Thing in the Cornfield

Posted on January 25, 2011

Hello my name is Jennifer Lozano and what I’m about to tell you is 100% real and it was the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me in my life.This all happened a few years ago when I was living in Indiana. I moved in with my mother and step father in a very small subdivision made up of all our family members. The house we moved into was on top of a large hill and behind it sat acres and acres of cornfield and woods.

Now to begin with I hated moving there besides the fact that my aunt had just died in that house a few months before it was also out in the middle of nowhere and any teenage girl will tell you being that far from the mall is torture.

So after being in the house for a week or so I was board outta my mind and I decided to go exploring around the area and see what I could find.I walked into the corn field and directly to my left was a very thick wooded area that went on for many miles along side the corn field. After awhile I was really enjoying myself on this little adventure and the changing fall leaves were absolutely gorgeous. I realized after awhile that I had walked pretty far and in fact I could no longer see the entrance to the field where I had came in but I wasn’t too worried because I knew if I just kept the wooded area to my right side on the way back I’d find it right away. So this is when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.

I was walking back and I caught a fast flash of something all black move behind a tree in the woods. I stopped and looked and at first I didn’t see anything so I began walking again but after a few steps I seen it again and this time it didn’t hide. What I saw that day was not only unexplainable it was pure evil in a form. It stood there looking at me and it’s head and neck hung to the side in a very abnormal way as if it was broken. It stood about 4 ft tall and its arms were very long and hung all the way to the ground. It looked as if it’s entire body was burned or very thick like skin and it had no hair or ears on its head. Then I noticed that steam was rolling off this thing like crazy and it then let out this loud scream that scared me so badly I began to run full speed through the field towards the house. I felt as if my heart was gonna beat outta my chest and I could hear the leaves crunching as this thing was definitely coming after me.

I had about a million things going through my mind at this point and I was wondering what would happen to me if this thing does catch up with me. I gave a quick glance back and I seen it closer than it had been and gaining speed as it was using its long arms to help it run kinda like a gorilla would. All this time its also letting out this gurgling sort of scream that I cant really explain. Finally I reached the house and began to tell my mother what had happened and I hadn’t even finished when we both heard something pounding on the outside of the house. We both began to scream and cry and it sounded as if it was going to beat the walls down.

After an hour of tormenting us this thing just stopped and when my dad got home my mom and I told him what happened. I was sure he would never believe us but to my complete surprise he went and got some other people and his hunting rifle and went looking for the creature. Of course they never caught it and after a year went by my dad and I were outside one night talking and it came up in our conversation. He told me that the reason he knew we were telling the truth was because two nights before that he was burning some leaves out back and he saw it standing in the middle of the field and heard it screaming like a banshee. I will never know what that thing was but around the same time that year there were at least 7 different reports of a ‘thing’ in the woods that the media dubbed as ‘a bigfoot sighting’ now I dunno but I have never heard of a big foot described the way this thing looked.Thanks for reading my story.

Sent in by Jennifer Lozano, Copyright 2011

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24 Responses to “Thing in the Cornfield”
  1. Charmaine says:

    Wow that’s really scary! Are you still living there? Hope you haven’t seen it again? Doesn’t sound like a bigfoot at all. Be careful, this thing sounds evil. Did it hurt anyone? Keep well and thanks for sharing your story :)

    • Anonymous says:

      Thats sooo scary and i am beyond scared of cornfields! but thanx 4 telling your story ! i was so scared

    • mystery peson says:

      i just wanted to ask u have u ever saw or heard or anything in you’re house. if so please tell me and i will help even though i still can help. thanks for your time

      • jennifer lozano says:

        no but i am now living in texas and I have seen somthing very odd here as well that is unexplainable I plan on posting it to this website very soon

    • mystery peson says:

      i googled trolls and what u saw was a troll because on google they had a picture of a troll with long arms running like a gorilla so that is wht u saw.thanks for sharing that story

  2. Stephie says:

    Very Creepy Indeed! I dont think what you described sounds anything like A Bigfoot. Of couse I have never seen one but from what I have read and heard from other people, that thing you saw could be A Troll. Whatever it was I am so Glad you got away from it. Thanks for sharing your Story.

  3. lozza says:

    omg that must have been so scary !

  4. Rosie says:

    It is very scary. Do you still live there? I am just wondering what it wants from you.

    • jennifer lozano says:

      Yeah actually I am now living in Texas and it is so weird i swear i think i seen somthing like last summer down here but it was entirely diffrent from Indiana and this time I was with my 3 kids.I am proably gonna post the encounter.This time there is no excuse of a ‘big foot’ though like i said im in an entirely diffrent state and this thig we ALL seen was diffrent it almost looked like garden gnomes i know that sounds nuts but i swear and there are 4 other homes close by mine who have also witnessed these ‘little people’.I seriously gotta wonder like why me? Why am i the one who keeps seeing all this crazy stuff that I never would of belived exsisted outside of fairy tales.Is it because I don’t belive that Im seeing them? God knows I have no anwcers but I just wish my life could be like any other normal mothers and NOT see things that are NOT suppose to exsist.

      • Troll exterminator says:

        I dealt with a troll like that in china in a rice field i socked the little critter in the face.Than shot it and took its skull. When that thing screamed the first thing that came to my mine was its calling for back up.

  5. Christina says:

    That kind of sounds like the description of a ‘troll’ that I read about on another website. In that incident, it was standing by the side of the road and the mom and young daughter saw it. It was around Halloween and they first thought it was a decoration, but upon getting closer, (they were in a car driving by), the ‘creature’ turned and looked at them. No screaming or chasing, but the description was pretty close to what you described…………….SCARY!

    • pink pantha says:

      That story you read wasn’t on another website. It was on this one and I remember it. I agree with you it does sound like it might be like the troll thingy from the other story.

      • Anonymous says:

        I can assure u i have never posted anything on this site before do if it sounds like a story it is pure coincedence.I would not make that up and for what reason would i want to?
        I’m saddened that anyone would think i repeated this styory when in fact i have only ever shared it with 3 other people.In the end it is ur choice to belive it i guess.

    • Tracey says:

      Oh Yeah that story before and yes it on this site.

  6. pink pantha says:

    Yikes! That must have been sooooo scary!!!!! At least you found your feet and ran for it I would have just stood there screaming back at it in terror. Man that’s one of the SCARIEST stories ever!

  7. Jaybee says:

    I’ve run like that before. I was racing through at night, scared out of my mind, heart pounding, wondering how I could get my legs to pour on the speed and trying desperately to discern what was ahead of me so I wouldn’t trip and fall. Brought back some memories reading as you described your run.

  8. sharon says:

    hey, i live in ireland and i think i saw something like that. i was walking my dog at night when in my neighbours frield was a strange lookin creature with very long arms that reached the ground. i was very scared. i never saw anything like that again, but ur story really mademe more suspicious. thanks for opening my mind. hope you keep safe and well,

  9. FattyAddie says:

    I’m glad you got away from that thing! I would have (pardon the expression) crapped my pants! LOL. Have you tried to research anything to see what it could have been?

  10. sharayah says:

    wow that was something alright im so sorry you saw that. my lord only knows what it is and i hope it’s gone for ever.take care.thanks for the story :)

  11. saifa says:

    OMG that is really scary…..reading this i got scared…i imagined how u felt as u experienced it….

  12. Tyler says:

    Sounds like a demon to me

  13. trolldoll says:

    that is weird! i can’t imagine your terror! i’m glad your dad tried to help. be on the look out. there are so many THINGS out there!

  14. Alice says:

    Wow I can’t imagine how scared u were. I think my little cousin saw the same thing because once we had a party and she was walking around the neighborhood ( it’s very small one) and near it is a little forest but at the same time it was wide and there was a cave near and I was outside with my aunts doggy she started try to brak of the leash and run inside so I let her go off the leash and she ran really fast and looked like she was horrified then all I hear is a scream from my cousin and I. Started running around the hood and. Saw her running my way and behind her was OMG the most ugliest lookin creature ever!! Her face was WHITE!! And I was pretty sure I was gettin there me and her were running home and lucky we made it but It stoped chasing me like half the block and returned home

  15. Mattamus says:

    Wow! I can”t belive what u went through. I might have seen something that is like you described. I will post my story in the next few days. Look for Thing in the window.

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