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Tormented and Torured by a Shadow Creature

Posted on February 25, 2011

He Likes My Pain

I’m fifteen years and it still won’t go. Since the age of 3 this Shadow Creature (or at least I think that’s what it is) has been there. In the corner, the mirror, watching me in the shower, through a window… it touches me, talks to me, tortures me. I scratch at my arms close my eyes pull at my hair. I beg and beg it to leave me be and it won’t.

When I was three I vividly remember it standing over my crib and mumbling, it reached down and petted my hair, I screamed and it left. My parents thought I was crazy from then on. Sometimes I think I am. It plays games, it walks out of the corner of my eye knowing I can see it but not truly showing itself. It no longer leaves when I scream it no longer goes away. I’m so tired and exhausted. It even went as far as to follow me to school once.

Its attached to me not at locations. I’ve gotten rid of everything I’ve owned since then and it hasn’t left. I’ve tried and tried. I’m at my limit… I just don’t know what it wants. It takes different forms and mumbles to me… I ignore it and it mocks me.

Once when I was 7 it was Christmas and I was at my Grandmothers, I left the room and it showed up, followed me wherever I went. I was terrified. For hours it seemed it would come closer back away mumble reach out but then pull back. I clung to my dad and prayed but no one could calm me down and it stayed.

At 10 I was in the woods alone and it ran at me over and over again howling. I ran and ran until I made it home and then it was silent as it watched me.

Another time a few months later it came trying to get me to hold its hand, to trust it but I wouldn’t and it got angry and left. I can never understand any actual words from it.

Tonight it sat there and watched me, petted my arm and mumbled, I understood a word for the first time, it was mumbled and low and incoherent but I hear one word clearly… love… does it love me or my pain? Did I do something to attract it… I will do anything to make it leave. I’ve apparently done a lot to keep it here by looking at it and interacting even if it is to tell it to leave… I really need help here… I think my mom and dad think I’m insane at this point. I need help… I need someone to help me. Its here now… I’m scared… I can barely type, I really need help.

Sent in by ScaredSince3, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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18 Responses to “Tormented and Torured by a Shadow Creature”
  1. Buds420 says:

    Whenever you see it say “in the name of Jesus Christ I demand you to leave and never come back” that will make it vanish instantly. Just remember God is way more powerful than the devil. And this creature seems evil.

    • K. Smith says:

      You are 15 years old, and there is no quick fix to your situation. There is some open door way in your life that is giving this demon spirit the legal right to torture and harass you. It may be some generational curses i.e. sins inherited from your ancestors or something you got involved with that has given this demon the right to afflict you.

      Buds420 is correct you can rebuke this demon in Jesus name and command it to leave you alone. But demons don’t give up easily. Seeing you are not a Christian, I would never advise a non-christian to enter into a battle with such a powerful demon…..here is a simple prayer that should be said out aloud it may help:-

      Heavenly Father in Jesus name, I am not a Christian, but me merciful unto me a sinner and help me in Jesus name. Please permit your Holy Spirit in Jesus name to deal with this shadow demon that is afflicting me and permit your Holy Spirit in Jesus name to cast this demon far away from me forever. Lord in Jesus name I also humbly ask you to please permit your Holy Spirit to close the door way forever that this demon is using to attach itself to me. I ask for this and I thank you Father for this in Jesus name.

      Now let me give you an example of the power and protection of God. I have angered some very powerful demonic spirits to the point that they have been trying to kill me for years. But MY GOD and his son JESUS have kept me safe and alive because of their great and wondrous power.

      I recently had a dream in which I was transported to the spiritual world where I appeared and stood in a circle surrounded by giant thrones, and on these thrones sat powerful demon princes.

      What is a demon prince? A high ranking powerful demon that controls countries and empires these demon princes have lower ranking demons that report to them. In Satan’s kingdom there are demon princes, kings etc. the title of prince being the highest.

      REVELATION 9:11 – And THEY HAD A KING over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

      In the book of Daniel, the angel of the Lord told Daniel that the Lord had sent him to answer his prayers. But the demon prince of Persia withstood him by keeping him captive so he had to remain with the demon kings of Persia who answered to the demon Prince of Persia

      DANIEL 10:13 – But the PRINCE OF THE KINGDOM OF PERSIA withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia.

      Any way as I stood in the circle, these demon princes talked about me, I could not see their faces nor did I understand what they said. I just stood in the circle of giant thrones. Nevertheless, one of the giant demon princes did say something that I understood which I cannot remember, and it did cause me to approach him and I withdrew a sword and stabbed the demon prince below the knee. Then chaos ensued this giant demon jumped of his throne and came after me to kill me. The other demon spirits panicked and scattered, they all tackled the other demon coming to attack me. They reminded the demon on the attack that I was NOT to be touched because God had not given them permission to hurt me.

  2. Stephie says:

    That is Scary, my heart goes out to you! There is something seriously wrong with this thing attached to you.. Praying to God and the Angels to rid you of your toment. Try holy water and please get your Parents to see you need Spirtual Help. That is your best Defense. Good Luck and God Bless you and keep you..

  3. stevenp says:

    Tell it to leave, and confront it with a bible.Yell at it even if it does not work the first time keep at it. Show it you are not afraid, and wish be alone.

  4. Sandy says:

    Since you heard the word “love” I am thinking that it is a deceased relative, perhaps even someone you knew in a previous life if you believe in that. I finally bought a digital voice recorder — ask for one for your birthday or Christmas — and record what I hear. Seems that the spirits mostly talk faster than we do, so I slow down the words on the recording and I can make them out. I’m not afraid of spirits anymore because I have never heard anything threatening. That might help you and you might even find out who this spirit is.

  5. DARKANGEL says:

    I dont like shadow creatures! i had one visit me when i was 15 years old. he had the outline of a man with a hat and trenchcoat. i couldnt see his face,but he said one thing.”you know who i am”. i was so terrified. i relate to the fear. but throughout my life and experiences with the paranormal. i learned that you never ever so (fear) the entity feeds off ofit if it is a deceased relative or someone attached to the land. they may have died tragically or fast,which sometimes confuses the ghost. they dont realize their dead. as some have stated plead the blood of “jesus”. if its a evil spirit it will definately run. i hope u find some peace.

  6. MinxSoul says:

    I have had shadow creatures in my life as well. Hang in there. Because of your age it will try really hard now to get to you. Be strong, tell it to go and picture a door being closed and locked. It helps to quiet it down. I have had the Devil come to me in dreams when I was your age. I am 37 now and things do get better. It gets its power from fear. Burn Sage and invision white light in your mind. You will get through this.

  7. Sean says:

    It’s important to get support from positive people who understand your situation.

    You have got this dark being that is being a bully to you, so the answer is to create a connection to the “light” side so that you can connect with powerful good beings (such as your guardian angel) so that you can be safe.

    Prayer is very powerful, and it is the best thing that works in these kinds of situations, but it’s also important to build it up, like any other skill.

    Can you find a good spiritual group to be with? Have them help you and give you advice and pray with you. You can get rid of this thing — just find a good connection to the positive spiritual side and this thing will get kicked out of your life.

    IF you turn on the light in a dark room the darkness is immediately gone. Turn on the light of faith and good spirituality in your life so that this shadow being will be banished by the light.

    You’re going to do it, but you will need help and support from other people and from the light itself — you can do it — many others have.

  8. Dylan says:

    I believe it feeds on fear and pain..If it happens to me I would shout at it,if it hurts me I will laugh it off and mock it making it believe that it has no hope of winning-just show who’s superior..Yea I am a Buddhist thats why I do not bring God to the picture.

  9. trolldoll says:

    i think you need to talk to a paranormal specialist that also specializes in other areas.

  10. Katie says:

    I really hope you find some peace. I would suggest maybe scrying or having a reading from a medium. it would help alot to have the name of whatever is following you. Having its name would give you the power to rid yourself of it completely. i wish you luck and i dont know what religion you are but i will pray to my goddess for your protection.

  11. charque says:

    i think that you should ignore it and when you do see it just keep walking away from it like you dont know its there…dont acknoledge it at all

  12. Stan says:

    scaredsince3 – whatever you do – do not try to communicate with this evil presence. It sounds very much like a familiar. You must get rid of it at all costs – it’s ulitmate goal is to destroy your life. DO NOT ALLOW IT! Please go to Amazon and order a book called “They Shall Expel Demons” and read it cover to cover. it will give you a lot of insight into the origin of this evil and its objectives in your life. BUT TODAY – RIGHT NOW – go to a minister or priest and tell them your story. If they don’t take you seriously, go to another one unitl you find one that believes you and offers to help you. I have studied this stuff for many, many years. Trust me – NOTHING you do on your own will change this situation. These entities are way more powerful and way smarter than you and me. Avoid mediums and channelers and physics (any gift they have is not normally divine) You need God’s help – go see a minister before it is too late. Read my post from today to the “Orbs and a 6 foot monster” story for more information. I’ll be praying for you.

  13. jk says:

    It is called a “Familiar”. Not a familiar spirit just a “Familiar”. It is a low level evil spirit that does not have the power to do some of the fancy things that full blown demonics can do. What it is trying to do is slowly and methodically worm its way inot your life. What it is seeking is some sort of committment from you, like saying that you never want it to leave, or jokingly say that you will marry it. Any kind of verbal committment like that alllows it the legal right to stay with you and then you will need a deliverence or exorcism to get rid ot it. Many have given you the key answer. Jesus. The very next time you see this thing simply say out loud or think out loud if you cannot speak, “Jesus rebuke you” or ” the blood of Christ rebuke you” it will leave in a cloud of dust. Since this is the only fix and since it will be miraculous God does expect you to seek to know Jesus more because if He does this for you it is out of His love. Seek Him and He will give you peace everlasting.

  14. lala says:

    You really need help.I think you should go to mental hospital.Best advice. =)

  15. yvonne says:

    God is in control of everything and if he is allowing this to happen to you, it is for a reason. He wants you to learn something from all this. He wants you to realize how much you need his son Jesus. Once you do, and let him take control of not only this situation but every aspect of your life he will rescue you. God uses all situations even bad ones to communicate with us if we will only pay close attention. you need to try to get closer to God by praying and reading the bible. Its always easier when you surround yourself with otherswho are close to him so that they can encourage you. I will be praying for you.

  16. Mrs.Varner says:

    I’m sorry for your horrible experiences, ScaredSince3. My husband has had a similar kind of thing happen to him. When he was young he was lost in the woods in Kentucky where he was from. This man/dog animal told him it would help him out if he gave it something. Well…the creature never specified. It had a name, which I honestly don’t know how to say well, let alone type. It’s like a harsh whisper. It never left the land he lived upon and the ONLY time it ever touched or came near him was the night before my mother attempted suicide. Warning? The “thing” followed my husband until about two years ago. He finally took control of his situation and banished it. We have had no further issues since then. Best of luck, and do update us on your situation.

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