The Sorg Opera House Ghosts

Posted on February 5, 2008

My dad owns this really amazing place in Middletown, Ohio. Its called the Sorg Opera House, it was owned by a very rich man named Paul J. Sorg. My dad bought the place with his partner last year in November 2007 when I was 15 years old. I’ve only had a few experiences there but I know that there is something there that we can not explain.

First of all the ballroom is haunted by an old bartender. I’m not sure what year he died or when he bartended there. Sometimes I stay in the ballroom with some friends over night. Sleepovers can be fun in an old spooky place. I was in the game room of the ballroom, and my friends, Kristin and Boggs, were in the other part sitting on the stage. I was playing guitar hero, and felt something touch my shoulder. It got kinda cold, so I ran over to them.

Kristin has had a little more time investigating the place then me so she was the one that told me about the bartender. She was really interested to find out that I had had an experience of my own, because she thought that she had been crazy.

Another time we were messing around with her phone by the bar and we took a picture of us and what seemed like a person was behind us. It looked more like a man, then a woman, so I suspect it of being the bartender. I don’t have the picture anymore I guess it got lost on the web.

Many people claim that Mr. Sorg himself haunts the opera house. The first seat on the second floor balcony was his spot to sit whenever a show was going on. Many people have seen him sitting there, or seen shadows by that spot.

Also a lady in a blue dress with sweet smelling perfume is said to haunt the opera house. My dad along with other workers there have seen and or smelled the lady in the blue dress.

For me I’ve had one horrible experience there that made me scared of the backstage for possibly forever. I was working for our tunnels of the dead presentation as a zombie lady. I was backstage working the lights before I had to go on stage and perform (yes I had to pretend to eat people). I was there by myself. The others were already behind the curtain, and I kept hearing banging noises coming from the basement. I was scared to death. Nobody went down there and nobody could be down there right now because everyone was working. I kept seeing shadows all over the place, coming up the stairs, down the stairs, and all over the walls.

When dad first bought the place he said that the basement was the old dressing rooms. I wonder what happened down there. Also, sometimes you can here the ghost of a man who had fallen from the catwalk running back and forth as if trying to get down, but cant. Its great to have such a great place to hangout.

Written by Megan Ross Copyright 2008

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49 Responses to “The Sorg Opera House Ghosts”
  1. Becky Riddell says:

    I run the paranormal group Hauntings and Headstones, located in Somerville, just outside of Oxford Ohio. Our group was wondering if there was any way that we could get into the Sorg Opera House for a paranormal investigation? We do investigations just for the science of it, and our own personal enjoyment, so we would not charge anything to do an investigation. We have wavers that say we would not hold anyone liable if we were hurt, and that we keep the investigation anonymous unless the property owner wishes it otherwise. Is there a chance we can get in?
    Becky Riddell

  2. big sue says:

    when i go there all i see are glowing lights and crazy kids dancing in the dark with beaded jewelry on and guys on the stage playing records . i hear alot of funky music 2

  3. Nate Johnson says:

    My friend wrestles in the building and he told me that right behind the stage there is steep stairs and sometimes you can see Paul J. Sorg walking up and down them

  4. megan ross says:

    hey guys first of all to the lady who wants to investigate go to the place yourself, or they have a myspace as well its called Road Apple Music the sorg is on 65 south main i believe, my dad no longer has the deed but his partner is still runnin the place his name is eddie hall email me sometime and i will give you the numbers and some more info.
    also ive never heard the story of him going up those stairs but yes there is pretty steep steps behind the stage. they lead to the catwalk. Im pretty sure they would give you the tour i still work up there sometimes email me ide be happy to take you on one or you can come to some of our shows. the dates are posted on their myspace. Tell your friends we really need to get that place going its a beautiful place with lots of potential i wish people would just give it a chance

    thanks all


  5. megan ross says:

    oh and another thing thank u all for reading my story i hope it interests you

  6. Will says:

    Me and a group are going to the Sorg to do an investigation the day before Halloween. I will post our results

  7. linda says:

    i to saw a ghost dog he attacked me

  8. leah faye says:

    i have been inside both the opera house and the mansion and in my opinion they are both haunted. i was lookin for a room to stay in at the mansion, and of course i went to the 3rd floor. well i was coming back down, and something pulled me down 2 flights of steps. i am 4 months pregnant now and after this incident i bled for 2 weeks.

  9. Megan says:

    I’M HAVING A BIRTHDAY PARTYY HERE!! but we went in to check it out but it was very creepy and chilly..but I love that kind of stuff so I’m super excited..I would love to show all my other friends around because a little girl that lives there? showed us around a little bit..but agree everyone should give the place a chance!

    hopefully after my party I will have good stories to tell or after being there all day setting up I will some stories!

  10. Gene Lafferty says:

    Would you please forward me the contact information to try to set up an investigation? We always make a donation to the places that we investigate as a thank you. [email protected]

  11. Danielle says:

    I would like to do an investigation could you please email the contact numbers to me. thanks

    [email protected]

  12. Dizzy D says:

    I also am having a birthday party here, and have been to a couple events in the past. The place definitly has something going on with it. There are orbs in some photos that we took, and it just has a vibe that your being watched. It’s pretty cool.

  13. megan ross says:

    wow well i hope you all have fun going up there its a great place, i had my 16th birthday party there, its a really beautiful building but of course ed hall ruined it with the blue paint, in my opinion it looks horrible i dont know about what any of you all think. the number is 5132174444 if you ever wanna come see a show or wanna rent out a room or have a birthday party or anything they also have a myspace
    so yeah just look em up

    megan ross

  14. J KJ says:

    There is a really neat event happening there on valentines day night 2009
    go check it out

    the last time i was there a girl i was with was tapped on her shoulder but no one was there. also in the old hotel (i heard it was connected underground to the opera house) we had several strange things happen to us.

  15. megan ross says:

    hey j kj its actually not a hotel its sorgs old mansion and yeah it is attached underground there is many stories why there are tunnels but we dont really know for sure we believe it was for sorg and his family to go through to get to the other sorg places without being bothered
    but anyways yeah i heard about the show in febuary hope ya come

    thanks for your time


  16. jenn says:

    Becky! I worked with you at the posttown haunted house!! =D I just wanted to post to see if my friend Kyle and I could get a tour. He really wants to go inside.

    *I’ve also had an experience there. I was on the 4th floor for a local band show last year and I was coming down the staircase and on the 3rd floor I heard a chair scrape across the floor and when I peeked around the corner no one was there and a chair was moved away from a table!! I ran down the stairs!!

  17. Jenn says:

    I actually think I went to MHS with you too Megan… you might have been a freshman when I was a senior. Do you know Jeff Wilson?

  18. Jenn says:

    I called that number you left, Megan, and my friend Kyle and I booked a tour this Saturday! I’ve been inside like a dozen times, the theatre and the 4th floor! I’m really anticipating the floor which I seen the chair moved out from the table!

  19. Nate says:

    The place is for sure haunted but it doesn’t mean you guys shouldn’t come and enjoy the great wrestling there (you should go on the 17th its when I make my debut!!!!!!!!)

  20. megan says:

    hey guys yes jenn i do know jeff wilson thanks all of you for wanting to do so much with the sorg it really is a great place and it can be alot of fun, i think i might know you jenn but im not sure

  21. Steph says:

    My band, Cosmic Affliction, just played a show there like 2 weeks ago. The place is freaky. We were on the fourth floor. I’m not sure what that part is called. But we had to take our stuff up on the elevator. That elevator scared the living crap out of me. After I got off, it felt like I was still on it. I love the paranormal and even a good ghost story. Were going back there on March 13th so I think I’m going to walk around and take some pictures. Maybe all the metal music will get them out. haha.

  22. Tony Taylor says:

    i live here at the commercial building part with my wife and cat.. and we have a picture from the fourth floor room and its freaky…. alot of things happen here.. i have been doing some history on this building for about 6 months now and its awesome how and why things are happening.. if you need some more info or want to look at the pic that we have then contact me by e-mail or on yahoo messenger at tony080872

  23. megan ross says:

    hey guys thanks so much for all the great emails, im always lookin up more facts on the place since dad and ed bought the place almost three years ago XD. i had never been there before dad bought it and i just loved it from the start, ed mostly runs the place now my dad doesnt really mess with the sorg as much as he used to. If you ask me ed is perdy stupid for letting people move in, i like a lot of people that live there dont get me wrong but its a fuckin opera house not a apartment building but whatever, hopefully they get some new shows there, the place is getting kinda boring WRESTLING FREAKIN ROX THO !!!!!

  24. Mrs. Riley says:

    The Sorg Mansion has no tunnels , that’s not to say at one time there had been. However,
    as of a week ago I viewed all the property and saw nothing of the sort. Also, from the photos taken, there were no orbs showing on that day. Not even a flash of bright light in any photo.
    There were no cold spots or temp. drop in any of the rooms within all three buildings.

    My summary would be that the Sorg Mansion is clean of any “bad spirits” not to say it is clean of happy spirits though.

    Just my take on the place……..

  25. Big Chuh says:

    We’re going to investigate it this weekend. Hopefully we’ll get some serious action going around here. Any pictures we get, i’ll put a link up to them.

  26. Candice says:

    I lived at the mansion for a year and yes its haunted very much so Ive seen and heard all kinds me things dont know if there good or bad ive been in the basement over by were the tunnels are blocked off and for those who dont believe u should

  27. Bailey says:

    does anyone have any pics of the inside of the building. i saw it was for sale and am considering the purchase. my wife is into old historic homes and is a practicing psychic so it would be a dream come true to own something like that.

  28. Rushman says:

    My older brother’s best friend was the manager for the Colonial Theater , (AKA The sorg Opera House ) when it was a movie theater in 1977. We would hang out there after closing and have our own late night parties until the early hours of the morning smoking and drinking . We went everywhere you could possibly go. We even partied way behind and above the stage in what they called THE PEANUT GALLERY! We owned that place after dark !!

  29. Rushman says:

    And yes there were tunnels under the Sorg Opera House

  30. Peggy says:

    TO BIG CHUH: just wondering if you found anything when you investigated the Sorg Opera House a few months back. Didn’t see any pics posted so thought maybe you had nothing. Thanks

  31. berkly says:

    I’d say go just because it’s a really cool building and a decent place to go for entertainment.
    The really high bench seats have something creepy going on up there.

  32. Michael says:

    Are there overnight tours available at the sorg mansion and opera house……please let me know how to contact for the tours if so.

  33. Andie says:

    We would like more information on the opra house and would like to come to the “show” on Oct 31st but I dont have enough informaion on it… There would be about 10 or so of us wanting to go.. My daughter told us about it and didnt have much information.. Thanks

  34. Terri lynn slusher says:

    I was wanting more info about the opera house dealing with the haunted show/ walk through that starts in october. I got a coupon but im wanting to know how much it is going to cost and so on….. Thank you

  35. Aleah Mckenney says:

    Hello my name is Aleah. Me, and my friends Sandra,Angel and Raven are starting a paranormal club and we were wondering if we could investigate there?

  36. Debbie says:

    Hi, me and my husband run the sorg opera house, yes we let paranormal groups come on private tours , for a small fee. Call 513-217-6222 which is the event info line but leave a message and i will call. Also any other questions you can call that number to and i will call you back. The VERY FIRST HAUNTED OVERNIGHT IS OCTOBER 31 2009 FROM 10pm to 8am . Space is limited, fee is $30 so call now for info. The haunted tours start Oct 16 and run thru Nov 1st, More info CALL 513-217-6222. Come check us out and enjoy some shows

    • megan says:

      this is the new information call this and they will set you up if not try checking out road apple musics myspace or stopping by the sorg sometime.

  37. tyler says:

    is there a way to rent the performance space at the opera house? Is there an email address I can contact?

  38. rebekah taylor says:

    hey megan i was wondering if i get a group of people down their one night to where there isnt any shows or anything and look around see i been in there with kirstie and i was just wondering because there is some people i know who would like to go there and do that with me and and spend the night in the theater just give me a call or text at 513-393-3019 thank you and hope to hear from you soon

  39. Teej says:

    Greetings. My brother’s family and I went to the “hanuted house” tour. It was fun except for the thousands of steps we had to climb. lol lol My brother, my neice and I are planning on the overnight tour October 31st. Anything we need to bring with us for the night? ie: pillow, sleeping bag ect… Hope to have a fun “spooky” night!!

  40. Teej says:

    Wondered if anyone had any good experiences from Oct. 31 with ParaVizionz. It was a fun night, but I never saw anything that I would swear was “para-normal”

  41. joshua says:

    i was working for a contractor about 6 years ago abd we were installing gas main down the main drag in downtown middletown…right up the street from the papermill….when i was in the basement of the bank installing the gas service you could see the entrance to the tunnels….they had been bricked off and had an iron gate over them….creepy as…****

  42. Erin Graceson says:

    Umm i love paranormal things, I would be terrified to investigate in pitch black. Oh well its good too over come your fears. so i was wondering if me and my two friends Kala, and onna could come sometime???

  43. Anonymous says:

    how much is it to have partys there

  44. Peggy Farmer Hicks says:

    I grew up in Middletown. Left it 32 years ago. Yes, Sorg is haunted, saw a man’s face peeping through the fireplace on the 2nd floor one day when I was there in the 70′s.
    Has anyone seen the carriage house? Is it torn down? Let me know, I’m going to look for the old pictures I took of it in the 80′s while there on a visit. Beautiful old place..go to the library for news about it. you guys enjoy it.. Peggy Farmer Hicks I lived on Manchester grans house was really haunted!

  45. megan says:

    hey guys talk to debbie she has all the information for this place… its my step dad that used to own it with them but they own it now they know all that good stuff that will help you to get in there and do all your neat ghost hunting… i just hope i helped get some people to start giving a hoot about the old place it may be old but it sure is very cool, so if ya wanna go there talk to eddie or debbie hall their the owners..very nice people :) thanks a bunch..megan

  46. Anonymous says:

    this is interesting but scares the willies out of me. i lived there in the early 1940′s and if i knew about all the ghost i would have been more afraid than i was. i was only a child but i remember when my sister and i had to go down to the little bathroom at night we were terrified. the eyes in the big portraits (in the lobby) followed us. we couldn’t run fast enough. we had an apartment on first floor-first right inside the door. you can see the windows from the front with the white shades. still remember that lobby as if it was yesterday.

  47. april says:

    I believe the opera house is haunted. We had a late night party around 2005, I came to check out the venue the first time in the day time. I was on the 3rd floor when I felt 3 quick taps on my shoulder, I turned around and no one was there so I asked my friend what she wanted . When she said she didn’t do it, I brushed it off. We then went and checked in at a hotel down the street that was also said to be haunted. We were on the third floor room 333. Don’t know what significance it had but everything seemed to be in 3_s. We went to the party at the opera house that night and everyone seemed to be having a great time but me..I was unusually weirded out ..and for someone who did not believe in ghosts this was strange. I decided I just wanted to sit down in one place so I took the first seat closest to the DJ. Within a few minutes I felt a huge blow to the bottom of my chair and I flew to my feet and ran to the next room. I can’t explain it, but I know something was there with me the entire two days I was there. We took pictures and although there were no ghostly images there were tons of orbs surrounding all of us.

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