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The Woman in My Attic

Posted on February 11, 2010

Hello my name is Pedro Sanchez, I am 16 and my story takes place in Nashville, Tennessee. It was late 2003 when my family and I moved in our house we had been told that an elderly couple had left right before we moved in. We had no trouble moving in everything went good.

The first night we slept in the house my dad was acting funny. My mom and I asked him what was wrong, he said, “I think this place is haunted.” Of course my mom and I laughed at him, thinking he was joking. After that he got angered and said, “No I’m being serious today when I came to check on the house I looked at everything to make sure there were no problems.” My dad never trusts the people selling the house he thinks they try to sucker you. As he was saying, “After I checked the house I sat on the couch for a minute and heard what I thought were people working on the room in the back so I thought that they came in when I was in the bathroom so I went and looked in the room to ask if they needed any help and there was no one there.” My mom and I looked at him very strange and didn’t know what to think about it.

I chose the room in the back because it is quiet and my room had a big wooden door with a hook lock that was loose. This is the night I began to believe him. I was sitting there one night and had my door locked, my friend and his mom were there because their house was being bombed for bugs. Anyway, while I was sitting there watching TV it seemed as someone ran straight into my door. As a reaction of course I jumped up and unlocked my door to see what it was and no one was there. I went so quick no one had time to move from the door or I would have seen them. I told my mom and dad that next day and he said, “See I’m not lying.” My mom said that she still didn’t believe in ghost until later that week.

My mom, about a week later, came into the living room acting very strange. I asked her what was wrong and she pulled me off to the side and said, “Last night I was sitting in the chair watching TV,” (our couch and TV was in the living room and from the couch you could see straight up the stairs), “As I was laying there I saw a reflection in the TV that looked like a woman in a white robe, she motioned for me to come to her and when I built up the nerve to look up the stairs I could see her move past the curtain.” After my mom had told me that I went to my dad and told him what she said. After I told him he asked the owner about the past owners. The man said that the old man left and the old woman died on the couch in the living room. We had all the furniture that was there.

The one night I will never forget, I was sitting in the chair while my mom and dad was gone to a friends as I was sitting there I noticed the woman in the doorway of the stairs and instead of being scared I followed her. She had led me up the stairs and into the corner, I looked at her for a moment and she vanished. I walked to the box she was standing at and found a picture of a woman and a kid and showed it to my dad. After I showed him he got angered at whatever was in our house because he said it must be haunting the family.

He told me that my mom had told him a few nights before she was in the kitchen and had a cold chill and looked and her grandfather, who had killed him self with a shotgun blow to the chest, was standing there and smiled at her with his chest blown out. Mom said he smiled and disappeared.

The woman that lived there before had a rose bush out front. My dad got mad and went outside and kicked it and he said when he did he felt someone hit him on the back of the head and when he turned around, since he thought my mom had done it, there was no one there. After that we kept hearing people walking and talking up stairs. After a few hours the noises stopped and we all went to bed.

I had a cord that went from under my door to the living room. As I was laying there it started to pull, every time I would sit up it would stop. I thought it was my mom so I pulled open the door to tell her to quit and she was sitting on the couch staring at the cord and said that it had been moving. My dad was not home this night. I sat on the couch beside her and as we were talking about it the cord started smacking into the ground over and over. My mom and I were so scared we sat there and watched it and when it finally stopped and we thought it was over we could hear crashing through the whole house. As this was going on my mom said listen and we could hear a woman in the attic talking and to this day my mom and I are still sure we heard her say, “No one will take my home.”

My mom and I left that night and went to her friends house. We called my dad and told him we weren’t going back there. We moved a few days later and as far as we know no one has moved back in. If anyone has any clue as to what this might be please share with me or comment it.

Sent in by Pedro Sanchez, Copyright 2010

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Tags: Nashville, Tennessee

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14 Responses to “The Woman in My Attic”
  1. anna says:

    The sounds of it ,it could of been a spirt.the lady that died didnt want to leave and have anyone live there.The story was good.I just find it weird that your dad got mad alot.It sounds like as soon as you moved in is attitude changed.I dont know if I would leave,then again nothing like that happened to me.Right now I wouldnt of left thats maybe why she did those thing to scare your family.but maybe you guys did the right thing maybe it would of gotten wose.Thanks for the story.

  2. trolldoll1681 says:

    pretty spooky stuff there pedro thanks!!

  3. Ella Mae Mahilum says:

    Maybe the girl is a soul in which cannot appreciate that she was dead. Or maybe she died in the attic or maybe there is a thing that the girl cannot leave. My advice for you is to pray for her soul for GoD TO APPRECIATE HER TO HAVE THE ETERNAL LIFE. THAT S ALL THANK YOU!

  4. john says:

    Pedro the story was great. It was pretty obvious that the haunting did not want you there I didn’t just tell you it showed you. When it hit your dad in the head it proved that it would get violent. I would have gotten out of that house also but sooner.

  5. julia says:

    hello this woman probs wanted her house back so she can live there in piece on her own and you could have tried talking to her asking her dose she want to be free i have always wanted to learn more about the paranormal but in my house i always feel like someone is watching me and evreytime i look theirs no one there my dad dosent behleve me no one dose so i have to live with it

  6. Kim says:

    I just have a question. How come a full body apparition didn’t frighten you, but a cord did?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hello mate:)
    i’m not from Australia or anything
    I just like saying that, thanks for
    the story it was awesome.
    It kind of reminds me of this ghost story
    they used to tell me when I was younger
    It went like this. I used to live in this house
    and it was haunted by this lady, she would
    always sit in her rocking chair in the attic.
    And when you were sleeping she would come
    into your room and stare at you and if you
    opened your eyes she would take you away.
    Thanks for sharing
    - Crystal

  8. Brandon says:

    what was going on was probly do to a potergyst because the womans spirt was not at rest an with your dad getting mad might of not helped. ghosts feed off negative energy.I realy think that the house should be blessed

  9. trolldoll1681 says:

    ghosts don’t cause poltergeists. living people do with there emotions and distress. am i right c.t.?

  10. the friendly vampire says:

    i loved the story :) !
    i beleive that ghost dont exist though spirits do
    so maybe that lady was a spirit she could have not wanted to leave her house she probably loved her house very much
    the friendly vampire:)!

  11. Jennie says:

    Seems like the women didn’t like your dad that much… ouh, he sounds like a jerk… was it just when you guys were in that house he was mean?

  12. Anonymous says:

    simple haunting thats all she is attached to the house and dosn’t want anyone living there these haunting can be tricky she didn’t seem evil just mad but that a really thin line. as for your dad the spirits sometimes project their feelings through people mostly sensitives and mediums you dad may be one. blessed be, pray the mother finds her peace

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