The Sookinyah

Posted on March 23, 2009

I grew up in the islands where these things are common. Coming from the islands, however, we never discussed these things with Americans.

There were two encounters that I can remember; they happened to my friends. One happened to an older friend of mine. He lived on a hill and was walking up the hill to get home. The sun was setting. He said that from a distance he saw this ball of fire. Soon, his brothers, who were ahead of him, pointed it out. The ball of fire suddenly swooped down the hill, and before he knew it he was face to face with it.

He said it stood in front of him for a few seconds and he could see something like three black holes (for eyes and mouth) and it had wings that flapped like a hummingbird (making a helicopter sound). He said he was scared for his life. Then, just like that, it zoomed away.

My other friend was asleep one night and when her fan went off, that caused her to awaken. The islands can be very hot, and people would sleep with their fans directly on them. Her fan went off because the electricity went off (happens often in the islands). So she’s lying in bed waiting for the electricity to come back on when all of a sudden the thing appeared outside her window (one floor up). She couldn’t see it because her curtains were very thick, but what she did see was light around her curtains and heard this fluttering noise. This thing hovered there for a while, and she froze.

Eventually it left, but it seemed like it went around the house and came back to her window. It floated outside her window and then flew off. Shortly after that, she heard their dog making a strange cry.

The next morning she got up, went down to the family store and didn’t mention anything to anyone. She did notice the dog had dried blood by his ears. She found that strange, but still didn’t say anything.

Then her brother come down to the store and said, “Y’all din hear dat Sookinyah (not sure if I spelled that correctly)las nite?”� When her brother said that, she started to laugh and asked him if he heard it too? She then went on to tell him about the dog.

There was an elderly lady who would sit in front of their store every day – all day. She turned and said, when the Sookinyah doesn’t find its target, it will suck any available animal. To islanders, that ball of fire is known as a Sookinyah. A Sookinyah is created from voodoo/black magic. If someone in the island is envious of you, they would send this thing to suck the blood from your body. It is said that this thing that’s flying around has shed its human skin. It is also said that if you find this skin and pour salt in it, the person on re-entering will die. These are the thing I grew up knowing and fearing. There is a lot more that I could go into, but wouldn’t.

After I wrote about this, I was telling the experience to a lady on my job -also from one of the islands ( a much bigger one). She listened with a strange look on her face – almost waiting to see how much I knew.� After I finished, she said to me ” there was one that was in the hospital in my island. So many people went to see her, I didn’t want to go. She got caught out when the sun came up and got burned. It was like she was spewing venom. She named all her victims. I heard she was smelling.”� I was actually quite shocked, because I had heard of that lady form my father’s girlfriend sister (from that island).

I posted my story, first on another site.� I wanted to post it here because of the blog. I was even more motivated by the girl from T&T. I know exactly what you’re talking about.

Sent in by Eilandmeije, Copyright 2009

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8 Responses to “The Sookinyah”
  1. Alpha says:

    Hey great story
    I have personally never been subjected to black or vodoo magic but have heard the countless testimonies from others concerning vodoo magic.
    This sort of stuff seems typical….

  2. trolldoll1681 says:

    there is so much truth in island legends and voodoo and if you’ve heard about it from more than one person it has to be true i find the practices of voodoo very interesting thank you and please tell us more about your islands histories

  3. Anonymous says:

    My parents knew a couple whom they’d known for many years, Mari and Peter. My father was friends with Peter from his early quantity surveying days before he married my mother and Peter had married Mari.

    My parents parted company from Mari and Peter after they were stationed off to Trinidad, when Peter acquired a quantity surveying job over there for a few years. As Mari was a highly intelligent woman, she acquired a job at the amassador to Trinidad’s office, who also offered them better accomodation than that which they were living in through Peters postion.

    When they came back to England a few years later, Mari related a few very interesting tales to my skeptical mother. She said that when they went to live in the accomodation provided by the ambassador to Trinidad, very odd things took place. (Please bear in mind that Mari was one of the most intelligent women my family have ever come across).

    My mum told us that Mari had felt that there was something very evil in the place she lived whilst in Trinidad and that there were some very peculiar occurances. She said that on one particular evening whilst she was alone, she went onto the balcony to sit in one of the chairs and felt that she just couldn’t sit in it. She then stated that the chair started moving and she was absolutely mesmorised by this. She then went back into the room and felt as though it were spinning and she could hear strange chanting.

    This is all she felt, but it was enough for her to know what she felt and to want to leave. She later discovered that people were jealous of her position in the ambassadors office (her being foreign and white) and that voodoo was going on in the location she was at.

    She persuaded Peter to let them go back to England. He believed her as she was not the sort of person to come out with such things.

    Although, my mum didn’t doubt her, she still is skeptical of such things, but she does get more open minded as the years go on.

    I enjoyed your story and I know that things like you state are posssible.

  4. Moya says:

    That is a good scary tale, and let us know more about this Sookinyah.

  5. Kyleigh says:


    If I were you I would totally be freaked out

  6. eilandmeije says:

    Saturday Night I�m watching my favourite show, �Ghostly Encounters� and the person telling the story, lived somewhere in Canada, had land on this same island that he had to tend to � I think someone died and left it to him. The land was in a very isolated part of the island, so o isolated that at night there was nothing but complete darkness. At night when the work was done he would sit outside with his friend, and one night they saw this bright light in the distance drifting around. The watched it for a good while until it was gone. The next day he was telling the island people he who worked with him about this floating light and they told him it was a Sookinyah. They explained, a Sookinyah is a witch that shed her skin and fly around at night and suck people�s blood. I sat there watching this in disbelief. This information sounded strange coming from a Canadian. What was even harder to believe was the fact that this was on international TV, a story about topic that we always felt was taboo to talk to anyone who wasn�t from the islands about. Back to my co-worker, she said that she doesn�t feel that the people who do this is even human anymore. They bargained with the devil for power and there is no turning back. I can�t even begin to imagine what that�s like.

  7. FOX M. says:

    please tell me where are the islands you say it as if everyone knows where the islands are where are they pleas enlighten me are the islands in jamaica, vietnam , asia minor`russia, brazil, chile san juan capistrano you get the point. i know there not in america because in youre first posting of this tale on the web site YOURE TRUE TALES AND I QUOTE US ISLANDERS NEVER DISCUSS THESES THINGS WITH AMERICANS. I FIND THIS INTERESTING BECAUSE YOU QUOTE IN YOURE TALE THE BROTHER SAYING ., ANDI QUOTE “YALL DIN HEAR DAT. WHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD DO PEOPLE SPEAK LIKE THAT SORRY ONLY IN THE UNITED STATES. THEREFORE AS INTERESTING AS THIS STORY IS THERE ARE CLEARLY TO MANY QUESTIONS
    CONCERNING CREDIBILITY…….. PLEASE WHERE ARE THE ISLANDS??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Ms. Harvey says:

      To Fox M. comments……..I don’t think that it was meant to make anyone feel bad. It’s as you take it. We are from the islands and that just how we speak. Instead of directing comments to one specific place in the caribbean we just say from the islands. If you don’t get it oh well. It looks like you don’t want to understand the topic here and if you really wanted an interpretation you would have been much more polite. Any smart person will know the term “islands” refers to the entire caribbean. Hence the reason the writer put “never discussed these things with Americans” because 75% of the time it is taken negatively by americans. I can say alot more but I choose to hole my tongue.

      Good day

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