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The Terrifying Clown From My Closet

Posted on July 30, 2008

I recently moved into a new house, all seemed fine. the house was 3 story, a bright red colour, with big black gates at the front.

I was so excited to get in, explore the house, and choose my bedroom. Sure enough, my bedroom was the furthest one down the long dark hallway. By the time everyone in my family had settled in, it was around 10:00 pm. I was tired as ever, and started to admire my new room. It was dead silent, I could of heard a fly sneeze. But instead some weird high-pitched laughter came from my inside my wardrobe. I didn’t think much of it, but gradually it became louder.

I started panting faster and faster at the sight of a red balloon coming out from my closet. The laughter followed the balloon carefully. “POP!” the balloon shattered everywhere, and what seemed to look like blood lay splattered all over my bedroom floor.

I scream as loud as ever, and run down my hallway to my parents bedroom. I grab my mums hand and lead her to my bedroom to show her what had happened. But, nothing was there. Not one sight of balloon, blood, or laughing no more! I thought I was going insane.

I slammed my door shut after my mum walked out, she thought I just had a bad dream. I look around my room, still, nothing! I stand there, I hear a bubbly voice say “You know I’m behind you, Sarah-lee” there it was, the voice again, I turn behind, nothing there. So I turn back again. There I saw, with my own eyes, a tall, pale-faced, figure, with bright orange hair, sharp yellow teeth, big white blood-shot fierce eyes glaring at me with his arms behind his back. My eyes were stuck to his, I couldn’t move one muscle, it was like this thing had some sort of power over me.

He moves closer, I do not dare to make one sound or movement. He pulls out a knife as quick as a flash and runs towards me. I open the door, screaming, yelling and bolting through my house. I didn’t know where I was going, as the “thing” knew it’s way around my new house more than I did. Every corner could lead back to my bedroom, or a place I had yet not discovered. I see a bathroom ahead, run in and slam the door shut. I feel safe, but I’m not positive. How could my mum and dad not hear me!? I hear a bang coming from my parents bedroom, a light tear rolls down my cheek. I pass out on the floor, and wake up to what seems years later.

I feel my body on the cold bathroom tiles, my mums voice near me. “Sarah-Lee, wake up, honey” My mum says. I feel safe now, as I stare into my mums big, white blood-shot eyes.

This is a true story and I wrote it my-self. My name is Sarah-Lee and I cannot say my last name for reasons I cannot explain. It can happen to anyone, good or bad people. Take my advice and I did nothing wrong!

Sent in by Sarah-Lee, Copyright 2008 True Ghost Tales

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18 Responses to “The Terrifying Clown From My Closet”
  1. Warrior Priestess says:

    Weird, its sounds made up, like Part II of Steven King’s IT, but the weird thing is, i had a laughing closet when i was a kid, and they went away for a while then when i moved into a new house, and years later the laughing started again. I Blamed it on a Clown-Demon that i Called: “Jekkal” He was around 8 foot tall, and he had crooked teeth and his canine-teeth were long fangs, His teeth were really yellow too. I Never saw his hair though, always wore one of those Jester-Hats with the bells. He had long stretchy arms and fingers, his fingernails were very long, some were crooked and twisted, others were straight. I never saw him with my own eyes, but i had nightmares about him.

  2. Sorcha says:

    Yeah it does remind me of that movie “IT”
    I’ve never been afraid of clowns though…. although I do understand why people don’t like them.

  3. Krista says:

    I’m terrified of clowns! I had an experience with a clown doll in my closet. I was 6 years old and we moved into an old creepy looking 2 story house, and my bedroom was the only room upstairs. the first night i slept there i was looking around my room, i went to the closet and there was a clown doll in there. so i shut the door and went to bed, all of a sudden i hear hight pitched laughing and a voice that said “We going to have fun during your stay in my house” and i screamed and my dad ran in and he asked what was wrong and i pointed toward the closet. he opened it and nothing was there. so he went back to bed. then i hear the same sentence i heard moments before. i screamed again and my dad ran in again and i pointed to the closet and he opened the door and this time he saw the doll. it had blood all over it and a bloody knife in its hand. my dad destroyed it, but to this day i still here the same sentence. I’m 13 now so it kinda freaks me out (true story)

  4. leann says:

    wow,it was really scary.i wonder if it is still in your closet.did you move out.did you see it again. anyway great story

  5. Warrior Priestess says:

    WOW Krista, Your story and Sarah’s story saound a lot like what happened to me, What did this Doll look like before it got bloody? Was it wearing a baggy purple suite with white polka-dots? Because the one that bothered me was a Singing and Dancing Clown doll. I think it had a wand in it right hand but i’m not sure, we finally got rid of it when i made enough complaints about it. It wasnt the Only Clown toy to ever bug me though. Either way, Both stories were good, it just seemed weird about the blood-filled balloon. I’ve never heard anything like that before.

  6. CM Misery says:

    poor clowns…people ones i mean…
    it’s clown dolls like these that give people clowns a bad name…
    i never had an experience with a clown but with a doll yes….
    it would move around at night and its facial expressions would alter….

  7. willz says:

    I’ll bet your surname is king cuz that sounds just like pennywise the clown from IT. The exploding blood balloons r straight from that too. I don’t mean to frown down on your story but it sounds like a fascinating work of horror fiction.

  8. Jackie says:

    Hi S L,
    well i give you the benefit of the doubt as my experiences are hard to believe too and i only tell them to people like you now, who know the exhistance of such weird things are only too reall.

    It must have sent you half crazy all this and i hope you are comforted by the fact that you are not alone with these type of experiences!!!

    Had to chuckle at the comment above from C M Misery, ‘poor clowns… people ones i mean’ etc… bless you C M – you’re sweet!!

  9. miyonna says:

    sry to doubt
    but ok as mich as im scared of clowns
    that story sounds like that clown from IT
    and ur name soundz like the bread i eat
    maybe thats why u cant state ur last name

  10. Taylor says:

    My grandma had a howdy dudy puppet that clown thing. I loved to play with it when i was six and since I am the only one that sleeps over at her house. My grandma keeps it on the shelf. Well I am 11 now and I slept over last month and noticed it and started to play with it. But when I was sleeping It was at the foot of my bed and I put it on the shelf. I refuse to sleep in that room now I sleep in my grandmas room or the living room.

  11. Carlos says:

    I’m sorry, but this is straight from IT, and the story-telling is too good. It sounds like an excerpt from a novel. The other clown stories that people wrote sound truer, but this just sounds like someone trying their hand at horror writing.

  12. nicole says:

    grr i hate clowns me and friends watched IT

  13. Lauren Ann McDonalds says:

    My name is Lauuurren. I had an experience just like this. Except it wasn’t a wardrobe, it was my closet. With big glass doors. They shattered during the incident. My mom woke me up with big bloodshot eyes too. I figured out it’s because she’s a clown, part-time for some extra cash. Hopefully she doesn’t become evil too. I hate evil. I hate clowns.

    Best of luck with your clown situation.

  14. Gwendo Lynne Stoner says:

    I agree with Lauren. I hate evil clowns. My mom works part time as a clown too and every time she comes home her eyes are blood shot. Should I board up my closet? I really don’t like balloons either, I’m allergic to latex. Hopefully she doesn’t turn evil I’m really scared now..oh no she’s behind me…ahhhhh

  15. boliversox says:

    i do have to agree and please dont take offense but it does sound like the movie IT but it does sound like a good sequel

  16. christine says:

    Did you watch the movie it right before this happened???

  17. Morgan Leigh says:

    Seriously, did you just watch the movie, and have a bad dream like this or something?
    I mean you could have ran into the bathroom because of your dream,
    I dont believe this at ALL.

  18. big barney says:

    what a nicely made up….fake…..never happend story…..

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