The Tall Man Ghost In Black

Posted on May 3, 2008

I’m 41 and I live in Sacramento, California. I know it sounds cliche, but I have experienced supernatural things most all my life but this is one of the most interesting experiences in my life thus far.

Around 1997 my partner and I rented a duplex. When we first saw the house both spaces were vacant and we got to choose which side we wanted so we picked the one that was available at that time. As we walked through the place I got a feeling the place was haunted, I thought I saw a slight glow on the kitchen ceiling but shrugged it off as light from the window. After I even told my partner what I thought but didn’t think anything of it. As a slight back-story the previous tenants moved out quickly skipping out on their debts.

Now I never got a feeling of evil or anything like that so I never felt threatened. My partner one morning woke up and looked over to the doorway and thought he saw a man standing staring at us but just laid back down and went to sleep. He told me about this the next day and thought it could have been the way the light was coming through the window blinds.

About a year later we moved our bed to another room, as there was a sump pump under the floor in that room. I woke, as I am apt to do in the middle of the night and saw a very tall man walking out of our room. He suddenly he turned his head and our eyes met for a quick second before I snatched my eyes closed pretending to be asleep. I don’t know if he walked back in the room but I refused to open my eyes for fear he was staring me in the face but I soon fell asleep again.

In the morning I told my partner what I saw. I said he was as tall as the doorway, dressed in a black cloak or coat that appeared to be full length and with a very white bald head. If I were to compare him to something you could visualize it would be something like Pinhead from Hellrasier, with out the pins of course. I could not tell you what his eyes looked like because I didn’t have my glasses on but I could tell our eyes met. My partner said that was the same thing he saw and at first accused me of copying it from him but I reminded him that he never said what he looked like.

After this we would see a shadow like mist going from room to room and one time my partner thought he saw feet walk past him in the hall and once someone sitting on the couch. We both thought this was all interesting and I became more intrigued.

One morning I was making breakfast and set the butter knife on top of the jar on the counter top. As I was sitting enjoying my toast the knife fell of the jar but it did just fall next to the jar but bounced down the counter about 4 feet away.

Another morning I was making breakfast quesadillas and burned on of the tortillas and threw it up on the back of the counter thinking I would throw it away when I got home from work.� We had dinner that night with a friend of ours and after she came in to watch a movie with us. She went in the kitchen and I heard her say “what is this” and when I came to see what she was talking about I saw the tortilla was on the floor and in front of the fridge which was on the other side of the kitchen from where it was originally.

I asked my partner if he did that and said he didn’t touch it. I looked at it because my first thought was a rodent but it was untouched, no chew marks. As another aside, we had a cat that lived under the house and a couple of times he faced the house and sat up on his hind legs and begged like a dog. Why he did this I don’t know but he also did it at my parent’s house when we gave him to them. He never did this in the direction of anyone just the house or a wall it was weird but then again he was a cat.

Now I don’t know if the tenant in the space next to ours experienced anything, but the walls were thin and I heard him talking to a friend on the phone saying that one day he was doing pushups and suddenly it felt like someone was standing on his back and he couldn’t get up. Like I said before nothing bad happened there and the only reason we moved is because we bought a house in 2000, which I have some strange things that have happed here as well. Maybe I will write about those later.

Sent in by Lee, Copyright 2008 True Ghost Tales

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31 Responses to “The Tall Man Ghost In Black”
  1. shyboogz says:

    This story sounds very unrealistic and extra fake..but, if this person believed these things were happening to them then who am I to say their lying but, really come on people!

  2. Lee says:

    I am really curious as to why you think my story is fake. Really its not. I didnt embellish anything and i thought to seemed kind of boring. If I was to make a fake story I would efently had written some much more scary.

  3. Louie says:

    most story are true but some are not, but a ghost in black? sure i remember lots ghost shadow but if a man wearing a dark coat…that will be different story.

  4. Liam says:

    After my own experiences, I’ve learned never to judge other people “shyboogz”

    So far it doesn’t seem as though the spirit means any harm, it may just be a mischievous spirit looking for attention…. If so, then talk to him, see if he responds – you never know, he may turn out to be a good investment :-)

  5. Shadow says:

    I don�t see why a specters color of clothing has anything to do with the validity of a this persons experience, no more so than ladies in white, old men in top hats, or ghosts dressed in uniforms.

  6. Lee says:

    I did try to talk to him at one point after I saw him but never did hear anything. I invited him to come into my dreams once and I think he did. In the dream he looked completely human. He was tall with short dark hair and a big nose. I don�t remember anything he may have said but I got the impression he was a suicide. I didn�t mention that we purchased a Ouija board after the kitchen goings on but nothing happened so we ripped it up and through it away because it freaked us out having that in the house more then the ghost.

  7. Jas says:

    I’d never move into a haunted house, friendly or not. Gives me shivers thinking about it! But you are a brave man, I must say, maybe he fallowed you to your new home? Though ghost often done do this, they sometimes find people whom they “like” and hang around them

  8. Jackie says:

    Just read the comments and i was a bit shocked that you were being accused of lying, oh well, just don’t let it bother you Lee.
    People have different experiences, i didn’t have the usual stuff happen that goes with a demon attack. I only felt the thing, it didn’t give out a horrid odour, so people might think that wasn’t genuine, but it was.

  9. Dave says:

    How about telepathy some ghosts don’t speak they use telepathy instead

  10. Owen says:

    That’s bizarre because I’ve been searching for a entity that matches this description for 3 years.
    A few years back in the summer, my mum went out in the morning to take the rubbish out to the bin, and she saw the exact same ghost, yet it was 13 ft tall, just standing and staring at her from the bottom of the road, and they exchanged glanced for over 5 minutes until my mum left.

  11. shirl says:

    i used to see the tall man a lot as a teenager…it was so frightening to me…

  12. brandon says:

    this has been happening to me for 2 years of my life and I belive every word of it. Right now I am home alone and I am scared.

  13. carrissa says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Hi I’m Milan , about 4 years ago I was sleeping around 1 AM and I wake up to a man tall about 7 Ft tall staring at me for 5 straight hours! He was coming closer to me I saw he had a long nose , amazingly long fingers, and a big hat that kinda looked like an Abe Lincoln / witch hat!! Freaky! about 6 ft. Away from me and I put the covers over my head , I uncovered and he was over across my room about 15 ft away again ! I did not try to talk to him but I fell asleep about 5 minutes and he was right by me in my dream ! It is all clear now I woke up and he was across the room still bending over and like sniffing my uncle bob! About at 6am my mom turned on the light from the upstairsand walked down he looked quick and ran and vanished before my eyes I looked as soon as I could crying to see if he was still there . He wasn’t I remember kinda smokey like during Halloween the smoke makers , it was very cold but I was sweating badly! This was by far the scariest thing I have ever looked at he kinda looked like a demon or cowboy I’m not sure I couldn’t see his face the dark cloak was covering it !

  14. Domonic Blanco says:

    i am 15 and belive there is a demon that has haunted me since i was nine and he was that tall i come to this website to see if anyone else has seen him, ppl have told me they have and i talk about this because just resently he has haunted me again just last night i saw him staring at me as i fell asleep i need more ppl that have seen him i need what he wants…

  15. carrissa says:

    i know thats my question and my b.fs as well what he wants idk,
    maybee payback,?

  16. quinley says:

    hey man just last night i saw the same thing a tall man with a white head almost kinda skeleton looking i bieleve you

  17. Carrissa says:


  18. Alpha says:

    Tall men in black cloak…perhaps one of the most common experienced paranormal phenomena out there.
    I’ve seen several of such spectres, with the most notable experience involving a figure clad in a black cloak, top hat and red eyes. The eyes were the distinct figure…
    Great story!

  19. Read the Bible says:

    The tall old man in the black suit with a top hat is one of the most common experiences of a negative presence out there. Skeletal features, pale skin, terrifying eyes, black suit, black hat, sometimes a cloak.
    Do not speak to him, do not interact with him, do not acknowledge his presence other than to tell him to get out, in the name of Jesus Christ.
    The man in the black suit is either a demon or Satan himself. He came in this form to many of the most famous occultists (Satanists) and magicians of the 19th-early 20th century. He will only trick you, sway you, try to make you believe he’s just an innocent disturbed spirit that needs help. Do not give him anything he asks.

    “Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD.” Deuteronomy 18:10

    I may sound like the a-typical crazy christian but I have been there, I used to be a Satanist, I used to talk to the dead and try and converse with the ‘presence in black’ and it is NOT advisable.

    To those people who are being attacked by this presence, call out for Jesus Christ or Yeshua Mashiach (his true name in Hebrew), he will answer you.

  20. Anthony says:

    I was about 10 years old started having nightmares with a man dressed in black tuxedo black gloves and top Hat ,I would hear a sharp noise and he would jump on top of me from a tree in front of a church.

    I was babysitting went upstairs with sisiter and her friend baby was crying while my sister was changing diaper ,my mom had a bible open in half on dresser ,I thought maybe if I put knife on bible maybe God will give it special powers!
    as soon as the knife toched the bible I heard a sharp noise in my ear I walked to the steps right as he was coming in the door , pale skin I knew this person was not alive but look like me and you.
    he started to destroy home , when neighbor came over he walked out home , when I showed the neighbor the downstairs thier was no damage . only TV was off and some records on floor.
    My life has never been the same , I have never again had a sound sleep.
    Grew up in Chicago jumped in front of bullets all the time ,I am not afraid of man or Death, but I am sure the hell scared of this thing.
    Ive been wanting to confront my fears by maybe some day try to recreate what happen and catch this guy , and do something to his little Homo self. scarring little Kids!

  21. crystal says:

    I hoestly when i was about 11 years old awoke to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and as i was walking past my sisters room i glanced in and seen a man dressed in a long black jacket and a black hat tilted half covering his face, standing over my sister. He almost looked real. i was so scared but this reminded me of it because we lived in a duplex aswell.

  22. Joe says:

    Hi, Joe here in Pennsylvania. I actually just googled man with black hat and black cloak and found this site. I purposely did it as when I was 9 years old I was in my bedroom around 3 PM and all of a sudden I saw a man with a black cloak and black hat and he dissapeared as fast as i saw him.

    Some years ago at work a co worker and I were talking about my house and things I have seen in my house and Matt said….did you ever see the man with the black cloak and black hat I said yes why and he said i have seen him too and so have other people. I said who is he and Matt said i am not sure but I have read about other people seeing him.

    Long story shot and change of subject….my house and my street was haunted….moved into the house in Enola, PA in 1984….2 years later saw a man come in and go out of my kitchen, his back….2 years later my brother was here and he saw him in the same place.

    I was in the front bedroom one night ironing, from the right corner of the room a gray ball appeared from the corner and rolled accross the room and under the bed. From out of no where it came. I had stars appear and move and dissapear in my house as did my next door neighbor in their house.

    I saw a bat like thing at 4pm sunny afternoon come from the wall fly towards me and go up inside the lamp shade….it was not there when I got up and looked. The night before I moved 12:15 am sitting on the sofa….the same black thing flew down from nowhere from the ceiling right at me and I screamed and jumped and it flew to the floor under the coffee table and dissapeared.

    Got up one morning and let the dog out closed the door and heard….GET OUT……2 weeks later…..same deal got up at 5am let the dog out closed the door and again…..GET OUT.

    I was a bit angry and said …NO ….YOU…..GET THE F… OUT! it stopped.

    My neighbor 4 house up from me a victorian house…..she is a retired Libraian and very religious…..9:30PM at night….she’s watching a War movie….all of a sudden a young man dressed like soldiers now in Iraq stood there with a rifle…..her son was upstairs….she screamed for her son, he came down and by then the guy dissapeared.

    My neighbors accross the street…..sunny summer morning 6:00 AM…..she was in the kitchen, to left are french doors leading to their deck….the deck is 40 ft to the gated entrance from the french doors….a old woman peered in the doors, Beckey dried her hands and went immediately to the doors…..the woman was gone, the woman would never have time to get to the gate to leave, this was like seconds from Becky drying her hands tuill she opened the door to look out.

    My neighbors 2 doors down….his wife had seen during the day….a small 7 year old girl with a long dress and long brown hair in her back yard in early afternoon….the girl turned and waled away into nothinness…..twice it happened.

    nascar one two four one at whewoooo dot com – read between the lines.

    My brother was outside in my backyard one day with my dog….I had 2 driveways on my property….he saw a black filmy figure in broad daylight walk accross the front of my house and up the upper driveway and it dissapeared.

    I have other things that happened at my house.

  23. kristin says:

    I’ve seen something like this. It started when I was about 9 years old. I have seen many spirits but this one has been around for almost 20 years. He has got to be over six feet tall. He probably has a face but I have never seen it. He wears a long black cloak and top hat. I think he is trying to get me to help him or just watching me. I really don’t know. He doesn’t seem to be able to leave the house but has been in different houses that I have lived in. I don’t get the feeling he is bad but I do think he is trying to tell me something. Although he is wearing Abe Lincoln-esqe clothing, he feels to me to be American Indian. He has long dark hair. Maybe a spirit guide. I have also had 2 dreams where I see only a face and it is trying to warn/tell me something. It is the most beautiful man I have ever seen. I can never remember what he has said to me but I seem to be panicked but amazed at the sametime when I wake up. Should I try to make him leave or should I try to engage him? Can he hurt me? Is he bad or good???

  24. Alicia says:

    I had a very similar experience about the men in black with gleaming red eyes. Except, I lived in Kansas City. One had a black top har, one was bald with a pale, pale white head, and one had black hair. I think there was a fourth, but I never saw him. I thought I was seeing things too. They would watch as I slept, and I just prayed over and over again with my blanket pulled tight over me. I was seven, so I thought I was seeing monsters or whatever parents tell their kids they see.
    One day, I was up in the attic with my dollies, and a cold draft blew in. I looked up in the doorway, and there was a man as tall as the doorway with a white bald head staring at me. He had sunglasses on, but his red eyes peirced through them. I thought. “i’m seeing things.” And looked around the room for a reason why I would be seeing this tall man next to the door in the attic. I didn’t find one. I looked over at the doorway and the man was still there staring at me. I asked “can I help you?” The man shifted from one foot to the other, and I knew I wans’t just seeing things.
    I freaked out and ran past him downstairs to find my dad.
    He never beleived me. However, years later my mom told me that when we moved she spoke with the cleaning lady about the incident. The cleaning lady had told my mom she always felt uneasy in this house but didn’t want to say anything when we were going to buy it because we seemed so happy. The cleaning lady told my mom that she left a brand new vacuum cleaner up in the attic once- unplugged- and it blew up. Smoke was coming out of it, pieces of it were lying everywhere. She thught the house was evil.
    My mom asked her “I always knew I should get this house blessed.” My mom told me as soon as she said the word “blessed.” Our huge steel dront door slammed shut.
    Though nothing bad happened to our family while we lived there, it was still a very scary experience.

  25. tera says:

    I have seen this man too! But he didn’t have a hat on.

    In 2003 I had moved in with a friend of mine in to a house that was about 40 years old. I had been working at a bar at night (bartending) so my hours were pretty irregular. I would get home around 3am to 4am and get to sleep around 5am. One afternoon when everyone was out of the house I woke up and felt uneasy, I laid back down and after a few seconds I opened my eyes to see a tall man with a black coat on standing at the end of my bed looking at me. I felt kind of dreamy, but calm..its weird to say that.. as I watched him look back at me, locking eyes, and then slowly turn and walk out of my door. I then snapped out of it and ran behind him only to see him dissappear in front of my eyes!
    Later on I told my friends what happened, and my one roommate said that he haid seen a little girl running in the basement. It completely freaked us all out. I’ve never seen him again, thank god, but that one time was enough for me to remember forever…
    What or who, is this man? Or do you think I was dreaming? Although I have never sleep walked or hallunicated anything like this ever in my life.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I have seen the same thing you have described in your story.
    only twice. The first time was July 2010. The second time was late September at night when i was in my bed . And the next morning a picture frame of me and my friends was glued to the shelf it was on.

  27. Anonymous says:

    hahaha im 17 now and im come to a weird observation that most of the ppl that i have met are Amidextrious (uses both hands) but something really weird is that i am left handed not multi-handed please if you see this guy too then tell me what hand you use lol (strange question right) and ill contact you about it

    • Jackie says:

      Wow. I’ve search the net for some idea of who this man could be. I’ve been terrorized for by him. No hat, no cloak…just a very tall, bald, pale man. I’m so freaked out by this. Finally someone else has seen him. I thought I was going crazy. He stayed in my house for 30 days straight & haunted me. This is the truth. i was afraid to sleep. He’s evil i can say for sure. Ask God for protection…pray, pray pray.

  28. Kristina says:

    Omg i get chills when i read this….When i was a young girl i used to have teriabble nightmares…i used to wake up and see a man staring at me from the other room(today i always sleep with the door closed) .. and after a while i started having dreams of going walking up and see a pale man with dark dark eyes smiling at me …the scary thing is that when i woke up i lay in the same position and it was the same time(03.00) ….then my mom started spray holy water in my room(it works!)…. but a couple off years after i was really sick had a really high feber and suddenly it felt like i was lying on a rock and when i looked out of my room i saw a very tall and skinny man (tall to the seling) with a dark coat and a hat(i couldnt se his face) he was walking towards me but could get in as my mom had sprayed holy water in my room again! Then a couple years ago i asked my grandmother if she had every seen a ghost/spirit and she told me that when see was young and helped out on the field(grown up on a farm) there wrnt any lights those years and she saw the exact same tall skinny thing walking infront of her….she told him to piss off and he dissapeard.

  29. Chelsea says:

    I have seen this “man” a few times in my life. In my dreams and while awake. He always makes himself present right before I am to make a huge decision that will effect my life immensely. I feel that he is evil. I feel extremely frightened every time he is around. I can’t ever see a face because his cloak hood is on and it casts a shadow. I can tell by his chin that his skin is pale and old.

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