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Time For You to Leave

Posted on October 19, 2009

In 2004 my children and I moved back to my hometown that I had grown up in. We all were pretty devastated due to the loss of our home from a fire.

My sister lived in a house that was pretty old. When we first walked into her home a picture that was sitting on a small but sturdy shelf fell off. It happened to be a family portrait of my family. My sister said it’s O.K. She said to me that I should not worry if I hear strange noises or if things disappear. Things like the picture might get moved. Then in a loud voice she looked around her house and said, “This is my family and they all are welcome here.” In a louder voice she said. ” And I don’t want you breaking any more of my stuff so settle it down. I automatically understood what was happening. My family has a knack for drawing attention from ghost’s. My sister has always been a very strong receiver. I always referred to her as we grew up as a ghost magnet. Although I had my fair share to.

Well as we stayed with my sister, it seemed that at first small jokes were played mostly on me. I would walk in the house and set my keys down then I would have to search for hours sometimes to find them. They also liked my drivers license. At times my hairbrush. Just personal things I used on a daily basis.

My sister said it was the children. I new she did not mean my children. Most of the time these things happened when my children was out of town. I felt that they did it because I missed my children so they were just trying to take my mind off things by giving me something to do like find my keys. Or when I went to bed pictures would be placed under my pillow.

It wasn’t all fun experiences though. Their was one spirit that my sister said she had been trying to get out of her house since she moved in. I felt that it was a man’s spirit. Most of the time we would just hear noises from the basement. But sometimes he would come upstairs and scare the crap out of us. He would scratch me. Sometimes things would fall off of shelves and hit me. The room temperature would drop or we could literally feel wind flowing through the house.

After living with my sister for two months I started having things happen even during the day. I would get scratched or my hair would be pulled out. My sister said it was the children. I agreed with her. I felt that they were trying to get me to leave too. One night it was 12:15a.m. actually. I woke up. I don’t know what woke me but I was alone in the house. My sister was at work and my children were at their dad’s.

I was walking through the living room when my arm felt like it had been pinched then I felt pain in my back and again on both my arms. I did not know what was happening. I ran to my room but the door slammed shut I could not get it opened. It had no lock on it. But I could not get the knob to turn. I ran into the bathroom. when I tried to shut the bathroom door I was shoved literally pushed backwards. I fell into the tub. I know I was screaming bloody murder. I did not think I could pull myself out of the tub. But I finally crawled out. It was quiet. After all of the commotion the quietness of the house was almost as bad for me. I tried to just focus on getting my keys so I could get out of the house.

My keys sat on an old fashioned cast iron stove also on the stove was a vase with 24 Glass roses arranged beautifully. As I reached to pick up my keys a rose flew out of the vase. It shattered on the floor by my feet. I grabbed my keys and more of the roses were thrown at me only one actually hit me.

I made it to the front door and it did not even phase me that it was already opened. As I ran across the front lawn I fell. As I was scrambling to get up I heard the foulest voice screaming at me “GET OUT!!”  I drove to my sister’s work where I told her what happened and I had her look at my back and arms and my side. I had scratch marks mostly on my arms. I had a bite mark on my back and my neck one on my side. My sister said the bite marks looked like they were from a child they were small. I only returned to get my belongings.

My sister who did have a speaking relationship with her ghostly housemates said that her friends decided that we had been there long enough. The children told her the man downstairs was going to hurt us all because we were there to long. He apparently did not like us intruding. So the children did scratch and bite me but it was the man that pushed me in the tub.

After leaving my sisters home and settling in my own home. I did some research on my sisters house. IN 1912 a family of four lived in the house my sister was in. The husband had lost his job and his wife told him she was going to take their children and stay with her family. He did not take that to well. He drowned his wife in the tub. the children apparently witnessed this. He forced them into the same room as their mother laid dead on the floor. He then drowned his two sons. In the archives it said that he hung himself in the basement.

Throughout the years violence seemed to happen periodically at this home. I believe my sister was the only occupant to ever stay longer than 2 months. She actually lived in her home for 5 years. But after the death of a favored pet. He was drowned in her tub. She also moved on.

I myself only returned to get my belongings. I never stepped foot into the house. I do drive by it occasionally. I still get scared when I think of what could have happened if the children hadn’t warned me.

Sent in by April, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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8 Responses to “Time For You to Leave”
  1. camille says:

    Dear April,
    Oh! What a terrible experience!
    I am so sorry for what happened to you and your sister at “the house”.
    That is a horrible experience!
    That is a story of such a tragic proportions, domestic violence has always been with
    I don’t think I could have stood to live in such conditions, your nerves fared better than
    mine ever could.
    I am very sorry to hear about your sisters dear pet, what a cruel entity!
    Thank goodness you have all moved out of there!
    Thank you for sharing your story, please write agian of your experiences.

  2. Myn says:

    That was really creepy. I also have some experience with ghosts. Some do like to hurt you,so i understood hw you felt at the time. It was wise of you leaving that house. I cant imagine wht would happen if you still stay there.

  3. trolldoll1681 says:

    does your sister still live there? i am glad you got out when you did! the place should be torn down!! thanks for a creepy story.

  4. 16yroldstdnt says:

    It is a really great thing that your kids weren’t in the house and it is a horrible thing that you had to go through. I am sure Halloween is not as great for you as it used to be. It is wonderful that you got out but I cannot imagine having to live with that for the rest of my life.

  5. meli§a says:

    April, thank you for sharing your story. What a horrible experience. I’m glad your children weren’t around when this happened. Do you know if anyone lives in your sister’s previous haunted house? That’s so scary!

  6. sara says:

    OMG THAT IS A GREAT THING UR KIDS WERENT THERE…………………….. Im 9 but i sure do know allot about ghosts and spirits. That is very scary. The reason the man took it ALL out on u is becuse he knew he made a BIG mastaike in his life and never could fix it. I bet he told his children to do that. That is so creepy. i feel SO bad 4 u……………and if ur kids r under 8 dont tell them about it they WILL have the creepyest night mares ever…………… iv been through it all so did everyone i know… its creepy trust me well thats it i hope this dosent happen 2 u again…….. peace 2 u and ur children good luck and stay out of that hous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

  7. Bonnie says:


    I’m so glad that you and your family are out of that house as well. How terrible! You and you family take care.

  8. super gal says:

    wow that sounds scarey…

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