too long before that changed.

The first thing was the temperature. It was a small thing, but my room was always freezing. Always. My parents bought all sorts of heaters and heat pumps but my room was always cold. My dad said it was because of the crap insulating down there. It didn’t bother me too much, I slept with a thick duvet and wore a lot of clothes whenever I was down there. The second thing that started happening, and this was about 2 weeks after finishing the renovation, is my friends started to ask not to go down to my room. I had friends home after school every few days, we would hang out, talk and play video games in my room, but they started to make up excuses not to go down there, like they would rather be outside, or they wanted a drink. I asked them why they didn’t like my room, and they basically shrugged it off and said nothing. My best friend confronted me about it and said she got weird feelings down there, like she was being watched or was unwelcome there. I thought she was being stupid but eventually she stopped coming to my house full stop.

I had been brought up non-religious, my dad is a math teacher, my mum is a doctor, so paranormal, supernatural or religious beliefs are not a big thing in my house. Over the next few weeks however, my mind would be changed. I started seeing shadows in my room. it usually happened just as I turned the lights on, I would step into my pitch black room, flick the switch and a black shape of a person would linger for a few milliseconds. Then the shadows started to appear in the light, i would be brushing my teeth, look down, and then look up again at the mirror and a black figure would be just behind me for a fraction of a second. The shadows started appearing everywhere, but only in my room, no where else, and especially in the bathroom. One day I counted seeing the shadows 6 times, 4 of which in the bathroom. I thought I was going crazy, having a meltdown or have a vision problem. I went to see a doctor but he found nothing wrong. I talked to my mum about it, she shrugged it off and said I was just tired. Over the next month, the shadows got more and more each day, and other things started happening.

I would wake up in the mornings, my sheets would be on the floor and sometimes bruises or even cuts would be around my hands and wrists. The lights started flickering on and off again, the bathroom door would open by itself during the night, water would appear on the bathroom floor even though I had been out all day (Dad called a plumber but he found nothing wrong). I started to doubt the idea that there is no such thing as ghosts. I found excuses not to be in my room or sleep there, I would stay at friends houses as much as possible. I began to not sleep at night, and my grades slipped at school. Mum noticed something was wrong and sent me to a councilor, I just told him I was having trouble sleeping.

The phenomena got more and more over the weeks that followed, bulbs would break in the lights, two long scratches appeared in the carpet, and i got blamed for it. One day I got home, went down stairs and found that all the clothes in my chest of drawers had been pulled out and thrown around the room. My pet dog, wouldn’t enter my room not matter how hard I tried and the shadow person kept appearing, always in the side of my vision, never in focus and never long enough for me to get a good look.

By this time I was seeing another councilor, and begging my parents to let me sleep somewhere else, even to move house. My dad got angry, said I was being stupid and even went so far as to say I was insane. He sent me to 2 doctors, and I pretended nothing was wrong, and they found nothing to suggest I was insane.

There was one event that really tipped me over the edge. It was a Friday night, and I had been out with my friends, I came home around 11pm and my parents were asleep, I had tried to ask a friend if I could sleepover at their house, but they had said I couldn’t. So I tried to be brave, told my self there was no such thing as ghosts. I walked down to my bedroom undressed and went to bed as quickly as possible with the bedside light on. I never got to sleep, and at around midnight I got up to go to the bathroom to get a drink of water. I opened to door, turned on the tap and the mirror above the sink shattered and fell onto my hands. It cut slices around my wrists and fell onto the floor. I screamed, turned back and I saw someone else in my bed, I edged closer and saw myself, asleep in my bed.

What really freaked me out though, was there was a figure of a person, a shadow person, floating just above my doppelganger it was just floating a few feet above me, a dark figure, and it reached out and touched my hair. I screamed so loud, I turned and heard my parents running down the steps to my room, I looked back and my double, and the dark figure were gone. My dad opened the door, he saw the glass and my cut wrists, he though the worst, he sort of grabbed me, told me to stay still while he called doctors and police and everyone else. They thought I had tried to kill myself, I kept telling them about what I saw but no one believed me.

I spent 4 weeks in the hospital, telling countless therapists that I was ok. I refused to go into my room, my dad let me sleep in the spare room until now. That was about 1 and a half months ago. I’m still not going to school, my wrists are healing but my mind is not. Its so hard going through this without anyone believing me. I have emailed a paranormal investigation team but they cant come without my parents permission. I have begged and begged my parents to move house, they say I am being stupid. My dad has been down to my room, to mop up the blood and glass, he even spent a night down there to prove there was nothing wrong, of course he experienced nothing. I am still seeing a councilor, but I don’t feel she will believe me about the ghosts, I contacted a parapsychologist but he lives in another city and cant help. I need help or I think I wont cope anymore and will have to end my life for real.

Sent in by Sam Mills, Copyright 2011

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28 Responses to “Tormented By a Very Violent Ghost”
  1. sunsetsphere says:

    Hello Sam Mills:

    Take it easy. Killing yourself will be the most stupid thing you’ll ever do in your entire life.

    You never mentioned how old you are, but I believe your story. I have been through similar paranormal ordeals when I was young. Just like you I almost killed myself. Thank goodness events in people’s lives fit together into some kind of jigzaw puzzle and the piece of puzzle for me was not to die during those ordeals. There was no PC, no internet and no online interaction during that time. Now I am still alive, i own my PC and I view people’s experiences in the internet.

    I must say hang on, Sam. Compose yourself. Be brave. Buy or get a baseball bat and keep it by your side of the bed. When under attack by paranormal entities, grab your bat. It might not be much against entities, but it will be your weapon, like the sword of the Archangel Michael (if you are familiar). Loudly yell and swear at those entities if they are vicious or violent to you. They will retreat. You will go through scary ordeals but you will get used to them. In my case, the paranormal still visits me, no matter how rarely, and I am bewildered and fascinated everytime. The paranormal has become my only genuine extraordinary friends.

    I am sure you will outgrow these ordeals just like I did – and not without good result. You will have experienced some extraordinary events in life by the time you are old (probably past your 40′s or 50′s).. In fact you should be thankful for those paranormal occurrences because you will have stories to tell with truth and confidence.

    I repeat, Sam. Take it easy. Fight and never surrender to attacking paranormal entities. Later on you will even learn how to deal and be friends with them.

    Last but not least, fill your empty or idle times with hobbies. You will keep your mind busy. RC planes would be a good one. Talk to your dad about it. He might even join with you in your first RC flight.

    • Sam says:

      Thank you for your comment. Its been quite reassuring. Since I wrote and published this story, I have been able to pull myself together. The occurences have died down a bit, I dont go into my room very often now. I have decided to treat this one day at a time, my parents are finally opening up to the idea of possibly letting a paranormal investigator come here. I will see how it pans out, but i am in a much better place right now. Thanks again for your comment!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Sam,
      I hope you check your emails because I think this might help. I think that there has been something in my room ever since the new year. My family says it’s just scary movies and the ghost books that ever since birth I’ve loved. Although I can see their point of view, deep in the pit of my stomach I’ve always knew and thought that there was something in my room. My t.v in my room would turn on and off, cold spots were found in my room, my friends would always want to sleep in other people’s room when they stayed over just like yours and one night I woke up to a baby jesus portrait by my pillow which was clearly above my bed. And I would always wake up at 3:00A.M when I slept in my room alone. After I told my mom about all this she took a glass cup pour water in 1/4 of it and oil the same amount and placed a lit candle on it that floated, then went up to my room and took the baby jesus portrait leaned it against my desk and placed the cup in fronted of it so the light reflected baby jesus. Every night I do that very same thing and ever since then I have felted a lighter presence.
      Good luck!

      • Sam says:

        Thanks Demi, I do check my emails! Its good to know that someone has had a perphaps similar experience to me. I am not sure if the reilgious thing is for me just yet, but I am speaking with a minister, perhaps I will be able to find faith soon. Thanks again, your comment helped a lot.

  2. Mellisa says:

    Hi Sam,
    I believe you. I don’t have any special abilities nor am I a psychic, however I do believe you. Maybe if you find a real exorcism or a psychic or the paranormal investigation you can ask them to prove your parents instead of exorcism. I mean, ii know you might already do this, but how about have a talk to your parents once more and said that you are 100% serious there’s ghost & the paranormal team ought to come to prove them that there’s really ghost.
    I’m angry actually at your parents. Sending you to theraphists, councillors, and doctors, instead of really listening to you. I always feel dissappointed if I see parents who rather close their mind instead of believing in their children. They don’t help you at all. They hurt you and made you feel even more horrible instead of being by your side to help you deal with the ghost.

    My prayer might be not that efffective but tonight I promise that I’ll pray for you so God will help to make things better for you.

    • Sam says:

      Thanks for your comment. It has helped a lot. I am in a much better place right now, and I feel stronger. The ‘events’ have died down a little bit. Thank you so much for your concern, and the prayer. It means a lot. Thanks again, I will see what happens from here.

      • Mellisa says:

        I’m glad. for you. :)
        I hope the paranormal can find something that will help you to prove the existence of the entity.
        Although I said I was angry at your parents at the same time I could feel how they actually loved you and cared about you. I could see that from your story how they wanted to make you happy with the new room. They did send you to therapists, but they actually do that because they truly care about you. So I’m hoping that eventually they will accept & believe that there’s really an evil entity that bother you in your room. ^__^

  3. trolldoll says:

    i would definately think about moving! it does sound like you’re being haunted. do some reserch on the house!

  4. Krisha says:

    I believe your story 100%, it sounds so terrifying and i can’t even imagine what you’re going through. I know you said you’re not overly religious but maybe see that vicor again ask for some bible versus that may help with this that you can yell at the entities when they are attacking you. It may not help but at this stage I think anything is worth a shot? I know its easy for me to say this because it’s not happening to me, but by all means be scared, but don’t let the shadow thing know you are. Be strong, assertive, even just yell “In Jesus’ name be gone forever” or something like that, i heard that can work wonders, even if it’s just tempory, just to keep you from tipping over the edge while you figure other things out. Hang in there, keep popping onto this site if you need support, we’re hear for you, if we run out of advice we can at least give you a sympathetic ear and believe you. Xo

  5. red velvet says:

    hello sam, i want to tell you that i believe you, even though i have never seen a human ghost or a black figure before,in your story from when you said that you got up to the bathroom and saw the glass mirror shatter,to me this part really makes me worry for u because,i do believe that an evil ghost did brake your mirror and i can see by reading your story that you would never physically hurt yourself. i think the best strong way for you to deal with this evil ghost is by being defensive to it by yelling at it and saying awful things to it for it to leave u alone.

  6. Pat says:

    I am so very sorry to hear of your encounters! I would seriously ask your father to please just spend one night down in your room… maybe he will see or hear or experience something himself (though cetrainly i hope nothing serious happens to him)! Have you tried leaving a tape recorder on or setting up a cam corder? Showing your parents PROOF is all the amunicion you will need! Best of luck!

  7. Pantera says:

    i believe ur story. DO NOT kill ur self. i think i know what ur double self was that u saw sleepin in ur bed. legend has it that sometimes, when ppl see themselves, it means they r goin to die soon. the double image could hav been a devil or demon that might kill u. im not tryin to scare u so dont freak out. but thats my explanation for that. and the reason y the demons r startin to show up now is cuz the workers disturbed them when they tore out that wall. they either died in there or u r livin on an indian burieal ground. and they didnt know u were there till the workers tore out that wall.

  8. Dakota says:

    dont worry sam i believe you. just dont kill yourself watever you do thats what it wants. i think you should get recorders and camcorders and mabe put a crucafix (epicly misspelled lol ) in your bathroom. also try and contact te builders and ask hy they quit

  9. stan says:


    I’ve been researching/investigating the paranormal for 30 years. What you are experiencing is preternatural (not supernatural -which is associated with God). You say you were not raised in any religion – I suggest that the absence of God in your life is the primary reason that you are so succeptible to preternatural attacks. These entities have but one objective – harrass you and make you so miserable that you kill yourself. They are aware that you have no relationship with Christ, which means that when you die, you will spend eternity with them, not with God. However, they must get you to kill yourself before you are able to commit your life to Christ. They know you are afraid, and they will feed off of that fear – they know that your parents will not believe you or provide you with any spiritual support – they know that all of this will eventually wear you down and you’ll commit suicide out of desperation and then your soul belongs to them for eternity. I recommend that you go see a minister and explain to him what is happening to you – tell him that you are having suicidal thoughts and ask for his help. No ghost hunter or paranormal investigator will be able to offer you the spritual protection that Christ offers. People will laugh this off and call me a Jesus-freak and threaten to burn down my house and kill my first born, etc, for telling you this. They’ll accuse me of trying to “shove my religious beliefs down everyone’s throats”…they’ll say things like – “all of you Christians are just alike, you blame everything on Satan, whooooo….” You should ignore them as I do – they have no idea that they are pawns in Satan’s spritual battle with God. At one time, i was a devout atheist and was sure that God, the bible, Christ, all of that “religious” stuff was a huge lie, perpetuated by men to manipulate and control others. What i discovered during that 30 years of investigating the paranormal opened my eyes to the real truth and completely convinced me that God and Satan absolutely do exist and that Satan spends every minute of every day trying to steal your soul from God. Go to a priest or minister – keep looking until you find one that will belive you and take you seriously – any minister that dismisses Satan is himself a pawn of Satan – trust me. I hope the best for you my friend.

    • Sam says:

      Thank you very much for your comment. I will be going to have a talk with someone from my local church again soon. I am not sure if I am willing to fully commit myself to anything yet, I hope you can understand that. But I will explain my position, and consider everything that I am told! And don’t worry, I understand that you’re trying to help, and not ‘shoving your religion down my throat’ I fully respect all relgions, I have just never found faith in one yet, perhaps these evnts will change that? In the meantime, as I mentioned above, I am in a much better place and the paranormal events have died down a bit. All of the comments on my story have helped me gain strength and show whatever this is, that I am not scared. Thanks again for your comment. I will see what happens from here.

  10. blue lotus says:

    OK, first of all don’t panic.

    The entity that is tormenting you appears to be some sort of lower astral being. Have you ever wondered why these beings possess humans? The answer is they need something from their victims.

    According to Eastern belief systems astral beings known as hungry ghosts need food and offerings from the human plane to satisfy their hunger – they apparently draw out the essence of the food once an offering is made. They will usually pick a human victim and untill an offering is made in exchange for them leaving the victim they will continue to torment that person. So you need to negotiate this with the entity that is bothering you and make some offering (food and drink) with the condition that they leave you alone. Leave the offering out at night near a place where three roads meet. Good Luck!

  11. Carri says:

    Sam when your parents did the renovation it open a portal to the spirit world. The portal let a demon come at you. Ghost can come out of mirrors. that is why the mirror broke into your hands. Your parent’s should believe you. they sound cruel. wear a cross. these demons are messing with you because you are young and weak. they love to come at the young.
    you may need to bless your room and the house with holy water. you need a priest to do an exorcism. sometimes this exorcism doesn’t work. then you need to move out. can’t they put the room back the way it used to be? you may need someone also who can see the spirit world. but a Catholic priest is your best bet. pray for God’s protection.

  12. prettyma says:

    Hey….You should get bold with it and tell it to leave and that its NOT THEIRS ANYMORE and they dont belong there…..I hope you do find faith and I will pray for you because that is a very scary thing to encounter..

  13. Dawn says:

    I am responding again. You have been on my mind and I can not sleep. I believe that the builders disturbed something in the basement. Something that was present in the area of the shower which is now storage space. I need to know if things are stored there now? Placing boxes or other things on top of where this thing was is a lot like placing things upon a grave. The thing is angry the space has been disturbed. There is a reason why it was blocked off..something has happened in the home long ago. You can find out about the house at the court house. There should be some kind of record on who has owned the house or who has lived there in the past. I really want to talk to you because I need more information on the things that have been occuring. Most importantly you are not alone and please be strong because I believe you and I am wanting to help.

    • Sam says:

      Thanks, but I really dont want anyone to worry about me, let alone lose sleep over it. I am thinking the same as your though, that something happened in that space, it was covered up and now, in uncovering it, whatever spirit was there is angry (at me) Its not actually used as storage space now, its an extension on the end of the bathroom. It has the sink and mirror (that smashed, but is now replaced) and a small cupboard thing for towels etc. I am still wary of going down there, but perhaps removing the cupboard thing from that area could help perhaps. I have asked to re-hire the builders and get the space blocked off again but that may have to wait. I can’t find anything of interest out about the house, but I will keep looking. As I say its not too old and only had about 4 or 5 owners I think. I dont want to jump to conclusion and assume there is a body buried under the floor of the uncovered space but perhaps, in the worst case scenario, there is. The only other possible theory I had, and I havnt said this out loud to anyone or include it in my story because it sounds really horrible. But perhaps somebody committed suicide in the shower (when a shower was in the space), but slitting their wrists with glass, and then tried to recreate it with me by smashing the mirror on my hands? And, as I mentioned above, I used to wake up with scratches along the inside of my wrists! Its just a theory, and it dosnt really help anyway. Thanks again, there is no need to worry, I am feeling alot better now and my parents are starting to come around to helping me figure out what this is.

  14. Brad says:

    in vodo they use saw dust in door ways to prevent any enemy dead or alive from crossing the line made in a door way. (anyone that has a harmful intent against you) but you must believe that it will protect you.(since ur not regilous you will have no problem believing in sawdust) so if u want 2 try this place saw dust in your bathroom door way and dont let the line break. the line must be perfect, from end to end. u must have no doubts in ur mind for it to work.

    now if its a demon use salt in stead of saw dust. same rules for placement.

    if its a pissed off angry spirit use olive oil (real olive oil, the oil must be very pure). same rules for placement.

    p.s. demons hate mirrors cause 1. it show how horde they really look. thus they dont like there reflection. so get 1 mirror and place it where u can see the intier room like in a corner facing you. And 2. you can see them clearly in it.

  15. Lewis says:

    I believe you. Dont kill yourself. Tell your parents to sleep with you during the night and spend the day with you in your room. If your parents think your crazy just keep convincing them to the stay the night in your room with you. Tell them you wouldnt do such a thing (like getting cuts, bruises, ruining your room, or failing. Just tell them your room is haunted. You can even take videos and record voices and then you can show them to your parents. All you have to do is not to ruin your life. The spirit just needs something. He’s communicating with you. All he needs is something. This happened to 6 of my friends. They recorded a voice and requested something. The spirit keep saying give me back Elizabeth or something. So just dont ruin your life. Just keep your life. You will have a good life right you move out. So dont destroy it.

    • blue lotus says:

      I agree with Lewis. As I pointed out on my post on May 6th, the spirit needs something from you. This is why spirit entities possess humans. They don’t do it for fun, they do it because they have a need that they want fullfilled Once their need is satisfied they will leave you alone. Usually they will ask for a food offering or some religious rites to be performed on their behalf. This is what my research has shown. So sooner you address this the sooner you can get rid of the ghost. To find out what the ghost needs try to communicate with it or get a spirit medium to do that for you.

  16. AmazingDisgrace says:

    Hey Sam! I thought I’d comment on this just to give you a view that wasn’t religious because I’m not & I’m not going to attempt to put that on you. Have you ever thought about burning sage down there? I know there’s native american traditions that involve that and most have positive results with it. When I was very young, there used to be shadows in my room. I straight told them, “Get out, you’re not welcome here.” There has been one thing to happen since then. 10 years later, it’s all well and good. I also have a question: you haven’t been trying any ouija stuff down there? :) Best of luck and if you need anyone to talk to, let us know.

    Much respect,

  17. anne b says:

    hi sam just to let u know that i belive what your saying is true and respect other peoples comments, as a child i lived in a flat with my mum and 2 older sisters it was haunted thankfully nothing bad ever happened to any of us some scary stuff but nothing to bad, we always knew there was strange things going on around us me personaly i never saw anything just felt a presence alway around and was always freaked out, as an adult i know now that the spirits or what ever they were always came to seek my mum as since a child she has seen spirits my mum never used the q board or tried to contact them she aint even religious of cource she has her own belifes as we all do but doesnt go to church or anything she always told us that if something is haunting u its trying to tell u something so ask it what it wants if theres something u can help them with perhaps your right maybe this person did kill them self in your bathroom i dont know what else to say apart from stay strong dont let anyone or anything make u consider killing yourself u have to make your parents belive you tell them to swap rooms with you then they will realise its not nonsence its all real, i know u said your not religious but theres a site on line that tells u about arch angels print it off and put it under your pillow hopefully ul get some peace from whatever this is good luck and stay strong xx

  18. Jeffrey says:

    Cold and calculating… Hmn… Oh well, can’t do anything about people who don’t believe in the’ para-ab-normal’ stuff. Anyway, if you have little faith or you don’t believe God or spirits exits there is one thing you can do. This may sound stupid, but a psychic friend of mine recommended this method for non believers of faith and religion. I suppose you can use your imagination and that you have a rather stable and firm state of mind, considering your background of growing up not believing in the supernatural, this will be a piece of cake for you. But it would require a lot of concentration and a bit of imagination.

    Since your family doesn’t approve the paranormal approach, you can do the scientific and rational approach which is rather within their grasp.

    It’s most likely that your room had a tragic history and the part of the bathroom that had been boarded up is probably where it happened. If you read some modern medical journals, you’re probably aware the humans and other living beings emit electrical charges, although minute, they can still affect the surrounding. Proof of this is the aura, new scientific studies are trying to explore this phenomenon and it seems that it can affect people and surroundings. If a person is happy, who ever they meet will also feel happy, but if a person is angry the people near them tends to get angry as well. This is just a crash course. So I’ll be short and quick.

    Now that the fact humans can generate an invisible field called an aura is proven, you can use this to protect yourself against that evil entity and you may even use it to fight it off without having to call for any saint or a priest.

    This is very important so pay attention, one small mistake and all what you are going to do will be wasted.

    Before going in to your room, try to empty your mind with any other thoughts, do a little meditation if that will make you relax. Then, imagine a white bubble slowly engulfing your entire body. You must visualize this clearly in order for this to work. This white bubble is your aura. If you are successful in engulfing your body with the bubble you will feel warm and a bit tingly all over your body like having an extra layer of skin. This process is called sterilization, now the trick is keeping it on you while you’re in your room, which in your case will take some time to get used to. It’s like riding a bicycle for the first time, once you get used to it, it’ll be like second nature. This protection will keep the entity from getting near you and possessing you. You can meditate a few minutes a day to develop this ability, and once you are fully able to cover your self easily with the bubble you can try manipulating it.

    The process of manipulation is simple, it’s like imagining an extra pair of limbs. I know this may sound silly, but ever heard of ‘phantom limbs’? Amputees experience this phenomenon, it’s a feeling that they still have their amputated limb and this is a medical fact. You can even ask your mom about it.

    You can slowly train yourself in manipulating your aura into a phantom limb, and you can train this limb to be sturdy and use it to fight off the entity. Another method is filling the room with you protective bubble by expanding it from your body to cover the entire room.

    A psychic friend of mine does this if he feels threatened by unknown entities. You can try this approach if you want to keep not believing in spirits and such. Good luck!

  19. Mareli says:

    Hi Sam,
    I am glad things are looking up for you and that your parents are coming around to the idea of investigators helping to get rid of what ever is lurking in you room. In the meant time, whenever you feel the need, imagine yourself in n bubble of light. And keep on believing that no evil can penetrate this bubble and that the bubble is your protection. It helped for me in the past. Also, you can try sprinkling Epsom Salt in that room, as well as burning white candles. I trust that things will work out for the best for you!

  20. Dawn says:

    Hi! Sam I wrote a comment on May 9th, 2011. I wanted to tell you about spearmint. Spearmint can be found at Wal-Mart by the fresh veggies. The package will say mint. Herbs through the ages have been used for many things from medicine to religious type rituals. Spearmint offers protection while you sleep. Place the spearmint around your room and on your pillow at night. You can look it up online and discover other useful herbs for many other uses. Most people dont realize that herbs we eat everyday have special things about them other then adding spice or flavor to food.

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