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The Spirit Who Loves Red

Posted on February 27, 2010

Well, to start off, I’m in my mid teens presently and this is a personal paranormal experience that has happened recently within the last two to three months.

I am not a gullible teen, nor a faker, and I completely believe in the paranormal, though I do show a lot of skepticism to different stories at times. I do know quite a fair bit about the paranormal, what I choose to believe and what I don’t, but for the sake of not starting arguments or having someone prove my knowledge wrong, I wont try and name what this exact paranormal experience is. You may not find it to be paranormal at all, but I am pretty certain it is. This story may be long, but I hope you read it and I hope someone can either relate to it, or gain an understanding from it, whatever that may be. Well, here goes:

At the moment, I live with my Nan (Grand Mother) somewhere in Western Sydney, Australia. My Nan’s house used to be an old-ish kind of house, that my Nan and her partner renovated less then twenty years ago. The room they made, or fixed up, for my mother is the one that I sleep in now. Everyone says they have felt uneasy in that room, at least once before. Even My mum said to me that she used to hear and see things in there when she was younger, unexplained things. I have been living in that room for over a year now and going to sleep, I usually always love the dark and have no problems, though recently, in that room, I have felt really uneasy and have kept the TV on all night while I sleep. And lately, I have been experiencing what I believe to be a paranormal experience.

It all started one night while I was sleeping. I had been having lucid dreams about half an hour before, then I had finally sunken into a deep sleep. An unknown length of time later, though it didn’t feel that long, I awoke to a sound of something heavy falling over in my room. I sat up and looked around my room and nothing had fallen. I was like: “Psh it may be next door or just a dream…” So I went back to sleep.

Either the same night, or a night a few days after, I had a dream that I was running from someone, with my friends, we split up in a forest and I fell into a ditch and the person found me, but I never saw them, though I curled up and screamed. Then all of a sudden it stopped and I was dreaming that I was in my old bunk bed in my old room and I thought I could feel my cat Bella walking up my legs like she used to when she finally discovered how to get up onto my bunk bed. I slowly began to open my eyes to look for her, still half dreaming, and as I opened them fully and came to reality, I realized I was looking at my room that I currently have now and that the idea of my bunk bed was a dream. Then I felt the feeling of the cat walking on me again. I was not dreaming, I was fully awake. I rolled over, scared. It was still walking on me, but I managed to ignore it and go to sleep, my heart racing. There are no animals in my house, nor can an animal get into our house at night.

Within the next few weeks, I’d hear cracking sounds, knocking sounds on walls and sounds like someone was walking in my room on the part of the floor that creaks. There are no items on that part of the floor to push on it and make it creak on its own. Also within those next few weeks, I brought my mums desk top computer to my room. It’d make a big cracking sound every night after I went to bed and turned off the light, which it never did at my mums, which I knew for a fact as I slept in the room it was in when I visited. So every night the computer monitor would make this cracking noise, stop, then again in another five minutes, stop. Then again and again, so I got fed up and turned on my light to see what was causing it to crack. As soon as I turned on the light, it stopped completely. I waited half an hour, watching TV, to hear it again and never did. So annoyed with it, I turned off the TV and light and went back to bed. About five minutes after I turned the light off, I heard the noise again. I was pretty annoyed and anxious.

Anyway, so this happens for a few weeks prior to the whole experience starting, and I start hearing knocking noises right next to my head on the wall I sleep next to. Usually the knocking came from the other side of the room near my TV and chair, but no, this time it was right near my head. I began to get really nervous, and tell myself it was mice, bugs, mites and the like… Until, one day, the knocks got louder and kept me awake at night.

One particular night the knocking was intolerable so I opened my eyes and looked around. Usually when you look around in the dark, you see false movement and sometimes light flashes. I stopped moving my eyes around and stared in place after hearing one really loud knock, and right after it, I saw this bright white light move right across my vision. I knew it wasn’t my eyes as I wasn’t moving them and they were open for a while before hand.

Also within the days and nights in my room when all this was occurring, my iPod began to turn itself on and off whilst on hold, and it would pick songs on it’s own or pause/play them on it’s own. I thought it was just a fault in my iPod… until my Playstation 2 would randomly pause the movie I was watching on it and skip chapters and as well with the games when I played them, the characters would move by themselves. I knew that my phone, when I received a text or call, would stuff up the Playstation and mess with it’s signals, but it happened even when my phone was out of the room, and it was a bit different when it was caused by my phone. So I thought there must have been some weird magnetic field in my room, or some odd electronic problem, but I am no scientist or physics genius, so I wouldn’t know what I was talking about.

So it’s been a good few more weeks into enduring this activity of whatever kind, to which I was being very skeptical, and I was playing my Playstation 2 whilst on the phone, using my headset, talking to a best friend. I asked her what colour car to pick for burnout 3, the game I was playing, out of red, blue and yellow. She “ummmed” and “ahhhhed” for a while, and as she did so, I heard someone say “Red…” in a weird, hoarse whisper. Then, just as it finished saying “Red”, she said blue. I said: “Dude, didn’t you just say red?” To which she said no. I thought she was being an idiot and trying to trick me, so I kept trying to nag her to get her to admit that it was her, but she got really annoyed and became serious telling me she only said blue. So I was like, okay that’s so creepy… To myself as I knew I heard it.

I said be right back to my friend and ran out to my Nan and told her what I had heard and she said: “Well that’s weird isn’t it? Are you sure it wasn’t your friend?” I just dismissed her response and said not to worry and walked back to my room. Then it hit me as well that my Nan’s favourite colour was blue, but a few years ago she started having this obsession with red things… Like: she painted two walls one in the kitchen, the other in the lounge room red, as theme walls. Then she bought red candles, a red toaster and kettle, red pillow cases and sheets… and more things of the like. Everything that she bought that was red, was something to do with the house, it was all house hold items.

The morning after I heard the odd voice on the phone, I had another weird experience with a colour, but this time it was yellow, a colour that I hardly like, especially not in clothing, but I don’t mind in vehicles… And it just so happens that red is in fact my actual favourite colour, followed by black – though that’s a shade. Anyway, I have a Bumble Bee key chain action figure, from Transformers, and an Optimus Prime one too. They both sit atop my TV. One day I came home and Bumble Bee had fallen off of my TV and onto the floor, though I had placed him and Optimus perfectly to stand straight and stable. I thought something must have knocked him, or I must have done it by accident, and I picked him up. I said: “Bad robot! Don’t fall! You shouldn’t have fallen! You were standing fine!” Being an idiot of course, and I fixed him up to sit right on the TV again. The next day I came home and he was on the floor once more. So I picked him up and set him back up all over again. Then the next day I came home to the exact same thing. I said: “Bumble Bee! You fall one more time and I swear! Don’t fall again!” For some reason I thought that maybe yelling at a lifeless key chain action figure would stop the falling, then I remembered the voice that spoke to me and said “Red”. I thought at the time that maybe there was something in my room, proving all the weird noises and the weird light to be real, but I forgot that if there was something in my room, it could mess around with my things too. So I then also said: If anyone is knocking him over! Don’t! In case there was something moving him, because it didn’t like him or like the colour yellow, as I read some spirits or even poltergeists don’t like new colours, or room arrangements, and Bumble Bee was only a few days new to my room. After I said that, even though more weird things happened after Bumble Bee kept ending up on the floor, he has not fallen over since, unless I have knocked him myself or something has caused him to fall.

My last weird experience that has happened so far, is actually a dangerous one. I was eating dinner with a friend, who was sleeping over, in my room one day and I forgot to turn my TV up so we could hear it while we ate. So I set my plate and knife and fork on the seat (Which is red in colour by the way) and since I was eating meat, I had a steak knife. When I sat back down I only picked up my plate sat back down onto my cutlery, the knifes blade being off the edge of the chair and not near my thigh. Not worrying about picking up the cutlery before I settled myself, I pushed my chair in with my legs and ended up stabbing myself in the back of my knee with the steak knife. It hurt but it also didn’t. The next day I was cleaning up my room from the sleep over, and I didn’t realize I had left the knife and fork on the floor. As I bent down to pick the knife up, and I was balancing fine, I am good at balancing… I held the knife up, about to move it onto the table, then all of a sudden I fell… almost onto my knife. I didn’t loose my footing and I was low enough to the ground not to topple over. I didn’t feel a physical push, but I know I didn’t cause myself to fall almost on the knife.

For a while now my iPod hasn’t controlled itself, nor my playstation, I haven’t heard crashes or cracking noises, I haven’t seen a bright light in my room, I haven’t heard a voice, or the same voice, bumble bee hasn’t moved, though I do hear the knocks almost every night, though they are scarce. But then again, since that happened, I developed a sleeping disorder, then I had an eight week plus holiday from school, and I went to a best friends house that lives in the same area where my mum lives, staying at both their houses for the majority of the time. So maybe whatever it is has just weakened because I was not there to feed it with my fear or amusement?

Now, after this all happened as well, I found out that my Aunt who had died a while ago now, had a church organ in her house that used to play itself every time she came home from work, and one of the keys on it broke no matter how much you replaced it, or how long since it had been replaced for. That said organ is in my garage.

So think of this story what you will, you may think it just creaky floor boards, mice in the walls, lights in the corner of my eye, bad positioning of my key chain action figures (though Optimus didn’t fall at all) and just a clumsy, paranoid teenager who thinks she heard a voice and stabbed herself with a knife and is too afraid to admit it’s her own fault. But I know it’s not. Thanks for reading, feedback is much appreciated.

Sent in by Tianna, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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8 Responses to “The Spirit Who Loves Red”
  1. Malenkov says:

    Interessting… Perhaps there is something to it, perhaps not. I’d suggest checking out this organ for any information possible.

  2. anna says:

    sorry about your aunt.thats creapy about the knife your lucky nothin bad happened to you.about the light maybe its an orb.maybe have a cross in your room maybe it will stop.i dont know.thanks for the story.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow this story was really freaky but nice and i hope that never happends to u again and thanks for the story!!!

  4. big barney says:

    that cracking sound about the monitor is probably not paranormal…..alot of t.vs and monitors will do that after they are turned off….its just the internal parts cooling down!

  5. Mara says:

    I definately dont think you’re just a paranoid teenager. i’m about your age and i to live in a house where im certain that my room is haunted. im certain that ive seen at least two ghosts in my room and my mum has also seen one on my bed. the thing is that to start with i couldnt tell anyone because i was wprried that they’d think i was ‘just a paranoid teenager’. after a while i learnt to trust my instincts, and didnt care if people thought i was crazy. but after i told myself that i wasnt crazy and that my room was haunted things stopped happening. maybe this would explain why things calmed down in your room, once you told whoever it is to stop knocking bumblebee over, you sort of admitted it to yourself.
    after my first experiences i started looking into paranormal stuff and found out that there are supposedly lots of types of ghosts, some that are just there to anoy and frighten people, maybe whoever is in your room is just trying to do this.
    and i’ll give you some advice which my mum gave me, if your getting fed up with soandso, just tell them to get lost and as long as your confident about it they should take the hint and leave you alone for a while. (by the way, if you want to hear my story its called Visits in the Quiet Dark, just look on the index)

  6. angelina says:

    hi im doing a report on paranormal invetigation 4 my school im in 7th and i wanted to use your story is that ok with you

  7. Cara says:

    for your report include EVP’s (electronic voice phenomeneon) , apparitions, and orbs, and also photographs.

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