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The Truth and Dangers of Ouija Boards

Posted on April 12, 2010

Growing up in a Pagan home, ghosts and such were never new to me. I’ve seen them my entire life. It starts when I was six. My mother had an image of god and Jesus, where she got it or who gave it to her I don’t know. Anyway I saw demonic faces in the picture all the time, finally I told my mother and she removed it and that was that.

When I was seven we moved two houses down and things were great for awhile then weird things started happening. When I was 14 my friend swore up and down she saw a dark figure behind me in my hallway with a knife raised to my back. It spooked me so, I would walk with my back to the wall.

Anyone who came over would see red glowing eyes peeking out of my bedroom and then my door would slam shut, after awhile most of my friends refused to come over. I stopped sleeping in my bedroom because whenever I was in there I could never sleep, weird things always happened so I slept on the family room couch.

Let’s fast forward a few years, I’m 18 now and living in another state with my then fianc (Sam) and his mother (Gail). One night she pulls out her spirit board, now its not a Ouija board but some other kind of spirit board. Right away things start happening. I go into a trance and start talking about Gail’s dead sister whom I have never met or seen a picture of. I describe her to a T. She asks Sam if I ever saw a picture of her, he says no and so I speak to her dead sister (Linda) and Gail becomes so upset because there was a gate and a spirit guardian blocking the way and would not let me communicate with her in depth.

So Gail heads off to bed and Sam asks me do you want to continue, I agreed. We tried for about 20 minutes and no other spirits would come through, so Sam says I have an idea and leaves the room returning with a Ouija board. He says this will work, so before starting he does a protection ritual and screws up and has to enter me into the ritual. I gotta say it never did work. Right away two girls come through, one is 15 the other 19, they say that they are slave girls who were murdered. I wanted proof so I asked questions only the dead would know and got the right responses, so I was satisfied. Then out of no where they just stopped talking and we tried getting them back and nothing, then another presence comes through and says his name is David.

We spoke with David for some time but I started noticing lies and Sam left the room for a minute to use the bathroom and I confronted “David”. I said your name is not David and you are lying, he replies you caught me. I said who are you really and he says Abbandon/Apollyon. I having no clue who that was continued to talk to him. Sam returns and I told him what he said and Sam say’s that’s not funny Jenn knock it off. I said I’m dead serious and Abbandon says she’s right, she’s not lying and Sam’s eyes got so wide and he looked terrified. I asked him what was wrong and he says we’re ending this now and Abbandon says No! Sam says its done and before Abbandon could do anything Sam ends it, shoving the pointer on goodbye. I asked him what was wrong and he wouldn’t tell me.

Later that night we were in bed and he’s reading and I’m asleep, I wake up to this sound. It sounds like growling and talking, I look over in the corner and there by the closed door corner is a black robed figure. I try to scream, move anything and I cant. For some reason it chose the grim reaper look, scythe and all. It slowly moves towards me till its sitting on my stomach and pinning me down. I can’t move, talk or anything and completely terrified, he’s sitting there breathing in me and my first thought was the dead don’t breathe. He becomes distorted and turns into the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. He looks completely human, except for those red goat-slitted eyes. He smiles at me and bends down and says to me You are mine! By this time I’m so scared I’m crying and fighting to move to say anything to get Sam’s attention. That’s when he tells me his name, now this name I cannot reveal. Its an intimate name and I had to promise to never tell it to get him to go away. Finally I’m able to move and I lunge for Sam and told him what happened, he comforted me and told me it’d be ok. For awhile it was.

Then one night Sam’s mom sends him to their other home to get things turned on because we were moving, she hated the mobile home. With Sam gone I refused to sleep in the bedroom, so I set myself up on the living room couch. Around 2 am, about 6 hours after Sam leaves, I had the urge to look at the door and that was a mistake. There he was again, staring at me with the diamond shaped window. I say loudly to him: You are not welcome, leave now! He laughs and turns from that skeleton face to beautiful face with the red goat slitted eyes and says to me again. You are mine, I will have you no matter the cost! I yelled No! He laughs and vanishes.

We move a short time later and I didn’t see him for awhile, then one night out of no where there he was. He was very angry like a jealous lover. He says to me, you left. I said yes and he says I have been looking for you. I told him that was too bad, he became angrier and pinned me to the wall and kisses me telling me I’m his and I tell him No. Sam comes into the hall and see’s me pinned there and freaks out lunging for Abbandon, only he laughs and disappears.

More time goes by and no Abbandon and things seem good, then one night Sam is shoved down the stairs and when I went to help Sam, Abbandon becomes enraged and jealous. Refusing to let me help Sam. Finally I shouted at Abbandon telling him that he will never have me and he looks at me and to this day I will never forget the look on his face. He looked broken-hearted and sad. It shocked me that I was frozen there and he gently touched my face then disappeared. I went to help Sam and he was ok.

Not long after that his mom pulled her crap about me having to leave for the second time, so I packed my stuff, called my parents and arranged for them to come get me. A few months after I’m home, who shows up? Abbandon and by this time I’m so used to him I simply say Abbandon you are not welcome here leave my house. He laughs and bows saying for now I will leave my love and leaves.

Months go by and nothing, then one night he returns while I’m asleep and he marks my ring finger, wakes me up and holds my hand up to show me and says that now I am officially his. I still have the mark and to this day he still follows me. I’ll be 32 in a few months. I’m very happily married. I have to ward my house and myself and anyone around me from him. He is still around still wanting me. This is my true story of why you should never play with Ouija boards, you just might find yourself permanently attached to a demon.

Sent in by Jennifer L. Spires, Copyright 2010

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46 Responses to “The Truth and Dangers of Ouija Boards”
  1. Beast Man says:

    You live in a pagan house but there are pictures of jesus up?

    Looks like another story just busted its own credibility.

  2. DarStarr says:

    Yeah, I have to agree. This one is a bit hard to buy, sorry.

  3. GHOST MONK says:

    Personlly, as a collector, user, and creator of “witch boards”, I find the terror associated with them to be not accurate, as far as “cursed toys of the devil” or a “gateway to another dimension/world. Aside from living in a “haunted house”, I have never had any type of negative experiences and I have been “playing around” with them for many years.

    • Big Chief says:

      Living in a haunted house isn’t negative?? Did the house become haunted after ouija use?? Who do you believe your contacting when using the ouija board?

      • Priestess says:

        Growing up I never used a Ouija. I didn’t try that experiement till I was 18 and living with my then fiancee. We were just using it to see if I could get a stronger connection and we did, the WRONG kind of connection.

    • MARY says:

      Ghost Monk,

      Bless you and i hope it stays that way I will send you light as you are dabbling with bad juju , too many stories , tooo real , tooo much the same from people all over the world and that you “play” with them, Well, heck that just scares my boots off.

      Peace to you, Mary

  4. Priestess says:

    You can think what you like but the story is in fact 100% true. So what my mother had a picture. So my story is now fake because of a picture? LOL. Wow what’s next? You gonna tell me that I’m crazy. LMAO. Its a picture that was given to my mother and out of respect she kept it. I asked her gave it to her, she does not remember. Wow you people are really not very bright. When you have lived what I was through and continue to go through then you can tell me whether my story is fake or not. Well, lucky you that you haven’t had anything happen to you. That’s most likely do to the fact you have ZERO spiritual abilities so they have NO interest in you. Let me guess only your stories are 100% fact? Whatever. As far as Ouija Boards being portals, that is 100% TRUTH! Accept it or don’t. Till then, you have NO idea about anyone else’s experiences but your own. Here’s a bit of info for you. Why would I spend my time typing all that out if it was fake? What, for attention? And to add my name? Oh yes cause I added my name IT MUST be fake. *rolls eyes at the ignorance*. Anyway when you grow a bit of intelligence then you MIGHT be worth talking to.

    • Ana Karina says:

      u know what i believe you, and your right. me ive had my own experiences and i dont think anybody wouldve liked to go through that. thanks for the story

    • MARvoodoo says:

      Priestess, I believe your story and their are many kind people here who also believe. If they don’t that does not make them bad it is just them stating their opinion. Try not to let it fire you up. I believe you were raised Pagan ? If I am incorrect please let me know. I would consider a Voodoo priestess to rid you of this unwanted guest. They have very strong magic and are good at what they do. A Catholic Exorcism does not seem to be the way you want to go and I get that. But , you must be set free. I am willing to look around and speak to some of my friends who are practitioners of Witchcraft as I am , although I am Ecclectic (alone) and Catholic. I would like to ask a favor of you if I may please say it is my belief that Jesus is not what Christians think He is. As it was very insulting to me to hear that you feel they are disgusting. You can get your point across without hurting other peoples beliefs no? It is just a request please do not think I am trying to tell you what to do ignore it if you want to. As far as theVOODOO PRIESTESS IS concerned I am sure I could look for one for you if there is a way you could quietly give me your state maybe leave me a private message in my inbox? Totally up to you. I know they are as good as Exorcists and will do all they can to send the Entity back to where it belongs. Please let me know if you would OK?



      • Priestess says:

        Mar: Yes, I was raised Pagan and still am Pagan. Oh I’m not forcing people to believe but I also don’t think they have a right to attack me either. I have simply told them, they don’t have to believe. I won’t be attacked. I apologize that I offended you, but what was said to me was way out of line. However, you are right I should of never stooped to their level.

        As far as an Exorcism. Been there done that. Sought out many and they could do nothing. Its been reduced to simply knowing who and what is there but I or anyone in my life can’t be touched or messed with. I just wanted my story out there so people know not to play with these things.

        As far as sending him back where he belongs, not gonna happen. Sadly i’m permently attached to him as he is permently attached to me. I won’t say here how cause I’m not up for the mocking.

        • MARY says:

          Priestess this makes me want to cry , you have to have this wart on you for always???? It is so bad 3 yrs for me but it’s at least going to try to get away or rather they are going to try to rid my house of it..

          I am no longer a slave to Him , he reminds me of an old pedophile with a bad attitude . I am not afraid anymore , don’t like bullies wont be bullied they are just cowards to me. I’ll let you know if it works ,

          I may be in your shoes if it does not work never thought about that???!!! At least yu have a place to come HERE don’t pay attention to these others who are not being helpful , they probably got hollered at in school today. Also , there is always going to b e someone who does not believe its funny because Catholic Services are all about MAGIC the body is the bread wine is blood etc… It is steeped in Magic , and the Lord or at least the one I believe in is so much more LOVING than the people who want to beat you with the bibles.

          You probably won’t like this but I am going to pray for you in my Novena , I will add you to rid your body and mind of this unwanted guest. And did you try voodoo? I don;t know if you answered that. Can I pray for you. or if I can find something in my Book of shadows to relieve you of your pain may I help I will need your permission as a witch I cannot put my will into your business. I do simple crafting so mostly prayer to release and relieve your pain.?? Please let me know if that is OK?? Also, please odn’t stop posting and getting it out , PLEASE . I will let you know asap when I have the cleansing and try to tell my story.


          • Priestess says:

            Mary: Yes, sadly I’m stuck with him. I’ve never been a slave but still it bites. I hope you get free of yours.

            Yes, you can do something from your bos. I’d appreciate it.

            Oh I’m not worried what they think. I just get tired of their nonsense. Tried the Vodou Priestess. She said she couldn’t get his attachment clear of me. That the mark he put on my ring finger keeps us attached for good.

            Blessings to you and yours and yes I’d like to hear your story.

          • Priestess says:

            Mary: I’ll share it here why I’m so permently attached to Abanddon. When he marked my finger by cutting it he mixed our blood together. Now we will ALWAYS know where each other are, I can feel his energy, where he is, where he will go, just as he will always know where I am, where I go. We are connected in ways that is beyond anything mortal.

          • Tory says:

            Touocdhwn! That’s a really cool way of putting it!

  5. jk says:

    Normally something like this would be much more subtle and not a direct and also it would usually not inolve your boyfriend. You must be one smokin’ hot babe to have this thing acting like that-send pictures.

  6. Ron says:

    Well some of my family members including my mom has played the Ouija board. i believe your story is true because something similar happened to them. Yeah its a deadly game that will ruin your life.

    • MARvoodoo says:

      Ron, could you tell us what happened? I am keeping a journal of stories from people who have uncool experiences with the board , If it is too scary or unfortable for you that is fine . Please let me know when you can OK? I would never post or write your story anywhere , it is my own personal journal as I believe the board should ONLY be used as a last resort by VERY SKILLED DEMONOLOGISTS OR PRACTITIONERS OF THE SUPERNATURAL. They really are so dangerous.



      • MARvoodoo says:

        SORRY RON THAT SHOULD BE JUST Mary says not Marvoodoo lol don’t know how that happened. Peace , Mary

      • Priestess says:

        Mary: I was an experienced Pagan when I was 18 but not with the board and things still went bad. I am much much more advanced now and I could work the board properly but I wouldn’t dare touch it. I’ve had 1 bad experience and I’m not up for another. Its already cost me and I refuse to give anything else. Even demonologists I advise not to.


        Blessings to all Namaste

        • MARY says:

          I agree 100% my wise friend , however we both know that realistically someone is going to play and think that it will be different for them , I will eventually tell my story , It’s 3 k+ yrs worth of hell and mine is HUMAN ! But for now I just feel that if they are going to do it anyway at least they could protect themselves. I nEVER PLAY THE BOARD , Practitioner for approx 8 yrs and peole think it’s a hobby , its a WAY OF LIVING , I have been bitten by the Times three factor and it hurt REALLY HURT MY LIFE. I have an attachment as we speak and it attacks my children ,it wants a mother and despises my kids as they are in the way. It has killed my unborn child and thrown my 7 mo old down the basement steps, It threw me to the floor and I miscarried at 3 wks after 2 yrs of trying . seeing my baby broken bones was HORRIFIC. If some of these people bless them could see this or experience this they would RUN. SO I AGREE , SOMEDAY I’LL TELL MY STORY BUT , NOT UNTIL THEY CLEANSE AND BLESS MY HOME . BLESSINGS LIGHT AND LOVE TO YOU AND YOURS, MARY

    • Priestess says:

      Yes. I believe you, it is deadly and can do much to your life.

  7. Priestess says:

    Thank you

  8. Reapergirl says:

    yeah guys, just stop picking on her.
    if she is telling the truth, which is very easy to see, then just listen to her and don’t gang up!
    jeeze how would you like it if i ganged up on you after you had written a story that had happened to you!?
    in the future be more sensible.

    • Priestess says:

      Reapergirl thank you very much. I thought that was very rude simply because my mom recieved a religious image and kept it out of respect.

  9. Liara says:

    a very…interesting story. i believe you. demons are cruel, evil creatures that seek to destroy our life and make them ours. most people think they are doomed when a demon says something like “you are mine! god can’t save you!” and yada yada yada…yet, you didn’t, and that is astounding. you have a remarkable sense of strength.

    out of curiosity, do you have anymore stories about this demon? things he’s done, things he has said…stuff like that.

    • Priestess says:

      This demon has hunted me since I was a child. Those red eyes that would peer out of my bedroom door were his hell hounds. I’ve resorted to hanging bells on the inside door knob of every door that leads to the outside and I’ve sought out master conjurer’s and got some of their bound Djinn for protection. I never feel 100% safe from midnight till 5 am. Its worse from 3 to 5. 3 am is you well know the mocking of when jesus died even tho I do not see jesus like christians do. I’ve seen him outside several times around 3:30 am just staring in the window. I can hear singing at times outside from 3-5. Let me put it this way. I’m a horror scare movie and such junkie. I love things that go bump in the night, horror movies, scarry stuff. I’m known by my family and friends as the creepy chick because of my love for all this stuff. So for me to be creeped out even scared is a lot.

      Read Demons are called by many names. I explained what demons are after there.

  10. pedro hedgerow says:

    Having had an interest in paranormal experiences for many years ive accumalated many books on different related subjects.there are many,many reports of experiences as weird,+in many cases,a lot weirder than this one.In a lot of these cases the witness or witnesses have been respected people in the community whose testimony would have accepted in a court of law regarding more mundane events,+who stood to gain nothing,other than ridicule,in going public with whatever they had undergone.given that the U.S. Government and British Government have admitted to secretly running black projects at one time or another studying so called “fruitcake”subjects with varying degrees of success(as viewed from a military view)it seems to me that its best to keep an open mind on these things,especially when the details prevent any “normal”explanation being applicable.Knowledge is power,+can anyone name a government willing to enlighten people with an eye to relinquishing power to them?Ibelieve humans live only a very blinkered existence of what surrounds us.just because one is ignorent of the existence of something doesnt negate that things existence.Mind works best like parachute,open.

  11. Abbandon is not Abbandon, Demons can change there names constantly, so that they never reveal there identity. I used to be into Wicca. I prayed to God the other day for small things to happen, like a parcel of hats we ordered from the USA to our Country to appear soon and bang bang bang a few minutes later as I walk past the front door to my bedroom, opened the door and het my parcel from the lady said thankyou, opened the parcel inside and there were the hats, spoke to God aloud and said it would be wonderful God if the new camera that has been missing for months would turn up, later that night my man was clearing some items from a table and he found my new camera that had been missing for months and handed it to me. The only thing needed to get the new camera to turn on that is missing is the recharger and uploader cables, but thats a prayer or a please god speech for another time.

  12. As for a Jesus picture something was growing inside the glass on top of the picture, it was a Picture of Jesus that was a 100 years old, passed down by family and it had Jesus covered in blood from where he was nailed on the cross. Mary had blood on her to. But I got this bad feeling like being judged, from the Jesus picture & I got a guarding secure feeling from the mary picture. You always felt you were being watched with those pictures.

  13. I believe if someone is on a different spiritual path, a path where he is not following God. God will not judge the person but may instead use the path they are currently on to guide them back to God.

    • K. Smith says:

      Abaddon is a very deadly and powerful demonic spirit. He holds the title of king in Satan’s kingdom. The bible states that he is the king over the bottomless pit. You invoked one of the most terrifying demons in hell, and only Jesus Christ can deliver you from this spiritual creature.

      Revelation 9:11 And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

    • Priestess says:

      I am actuallu fine right where I am. I DON’T need the christian jesus or G-d. And I’m NOT lost or in need of being guided back to G-d when I NEVER lost sight of G-d. I just don’t see G-d like christians do and I prefer Goddesses.

      • MARY says:

        Priestess I agree you only need to adhere to whatever you ascribe to. Are yu Wiccan or witch? i am an ecclectic , kitchen witch who understands having to defend your place as you are not the norm.

        However, getting mad sometimes plays into the hands of the supremists. We all are different and we are all important in our HIgher Powers eyes. My Power is God and Goddess is Immaculate Mary , Gods and Goddesses are angels and saints whom I ask things of as well as my Guardians and my Guides and my Personal Angel.

        Also when I raise energy to cast I use Michael (south) , Uriel (north) , and Raphael (east) , Gabriel west water.They are my four guardians of the gate funny its even in the bible but the bible is man made and flawed as all men are so I read it here and there but take what I can use . the rede Do what ye will and harm none, is pretty much right up there with the 10 commandments , NO LYING, CHEATING , MURDERING ,MEAN GOSSIP , HONORING FATHER AND MOTHER, ETC.. Do these things and you harm none.

        So , it’s so hard for me to understand why religions with all of thier “GODLINESS” CANNOT get over it and accept choice as it is A GOD GIVEN RIGHT. IF he feels he can let us choose someguy on TV is not going to tell me I have no choice but to vote for the guy who sent us to war and helped us into the worst depression in umpteen years. Sorry folks it is what it is, gotta call it as I see it. My church told us if we did not vote for him we should not receive the saCRAMENTS ??????

        They have to be talking out the other side of their faces now. They probably cannot get a dime to pay the electric in the bucket now. My hope for all is that you have Someone Higher to go to when us flawed human folk really let you down. BLESSINGS AND LIGHT , MARY

        • Priestess says:

          Marry: I’m Pagan. Yes, I have had to defend my right to follow the Goddess since I can remember. Oh No never mad, maybe slightly annoyed but never mad. They are not worth being mad at, or even hating like some have made the false claim on another well not really story but some nonsense someone made up.


          Their issue is the fact they hate all people who don’t see their religion as the right one or follow their religion and hail it like its the right one.

          I agree I didn’t vote for Bush, yet here we are. And people get angry at me for voicing my opinion about him. Its all insane. I just honestly get sick and tired of people like K. Smith making stuff up about Pagans and such. Its old and its pathetic.

          • MARvoodoo says:

            You stand proud that you have belief in something. Over the top Christians are vile to me. A christian by the very term is supposed to be Christ like which is open and forgiving and caring ,loving , kind, again this is my belief system. But , here we have our “OWN KIND” ashamed to say it killing in the name of christianity and Christ weeps .

            There will always be the cruel and ignorant. I wanted to say do you use a shield ? As an empath I have learned to shield myself from others so I can empathize with them but not take their pain HOME. II was very exhausting for many years b4 I knew about the gift i had been given.

            IF YOU WANT , just close your eyes slow your breath and create a huge white light around you and those you love . Check every day that itis still their and fully functional. It will enable you to take people who can be mean and just blow off the nonsense and answer any really relevant ?S if they actually have any.

            It is something to try anyway and it DOES WORK ! That I can assure you , it helps me to deflect the angry , mean , nonsense and weed thru to the True problem. I hope this helps and will be here and do some research for you about possibly getting you some calm in your life , you must be so stressed , I would be.


            GREENMOTHER (MARY)

            • Priestess says:

              I do stand proud. I just get sick and tired of people telling me what I should or should not believe then get angry and vile when I reject their beliefs as them being my own. Yes, I agree christians are supposed to be christ-like. I know a few that are. They are the true christians. Always kind and respectful, they see me as a person not someone to convert or damn.

              Yes, I can do that. Sometimes tho I mean to and don’t think about it then i’m sucked into their hatred. I try to remember to do that everytime before I even leave the house.

              I was passed stressed when I hit 25 and still being annoyed. Now? I just do my best and get on with life as best as I can. It helps that I have a great husband.

              Blessings To You and Yours.


  14. Priestess says:

    K. Smith: I know who Abanddon is dear. And I don’t believe in your christian created “Satan” I don’t believe Jesus is G-d or his son either. See Mary was his mom and her mother could not have kids so G-d got her mother pregnant and she had Mary. Mary to was unable to have kids so G-d “messed” with his own daughter to create Jesus? so Jesus would be his son and grandson. DISGUSTING. So I do NOT believe that silliness. Oh it also states that thee Messiah can NOT be divine at all. So since this “jesus” would be 3/4′s divine. He FAILS the requirements right there. NOT to mention he FAILED the requirements anyway. He is NOT direct lineage to King David, he is NOT a great general and he has NOT ruled with a sword as it states he is SUPPOSED to. So Looks like your Jesus is very made up. Also He is the christian recreation of the deities Horus and Mithra. What delivers me are my spiritual abilities to protect myself. I did not knowingly invoke him, If I had known I would of NEVER done so. If you don’t have anything constructive, positive, and or NON religiously attacking to add. Don’t bother. I don’t have time for your nonsense and the abuse.

  15. justme says:

    Sorry, but I find this story far fetched.

  16. Priestess says:

    Justme: Find it far feteched all you want. You have NOT lived the experiences I have.

  17. Michelle says:

    I completely believe this story. This weekend my friend and I were supposed to use a Ouiji board at her house but now I might decide not to. Thanks for the story

    • Priestess says:

      Michelle: I wouldn’t. That’s my best advice. IF on the outside chance you do, here is something that could help, now this is NOT 100% guarenteed that it will keep them away but it MIGHT.

      Get some white candles, put them in a circle around you and your friends, make sure you have a lot of extra room to move in the circle. You might even want to do a double circle of white candles. Whatever your beliefs are, whoever you follow ask them to guide and protect you ALL from harm, negative energies, forces, entities and such. Let the candles burn and NEVER leave the circle while using the board.

      When your done. MAKE sure you close the portal you open.

  18. MARY says:

    Oh Crud K Smith is here as well , I just though I would get out of that rediculous bible teaching class and have some good paranormal chats and learn more about different ways of worship Pagan , Wiccan, Judaism sp? etc……Well I’ll hang around and see if I get not noticed . I don’t even think that is a proper sentence lol! Blessings my new freind , Mary

    • MARY says:

      That post was for my buddy Priestess whom I am getting to know . Just to clear up any one who may have thought I was speaking to someone else. LIGHT AND LOVE ALWAYS, MARY

      • Priestess says:

        Mary: Yes She is here and still being as abusive as ever.

        Anyway, onto better things. I’m glad we met.

        Blessings my friend.

  19. Kenton says:

    My niece once was using a Ouija board. She had been playing with it for months and was beginning to get really freaked out. She kept seeing a tall dark man watching her from outside the house. So I finally took the Ouija board, broke it over my knee and threw it in the trash. No more tall man, no more trouble. So it goes.

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