The Sleep Paralysis Nightmare

Posted on February 5, 2009

Help me! I am only 12 and I had sleep paralysis last night for the first time ever.

In my dream, it was early morning and I was sleeping in my bed. I woke up suddenly. I tried to roll over in the position that I sleep in. (I was on my back and tried to roll on my hip.) But, my body would not move. I tried to roll over again and I figured out that I was stuck.

Then, I heard my floor creak as if someone or something big was walking in my room. (My flooring is different from any of the rest of the house.) All of a sudden, my TV switched on. I thought that It was an electrical thing so I kind of ignored it. Suddenly, my remote to the TV started floating like someone had picked it up. Whatever it was that was doing this was flipping through the channels on the guide.

I tried to call for my parents, but my voice would not work. All I could get out was an inaudible squeak. I remember thinking in my dream that “This is either a poltergeist or a demon”. I have had other paranormal experiences in my room and I am really, really freaked out. I pray frequently and believe in God strongly.

Thank you for reading and anyone who can help me and answer any questions, please do. I am also psychic if that helps.

Written by Zoe, Copyright 2009

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29 Responses to “The Sleep Paralysis Nightmare”
  1. hjanelya20 says:

    that happens to me before… it was pretty scary..

  2. Karina says:

    well,i’m indonesia.. if that happens in indonesia,some believe that it was because one of Indonesian traditional ghost.. You just have to pray,be calm,don’t panic, and pray.. It will go.. Maybe there’s something that he/she needs to do to you.. Ask if you can… don’t forget,always pray before you go to sleep.. You’re a psychic, eh? cool.. I’d like to be friend with you.. bye :-)

  3. Edward says:

    I have had a similar experience, but the t.v was already on, and i heard a womans voice calling my name. i could hear my sister and everyone upstairs and tried to call for them but an inaudible call for my sister came out. i awoke the next morning and something must have knocked the flashlight off of a stand and it was shattered, but placed on top of the stand again before i had awoke. Everyone in the house said they did not do it. i have had other experiences as well.

  4. Jennie says:

    listen hon you called it is sleep paralysis…i have had it too and before i knew what sleep paralysis was it scared me half to death…i couldnt move or talk and felt like i was being held down…i also would hear a steady growling that would get louder…i would just pray and it would go away.. i now know that it was no ghost or demon but just sleep paralysis…it can be scary but there is nothing paranormal about it..good luck

  5. sauda says:

    I to like you had on af that , I to could not literally speak nor move. I was extremely scared.I do belive it is paranormal because as it was hapening I saw and felt a perfectly white hand touchig my face affectionately. no one that I new and was close to died yet.

  6. Vicious` says:

    I’ve being having the same problem for as long as I can remember.If I fall asleep facing up I am guaranteed a nightmare. They are usually very scary but sometimes they are very exiting.I usually get the feeling of extreme power against me or coming from inside of me.I have read that this is caused because your tongue gets stock on your through and you run out of breath so you are kind of half asleep trying to wake up. You get the feeling of something supernatural but this is really caused because of physical discomfort. This physical discomfort messes around with your mind because you are not fully awake when this intensive experience happens.

  7. Tommaso says:

    I have experiences like yours almost every night. At first I was scared to death (many many years ago). Now I’m used to that. I just keep calm and say to myself: “Now I’m going to wake up COMPLETELY”. Sometimes I also feel the presence of someone close to me, but I never saw anyone. Once I also succeeded to get outside of my body and I floated for a while on the roof of the house I was living in at that time. The first experiences of that kind happened to me when I was 23. Now I’m 47. It happens every where I sleep. A couple of years ago, it was the first time I was sleeping in a new house, during the paralysis I was pretty sure to have close to my bed three people, a man, a woman and a girl. I was not seeing them. It was just a strong feeling. They seemed to say “We live here” and did not seem to be positive entities. But I said to them: “No, now you go!” And they never came again.

  8. Vicious` says:

    I have being sleeping on my back on purpose for the last week…But Ive being doing it during the day and for some reason when I do it during the day I get the opposite…I get very weird but beautiful dreams.The dreams still feel real, and I still feel the presence of some one but they are not so scary like when it happens in the night time.

  9. Aleese says:

    Visious, maybe it’s just your frame of mind. Consciously, you’re less afraid in the daytime than at night maybe eliminating the anticipation of a nightmare. Just a thought.

  10. Msjoseph says:

    I have these dreams all the time. I have these dreams and they r the only ones i can remember. I sleep with my eyes open n when im sleeping scary things happen. i can see everything in the room. Sometimes things move and i cant do anything about it. I been doin research and apparently its from sleeping deprevation and lack of good eating but i eat pretty well.. i dunno….but ur not the only one.

  11. allan says:

    maybe try taking in the events that are happening around you.look for clues as to why they may be contacting you during your sleep.stay calm n focused and take it all in.see what channel its looking at.whats on the cud be messages warnings anything is possible.try talking to it in your mind and listen to what it has to say. iv only ever eva had 1 sleep paralysis which was intense i saw a demon image and started getting thrown around my bed read my story NIGHT TERROR OR DEMONIC POSSESSION //

  12. Anonymous says:

    To jenni
    the devil is pleased when we think he doesnt exist

    Sleep paraylisis is very common and yes it is a Demon
    Seek spiritual warefare, pray and rebuke this spirit.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have had similar experiences more than once, actually some weeks i have it quite frequently. the only difference is, I do not see, hear or feel any type of paranormal entity. When this happens to me, it feels as if my body is still sleeping but my mind is awake. I try with all my might to open my eyes but only to fail every single time. Sometimes, it will feel as if I have awaken and gotten up, only to find i am still in the bed. I can hear things around me but it’s like i am paralized. I wake up eventually just as im about to give up.

    It’s the scariest feeling in the world.
    It hasn’t happened in a while and I thank God for that.
    Hope it doesnt happen anytime soon.

    • Miss Guardian says:

      Try to control your “dream”. Don’t be afraid and make some moves. You’ll see that it’s not so difficult. If you feel someone beside you, just start singing or yelling… I know it’s stupid, but it helps! ;)

  14. Shilpa says:

    The experiences on this site and phenomenal!!! I too have sleep paralysis but it never went beyond a few seconds…i turn on my side and its over..
    Hey Zoe, if possible shift your stuff and sleep elsewhere…
    Let everybody in your family know the problem…it will help you…

  15. Miss Guardian says:

    I had similar experiences in my room. It still happens simetimes, but I have learned how to protect myself. Long story… I’ll give you an advice. Call a priest or a monk or just go to church and ask for a special prayer. That can help. :)
    The most important thing is that you don’t panic. When you fill the ghost’s touch, just struggle. And leave the lights on, play some music… They say that ghost don’t like noise and light.
    Be brave! That’s the point. :)

  16. Anonymous says:

    My brother has sleep paralasis all the time and he can move his eyes are open but he is still awake could you help me???

    • Anonymous says:

      I mean he is still asleep
      he crys and calls for our mum saying help me but hes asleep and he wakes up after a while and is perfectly normal.

  17. Patti says:

    I have had sleep paralysis for many years. In my experience i wake up feeling like someone is sitting on my chest and choking me. I cant not move to try to wake my husbnad up to help me. I began having this in 1999 when we moved into our new house we are buying. I always feel like i am being watched and am afraid to stay at home alone.. The house is 35 years old and i dont think anybody has died there but one boy had MD. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  18. Anonymous says:

    this happens to me too. i know how you feel when you say its scary. one night i was asleep i went to move too and i couldnt. ny arm was hanging over my bed and then all of a sudden my arm started to get extremely cold and when i tried to put it under my covers i couldnt. i tried to scream for my mom but nothing came out. and then i heard a mans voice scream”what are you doing!” in my ear. i wanted to faint but i never opened my eyes either. but then i slowed my breathing and fell back asleep it was weird. but i know what you went through.

  19. MuphinPie says:

    I have this too, and it IS common. However, I don’t belive all the stuff about the TV and the remote. Maybe it’s sleep paralysis AND a poltergiest- you are only 12, and poltergeists tend to linger around teen girls from 12-15 years of age, however I have not experienced much activity yet (I’m almost 14). This is scary, dude.

  20. anam. says:

    I too have had this several times over a few years. It is my understanding that everyone whether they remember or not,two or three times a week your spirit will leave your body. sometimes it crosses over and goes HOME other times it might just fly around the house or even far distances. When this paralysis happens your body is starting to wake up before your spirit got back in.Sometimes your body will jerk like you were dreaming of falling out of bed or off a cliff or something.

  21. Anonymous says:

    always pray before you sleep that’s the best way to sleep well boy, god bless.

  22. Cole says:

    Ah, good old sleep paralysis. I’ve had episodes all my life, with a sudden increase in frequency in the past few years. After a little research, my mind was set at ease. And for your enjoyment and education, known causes:

    1. Sleeping in a face upwards or supine position
    2. Irregular sleeping schedules; naps, sleeping in, sleep deprivation
    3. Increased stress
    4. Sudden environmental/lifestyle changes
    5. A lucid dream that immediately precedes the episode.
    6. Excessive consumption of alcohol coupled with lack of adequate sleep.

    As the increase in frequency took place after joining the Army, 5 out of the 6 fit me perfectly.

    In short, it’s no Hag. No demon, no devil. And to those of you that think so and turn to your faith in God for comfort, I say this:

    Sleep paralysis is caused more often than not by your God’s faulty wiring of our little brains. Save the fantastical stories for the authors and screenwriters and do a little homework before you puff your own head up with this supernatural nonsense. If you really want to rid yourself of your “demon,” treatment starts with education. Put down your Bible, and pick up a text on the subject at hand.

  23. Luna says:

    Most likely this is a poltergheist. Poltergheist comes from the two german words:
    polter = noisy. gheist = ghost. So ‘noisyghost’. Usually these types of entitys enjoy playing jokes on the living. If it moves anything dont interfear. Sooner or later it will put the object back. Oh, they also know when you’re scared. Most ghosts do,

  24. Deenie says:

    This is called sleep paralysis. Nothing to worry about.

  25. David says:

    I had a similar thing, but I was in my basment. I have a pellet stove, and I was sitting g near it, doing what 14 yr old guys do, lighting matches lol. But then a match lit on it’s own, and it became dark, and it creeped me out. But I pray a lot before I go to sleep, so nothing further happened.

  26. prisoner of silence says:

    hi everyone …
    i have gone almost through all the comments + the head story …
    and i do agree that all the guys have mentioned can be true …the spiritual aspect and the drinking .. mental fears …all that might be the reason but we dont forget that there is a medical explanation all the time the sleep paralysis can be explained due to the hormonal flow circle in our body sometimes when we are in a deep sleep the hormones will take a few minutes to release the muscle f the arms and legs and that explain the lake of movement u guys experienced.

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