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Three Nights no Sleep and the Footsteps

Posted on March 27, 2010

It was a nice long two day drive from north California to South Texas. It was however a very nice trip even though my father, my 6 year old daughter, and I were crammed in a U-Haul cab the entire time. My dad and I switched off from driving. I tried to do most of the driving because my dad had to be on a plane a few hours after we got to my moms house. He was just driving out here with me to make sure I got here safe. It was 6 am on a Sunday morning when we reached my mothers house just two weeks ago. My dad grubbed down his leftover Texas bar-b-que that we picked up in El Paso, then I told him to pass out in my room.

My little girl and I slept on the couch. At first she wanted to watch cartoons cause she was wide awake. You see, in the entire time that I’ve had absolutely no sleep for the past three days, my little angel got to stretch out on me and my dad and sleep the whole way. I’m thinking, great, cartoons on no sleep. Eventually she fell asleep and I turned off the TV. I was so thankful even though I was only able to sit up and sleep, it was still sleep. Not even a few minutes after I relax do I hear someone walk in from the kitchen to the living room. I tilted my head up to see who it was but it was just a dark kitchen. I’m thinking, maybe it was the house creaking. So I put my head down and closed my eyes. Again I hear footsteps, but this time they were close. Coming from the living room entranceway, around the couch, and right where I was sitting. I sat all the way up looking around with wide eyes. I knew I heard footsteps. Then I remembered…

How could I have forgotten? This house has a history but I forgot about most of it because I’ve been living in California for the past 6 years. My mom bought this house maybe ten years ago. I had my own apartment down the street. Maybe 6 months after she bought the house my cousin from California came down to visit. I took her to my moms one night to spend time with her. We slept in the room I have now, on the same bed. When my mom bought the house she made a room for me for whenever I spent the night. So we just finished a movie and went to lay in my room. It’s extremely dark in that room, but I’ve never minded it because I can’t sleep if there’s any lights on. It was 3 in the morning just laying there quiet, no moving. Suddenly it felt like a cat, yes a CAT, jumped on the bed on my feet. We were both awake cause we just barely turned off the light. I kicked my feet to make it get off and sat up because my parents don’t have a cat. “Did you feel that?” I asked my cousin. “Yes.” The two of us left my moms house that second. The next day I tried to tell my mom but she said I was dreaming or trying to scare her.

Another time I was sleeping in that same room. I wanted to leave the door cracked cause I didn’t like it so dark in that room anymore. The hallway light was left on. My mom has one of those plastic carpet covers down her hallway, which is ugly and annoying. I went to bed one night and heard someone walking on that plastic carpet. There’s no way that I could mistake the sound of someone walking on a carpet like that. After that I stopped leaving the door cracked at nights.

Honestly, this house isn’t too scary. Matter a fact I don’t care too much about these things that are happening because they’re so miniscule I don’t think they mean harm. Pretty much I’ve heard footsteps down this hallway several times from the living room and my room. I don’t feel anything strange about my room since the night with the cat. But if you’ve ever had a cat then you know what it feels like when they jump on your feet late at night.

So when I tried to sleep on the couch a few weeks ago, I totally forgot about the late night hallway monitor. Even when I sat up on the couch, the footsteps didn’t stop. I started to feel uncomfortable so I turned on the TV. But I haven’t slept in three days. I was so tired my eyes felt hot from lack of sleep. So I said, “I’m turning off the TV.” It was still a little dark outside but there was some light. I thought since it was brighter in the day this thing would go away. I sat there with my eyes closed. Then the footsteps started again. They came around the couch directly behind me. Then more in front of me. All around me. It felt like there were more. They were all surrounding the couch walking back and forth. I could hear them, maybe 3 – 5 people / entities / I don’t know. To me it felt like they were curious as to who I was and what was I doing there. And I wasn’t scared. Just extremely irritated. When I can’t sleep I turn into a jerk. They just wouldn’t stop walking around to see who I was. Finally I sat up straight and said, “I haven’t slept in three days. I’m trying to sleep. Please leave me the hell alone because I’m really tired.” After I said that, I leaned back in my seat and it stopped. There were no more footsteps. Even after they left me alone, I was in total shock that I wasn’t scared and I even told them to back off and they did. What was that?

I told my mom the next day and she’s never believed any of my stories about this house. She doesn’t want to be afraid to live here. And she watches horror flicks on a nightly bases. She believed me this time. Now she feels like I have some sort of a sixth sense. This is not the only house I’ve had experiences in. But this house seems to want contact with me on occasions. I don’t feel like I have anything special. I just pay attention to everything.

A week later my mom went to lay down in her room and she started to hear a couple of voices whispering. She didn’t want to admit it to me or even tell me, but I made her tell me. I knew I wasn’t the only one.

I’ve heard someone turning pages at the kitchen table from my room when everyone’s gone. I’ve heard the water running down the drain but no one’s here to turn it on. I get uncomfortable feelings when I’m in the garage, living room, and the hallway, like I’m not alone. Like I said I’m not really that scared of them because if they really wanted to hurt us they would. They could. If they wanted to scare us they could definitely do more then just walk up and down the halls every once in a while.

I am curious as to find out who they are. I was thinking of getting a Ouija board to ask them why they are here. But I know the horror stories about the Ouija boards. I don’t need to unleash anything else in this house or near my little girl. And I can just see something like that happening. So I won’t play with the board. I wanted to maybe take pictures and see if I can capture anything. I was going to try to get my mom to find out who’s lived in this house before. I just need a little advice on what I should do from here. Maybe some of you have a suggestion.

Sent in by Elizabeth Bero, Copyright 2010

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9 Responses to “Three Nights no Sleep and the Footsteps”
  1. crisi says:

    Interesting story…..i hope you find about that place and let us know what you found out about it.

  2. Pete says:

    Hi Elizabeth, pages turning at the kitchen table, water running down the drain,
    I wouldn’t worry too much, it sounds like a residual haunting to me, even if there is something there they mean you no harm, more curious than dangerous, yes, try taking
    pictures randomly around the house and in the place where you here the footsteps, if
    you can take pictures of the footsteps area while it’s happening, you might be lucky and get something?. good luck and don’t forget to update us on the situation.

  3. anna says:

    ive never played the board before but if say you did wich your not but if you did how do you know that it be be the ghosts.it could be bad ones.anyways good story and that is freaky oh you said u had other experinces before i would like to hear them.thats weird about the ghosts i wonder what they do want.if you do find out let us know.thanks again.take pics in every room,maybe youll see something.post them if so.

  4. trolldoll1681 says:

    i agree with pete. you did good when you told them to leave you alone. that’s all it takes. there just people without bodies, and they are curious. plus if they did live there, they would go about the house like they did when they were alive. great post !!

  5. QUE says:

    i would definetly look in to the history of the house, its amazing what you would find it you just went to your local library and looked up the history of the neighborhood and the previous owners. to have several entities it would seem that maybe your moms house is a gate way of some sort or even the possibility that the previous owners may have played with a ouija board them selves. to have more then on spirit in your home just seems like there is more to it then just a death in the house. Its also possible the house or neighborhood could be on an indian buriel ground. these are just guesses on what ive read and researched on my own. It does seem they are just curious and not harmless becuase a melevelent spirit would have done something dangerous by now. good luck and my prayers are with you and your family

  6. Ana Karina says:

    cool story, please do not mess with an ouja board that is the worst and you will open doors that you know nohing about. It can open a portal for demons and evil enities and trust me they will hurt you and your little girl. I jus think you should get an EVP device (elelcttronic voice phenomonom) and ask them questions and you could communicate with them through there. Also you could take pictures and just take a night to investigate. But if you dont want to do it yourself call in a paranormal investigation group i think they will give you answers. Thanks for the story.

  7. Chris says:

    Is this real what is a board

  8. Jboy says:

    Two months ago I would’ve scoffed at this story. However 2 months ago I began hearing footsteps upstairs in this two-story house I’m renting. The first time I heard them I went running upstairs with my rifle only to find the room that the steps were coming from totally empty. I wrote it off as the house settling. Became a nightly occurence after that (a house settling to the clomp-clomp-clomp pattern of footsteps? Hey, when you’re alone in a big old house in the woods you tell yourself what you need to believe). Long story short, 4 days ago, broad daylight I heard the steps sounding as though they were running across the upstairs room and immediately after they stopped I heard my coffee mug hit the wall and hit the floor as though someone had kicked or thrown it into the wall. That did it…I called the mane that rented this place to me and all but accused him of deliberately renting a haunted hous to me. He told me he believed what I told him and told me to tel *it* in a loud voice that they were not welcome here and MUST LEAVE! I did that (and also said a loud prayer afterwards). So far, no more footsteps.

    • anna says:

      at least you did something right away,instead of waiting awhile.did you ever do a back round check on the place to find out who it is?well at least it stopped right?

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