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To People Claiming to be Vampires

Posted on August 20, 2009

As I’m guessing many regular visitors know, vampirism has been a big subject recently. Many people have come forward claiming to be one and writing stories about their “experiences”. I find this very interesting in this time, with vampires being so popular. Lets explore this.

Stories of vampirism have been around for hundreds, even thousands, of years but back then they were seen as monsters sneaking into your home to suck the very life essence out of you. There were thousands of deaths blamed on them, leading to corpses being dug up and mutilated in the name of the safety of the village. Of course, nobody came forward claiming to be a vampire, and that’s understandable. But in the “age of enlightenment”, still nobody stepped forward with these claims.

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Written by Bracket, Copyright 2009 VampireTruthOrMyth.com

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99 Responses to “To People Claiming to be Vampires”
  1. geogirlforever says:

    This is beautiful, I loved every part of it. Thank you for sharing. Oh another thing, you descriped me here:

    ‘Changing of eye color, Being more comfortable in the dark, Heightened sexual appetite,
    A ring around the iris’

    No I don’t think I’m a ‘vampire’ now, but I wonder how many vampires we will find in here.

    I want to suck your blood…. keep smiling….

  2. scarygirl67 says:

    Awesome article, Bracket…..it’s obvious you’ve done your research. As with the Vampire Compendium, I see that so many “traits” of vampires didn’t even exist before the imagination of writers and storytellers put them there.

    Of course it’s a good point that immortality has its appeal. Not for me personally…..I would get tired and just want it to be done at some point. However wanting something to be true can’t make it so.

  3. Jamie says:

    This was really great. Very well written and informative. Now let’s just wait for all the twelve- I mean 150 year old “vampires” to add thair two cents. Thanks for the wonderful read!

  4. CMF says:

    Bravo…. Thanks!
    You and eye see I to I.

  5. Caretaker says:

    Note to all – We have Discussions about Vampires going on in our forum ~ http://www.talkparanormal.com/forum-73.html. Head on over and see what’s going on.

  6. Karen M. says:

    Bracket, absolutely right this is just a current phase that is going on, no need to mention why, or the name of the movie, maybe next year we’ll all be smurfs!

  7. Bracket says:


    Wait, that doesn’t seem right. I can’t quite put my finger on it though.

  8. Jamie says:

    Karen, I used to pretend I was a smurf! Does this mean I’m a trendsetter??

  9. Bracket says:

    Karen M.

    Yeah. :)

    I can’t believe they’re making that movie by the way.

  10. Karen M. says:

    LOL, Jamie, yes you are except if you still live in your mushroom house! :)

  11. DarStarr says:

    You guys are too funny! I am sitting here at work, laughing my butt off! Oh, how totally Smurfy!!!!!!!!!

  12. Bracket says:

    I’ve noticed that anybody who has been claiming to be a vampire has not commented yet.

  13. Karen M. says:

    They foreclosed on that mushroom house years ago!

  14. Karen M. says:

    That’s simple Bracket, it is because your article outweighs all of their imaginary symptoms, thus they have to tell their story, cause they know that they wouldn’t have a leg to stand on here!

  15. ichigo says:

    I guess it totally annoys you, huh? I’m a smurf! I’m really small, I live in a mushroom and I have pointy ears. Umm I get stepped on sometimes. Everybody will prob be werewolves. Elves and witches. Lawl.

  16. Luver Girl says:

    haha if they didnt drain their prey dry, they might turn, but usually you need an exchange of blood, so the vampire blood has to be in you in order to supposedly turn, so if every vampire that preyed on a human did n exchange of blood, then they all be turned, but if you just prey on them n drain them dry, they wouldnt have a chance to turn.

  17. cesar f. says:

    i know ghost R real 4 sure cuz ive seen some,but vampires i ive never seen any and theres no solid proof but who knows everythings possible. thnx 4 tha sharing.

  18. trolldoll1681 says:

    i can honestly say that it sounds like a medical condition with the psychic part of it to make it believable i don’t disbelieve i just have no attraction to vampire movies or stories or books i’m more into ghosts and legends.

  19. Nick says:

    I cannot believe why anyone would believe they are a vampire – attention seeking teens…tsk!

  20. Karen M. says:

    Ichigo, yeah it annoys me, lol, that’s ok cause I’m that WINX FAIRY named Flora, and be careful, cause I have special powers :)

    OK I must stop before Bracket gets mad at me for talking about smurfs on his article!!

  21. Karen M. says:

    Let me be serious that prophyria, I’ve never heard of that, and your fingers can fall off?? I would imagine that if only 200 people were diagnosted, then back in the old days when they didn’t understand things, they would of thought someone was a vampire. That is so gross, I’ve heard of fingers being amputated because of frost bite, but never the sun. Way back when there was no understanding of these disease, I bet those people were social outcasts, adding more to the mystery, and another thing, I heard that digesting large amounts of blood can make you sick and you’re right blood has no nutritional values nor is blood a staple food that you can solely live off of.

  22. Xavier says:

    you do realize vampires don’t announce it in public because then 80% of the time peoplewant to either kill them or capture them for scientific experimentation and other crap like that.

  23. Karen M. says:

    PS Bracket # 4 “trs stressful, non?” Est-ce que tu parle franais?

  24. Karen M. says:

    Also I guess you’re right on vampires abhor the sunlight, which was the imagination of fiction writer’s, cause it’s true, things are scarier in the night than in the day!

  25. Xavier says:

    Karen, you obviously have never heard of Lepers….. people with leperocy have deteriorating skin which inevitably leads to death, prophyria is almost the same thing in sunlight with someone, they tend to avoid it, it was a popular disease a long time ago before modern medicine.

  26. Karen M. says:

    Xavier, of course I’ve heard of leprosy,and it still exsits, but I’ve never heard of someone who thought they were a vampire! By the way no disease is popular!

  27. ichigo says:

    Yeah. I think there’s still a nice chance them and other magical creatures.I’m a big believer in Asian and Japanese paranormal creatures and such.

  28. Karen M. says:

    PS for being 148 years old, you got alot to learn kid!

  29. cesar f. says:

    ive heard of that disease that made people avoid the sun and have pale skin. so people a long time ago could of easily thought they were ‘vampires’ since there was no scientific explanation.

  30. Karen M. says:

    cesar f. Leprosy still exsits in parts of the world today! Leprosy is the bibllical term for Hansen’s disease!

  31. Bracket says:

    Luver Girl

    “if they didnt drain their prey dry, they might turn, but usually you need an exchange of blood, so the vampire blood has to be in you in order to supposedly turn”

    That’s actually a semi new concept from movies like Coppola’s Dracula.

  32. Bracket says:


    “you do realize vampires dont announce it in public because then 80% of the time peoplewant to either kill them or capture them for scientific experimentation and other crap like that.”

    But they do. This is a public forum. It’s for anybody. I’d like to hear your thoughts on the rest of the article.

  33. Bracket says:

    I’d like to add that for being 180 something years old, and spending most of that time with other old vampires, you use alot of modern language.

  34. Xavier says:

    Ok, Karen, by “popular” I meant it was the big scare not as in ooo I want that disease so bad so please think before you reply.

    Bracket you do realize even though I do not progress as much as a normal human time does and thus I must learn more just like modern language things are constantly evolving around us and they must change to adapt also.

  35. Xavier says:

    Oh yes, almost forgot, Bracket, I was actually talking about announcing it in public like in the middle of a town meeting or something like that where it isn’t behind a computer screen.

  36. Karen M. says:

    LOL I just have to translate what my 8 year old daughter said, when I asked her if she believed in vampires…………”No, they only exsit in movies!” Ha ha LOL Xavier!

    ha ha she believes in Santa Claus but not you, you just got slammed by an 8 year old!

  37. Jamie says:

    karen, whether you believe someone or something or whether you don’t.. I find that you are very immature and condescending of others. You will probably even make an immature and/or condescending remark to or about me now, right? wow…

  38. eyepriestess says:

    I agree with Karen. How is she immature? that’s about one of THE most mature comments made so far on this thread.

  39. Karen M. says:

    I am in no way immature nor condescending Jamie!

  40. Jamie says:

    please…. you’re so mocking of others… if you dont like reading other people’s stuff with respect, then don’t read…

    ha ha she believes in Santa Claus but not you, you just got slammed by an 8 year old!

    see this above? you can disagree with Xavier without saying such immature things… you need to grow up

  41. Karen M. says:

    Jamie, you are on his maturity level, if you believe this story

  42. bracket says:


    It’s starting to seem like you’re avoiding the article and just focusing on comments.


    Karen is not being immature. She’s speaking her mind and telling us what her daughter thinks. If you’re going to comment here, atleast stick to the topic instead of complaining about commenters.

  43. Karen M. says:

    jamie you said with respect, there is none if you don’t respect my opinion, so we are all here to voice our opinions!

  44. Jamie says:

    ok seriously, karen, if you think im on “his maturity level if I believe him” why do you keep leaving comments on all of this if you think it’s fake.

  45. scarygirl67 says:

    Karen, I’ve only read some of your comments….hope you stop by the forum soon! I find you to be extremely mature in your comments…..and I do get your sense of humor.

    Xavier, you present an interesting story…..but it just seems to me like you have done an extensive amount of research and made it into your life history. It will make you a fascinating author someday….but no, I don’t believe you’re a vampire. I don’t even believe that you believe it. I think you are a gifted writer with an incredible imagination. If this offends you I’m sorry. I said the words “I don’t believe”….I didn’t say “you are not”.

    Bracket, again, thank you for sharing this informative article here. I realize that the people here who believe they are vampires shall continue to do so regardless of what evidence is shown. It’s like anything else….if you want to believe it, no evidence will be convincing enough. However it has given those who believe this to be true many issues to address.

  46. Karen M. says:

    Because I have the right , to express my opinion, just like you!

  47. eyepriestess says:

    Also if you are a vampire, what are you doing on this computer all day long, surely you should be sleeping in your coffin as you would be so busy at night finding people to bite that you would be too knackered to be one here… just a thought ;)

  48. Anala says:

    maybe more people are claiming to be vampires now because they won’t be staked through the heart? idk

    good article :)

  49. Jamie says:

    I would just like to clarify that the Jamie with no sense of humor is not me. As always, I think you’re hilarious, Karen!!

  50. Jamie says:

    Other Jamie… people leave comments to let the children know they’re not fooling anyone. And, if anyone is being disrespectful, it’s Xavier. He’s been crabby the entire time, and he needs a nap!!

  51. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.
    Don’t let them get you down. I’m being scolded on another post because I said I didn’t fully believe the story and I thought that maybe the drug use had a little something to do with it. Don’t let anyone attack you. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions! :)

  52. Jamie says:

    Right. But they wouldn’t have been staked through the heart 3 or 4 years ago either… before a certain movie came out. I wonder where they were then?

  53. Karen M. says:

    Thank-you Jamie and DarStarr, That’s why I put the M. on my name, there’s another Karen on here somewhere that isn’t me!

  54. Karen M. says:

    I like the publicity next to this article, that says “Porphyria Vampires”: Natural treatment for all ailments!

  55. DarStarr says:

    you are very welcome! I’ve got your back! :)

  56. Xavier says:

    Actually, scarygirl67
    I am writing a book, but it is not fantasy and it something I feel very strong about the book is entitled “Religion Versus Logic: the relations and facts”

    • Scarlett says:

      great! promise me to buy mine too…it’s about you and will be called ‘cold seduction’ (or similar) ;)

  57. A none Believer says:

    if vampires do exist they would to feed on 12 people every night, this is because blood is not a good source of energy

    Ever wonder why blood sucking animals and insects are so small?

  58. Ellie says:

    Greetings to all. “Bracket” I find your articles as intriguing as I find your character. I must say well done in your research on the subject. Luck to you in your quest for truth and knowledge. Bare caution dear “Bracket” while in your travels to seek what you wish to learn, the guiles of many do not lend truth to the few.

  59. bracket says:


    Interesting, but knowledge is for the many to learn at their own accord.

  60. jennieboo says:

    ok let me apoligize first beforehand incase what i say next offends anyone. I just dont belive in vampires the very least the kind in movies.i was shy in highschool and hung out with a few of the loner kids a few of them being “goth” i never was though can’t stand to ware black.anyways this girl was always claiming to be a vampire/ satanist. she came up wih some dozies about certin people/creatures she knew. what i chalked it up to be is that she was trying to make herself seem intersting and differn’t. I really wish she just would of been herself and not made up all that stuff about being a vampire/witch She had plentl of real qualities to offer people she didn’t need to. I’m saying this becuase i think some people ou there that claim to be a vampire have low self asteem and are trying to make themselves out as special. its sad that they dont already know tat they are specail and can stop the cherade/act.

  61. bracket says:


    I don’t think you insulted anyone, infact, i believe the same thing. That’s why i wrote this.

  62. sexygirl says:

    hay everyone i would like to say that was a good read and thank you i am a beliver but i hate it when people just are coming out saying they are a vamp when they are not and it is only since twilight came out wich i love but thats not the ponit it is just that people are trying to be cool because they have made them self to belive. I and my little sister and little brouther all our eyes change i have a ring around the iris i am all ways worm but that dont mean i am a vampier and i dont think i am one because there is to much stuff to count in and not to and if you are lying y so you can be cool but any way i am a beliver and i dont like people claming to be a vampier sorry to just go on and on

  63. Bracket says:


    Thanks for not jumping to conclusions.

  64. meme says:

    I think that people that claimed to be vampires didnt hav an efficient way enough for it to spread around fast back then… unlike now since we could email some one in japan in a milisecond from Winsconsin. It can spread faster now. And they had to worry about people that would try to kill them because they’d think a vampire was endangering thier village or town. Or think they were a monster. In my opinion. And im not claiming to be a vampire or say i know a vampire. But what i do know, Is that they exist. You don’t need to see something to beleive it. Like albino giraffe’s. iv’e never seen 1. But some people say they exist. And some people say they don’t exist. That’s all im sayin’.

  65. Orion says:

    Bracket, just want to say you come at a nice angle on the vampire subject here, congratulation. You said it in words I could not.
    Note from Admin: Orion’s comment has been published as its own story – Vampires Keeping Away From the Public Eye

  66. Kuva says:

    U wrote a lot there…. Well the one thing I paid any attention to is that u dont seem to believe in something called a SOUL. These things last forever. U dont just cease to exsist just cuz u died. Isnt that kind of bleak and depressing and scary? Naw man, we go on to better things. Better worlds, better lives. I’ll say no more. No I dont care what anyone says to this, I said my bit, I’m done. God bless.

    Kuva |/

  67. Elizabeth says:

    If vampires existed, and if a human turned into a vampire if bitten, then the whole world would be vampires in no time!
    And you’re right, there are a lot of “symptoms for vampirism” that are perfectly normal. Me for example, I’m pale, I have sharp teeth, sunlight gives me headaches and a fever, I look many years younger than my actual age, I’m never hungry for real food, and I have very cold skin.
    I have anemia, and that explains probably explain most of these symptoms. And both my grandmother and mother were also “allergic” to sunlight – it runs in the familly.

  68. Raziel says:


    Perhaps Vampirism isnt a virus, but is inherited. You COULD be a vampire and not even realize it..lol this world is so mysterious…

  69. georgy says:

    “i know ghost R real 4 sure cuz ive seen some,but vampires i ive never seen any and theres no solid proof but who knows everythings possible. thnx 4 tha sharing.”

    No soli proof??? HAHAHAH theres no proof at all. Vampires are a made up demon that they used to blame deaths on they couldnt explain.
    You dont see deaths now in the hospital, in the news where someone was completely drained of blood through being bitten now do you???
    Funny that!!

    I love this, thankyou for taking the time to put people right. Lets hope those who think they are vampires dont hurt anyone!!

  70. amber says:

    ya i know that is very funny that ppl thinks that vampires are real but they are not real cus my greatgrandma is 96 yrs old and she never seen a vampire in her life so ya keep thinking that vampires are real but they are not !


  71. Tasha says:

    let people believe what they choose to believe, its freedom of speach, we all have our own views and shoud respect other peoples weather you believe them or not.

  72. JanuTwil says:

    very beautiful “essay”. Its the people’s choice of belief.
    Even though line of debate regarding the existance of vampires is very thin. Least the myth remains.

  73. genevieve says:

    impressive article, bracket

    it’s just such a shame when some homosapiens that eat like a pig and sleep like they’re dead in addition blowing their stories of themselves being a vampires and wanted to be left alone. I just wish Usain Bolt is a vampire and he’ll claims that he can run real fast and the reason that he holds the world record is because he’s a bloody vampire.

    I get annoyed when ignorant human that claim themselves to be part of vampire or is vampire or they want vampire babies so bad plus their famous lines, “i bite, but not hard” bla bla “bite me” and yadas

    as we know as a fact, if something is true, there must be a solid evidence or prove.

    p/s : DO show me some evidence if you have anything you can show me bout vampires.

    to whom who thinks themsleves are vampires, think to yourselves whether you really are and forget bout the vampire kissing movies and tell your parents you’re sorry because you think you’re a vampire.

    sorry, bracket for makin too much noise here, I back to propose along with agreesion upon your well written article

  74. marija says:

    :-) Ecxept for the strength i have all the of that ! i wish i was a vampire, but i am not ! :-)
    Vampire’s is not real ! There is not such a thing as a vampire !
    If vampire’s were real, i wish to meet one of them ! I like vampires !!! :-)

  75. Karen . S says:

    those hu claim to be vampires or so childish .. i mean like hu would want to announce to the whole world tat you’re a vampire and get killed .. there r so many legends about vampires as u do ur research .. some may be true some may not .. mayb sometimes things a better to be kept unkown

  76. Aranel says:

    Wow, great information :3

  77. PantyCricket says:

    The only people that have come foward to claim they are vampires are here on the internet. Why not go public? Are you scared of us “weak” humans? I know I always mention the doctor visit for some test or lab or something? Dont worry, by law we cant lock you up or keep you captive. The Human rights group would be all over that, if they want to protect terrorists, you are safe. I just need proof, which all of you here are scared to get. I think Imma vampire, I think I got bit by a vampire. Out of all the number of accounts each of you have to seeing one, I think you would start to carry a camera with you for some photo evidence. I know the UFO people are cooks and their proof is often deemed fake, but at least they try. Can you see your reflection in a mirror, are there family pics of you? I know though, that only happens in the movies, which you guys always say. Hold your blood thirst for as long as you can, then have a friend with a video camera record you sucking blood out of an animal when you just cant resist that temptation any lobger. If you suck that thing dry, without getting sick, I would have my proof, and yall would hear me no more. I know, “real” vampires dont feed on animals, thats only in the movies.

  78. PantyCricket says:

    To genevieve- good luck trying to see proof. Ive been saying that in every single response. Still, they are SCARED and want go get any proof. They would rather hide in the shadows of fear. Funny, they call us the weak ones!!

  79. Mandee says:

    Wow i am actually spechless. Very well written article. I would really like to know more if you dont mind. When i came to this site and read the articles and everyones comment i have to admit a small part of me started to believe although i am very confused and honestly dont really know much about vampires.i want to thank you for clearing it up for me. Everything you’ve written in your articicle makes perfect sence to me. I thank you for writing this and i hope you decide to write more. I enjoy hearing what you have to say. Peace n love

    P.s. Sorrt about the spelling, using a touch screen

  80. Bracket says:


    Thank you for the response. If you would like to read another article i wrote on vampires, i’d recommend the Vampire Compendium. It’s less about the science of vampires (although there is a section on that too) but more about the background and mythology of vampires from around the world. There’s a link to it in the above article.

    It’s also the first article you see when you visit the site.

  81. Cherish says:

    Love the article.
    I always found it odd that some people claim to be vampires just because of a few conditions, like pophyria. If someone is really a vampire they shouldn’t really announce it to the world. People will never leave you alone. Its just a little suggestion. By the way, I love vampires!


  82. genevieve says:

    to PantyCricket,

    thanks but i won’t even try lol because I’m certain that there’s no such thing on this world.

  83. Anonymous says:

    please tell me who do you become a vampire my freinds think really weird about my obsession of it but it is relly important.

  84. Ily says:

    i enjoyed this article… it kinda calmed me down (i just commented something stupid on another post)

    with all the myths and made up stories out there, if something weird happens to our body we start thinking we may be something “supernatural”…

    i guess i should go and see a doctor…

  85. Anya says:

    Bracket, nice article. By the way has the “vampire” or Samantha read this?

  86. Aquamairne says:

    I loved the other article too. This one is also interesting. But I think that although some humans do have these traits, I don’t think that any human has ALL of them or even almost all. I believe that only a vampire would have all or almost all of those traits. Some vampires are told, find out from some factual source, or just know that they are what they are. what I dont understand is that why did you post a story saying that people are not vampires and saying humans are like this when you posted a whole other story about what you know and believe and what vampires look like. I’d say it’s ironic because I don’t have another word for it. I’m sorry if I am offending you in any way and these are my true thoughts. I even had it on a post-it to remember. But your articles and postings are still awesome, keep up the great work! ^,.,^

  87. Bracket says:


    I have no clue. Infact, i’ve been waiting for someone claiming to be a vampire to comment on here. They all seem to avoid this article. What’s that tell you.


    The Vampire Compendium isn’t what i believe. I’ve investigated the mythology’s and history of vampirism because it interested me, but that doesn’t mean i believe it. That article was just meant to be informative.

  88. Vzy4kat6387 says:

    Very nice Bracket. I have two of those things that you listed haha.

    I can tan, but my legs wont tan for some reason.
    My eyes change color like when I cry they turn a blueish green. But more blue.

  89. tiara says:

    I don’t know if I am a vampire or anything. all I know is that I have an amazing gift of being able to tell who you are by a simple conversation. Everyone calls me a loner hahah but its true, I only pick a few people as my friends. I am also a girl and I possess a very weird strength. I can lift 150 pounds with a very sweat. My family says we were built like horses.I barely sweat either.

    Well the main part is that I get burned in the sun very quickly. I know have sun poisoning. I was out in the sun for 4 hours only! I HATE THIS.

  90. Elisabeth says:

    Thank you for writing this.
    I have pale skin, I’ve got weird teeth and I have that “ring around the iris”-thing, sunlight gives me terrible headaches and I’ve been looking like a fourteen-year-old for years.
    I wasn’t a vampire last time I checked.
    Gah. People are so naive.

  91. TheUnbeholden says:

    Luver Girl

    “if they didnt drain their prey dry, they might turn, but usually you need an exchange of blood, so the vampire blood has to be in you in order to supposedly turn

    “Thats actually a semi new concept from movies like Coppolas Dracula.”

    Once again someone who hasn’t done their research thouroghly. The concept of a vampire turning someone through the vampire biting someone, drinking their blood, and then the vampire bites into his or her wrist, and gives the blood to the victim to drink, in order to turn them, actually dates back in a ancient greek mythology, before the time of christ.
    Scriptures of Delphi Its not new at all.

    If a vampires existed according to legend they would of destroyed their blood source in less then 3 years. Every person they supposedly turn into a vampire then claims more victims so the multiplication would wipe themselves out.

    Not true, you see vampires can effectively control their population. Biting someone wont turn them and most people who are bitten are drained of blood and therefore die.

    Vampires intelligence is not to be underestimated, as they have formed a vampire government and other means of making sure their secret stays secret.

    But I do agree that there are mortal people out there who like to adapt the vampire lifestyle, but make no mistake, immortal vampires do exist.

    The rest of your research is good, as well as the talk on the human mind, and its pathetic nature.

    Don’t bother asking my how I know, as the reason for my is largely circumstantial. And yes, I don’t have any doubts.

  92. Theunbeholden says:


    “We are meant to believe that this virus will mutate the body, but no virus is selective mutagenic, as in growing fangs, or upping strength, or changing the body to digest large amounts of blood. In fact, besides evolution itself, there is no known mutation that is beneficial to the being, most mutation is degenerative.”

    Ah yes, the virus. Its interesting that you should mention that, because its the only logical explanation behind their existence. The very fact that they are “created” and not born this way pretty much guarantees that its a virus behind it all. Human beings only know about 3 retro virus for gods sake, (a virus that infects DNA) to say that we know all of them out there is being ignorant and unimaginative. And as for being “beneficial”, what makes you think that the effects of vampirism is beneficial? Are you saying that being forced to drink blood and kill people is beneficial? …. Your refering to immortality. Its a matter of personal opinion whether or not immortality is beneficial. Its merely a side effect of the virus… which coincidentally most people would call it beneficial.
    Of course its widely known some virus’s can alleviate the symptoms caused by another virus you may have.

    But I think its unrealistic to assume that DNA altering virus’s are only degenerative when theres only 3 that we know of (I think you may be thinking to much on the other ways that mutation can happen).

    Studies in the fly Drosophila melanogaster suggest that if a mutation changes a protein produced by a gene, this will probably be harmful, with about 70 percent of these mutations having damaging effects, and the remainder being either neutral or weakly beneficial. Like I said, its possible to derive benefits from mutation, with this example.

    But otherwise I completely agree with you on everything else.

  93. Bracket says:


    Do you have any evidence of your statements, like the vampire government? Because i’m not going to respond without any evidence. On the surface, it just seems like a person with a great imagination.

  94. Theunbeholden says:

    “In fact there is no real documented evidence of people stepping forward claiming to be a vampire in any form at that time.”

    Vampires don’t reveal themselves. They actually go through great lengths to uphold secrecy.

  95. tsuki says:

    I’m totally agree with it. I mean I’m new here and read more than ten stories and some comments. Some of them really do think they’re vampires and I don’t know what to think about them because I don’t know if they were just making things up for fun or they really do have an extreme imagination.

    I’m pale, more comfortable in dark, hates sunlight ’cause it gives me headache and I even looks like thirteen even though I’m honestly 18. Some of my friends actually makes fun of me and calls me vampire. And yes, the last time I checked, I’m not a vampire.

    Just like the one who written it, I too investigated the mythologys and history of vampirism because it interested me, but that doesnt mean i believe it.

    I believe that there’s no such thing as a normal way of thinking as all of us are unique in our own way but sometimes, we also have to face reality and believe in the saying ‘to see is to believe’.

  96. Scorpio Girl 2 says:

    Looks like vampire fiction has been inspired more by bed-bugs than by humans:

    1. Bed-bugs have great speed.
    2. They get killed in the sun-light
    3. They come out only in the dead of the night
    4. Bed-bugs drink blood and spread a virus, thus causing jaundice at the most.
    5. They create bite-marks.
    6. Bed-bugs reside in wall-crevices that look like caves.

    LOL. So much for the stories.

  97. lisa says:


    wud love 2 chat to you. have read your story, interesting.

  98. unknown says:

    is there a disease that you kno of that can make you abnormally strong yet look like you are not, or have ears acute enough to hear a conversation that is being whispered in the next room? or perhaps a disease that can give you a sixth sense and the speed and reflexs well enough to dodge a tennis ball thrown by a tennis machine at high speed, while you dont even kno its coming until practicaly last second.

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