The Stanley Colorado Trip

Posted on April 14, 2010

So my birthday was coming up and it was spring break for me. My mom wanted to go to somewhere warm and beachy, but I disagreed and we ended up going to Estes Park, Colorado, in the heart of the rocky mountains. I have wanted to be a ghost hunter for a while, and I watch all of the paranormal shows, and I heard of The Stanley Hotel, and I pleaded to go there, future career right?

So there are so many stories and tales at the Stanley, and it was amazing. When we got there I gasped in pure awe, it was the most beautiful place I have ever been! It looked kind of run-down outside, but inside was fully furnished and everything was working as if it were a new and improved hotel of 2010. We took the ghost tour, and I learned a ton, and I’m truly thankful for that. Guess what! If you have ever visited The Stanley,� you probably know about room 401 and kooky Lord Dunraven who resides in there… Well we got room 402, only a glossy- gold elevator separated the rooms. It was a cozy room, very hospitable and nice.

That night we had dinner in their restaurant in the hotel, and I had quite cool experiences. I was eating some salmon and I saw a man with white muttonchops, and goatee in a black suit. I looked up from my plate and he was gone. When I was eating again, I saw in my peripheral vision, a shadow man, in the shape of the first man I saw. I looked at a pamphlet and it said that F.O. Stanley roamed the main level, bar, and restaurant. So you think Mr. Stanley was trying to find out my opinion of his cook’s food? Then that night I felt a male presence standing at my bedside watching me. The next day I went down to the Billiard room (keep in mind, there is no more pool table room, and no more card playing room, and the hotel is ALL non-smoking)� So I walked in and in one spot there was cigar smoke, then it moved away, it was not staying in one place at all. That night I met up with an older girl and her mother from the tour, and two other adults who stayed in the hotel met up with us for an investigation.

With my knowledge and skill I brought a stuffed animal and two batteries for trigger objects for these ghost children that roam the 4th floor halls. During our investigation I checked on the batteries and they moved up three feet, and apart! The toy did not move a centimeter. The other people brought an orange, big batteries, and tape recorder. They didn’t say anything that happened on the recorder, but a chunk was taken out of the orange, there wasn’t before. The big batteries did not move. But she caught a video of the ghost children running up and down the hallway. Later they knocked on my door saying their lights were flickering to their questions, they also caught that on video. I went to their room and we asked questions and it flickered back. There were many experiences, some I did not say. But if you like ghost hunting and the paranormal, stay on the fourth floor or in room 217 The Stephen King suite. Any questions ask below.

Thanks, Elky Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

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17 Responses to “The Stanley Colorado Trip”
  1. anna says:

    ELKY – i wish you would of said more then just that.if anything else happened please tell us.i think its cool what you guys did.did you take some pictures?if so can you post them.i would love to see them.did your mom know the reason why you wanted to go there?thanks for the story and if i have anymore things to ask i will.thanks for now.

    • Elky says:

      I do have pictures, but nothing appeared in any but dust orbs, i wish more appeared. And yes, my mom knew all about it since im obsessed with paranormal investigating, and thats practically all i talk about :D

  2. trolldoll1681 says:

    you made a great choice!! i would love to see the Stanley! such history and if a everyday person such as yourself goes there and has experiences, then the place is truly haunted!:)

  3. Fenwinkel says:

    Why did you and the other guests take batteries with you? Was it so the spirits could get energy from them? However, you made it sound like the object was to see if they would move, so I’m confused.

    • Elky says:

      I put the batteries out as trigger objects, but i also put them out so they could gather energy to manifest. Thank you for asking! :)

  4. big barney says:

    nice place to go elk…..but lame story…..never once was i intrigued with it…..

    • Caretaker says:

      barney – then why did you finish reading it and post a comment? You must have been intrigued at least a bit to even continue past the first sentence :)

  5. Kind Skeptic says:

    I lived in Denver for many years and stayed at the Stanley often, especially during the fall when the Aspen leaves turn into gold coins. I also organized several business conferences at the hotel (conf. was held in the separate bldg. that is a “mini hotel” in design). As many of you know, this hotel was the inspiration for Stephen King’s “The Shining”. They actually attempted to film at the Stanley but there was not enough snow, so they filmed in the east coast, I believe. The venue is beautiful and one can imagine the “home” at its grandeur. There is a great deal of activity in this hotel as many people have passed through its doors during the days when arrival to the hotel was done via horse cart and via a very dangerous circuitous route through the mountains. This was a playground for the very privileged and the Stanley family shared their home with only the creme d la creme of scociety. This is one hotel where residual hauntings are commonplace, and its guests most often, feel them to be the norm. Everyone “feels something” while there, even though they may not physically experience a phenomenon. Whether its a melancholy for the grand days this hotel must have enjoyed, or just allowing your imagination to run its course — it is not difficult to mentally and emotionally experience a certain [benevolent] feeling that you may never experience in quite the same way at another venue. In all of my visits, I have never hear of anything malevolent happening at The Stanley. I believe that since it was a much loved home, built w/ great pride and appreciation for fine details and hospitality for friends and family, it reflects this same feeling even to this day — albeit now quite as well kept as it once was…….

  6. Lindy c. says:

    Several years ago my husband and I booked 1 night at the Stanley in the fall. I am a huge fan of Stephen King’s stories and yes, this was my dream. We checked in and headed for the elevator to the fourth floor. As we headed for our room I heard children rough-housing and giggling in the hallway right by us, but we were the only ones there. I said ” did you hear that” and he said no. I took a deep breath and walked on to our room. Our room was overlooking the back of the hotel and very tiny. I plopped down on the bed and looked at a closet next to a flat screen TV which I turned on. There was the old version of ” The Shining “starting to play, and I was very happy. The night was uneventful but I got no sleep staring at the closet, waiting for it to open. That night the hotel owned me and I loved every minute of it.

  7. sakura12haruno says:

    do u think there r anymore ghosts on floor 4?\

  8. sakura12haruno says:

    dear lindy c.
    was it scary there?maybe one day i should visit too!

  9. Lindy c. says:

    Yes go! This was on my bucket list, now crossed off! This place just sucks you in the minute you walk through the doors. You might experience something or not ,it was very scary to me but in a good way, and I also felt like I was being watched! Yes go!

  10. Lindsay Walker says:

    That’s so awesome, I’m jelous ;)

  11. mik says:

    Ok, so you make absolutley no sense, your full blown atheist …. but some sort of paranormal entity has actually communicated with you and your guy ….and has plagued him for years …think about it!!!

  12. mik says:

    Sorry not sure what happened …comment was for fianc�e familiar story

  13. Anonymous says:

    well i enjoyed your story very much and i to watch and participate in the paronmal. but i am half physic. it runs in the family! anyways i stayed at the king hamilton hotel in arlington,texas. but i didnt get to enjoy my summer, because i was up all night staring in the pitch black. but have you seen the movie paronmal activitey? i suppose you have! so well like i said i was taring at te darkness and i could make out a shadow person about 6’2. so i went to wak up my mom and i showed her where he was, she said i was was my imagenation. well not! i knew what i saw! well the nextday we went down to the pool, and i could see a man constantly hitting a woman and once aain i wa just seeing stuff! well asked the manager if he knew if the hotel was haunted and he and that it use to be a ganser clan groud! so i assumed that there was a number of murders! but to make a lon story short i was only there for a day and i was being threatned with ym life

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