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Toddler Haunting Continued

Posted on December 15, 2009

Hello again, As I mentioned in my other story, Toddler Haunting, there is a spirit of a young boy in my house. Its been two months since we have been living here, and now my son talks about the “boy” every day. The boy follows him, he talks to the boy, he sees him.

About a month ago, my son told my mother that there was a girl in the restroom, and his babysitter told me that he said the girl likes to shower with my sister. Ever since I found out about the girl, my son has been horrified of her. He can no longer be alone in a room ever since he first saw her, he started being so afraid and I can tell the difference between the boy and the girl.

Once I woke up at around 5 am to find that my son was on the edge of the bed talking (I couldn’t understand) and when I asked what he was doing, he said he was talking with the boy, and he continued his conversation. I got very scared cause he pointed right next to me, so I got up and grabbed him and laid him down, terrified. But the boy actually only talks with him, I’m not sure what the girl does, he never says, once I walked out of the room to go to the kitchen and my son let out a scream and I ran back to find him hiding under my desk, saying the girl wanted to hit him. He keeps saying she wants to hit him, and I just have to make sure he’s never alone, I’m beginning to get very paranoid.

I actually feel very uneasy, there are nights I can’t sleep cause I feel uneasy, like if the girl plays tricks on me, once I was wide awake and I always sleep with the bathroom light on, so I saw the shadow of the door closing fast and I turned around to see the door and it was fine. Other times, I wake up and feel a tightening on my chest, like I can’t breathe. Once I woke up but somehow I was already awake, my eyes were wide open and I was staring at the ceiling, that was weird! Another time I was drifting off and I felt someone whisper in my face, then they let out a loud gasp in my face and I got scared and sat right up.

About three days ago I was home alone with my son, and all the lights were off except the Christmas tree in the living room. I decided to go to the kitchen, and as I was walking out I saw from the hallway into the kitchen table, there was an older man sitting in the table and my heart stopped, he looked right at me and that’s when I ran back in my room. I pushed my son in and locked the door behind me, I was horrified, I heard footsteps behind me, as if they were running behind me, then they stopped outside the door and I stayed stiff not even breathing, then they walked back into the living room. God was I horrified! My son was saying its ok, mommy. Like if he knew what was out there.

So now I know there are three spirits here, I’m not sure about any others yet. Its getting to be very scary, I know someone mentioned not to be afraid because they feed off that. Also they feed on negative energy. I don’t know what to do I’m just very scared. Other than myself and my son, my brother and sister have also experienced unexplained things. My brother said he was laying face down on the floor and he felt someone breathing hard on him, he had his iPod on so he just thought it was one of us, he said I can see you there, leave me alone. But the breathing continued, so he lifted his head up fast to surprise whoever was there only to find that there was no one there, except my sister who was asleep on the couch, and her boyfriend asleep on the other couch.

Also, exactly a month before I moved back in here my sister and her boyfriend were asleep in the living room, at around 4 am, she said they were awaken by six loud bangs, as if someone was jumping up and down but hard, even my mother came out of her room and ran to see what was going on. She said it was on the table, or around the table area. It was unexplained.

Over the three years we have lived here, we have had three different next-door neighbors, and the walls are kinda thin. Whenever that next-door apartment was empty we would still hear footsteps and water running. The owner pays for the water utilities so there is always water service. But the footsteps were always there, in the morning hours, and in the night, and banging on the walls. For some reason my son says the girl is through the wall, now I think she’s from the other side. Maybe when that apartment is empty she comes here, but there are tenants there now and I haven’t heard about the girl for about a week. But there is definitely a haunting going on.

I don’t know what to do, powder sounds too messy cause we have carpet all over except the kitchen and restrooms. If anyone has comments or suggestions, please share! Thanks for reading another one of my experiences.

Sent in by Camila, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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19 Responses to “Toddler Haunting Continued”
  1. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    At this point, i dont think the powder would do any good. many of you are experiencing all sorts of different things. you have a very active house, i may have told you that in your last story. The hardest thing is not to show fear, i know that. I also get fearfull at times. Whatever this is, it seems to be just trying to scare you. Has anyone been hurt??? This could be coming from the neighbors house, for sure. Have you ever talked with anyone who lived there?

    As i am a very private person, i probably would not talk to the neighbor, as they might think of me as crazy.. Its hard to know what to do…for now, keep your son with you at all times, as it seems that he is feeling attacked… Children are very intuative.

    I wish i had some advice for you!!! Has your family sat down together and had a talk about all of this?? hang in there honey, im sure there will be some good advice coming your way.. i will keep your family in my prayers and thoughts.

    God bless your family,,ktm

    Please take my fears Lord,Sometimes thats all i have to give you. I am putting them into your hands….Amen

  2. trolldoll1681 says:

    have you tried telling them to leave. the old man sounds harmless. the little boy probably used to live there, the same with the girl but i don’t know about her especially if she wants to hurt your son. maybe you need some ghost hunters. there are countless things you can try. i’m sure you’ll get lots of advice in here. do what makes you comfortable. don’t be afraid. they really can’t hurt you, but they can make frightening noises and scare you and your family. take notes. when and where you see them and what there doing. maybe there’s a pattern. look up previous tenants and how long they were there. just hang in there and listen to all the knowledge that comes from us. we care.

  3. Kim says:

    Do not talk to any spirit. Most evil spirits pretend to be loved ones that passed away and children. They try to gain your trust to gain greater entrance into your life or into your childrens life. They can also capture images and sounds and smells of prior experiences of people and replay them. I believe that is what is happening in your case. This is a trick to make you think you are dealing with an innocent dead human spirit. The best thing to do is ask Jesus to come into your life and read and memorize Luke 10:19. And tell the spirit to leave in Jesus name. Otherwise if you start talking with the spirit, it will will not stop bothering you. There is a lot of good material on line, and I would suggest reading about house cleansing, through and via Jesus Christ. The other stuff out there is only a temporary remedy and could end up bringing more evil into your home. It is extremely important that you tell your child not to talk to this child. Most spirits want to gain entrance into living human bodies. I do not recommend this, but I am positive that if you commanded the “spirit toddler” to reveal it’s true identity, in the name of Jesus, you would see the true face or vision of the evil spirit representing itself as a child. If you do a house cleansing through a Minister. Make sure that you do not have anything that might draw the spirits back into your home. Like Oija boards, or rampant sin, in your house. There are some good books about house cleansing. There are some things that will draw evil into your home. It may also already exhist there. There is a good man that can get rid of the spirits by the name of Pastor Greg Haggart. Or G.P. Haggart. You may want to contact him.

  4. Lucy parra says:

    Hey. Well. That is very scary. Y not move? I think i would have already moved. Stuff like that really scare me although imust say i love hearing about it. Its interesting.

  5. Jenifer Mills - Young says:

    Having seen my grandfather’s ghost at 5 and my mum totally not coping – it has effected how I ‘ handle ‘ spirits – I have been much more open with my own children as a result.
    Seeing my mother so scared had a profound effect on me – when I couldn’t really make sense of what was going on myself – i was just a little kid like your son.
    The first rule would be to educate yourself from reliable sources so you know what you are dealing with and also empower yourself and your son.
    My son also ” saw things ” since he was small but I always told him his grandfather would come if he was ever scared. Is there a deceased relative or friend you could ask to ‘keep an eye’ on your son?
    We’ve moved into a new house in March 09 and I knew something male was in the house pretty much straight away – my husband is army and currently on deployment and he actually saw the ghost in July during a visit ( when I hadnt told him what was happening ) my daughter was feeling more ” spooked ” than anything specific and I suggested she ask my grandfather to pop in and keep an eye on her ( she saw his shadow on the wall that night in Sunday hat and suit! ) and she reckons her room as been fine ever since!
    ” Kevin ” as we’ve dubbed him – doesn’t dare go in her room now.
    I have to empower my son still even at 17 because as a teenager its ” not cool ” to see dead people ( he assures me ) but you have to tailor it their age and understanding. Kids will pick up on your fear and get confused about what they are experiencing – if the girl wants to hit your son – the inherent problem is she has to play nice by the same house rules or she’ll have to go – almost like have a regular child visitor and you can tell her that and meant it! Just like talking to a regular child visitor.
    You have to be prepared to be brave and stand your ground.
    I have had ” words” with ” Kevin ” on occassion as well, as some of his antics were getting disruptive…..if he wanted to share a house with us – he had to ‘ play nice ‘ too.
    Adult Ghosts can misbehave too! I cannot imagine having 2 ghost kids as well…..and they will act…..just like kids…naughty….mischevious….and cheeky……if you let them.
    Good luck!

  6. Hossam Hamdy says:

    The new part here is the old man you had seen in the kitchen,I think that was very terrifying , these eerie incidents will affect your small kid & will leave bad impression at him,now he talks to them, sometimes scream & seems that he can react with them or may also understand why they are here,when he told you ” It is O.K Mom”.If you want my advise,you should move out again to be sure if these ghosts will follow you or not.I think that you are not safe here,Pls. move out quickly.
    I pray for you & your family.
    Take care.

  7. Camila says:

    Thanks to all for the comments and suggestions, Hossam and KTM, I was speaking to the manager yesterday because there was a drive-by on sunday outside the building, and thats when the manager unleashed, he told us that before we moved in, about 4 years ago, this neighborhood and building used to be dominated by gangs and there would be shootings here all the time, he revealed something to us we had never known before, he said a 16 year old girl was shot and killed inside the building by gang rivalry going on outside, and the tenants who used to live in our apartment were “shot up” right outside the door, he even showed us the bullet hole they left on the wall. for some reason we had never seen it before. Anyway that made the previous family move out of here. Now im beginning to suspect the girl isnt a toddler at all, shes the 16 yr old who was brutally killed she used to be next door. I’m thinking maybe shes upset that she was killed in such a tragic way and shes a mean spirit. I’ve seen the boy before and he seems pretty harmless, but like they say they might be trying to trick you, as for the old dude I havent seen him since that one time, this place is just getting scarier and scarier. I dont own any ouija boards, im actually catholic and i have religious things all over the room and around the house. However, we never did bless the house when we moved in which is probably what we should do now!! thanks for the comments I will keep everyone updated!! thanks Hossam and KTM & trolldoll for following my story and caring.

  8. Rod says:

    Try communicating with them through a quija i wouldnt try it. but it might work since you know they are there and ask them why they wont leave. But its a big risk since you could invite others with the quija. Not very good advice but you should know.

  9. Camila says:

    Thanks Jenifer, Kim and Lucy for the comments. Jenifer, isnt it weird how you can just tell when theres something there? i know its strange before I posted this story I posted a comment on one of my other stories (lol) about feeling a man’s presence in my room when I was in my room, and a month later I see the man, that was just strange it took me completely by surprise that’s why I ran like the wind back to my room. I’m not too sure about the footsteps though, like why would he run after me? 2 nights ago I was dreaming that there was someone on the roof, I live on the last floor, and i just remember someone kept running back and forth on top of the roof above my room, and I woke up and heard the running. but it was 3am, who would be up on the roof and on a rainy night? Lucy and Hossam, I really do wish I could move, but my mom is very attached here we can’t move especially now I’m unemployed. Thanks for all your comments!

  10. Hossam Hamdy says:

    Now You have the clear evidences that your house is haunted with evil spirits,we also know about the poor girl & why she is malicious as she was killed before,also the tenants who were shot up outside the door,all the house sounds to be haunted by all spirits who passed out by tragic way, if your Mom knows all these stories I doubt that she will be attached to the house for one hour,you are all in dangerous situation,I wish also you can urgently find a job in another place to move out.If you do not mind I also want to ask you about your husband? where is he?!!
    I wish you can solve the problem sooner,we all care of you Camila.

  11. Camila says:

    Rod, thanks for the advice, but No thanks!!! i dont wanna go anywhere near a ouija board! those things are evil i’ve never touched one and i dont plan on it.! like others say it might even make things worse!
    My husband is here, he believes in what i tell him ever since my last experience with “daniel” he admits to the bed shaking when hes in there alone, and admits to other things. My mom knows all these things but she’s totally obsessed with the house i’m not sure why? shes weird, i guess since shes the only one who hasnt had an experience. nothing strange happens in her room, and we’ve been trying to move elsewhere, but she won’t budge. I am actually going back to school and i’m putting my job hunting on hold, I didnt really have much success in the past 2 months looking for a job so my husband suggested I go back to school and take advantage of the little bit of rent we pay here. you know how it is living with your parents.lol. who knows? maybe one of these days we can finally convince my mom to move out of here, but for now she’s just blinded by what she thinks is a perfect apartment, and thanks Hossam for caring! I will keep everyone updated on it I know things happen little by little, and every other day, but definitely I will post any new unusual things! thanks for reading this extra long comment~!!take care

  12. Indiangirl says:

    There is the possibility that they are demons disguising themselves. You do want to be careful. But there is also the possibility that they are just souls that have not passed over and are not evil at all. Not all ghosts are evil. Some use to be humans, too. There is a fine line to walk when communicating. I am no expert at this, however. Try some of the different suggestions in making them leave. If they are demons, then great – they will be gone. If they just need help passing over – then great, you helped them.
    It seems to me the girl may be just be a jealous brat. She may have been a brat in real life. We just had this discussion in TP that a personality doesn’t change just because it left the body. Kids have a great intuition about the other side. If the little boy doesn’t feel threatened by the boy or the man, I doubt they are evil. It doesn’t mean they aren’t scary, though! Good luck!

  13. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Camila, now that you know the truth about your home, it does seem to make more sence!!! I think what you guys are deallng with are spirits that are lost.. In all of the commotion and carnage, they just got lost!!! Im sure the home that i left also has a spirit who is lost….

    I have also been told , in the past to move because of a haunting, but, its almost impossible to just get up and move, it takes money and time.. I have moved manytimes in my life, so i know!!!

    Hopefully, you can make peace with all of the spirits, maybe thats all they need is comfort. I live with many spirits, and we have come to an understanding.. But, sometimes something else comes in and we have to start all over again.. you can deal with it…. all of the entitys have to get along with each other, and your family…

    At this point, i think thats your only option, unless you know a priest that will bless your home.. There are many priests that wont do this, as they are afraid of being attacked….

    Keep in touch with us, and let us know whats going on!!! i will be praying for you and your family,, take care,, ktm

  14. Rod says:

    :( Okay i guess! Yea i dont blame you on not wanting to try it. :) i wouldnt want to either well maybe i would i have never tried it but i want tooo. Just to see what happens, and good luck with the huntings i have to little children and nothing would freak me out more than to see them talking to someone who isn’t there. Well i guess if i would see something like that i would video tape it to see if anything comes out or put a audio recorder see if anything comes up on it and last but not least take some photos just to see what comes out you can probably get some good results just make sure you post them really intrested in seeing them.

  15. Camila says:

    KTM, i know!! it is pretty pricey to move around and such, and wth me being unemployed its worse. But what I am wondering now is why if we have lived here for 3 years we are starting to become aware of it now? I mean I saw the boy myself a couple of months after we moved in but no one believed. Well until now its our 3rd year here and now that my son can talk is how we are finding out about him talking to the boy. The girl does seem like a jealous brat, my sister was 15 when we moved in and shes now 18, she might be attached to her cause theyre close in age? but she doesnt “make her presence known” to her, just to my son and well of course to me, to freak me out I guess I just know when it’s her. I just cant understand why I am experiencing this now, and not before, could it be that maybe the young man in my other house opened up a portal of some sort? well the girl did die in a very tragic way a lot of people were hurt in all this gang rivalry and they left. It’s actually these 2 apartments that are next to each other that were left vacant, and as I mentioned before the next door neighbors just dont last there.
    Rod, Yea even though I am pretty curious about the board, I would never try to use one! other than being a catholic, I’m a wuss thats why i’m surprised I havent ran out of the house like a crazy lady! but thanks for suggesting I know it would make things way worse and maybe even bring more spirits in. about the whole camera and pictures thing i’m totally up for it except I want to know if there’s any way that would make things worse?

  16. horseylover17 says:

    As far as reading this story I have a lot to say. First of all research the place u r living in. Something could have happened and these events could be triggered by that. Second hire some ghost hunters. They help and give good advise. Some ghost hunters have pyschics with them and they can contact the spirits to see what happen to them and why they haunt the places their in. Since two of the ghost are childern its possible they dont know their dead or their not ready to leave because they know that they have some family members who are still alive. Another thing is that it also depends where the apartment was once build at. It could be like a graveyard, a orphange, or a hospital. Ether way u must find out information about the apartment or the site its build in. Still u either have to go ghost hunting urself or hire proffesionals. I recomend u research and get ghost hunters. I hope this helps u.

  17. AnotherOne says:

    Maybe the “children” ghosts like your youthful mothering energy. Try reading the Bible out loud every night with your family and ask God to intervene in this horrible situation. Spirits like to follow children because they are naive and trusting. I think you see them because you are supposed to as the mother of your innocent and vulnerable son. It is your responsibility and opportunity to stop these spirits from clinging to your child and future children. You have the authority and power (in Christ) to put an end to it. If they are human spirits-show them the light. If they are demons in disguise-show them the exit-then seal it with the blood of Christ (figuratively speaking in that you call your right as a mother to protect your child).
    I had a situation very similar to yours in a previous apartment. I learned that spirits can actually touch you-even while your praying. To make a long story short, I saw the light and told the little “boy” to go to the light and talk to Jesus and that his Grandma was waiting for him there. He let go of my hand and went right to it-never saw him again. You may try that, too.

  18. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Camila, i am still praying for you and your family. You had wondered why things are getting worse, and that you had bean there for 3 years now. Just think in your own family, is there tension, or stress?? Any big changes in the past 3 years? I am not trying to pry at all, just think of changes going on…….

    Who has been in your home, maybe visiting? It could be so many things stirring all of this up.. you already know that you have some sort of haunting, dont bother taking pics, or recording, things could get worse.. you dont have to prove anything….

    I know what happened with the shootings, but you said that there was a drive by recently??? I think you know, any time something like that has happened, the area will always be invaded by spirits… many have no clue on how to move on.

    . you had also said that gangs used to live there, that is negative energy also.. People that are alive can leave very negative energy…

    Think about it, it may not be a spirit at all.. it could just be all the negativity that has been in that area for so long…. you could try painting the walls, that may help a little….

    I think at this point,, anything you do is basically a band aid.. it might help a little. The area has been so contaminated by crime, i dont think there is much you can do, but try to accept it.. I just hate to say that……..

    By living in an unsafe area, you are feeling stress all of the time, and so is your family. Thats enough to make things happen….

    God bless you and your family hun,,, ktm

  19. Camila says:

    Thanks KTM, that might be true with the residual negative energy others have left behind, I would be thinking that but I know I’ve seen that boy before here he’s a friendly little one. The area was affected by crime but recently some lowlife gang member moved into the building and he knows he’s in the wrong territory, hence the recent drive by was actually aimed at him back in the garage, it wasn’t random shooting. Needless to say, that lowlife is leaving the building and good riddance! People here don’t need that we all have families and small children. So then pictures could make it worse. By now everyone knows what’s going on well my mom won’t admit to it she’s still in La-La land but good news about the painting! She actually painted the living room and kitchen for thanksgiving day. That’s all we did all day! Now that’s a good idea we will just try painting all the rooms. I will also try to read the bible to my son every night like anotherone suggested. Thanks! And horseylover, about ghost hunters, I don’t really know much about except the TAPS show (lol) I don’t know if there are any in this area or if they charge,and how much,etc. But that’s also a good suggestion thanks everyone for the comments I really appreciate them

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